A locket filled with mysterious origins.

A young boy with a sorry fate.

A world with countless opportunities accompanied by dangers.

How far can one reach before finally settling into history?

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Ps. Everything posted here are rough drafts. Releases/week = 7chaps/week 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue : The departure of a phoenix and dragon ago
Locket ago
Talent ago
Meditation ago
Manual ago
Change ago
Technique ago
Training ago
Future ago
Friends ago
Conversation ago
Travel ago
Mei Ling's Family ago
Panic ago
Kidnapping ago
Rescue ago
Lao Lan's Explanations ago
Talk ago
Qi Thread ago
Lao Xiu ago
Alchemy ago
Examination Part 1 ago
Examination Part 2 ago
Shang Xian ago
Feelings ago
Excursion ago
Academy Part 1 ago
Academy Part 2 ago
Academy Part 3 ago
Pact ago
Dimension Inspection ago
Gravity Room ago
Offer ago
Food ago
Lesson ago
Exercises ago
Recruitment ago
Strange man ago
San Guo ago
Show and Tell Part 1 ago
Show and Tell Part 2 ago
Show and Tell Part 3 ago
Bloodline Awakening ago
Auction Part 1 ago
Auction Part 2 ago
Annual Contest Part 1 ago
Annual Contest Part 2 ago
Shi Die's Surprise ago
Jing Hua Fei ago
Group Banter ago
San Guo's Conclusion ago
Wang Zhu ago
Wang Zhu's Anger ago
Ming Yu vs Yan Guo ago
Yan Guo vs Ye Xiu ago
Decision ago
Inciting Anger ago
Transformation Observation ago
A Year in the Academy ago
Group's Strength ago
Morning ago
Rematch ago
Weapon ago
Long Hua ago
Team? ago
Yan Shen ago
Meeting the Crew ago
Yan Guo's Inner Worries ago
Watching ago
Experimentation ago
Experimentation Part Two ago
Whisked Away ago
Stalking Prey ago
Transforming Monkey ago
Seeing that Satyr ago
That Snake was easy ago
A Cheeky Weasel ago
Messing Around ago
Satyr's Malice ago
Familiar Contract ago
Third Stage ago
First Scale ago
Refining Technique ago
Third Stage Opponent ago
Converting into Poison ago
Laying on the Floor ago
Amiable Beast ago
Bond of the Young One ago
Coming Back to the Dimension ago
Back to Reality ago
Sensing a Stalker ago
Selling those Bodies ago
Hua Fei Returns ago
Typical Training Session ago
Getting to the root of the Problem ago
Going to the Underground ago
Master Gua Gua ago
Yan Shen's Underground Past ago
Found the Love Potion! ago
Encounter with a Faction ago

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A fun coming of age story in a Xianxia world

The story takes place in a similar world as most Xianxia worlds with sects, academies and powerful families that scheme and plot. However the MC has not been actively plotted against as of the"Rematch" chapter, which is a refreshing experience. I also like that there are no cardboard villians that seem to turn up for no reason at all in restaurants and auctions. Up till now the story feels almost like a slice-of-life xianxia, which I personally find interesting, since you don't see that often. Disregarding the couple of small style choices of the author which I personally didn't like, I find this novel a fun xianxia novel that doesn't really pretend to be something more than it is.