Due to being extremely relatable, Agility trainer Isoide has become a ‘good friend’ to you.

Due to being a ‘good friend’, Agility trainer Isoide has revealed a piece of his past, allowing you to start a new quest.

Revenge for a dear friend. (Quest)

Isoide has revealed that his family was killed by the dark lord Frogmer.


  • Kill lord Frogmer

Extra objective:

  • Bring the deed of the Kansa house to Isoide


  • Improved relationship with Isoide
  • 2 Pieces of bread
  • Flask of water
  • Piece of ‘Nurmangir’

Similar (3/4). (Quest)

Can’t be denied.


  • Agility over 200


  • Better relationship with your class trainer


You have accepted the quest: Revenge for a dear friend.


“Hello Isoide. How are you doing?”

“I’m absolutely great! Did you know that there is a mountain that houses a ghost of the great Lasingoret, whom was a grand master in the art of ‘Efficient kills’. It is said that anyone that can beat Lasingoret in a race gets the skill from him.”

You have learned from Isoide about the existence of Lasingoret, that can grant you a special skill.

Lasingoret. (Quest)

Search for Lasingorets mountain. Can’t be denied.


  • Efficient kills

“That’s… great. But I would rather learn some basic skills from you at the moment.”

“Fred, You are the nicest person ever. I can’t imagine someone more respectful than you.”

Due to impeccable timing, your relationship with Isoide has soared to new heights. Isoide is now a ‘greater friend’.

Due to having made an NPC with the attribute ‘Stone heart’ reach a relationship level higher than ‘great friend’, you have been awarded with the title ‘Mio’.

Mio: 5% Increased attack against enemies that have armors with an Earth attribute.

“This is ridiculous. Isoide, I can’t leave the city for 2 weeks, so I can’t help you at the moment. However, I would like to learn some skills from you now when I can. Alright?”

“I see. What do you want to know?”

‘You sure got over that crying phase fast.’ “What can you teach me?”


“What is ‘Running’?”

“You sure is a great friend, but not the most clever.

Eh-Hem. Running is the act of moving your feet at an accelerated pace to advance faster in a direction of your choosing. You can, however, change the direction you are going in by turning your body in the new direction you want to go in.”

“...Is this a skill?”

“Of course not. I am telling you how you perform the action called ‘run’.”

“Just teach me the skill.”

“Fine. But be warned, using powers like these without knowing about the specifics can harm you.”

Due to very high affinity with Agility trainer Isoide, you have received the legendary version of the skill ‘Running’.

Running*: Movement speed is always multiplied by 2,25

Due to ‘Blessing of Agility’ stats are relocated: Agility is always multiplied by 2,25


You have completed the quest ‘Similar(¾)’

Similar (4/4). Quest

Can’t be denied.


  • Agility over 300


  • Better relationship with your class trainer
  • Class: Master of Agility

Speedling has advanced a stage.

‘This is not going well! If this continues I will be absolutely ridiculous when I leave the city!’

“Oh no~. Look at the time. I totaly must leave right at this moment. I’m terribly sorry, but there is nothing I can do about it. So bye. I will probably see you soon again.”

“Oh. Farewell dear friend. I too hope to see you soon. May Goddess Astar see to your safety on your travels in the realm of glory.”

“Sure. You too.”

“I didn’t know you were a follower Astar?”

“...I sure am.”

Having confirmed to be a follower, you have converted to the church of Astar. You receive the title ‘Follower of Astar’.

‘Follower of Astar’: 5% increased experience gain from undead. Access to churches of Astar.


Having lied to a ‘great friend' about an important issue, you have received the title ‘Liar’.

‘Liar’: People you interact have a harder time determining if you are telling the truth. You fool interrogative magic twice as often.

“I must leave.”

Fred rushes out the door, flailing his arms around in an attempt to avoid more praise from Isoide.

“I must hide! The tavern seems as good a place as any other.”

‘First day is almost over. Just 4 more hours. This place has some rather great drinks, wonder what that is? ‘Breath of the frozen forest’. Sounds great. I would have one if it didn’t cost 450 gold!

Where do I even get gold?

All I have is Amber. What is Amber even worth in the first place?’

“Info: Balls of Amber.”

A ball of Amber. Can not be traded with merchants. Can be given to the Elder master in the Crushed Colosseums history class for a skill.

“Worth nothing then...By the way, I got a legendary skill. What is a legendary skill?”

Legendary skills/spells have a greater outcome than ordinary variants by 50%. Can also bring aesthetic changes to projectile based skills and spells.

The legendary skills are shown as the ordinary variant to other players (when using observation techniques). Can only be shown through the status page as legendary.

Employee info: Employees are not shown on any form of list or rankings.

Employee specific skills are viewed as legendary skills in the status page to all other players.

“At least it isn’t viewable for everyone who wants to see. To buy a drink I need money, where can I receive some minor quests?”

You can find different tasks to perform at the ‘Questers Guild’.

“Then there shall I now go.”

Welcome to the ‘Questers Guild’.

To enter, pay our fee: 1 gold.

“...I’ll go find something else to do.”


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