“So I dealt 14 Damage to it then? That is good, I guess.

And I have reset my death combo, which is nice… Wait...That is not nice! Open ‘Death combo Counter’.”

Death combo



Current Ranking:

16,324,194:th place



Highest Ranking:

556,253:rd place


“... I didn’t even get to the top 500,000… I’ll just continue with the course. With how it has gone so far, it should not be a problem.”

About an hour later

“...Should there not be a popup or something?”

“Oh right. I disabled those. Open ‘Options’.”

Log out

Enable/Disable Popups                       ⎹⎸Enter password [                     ]

Call an Administrator


“Enable popups, ‘Roger is awesome’. There we go. Open ‘recent popups’.”

Training course finished. For your accomplishments you have earned: 10 Agility (+2)

Due to the massive difference in Agility between you and the enemy, you can no longer earn any status points at this difficulty level.


Congratulations. You have earned a kill streak of 498. You have received the temporary title ‘Still Alive’. Increases strength by 9.


Due to ‘Blessing of Agility’ stats are relocated: Increases agi by 9.


You are now a sworn enemy of the ‘Chicken Hunters’. All interactions with ‘Chicken Hunters’ have a 90% increase of failure.

“Who cares about those horrid little creatures anyway. Open ‘status’.”



Fred Eversteen




Trainer of Agility in Aster
















Extra stat p: 0



Hp: 115

Mp: 65

Sta: 110

Cc: 35

Ms: 10.9

Sps: 7


‘Blessing’ of Agility (lvl 1/5)


Gotta walk fast


Still Alive







10 balls of polished Amber

Knife of beginnings

Blade of sparks





First strike

Swift strike




“Ah. A new title. Might as well check it out as well. Info: Momentum, Alacrity, Speeding.”

Momentum(1/2): After initiating combat. For every new enemy you take down, increase damage by 5%. Resets after 1 minute of non-battle.

Alacrity(max): Active.

If in a party, set all aggro established to a target of your choosing.

If no party is formed, set all aggro of enemies within 25 meters to you.

Mana cost: 30 mp.

Cooldown: 30 (27,9)s

Speeding (stage one): Due to having over 100 Agility and not having invested in any other field, you have received a cursed title.

All enemy attacks do 3 times as much damage to you.

This title can be removed through investing stat points in other fields.

This title can advance if not taken care of.

“Momentum, great for taking down groups of enemies. Nice.

Alacrity, my first active skill. Testing it out later.

Speeding, not good at all. I’m gonna get rid of it. Let’s see, all extra status points into strength.”

You have no extra status points to allocate.

“...What? Why?”

All extra status points are placed in agility due to the effect of ‘Blessing of Agility’.

“So I can’t get rid of it! This is absolute shit. I’m logging out.”

You have been disallowed the option to logout for 4:15 hours.


Hey Fred. Roger here again. You do remember that this is your workplace now, right? You have to be in the game for at least 6 hours in order for the AI to actually replicate your movement patterns and such.

On a completely related note. Can you guess how angry Carl is with me? I simply changed a 0 with a 1 on a row of numbers last week and he totally freaked out after I told him today.

Would you like to know what it did... Nah, I won’t tell you. Carl is so mad at me though. He thinks it can ruin the life of someone. Pfhh, most humans don’t think it is that important anyway, so I think they will be fine.

But, seriously. You might not like the way your stats have been ‘placed’ by the system, but we need someone who can take the spot of certain bosses in the game. The AI can perfectly handle Normal- and Sub-bosses, but with the Elite- and Supreme-bosses it starts to fail(also a few vendors for some reason that I have absolutely no part of).   ┐(゚⊇゚)┌

I could ask Felix if we can shorten your training mission to just a week. But he is quite the boring person, so don’t count on it.

Just go around and do some quests within the city or do a training session with your teacher at the Agility course to learn some more basic skills whilst the timer runs out.

“...Fine. I’ll go and see if I can find Isoide.”

“Ah, good to see you again Fred. It has been ages since you showed me your glorious presence and brought me the joy I thought I had lost when my family was murdered by the dark and evil Frogmer of castle Bertomar. I see that you have taken the chance of improving yourself seriously.

It warms my heart to see the youth walking the path towards greatness, but to also see the curse affecting you at the same time makes me fear for your safety.”




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