“I guess I can check out the market. Maybe I can sell the dagger I started with.”


As Fred walks towards the massive tree in the center of Aster, he takes in the atmosphere of his new workplace.


The road in sharp contrast to the sharp reds and blues of the houses, with its cobble in a gray palette. It is not wide enough for a wagon, but still made for groups to pass without problems.

Bringing a heavy feeling are the houses that loom over the road as if to make it succumb to their towering presence, that makes it seem like there has never been a happy day in this place. Their windows shut, as if to shut the world outside.


‘But I suppose that feeling disappears when it stops raining.’


Down the alleyway he can see the tree, spreading its branches over the village center.

Shielding the people under it from the rain and snow. Warding off the vengeful heavens, bringing the people of Aster under its protective arms.


‘I can see where the people of Aster got the thought of Astar. ‘Astar, the protector of all beneath its branches.’ Though I will probably have trouble worshipping a tree.’


“Well, if I have got nothing better to do whilst walking there, I might as well check out my stats. Open Status.”



Fred Eversteen




Trainer of Agility in Aster



Str: 5

Agi: 290(129)

Con: 5

Luk: 5

Per: 5

Dex: 5

Wis: 5

Int: 5

Cha: 5

Wil: 5



Extra status points: 0


Hp: 115

Mp: 65

Sta: 110

Cc: 18

Ms: 30,5

Sps: 13


Gotta walk fast

‘Blessing’ of Agility (lvl 1/5)



Still Alive



Follower of Astar







10 balls of polished Amber

Knife of beginnings

Blade of sparks





+First strike

Swift strike






“...Ah…I appear to have gone down in Cc, whatever that is. My Speeding also went up a level. How nice. Let's inspect the damage. Info:Speeding.”

(Stage two)¤¤: Due to having over 200 Agility and not having invested in any other field, you have advanced a cursed title.

All enemy attacks do 4 times as much damage to you.

Attributes affected by Strength(str) is halved.

This title can be removed through investing stat points in other fields.

This title can advance if not taken care of.

“Ah yes. Four times the damage. That’s wonderful. And when we are at it, Info:Cc”

Carrying capacity(Cc). An attribute calculated by adding Strength and Constitution to a predetermined value. Determines the number of items you are capable of carrying.

“....I don’t like how that is worded. What is my current carrying capacity?”

Your current max Carrying capacity(Cc) is 18 slots. You are taking up 6/18 slots.

“This is ridiculous. I have received one item and my inventory is one third full. This sucks”

“This sucks.”

“Just take it like a man, Charle. It could be worse. You could have been sent to the front rows.”

“I would rather be at the front rows than here. Is this all I’m supposed to do here?”

“Yes. Just carry the equipment to the camp and it will be over.”

“It is never over! This is the 16th time I have gone this stretch today. I can tire too, you know!”

“I don’t even see what your problem is. You carry the goods to the camp, get paid, go back and carry it to the camp again if you want.”

~And carry it to the camp again if you want~. If I don’t, I fail this quest from the king and you know this.”

“So what. I’m carrying stuff to.”

“You are literally carrying less than one promille of what I am!”

“Oh. Is it my fault you got ‘Strength’ instead of ‘Agility’. I am so sorry Charle. Here, receive my blessing to reduce your burden.”

You have received the ‘Blesing to the Childish’ from Kael.

‘Blesing to the Childish’: +1 Constitution. ~From Kael

Due to ‘Blessing of Strength’ stats are relocated. Increases Strength by 5.

“You bastard! Don’t you flaunt your silly privileges in front of me. I can rip you to shreds if I wanted to!”

“Ha! Only if you actually managed to catch me, Mr. All Strength.”

“You ‘Agilities’ are all alike. Stupid and excessive.”

“My oh my, Charle. You must have forgotten that I am only one of 5 ‘Agilities’. You should not be so prejudiced.”

“Whatever. How long is left on the quest?”

“1 hour and 6 minutes.”

“Good. It is almost over.”

“Oh, don’t be sad now. Just a little more and you will break that 2600 line. After that, it becomes truly ridiculous. And here comes the players. I’ll take care of them.”

“Hope they kill you.”

“Such acidity. It truly hurts. See ya in a sec.”


“I’m back. Did you miss me Charle.”


“Well, that’s fine. You can’t always miss me. But I know that you hold me dear in your heart.”

“You know I already have a girlfriend.”

“Of course I know, you have told me…. 28 times now.”

Sigh. Have you gotten the foe status issue fixed?”

“No, It can’t be fixed anymore. The latest patch removed all possibilities. You will just have to live with it. Not that it really changes anything.”

“It is a comfort to have it. At least we would not get ambushed so often.”

“Come on, Charle. It could be worse. I mean, we no longer get attacked by those ‘bandits’, which is nice.”

“~Which is nice~. We should not get attacked to begin with!”

“Why are you getting angry with me? I have no relation to this at all.”

“You are the only reason this is happening! ~Oh, I wanna battle players, but I don’t want to gain Odium. Oh Roger, please help me~. It is because of you the employees are stuck with the antagonist status! Every player 'knows' we are the late game bosses, so why bother, Huh!”

“You are pretty harsh. I thought they would fix it immediately after Catrina. Not my fault they forgot about it.”

“Not your fault, huh.”

Rigorous training has gained you: +1 Constitution.

Due to ‘Blessing of Strength’ stats are relocated. Increases Strength by 5.

“Got five more.”

“It sure escalates fast. What is it now then?”

“More than 2500.”

“Oh come on~ You have said that the entire day. Be more specific.”

“Fine! System, what is my current Carrying capacity?”

Your current max Carrying capacity(Cc) is 2563 slots. You are taking up 2530/2563 slots.

“It is at 2563.”

“Good work, young carrier. The next trip shall bring even more advantages to Kaels Army of Exclusive Liners. You know, KAEL!”

You have received an invitation from Kael:

Coem an join KEAL, Charlee. It is funn and awesume.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

“I don’t want to be a part of your guild Kael. It is a stupid guild with a stupid name. You are also the absolute worst at spelling. This is atrocious.”

“No! It is an awesome name! Only smart people get it, unlike you.”

“...I think I will put a bounty on you. Tell them they need elemental slimes, just for fun.”

“...Bringing slimes into this is below you Charle.”

“Perhaps I should tell them that it isn’t water slimes they need.”

“Charle. Stop it. It isn’t funny.”

“Oh no~. My pet wants go get some fresh air~. What should I do~?”

“Charle, no. I will tell Emily. Don’t you dare! Stop it!”

“Look Bubbles. It’s aunt Kael. Go give her a tackle.”

“NO! STAY AWAY! Charle! If you continue this, I will kill Bubbles.”

“...Kael, you literally stand absolutely no chance to beat Bubbles.”


“...Overreacting much? Fine. Bubbles, come back here.”

“...I hate you Charle. You are the worst person ever.”

“Likewise, Kael. Now carry something.”

“I can’t. I’m already over encumbered.”

“...You are really something sad to observe.”

“This is ridiculous! You have to go on a quest to be allowed to stand below a tree. Find a tree that represents you. Or pay 2 gold. Is this a pay to win game or something?!”


Two Hours Later


‘...I may have lost my cool there. But it is fine, because I have found myself the perfect tree...What kind of tree is it?’ ”Info:This tree.”


Valued for its outstanding display of pink or white flowers in spring, redbud is an easy-to-grow small tree with delightful heart-shape leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall. It thrives in sun or partial shade.

This variant is called ‘Forest Pansy’.

‘...It doesn’t cost money. So it’s fine.’


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