‘...I may have lost my cool there. But it is fine, because I have found myself the perfect tree...What kind of tree is it?’ ”Info:This tree.”



Valued for its outstanding display of pink or white flowers in spring, redbud is an easy-to-grow small tree with delightful heart-shape leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall. It thrives in sun or partial shade.

This variant is called ‘Forest Pansy’.


‘...It doesn’t cost money. So it’s fine.’

Congratulations! Your actions have granted you the last name of ‘Red Bud’.

Having selected a last name has allowed you access to the following buildings.

  • Garrison of Aster
  • Library of Aster
  • Astronomy tower
  • Dungeon of the Disintegrating Heavens
  • Heavenly Bath
  • Bargain hall of Azure
  • Hall of Hellish Kings
  • Beginner Dungeon camp ‘Dungein’

“At least I can visit the a Library now and get some information about my quests. Open my current quests.”

You currently have 5 quests active.

Current Settlement




  • Greet the Thunder

Major :

  • Revenge of a dear friend


  • Lasingoret



  • Similar (4/4)


  • Encyclopedia

"Whatever, I’ll just go to that Dungeon thing that I unlocked. It should be fun, at the very least for a couple of hours.”


“Phil. Stay absolutely still. Don’t move. It hasn’t aggroed to you yet. I’ll save you, so just don’t move.”

“Meg, I’m sorry for everything! I’m a horrible tank! I am worthless and should not have taken you here.”

“Can you two just stop. It is not dangerous. Unpleasant, sure, but at the very least don’t overreact like this.”


“Sigh.” ’I should not have let them get the contract.’ “Ok, Phil. Listen to me now. Can you tell me what the plan was again... No? I’ll tell you again then. The plan is to get one of the slimes away from the pack and put it in the Summon contract circle, okay? This is in order to help Meg, right? Or do you not want to help Meg?”

“I-I want to help Meg.”

“Good. Then start walking away from the pack before the time runs out and it kills you.”

“P-Phil, you are the best. You can do it! I believe in you. Dia also believes in you!”

“Yes… I also believe in you Phil. This is absolutely feasible for you to do at this level.”

“O-ok. Here I go.”

‘Ridiculous, here I am, summoned by two complete beginners attacking the freaking ‘Crumbling Skies’, to tame a slime… Well, at least it is an elemental slime, so it is at the very least possibly useful.’

“That’s good Phil. Now try to get the slime in the circle. Remember that Meg must be the one to enter the circle with it, so don’t enter the circle. Get it?”


“Good. Meg, remember that entering the circle starts the attack. The contract needs at least 30 seconds to be formed. Don’t worry about dying in the circle, I can resurrect you almost immediately, but we will have to start over and we don’t want that, do we?”

“No! I’ll do my best!”

“You can do it Meg! This is just the first step on our journey towards greatness! Right! So go get that slime!”


Temporary contractor Meg has begun a binding with an Elemental Slime(1). Outside assistance is not allowed. Moral support can help in the taming of the beast.


Temporary contractor Meg has successfully entered a contract with a Standard Elemental Slime. Meg is now allowed to follow the path of a tamer.

‘Tch, she got a standard one. I at the very least hoped for a cardinal one. Oh well, at least she looks happy.’

Standard Elemental Slime - 1

[Hp:13] [Mp:17] [Sta:12]


[Cc:27] [Ms:1,8] [Sps:2]












Magic essence - Air

Partial resistance

Damage nullification - Elemental damage



‘It’s garbage… Should I tell her we can get another one?’


“Phil! I got it! I got it! It is awesome! It can use magic! AAH, It is perfect!”

“Wow! Awesome! What spells does it know?!”

“It knows ‘Breeze’ and ‘Gust’, that are perfect for our team!”


‘...I don’t think I will.’


“Cool! Lets go kill some monsters then. Thank you Dia for helping us. It was really nice of you. Can I add you to my friends list?”

“...Phil, I am a summon. I don’t have a friends list.”

“What, that so sad. Ok, tell me where you live then so we can come and visit.”

“Phil, I’m from the final layer of Hell. You can’t really visit my home.”

“Ok, but we will see you later anyway, right?”

“You probably will at the later stages, yes.”

“Then it’s fine. See you later.”

“Yeah. Bye Dia. It was nice to meet you.”

Temporary contractor Meg has teleported to Bistro. (You can not enter any zones of Light mana). Party has been automatically disbanded.


“And they simply left me in the dungeon. Open employee menu.”

Enter password:**************************

Correct password: Sending verification.

Verification received: What would you like to do?

“Disable my Zone restriction, I’m going to visit Ben.”

Request sent to administrator for approvement.. . .. . .. . ..

Your request is approved.


Teleport impending.


Teleport completed. Have a nice day.

“Hello Ben, How’s it going?”

“Worse now that you are here.”

“Ah, come on. It can’t be that bad.”

“If anyone from the order sees you, it will be all hell again. Remember the last time. There were talks about a fourth holy war, because the ‘Demon King’ attacked the Pope. You have to at least message me first!”

“So what. It would be a good event to have during the anniversary. By the way, did you actually sell one of my contract cards to a classless level 2 player.”

“I thought it fit you to be forced to crawl on the ground below a complete beginner.”

“If that was what you wanted, then it kind of failed.”

“...You didn’t kill them, did you? Cause it is a pain in the arse to deal with that ”

“Of course not. They wanted to capture a slime in order to have one become a tamer. They found a temporary high level contract in the bargain house and scavenged enough money to buy it.”

