Divine Locket



Prologue : The departure of a phoenix and dragon


A young man and a woman stood together on the peak of the mountain staring at the approaching shadows flying towards their location swiftly. The young man’s eyes flashed violently and clutched the woman tightly before scooping her into his arms. His right foot kicking off the ground to jump off the mountain peak into the sky before starting to fly. Numerous arrows flew past him as he dodged from attacks from the enemies pursuing him. Suddenly letting the woman fly by herself, the man stood in midair waiting for the pursuers to reach him, his right fist started to glow as he charged his Qi into it.

A bright crimson aura flooded out from the woman to supplement the man’s own aura, a beautiful crimson sun started to appear in between them. A scorching heat scorched everybody as they got closer to the aura. The leader of the pursuers suddenly stopped before releasing his own aura, a dark aura which seemed to consume all the light that got close to him. A dark visage started to appear as his aura seemed to reach the peak, a black panther could be seen as the visage started to emerge from its ethereal form.


The young man called to the woman to release the power of the phoenix as he himself released the power of a dragon to form into corporeal forms. Utilising their martial technique of flames to the maximum, the dragon and phoenix started to dance a dance of flames to surround the area around their bodies. The pair looked at each other and nodded, at that moment both of them held hands and poured all their life force for one last strike before dying. They charged forwards with the two aura beasts to instantly kill all their enemies.

They started to float down together, their faces were pale and breaths haggard. Smiling wryly at each other, they shared one last kiss before tears started to fall down together. The man took a locket out and the woman started to shake even more because they knew what they were about to do. To pour their soul essence into the locket to create a legacy which is only accessible to one which contains “The Bloodline”.

The locket was a treasure where it already had a dimensional space and where they had lived before the enemies were able to attack the dimensional space through their spatial techniques. Hugging each other closely, their bodies started to turn into ashes before scattering away into the wind. The locket slowly fell towards the ground before settling there, a locket which was to be passed through many hands without any clue to the use for many aeons to come.

  • In another world -


The sirens are softened by thick walls. Sitting in the middle of the building, were hostages. A bomb strapped upon a young man unwillingly constantly ticks down.

The man named Lin Ming, looked around for people to comfort him but was unable to find anybody. Not knowing that he has less than thirty seconds to live, Lin ming continued to sniff.


  • Thirty Seconds Later - Bomb Explodes


Lin Ming’s eyes flutter open as he could hear a voice calling for him. Looking around with his half-open eyes, he sees a smiling man. The man asks him, “Do you wish to have another chance at life?”

Lin Ming barely hesitates before fervently nodding at him. Smiling at him, the man takes out a goblet of mysterious, blood-red liquid and offers it to the young man.

Grabbing ahold of the cup, Lin Ming started to gulp down the liquid, not stopping until the last drop of the liquid was finally swallowed. His vision started to fade when he realised that his head was aching, he frantically tried to open his eyes but failed. As his thoughts slowly started to fade away, a darkness started to enclose around him.


Jumbled voices were heard, a man and two women are in the room. One of the women is in labour, constantly trying to push out the baby inside of her. The final grunt of pain rang through the room. The baby was finally out.

The man takes a towel out of nowhere and quickly wraps it around the baby, caressing the baby slowly he thinks of a name for his newborn son. He looks upon his young son’s face and decides to call him Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu stares with wide, open eyes and tries to say something, his father leans forward to hear him. The first words the baby uttered was, “father”.

His father becomes ecstatic and pulls the baby even closer towards his bosom. His eyes beaming as he carried the baby to sleep.

- Prologue End -


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