‘I don’t want to do this anymore. I already want to quit and it hasn’t even been two hours yet!’


“No, I don’t want to do the test again, I don’t really care about that. As long as I receive the job, it’s fine. But what am I supposed to do here? I don’t really know how to teach someone ‘agility’.”

“That’s easy. Most people don’t come here to train their agility. They come to receive skills and quests that raise it instead. Although you can run the training course to raise your agility, but that is time consuming and ineffective. Your job is to give out quests. You want a pie, make it a quest. Want a dagger, make it a quest. Want a legendary armour, make it a quest. As long as you can pay the quest takers, anything is fine. Or you can travel and spread the name of our agility course. Though the last option is only available for people with proficiency in agility.”

“I would like to travel. But I would like to raise my stats first.”

“So you wish to try the course?”


“Alright, I’ll just fetch the menu for you. Please wait for a moment.”

‘I guess I will need to raise my stats first before going on any monster hunts. But what does agility even do? Info : Agility’

Agility: increases in your reaction time and it allows you to move at a higher speed. Decreases weight.

Agility can unlock skills when used in certain ways.

Employee hint: When agility reaches 25, you unlock the first requirement for a skill included in your occupation.

“Why are you just standing there? Come over here.”


“Here are our training courses. Pick the one you want. As you work here you don’t need to pay.”

“Great, because I have no money. It would be great to get some money.”

“You won’t get paid until the month is over. Pick a course.”


Welcome to the ‘Agility course’ of Aster, the finest agility course in Aster. If you want to raise your agility, this is the agility course for you.

Agility is raised through completing challenges within the ‘Agility course’.

Complete all and receive a special reward. You will spend one hour on every course.

Beginner: As we all must start from the bottom. Here you will have to perform the dangerous tasks of jumping and skipping rope. Do it at your own risk!

Casual: This is more strenuous and the dangers escalate to levels not seen in the beginner stage. Do it at your own risk!

Advanced: This is to casual, what casual was to beginner. The stakes has risen so high that you don’t know if you can do it. Do it at your own risk!

Due to being an employee at ‘Desktop’, This special course has been unlocked.

Employee course: Use your position within the company to gain benefits in the most efficient way.


“I think I know why there are no customers here.”

“Really? I don’t think you do. Please pick a course already.”

“...Fine. I’ll take the ‘Employee course.’” ‘It ought to be the fastest way to get out of here so i can earn some spending money’

“Ok, please head down that way and take a left after the great looking portrait in the hall. Then follow the signs. Here is the key for the door.”

Player Fred has received a key.

“Sure, see you later.”


As Fred walked down the hallway, he took note of the ‘great looking portrait’ and had to agree. It was a great looking portrait.

The frame, with its light golden colour, led the focus of the eyes to it and the design of it further led the eyes towards the center. The lines in the picture was drawing the sight to the face of the character and with the warm colours it looked like…

‘...What am I doing? I have never really bothered with art, so I should, at the very least, not start at this moment. Let’s just continue down the hallway.’


After following the signs, Fred reached the door and entered.

Welcome to the ‘Agility course’. The current Difficulty level is set to 1E. Raising the difficulty will give you better rewards. Do you wish to raise the difficulty?

“What is the maximum difficulty? I want to get out of here as fast as possible.”

Raising the difficulty to highest possible for maximum rewards. Level set to 15S.

Employee key registred.

Status gains are increased by 25%. Respawn time set to 1 second.

Setting enemy status.

Starting course.


“...Okay then... Here I come.”

Congratulations. You are the first to see the ’Lord of Thunder’. Due to your accomplishment you have earned the skill ‘Encyclopedia’.

“...This isn’t good… This isn’t good at all. No! I can’t stop now. I have to at least try. I mean, like, how hard could it be? It is in a training course. It must be possible.”

Due to being willing to try taking out a monster over 500 levels higher than you, you have received 15 Willpower.

Due to ‘Blessing’ of Agility’ stats are relocated : increases agi by 15.


Due to your agility reaching 25, you have unlocked the skill ‘Dash’.

“That’s grea-!”

You have been killed. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have been killed. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have been killed. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have been killed. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have been killed. Death streak combo 5. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have been killed. Death streak combo 6. Respawn in 1 second(s).


You have been killed. Death streak combo 7. Respawn in 1 second(s).


~1 Hour later

You have been killed. Death streak combo 3390. Respawn in 1 second(s).


Training course finished. For your accomplishments, you have earned : 0 Agility points.


Congratulations. You have earned a death streak of 3390. You have received the title ‘Undead’. Increases vit by 68.

Due to ‘Blessing of Agility’ stats are relocated: Increases agi by 68.

“...Where is he? Is he trying to trick me? ...He’s lying in wait somewhere, waiting for me to let down my guard, is he! But I can escape. I just have to avoid him. That’s easy. Where is he?”

You have managed to alleviate the ‘Lord of Thunders’ sour mood.

You have received ‘Blade of sparks’

“Oh... Thanks? Info: Blade of sparks.”

Blade of sparks


Dur: 139

A blade gifted by the ‘Lord of Thunder’ to player Fred.

Damage: 0

Deals 5% of agility as lightning damage.

“...So I can deal like 4 damage per hit...  Sigh. Whatever. Let's just leave. Should I tell this ‘Roger’ that you can get spawn camped by monsters in here?”


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