A note from Deliora

This delay was entirely because of the single battle scene in the later part of the chapter.


Blade of sparks


Dur: 139

A blade gifted by the ‘Lord of Thunder’ to player Fred.

Damage: 0

Deals 5% of agility as lightning damage.

“...So I can deal like 4 damage per hit...  Sigh. Whatever. Let's just leave. Should I tell this ‘Roger’ that you can get spawn camped by monsters in here?”


“I’ll just send a note, so I have at least told them about it. Let’s go hunt bunnies or something. They should be easier to kill now that i have almost 100 agility points. By the way. Status.”


Fred Eversteen




Trainer of Agility in Aster
















Extra stat p: 0



Hp: 115

Mp: 65

Sta: 110

Cc: 35

Ms: 10.9

Sps: 7


‘Blessing’ of Agility (lvl 1/5)


Gotta walk fast






10 balls of polished Amber

Knife of beginnings

Blade of sparks





First strike

Swift strike


“So much blue. Can you compress it?”

Fred Eversteen - 1

[Hp:115] [Mp:65] [Sta:110]

Titles: 4

No Class

[Cc:35] [Ms:10.9] [Sps:7]

Items: 6

Trainer of Agility in Aster


Skills: 4













Extra stat p: 0


“Much better. I should not have any problems with the beginner mobs in the outskirts of the village… What does ‘Dash’ Do?”

Dash(1/10): Reduced stamina consumption when running. After reaching max time, stamina drain is set to normal values. Max time (Lvl*10)s.

“Ok. Let’s go hunt… beginner monsters?”

‘What kind of mobs are even around Aster?’


As Fred walked towards the gates, he saw nothing of interest. Just a bunch of people trying to sell things to each other for prices that sound ridiculous.

‘Who would buy one loaf of bread for 4 thousand balls of amber? Especially when a sword apparently only costs 50 in a store.’


Upon reaching the gates he was stopped by two soldiers guarding the gate.

“Status please.”

“You mean my status?”

“Of course I mean your status, what are you, an idiot or something. Just show me your status.”

“...Show status to guard.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard. You can now exit the city.”

You have now finished your character creation. Enjoy yourself in the land of Azure.


You are currently on a training mission. You can’t leave the village for: 13 days and 21 hours.

“...I had forgotten that…” ‘
How embarrassing!’

‘I guess I just have to go back to the Agility course.’

“Teleport Work”

“I see that you have returned. How did your adventure beyond the walls of the city go?”

“They went nowhere. I might as well train some more in here.”

“What course would you like to participate in then?”

“...I can’t remember the options. Can I see the menu again”

“It has been less than two hours since you last saw the menu and you have already forgotten.”

“It’s just that a lot has happened since then.” ‘Like me getting killed 3390 times in a row’

“Sure. Here is the menu”

Beginner: As we all must start from the bottom. Here you will have to perform the dangerous tasks of jumping and skipping rope. Do it at your own risk!

Casual: This is more strenuous and the dangers escalate to levels not seen in the beginner stage. Do it at your own risk!

Advanced: This is to casual, what casual was to beginner. The stakes has risen so high that you don’t know if you can do it. Do it at your own risk!

Due to being an employee at ‘Desktop’, This special course has been unlocked.

Employee course: Use your position within the company to gain benefits in the most efficient way.

‘I’ll go with the Employee course again. The only reason it went crazy last time was because I set the difficulty to high’

“Ok, thanks. See you in about an hour then Isoide.”

“I shall see to it. As you still haven’t begun to perform your duties as an instructor of the Agility course.”


As Fred walked through the hallway, as he did before, he once again stopped by the portrait. The frame, with its light golden colour, led the focus of the eyes to it and the design of it further led the eyes towards the center. The lines in the picture was drawing the sight to the face of the character and with the warm colours it looked like…

‘This is ridiculous. What is with this painting?’ “Info: painting!”

Due to lack of Intelligence, Wisdom and Perception, you can’t see see any information about this item.


Welcome to the ‘Agility course’. The current Difficulty level is set to 15s. Raising the difficulty will give you better rewards. Do you wish to change the difficulty?

“Yes. Set the difficulty to 1E.”

Changing difficulty. Level set to 1E.

Employee key registred.

Status gains are increased by 25%. Respawn time set to 1 second.

Setting enemy status.

Starting course.

“Yes. Let’s go for real this time.”

You have observed an ‘Angry Chicken Hunter’. To add the monster to your ‘Encyclopedia’ encounter 4 more.


“OH! A real monster. Info: Angry Chicken Hunter”

Angry Chicken Hunter - 3

[Hp:13] [Mp:8] [Sta:12]

Monster in the Agility course

[Cc:27] [Ms:2.5] [Sps:1.3]












You have been killed. Death streak combo 3391. Respawn in 1 second(s).

“What! You can be killed when watching the menu? ..Of course you can. Me opening a status screen when I’m clearly visible is not the brightest thing I’ve done today… Crap! I forgot to equip my sword. Equipt Sword!”

You don’t have a ‘Sword’. Did you mean ‘Blade of Sparks’?


Due to being in combat, time to equipt is increased to 5 seconds.

“Fu! AAHH!”

You have been killed. Death streak combo 3392. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have equipped ‘Blade of Sparks”. Do you wish to set a shortcut to equip ‘Blade of Sparks’?

“NO! These damned popups are everywhere. Remove them!”

All popup screens have been disabled. To enable them once again, write the following password in the options menu: Roger is awesome!

All at once the popups disappeared and gave Fred a clear view of his opponent, the small ferret like animal hissing as he entered what he thought to be a better position with his sword. The Hunter, waiting for an opening to appear, so as to minimize its risk of getting hurt by the now equipped sword.


Fred knew that he needed to hit the monster thrice to kill it.

And as such the battle began. Fred started with a dash straight towards the Hunter. Piercing it. The battle is over. Fred has won.

“...This is ridiculous… Is it the agility? Info:Agility.”

Agility: increases in your reaction time and it allows you to move at a higher speed. Decreases weight.

Agility can unlock skills when used in certain ways.

Employee hint: When agility reaches 100, you unlock the fourth requirement for a skill included in your occupation.

“...I forgot to check the other skills? Info:First strike, Swift strike.”

+First Strike(1/3): Your first strike deals twice the damage if you engage the enemy first.

This is an employee boosted skill.

Swift strike(max): If your agility is higher than your opponents, deal (your agility) divided by (their agility) extra damage.


A note from Deliora

Reading through the battle scene, I can say... I'm not really happy with it.

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