“...They used the demon king to capture a slime?”

“No, according to themselves they, ‘Hired a high level npc to help them increase their battle power in order to increase the chances of success.”

“They didn’t read the fine print? I hope for their sake that they got a good slime at least.”

“They didn’t read the fine print. They saw a high level, cheap contract and leapt at the chance. And after 5 minutes of looking we found a standard elemental one.”

“...That’s a shit slime. With the money just for the base bid, they could have gotten 3.”

“Well, I had intended to tell them we could get another one, but it was apparently the ‘perfect’ slime as it knew magic already. So they would be a basic wind mage, a prime tamer and I think the swordsman aimed for a tank build, though it does not fit his temperament.”

“Well it’s not a terrible starting build. The tamer could go the path of healer and balance it some. Anyway, you visiting is actually some great timing.”

“I aim to please.”

“Sure. I have sent the event suggestions we made to the council for the anniversary event and they have come to pick the one Charle sent.”

“WHAT! But Charle suggestion is a completely boring one!”

“Tell him yourself the next time you see him. Fact is, we have to kill king Bernard since he is, ‘A stupid, boring king who only travels around and only gives fetch quests. Making a Non-AI npc king was a retarded idea to begin with. Lets reset that stupid thing.’ As they apparently agreed with Charles. You will have to ‘assassinate’ him and start a Revolution in the kingdom of Marni, whilst supporting one of 5 choices. ‘The Five heavenly Lords, roll a die and selects one NPC from the selection, that they think have the most interesting backstory and later the Kingdom of Marni is completely remade into the new kingdom …’New Marni’. The Npc with the most event points gained becomes the new king.’”

“Why do I always have to do that stupid stuff. Just let Charle do it. He seems to want to.”

“Charle would probably be happy to do it, but the council wants to spin some quest material into it. You being a demon makes for more opportunities and it seem more lore friendly, as you have killed ‘Kings’ before.”

“Ben, I didn’t kill Bennelly because he was a King, he was completely out of whack! He was torturing rocks and taking advice from horned rabbits. If anything he was very interesting. But we couldn’t have the emperor of the next expansion being like that! He would have completely fried if a player visited.”

“Sure, and the fact that he was supposed to be the mad emperor didn’t dissuade you either.”

“Just shut up. The new emperor is better anyway. Wanna go dungeon diving with me on saturday? The ‘Delving Deeps’ will open on monday and I got a pre-pass to the place.”

“Why not. I’ll just tell the order I am meditating and then meet you there. Disguises or not?”

“Not. I’ve got two perfect invisibility charms. At 8?”

“Sure. See you there. Better leave before they come to deliver more written sins on paper for me.”

“See you later then. Teleport Home”

Teleport impending.


Teleport completed. Have a nice day.

“Lord Diameter, I have been awaiting your return.”

“Hello Sid. I want to take a vacation on saturday. Enter the slow moving protocol so I can leave at 8 o’clock.”

“As you wish, my lord. You have received another letter from sir Frogmer asking once again for your aid in bringing elemental slimes over to castle Bertomar. Shall I decline as per usual?”

“Yes. I want nothing to do with his crazy scemes. What is he doing, trying to make it impossible for that Agility master to retake the castle or something? I can’t go to Aster anyway, the expansion won’t be out for another month.”

Welcome to the Library of Aster, the greatest library in all of Aster.

Due to your occupation being based in Aster as well as you having a confirmed last name, you may borrow books at a reduced price.

“Still costs money, but I can at least enter now.”


Entering the building through the wooden doors made from a dark oak, Fred passes into the chilly atmosphere within the library. The smell of old leather bound books cover the small open space he has entered. The rows of books lined upon shelves barely go up above his head, but they are so densely placed, it almost seems like it is a solid wall covered in leather strips of varying width.

He looks around the circular room for a receptionist of some kind, but all he sees is a young girl reading in the lambent light of a candle. Her wheat coloured hair gaining a slight amber look and her black rimmed round glasses making her look younger than she probably is. The tomes colour is starting to fall of, not from negligence but from age.

“Hello. Who are you?”

“Hi. I’m Fred. Do you know where the keeper of the books is?”

“?Do you mean Master? He had to travel to Marni since Bernard asked him to get him some paper. I think he also wanted to borrow some books from Ben?”

“Oh. Well, could you help me, I’m looking to increase my knowledge in the places in this world.”

“Sure. What would you like to know? You can just ask, I know the answer to everything.”


“What is mana and spells?”

“Mana is the most basic term describing how much one person can affect their surroundings in an extreme way. Mana is the life essence of all spiritual beings that give them tangibility in our physical world. But we sentient physical beings also have the counterpart this attribute, that being stamina. Mana being external and stamina internal.

Spells would be how the mana affect the world around you.”


“...Who is Roger?”

“Roger would be the originator of all there is to ever be in this world. He was here before the world started, and he brought along those similar to him, Carl, Felix and James. They together created the Spirit of the world, Azure.”

“Last question, would you like to team up when the forced stay is over? You are kinda, like the only person I have seen in the village.”

“I would be surprised if you had seen any other players, as we are paired two per settlement on this continent. I don't have anyone else to team up with exept you.”

“Ok. I’m Fred, Level 4 Trainer of Agility. Nice to meet you.”

“...Dessa, Level 8. Intelligence. Likewise."


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