The Adventures of a Unique Snowflake [rewrite in progress]

by SeaGangster

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy LitRPG
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Currently rewriting this bad boy from the ground up. The newest chapter 'Update' has the first new chapter if you want a taste of what the new book will be like. -SeaGangster

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
First Hints of Snow ago
Birth of a Snowflake ago
Do You Want to Build a Snowman? ago
Building a Snowman ago
The Blizzard ago
First Quest- The Beginning ago
First Quest- The War Camp ago
First Quest: The Village ago
First Quest: Escape ago
First Quest: Gains ago
Lesser Monster Core ago
Undead Dungeon ago
Flames of Rage ago
A Little Chat ago
Blood Brothers ago
Henry's Gifts ago
To Become a Monster ago
Floor Master ago
A Dangerous Maze ago
Is It Wrong to Kill a Fictional Character? ago
Slime Queen ago
A Man and His... Dog? ago
Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up. ago
Meeting the Queen ago
Popcorn and gods ago
Here Be Dragons ago
Emotional Trainwreck ago
Definitely Not a Crazy Person ago
The Making of a Tyrant ago
Slime Queen Part Two ago
Please Let Me Sleep ago
Relationship Gymnastics ago
Naturalist Armorer ago
To Each Their Own ago
Skill Books ago
Sense of Doom ago
Distractions ago
Change of Scenery ago
The Fundamental Laws of Magic: Volume 1 ago
The Resistance ago
Unawakened Vampire Lord ago
Price and Evolution ago
Blood, Fire, and Sangria ago
Lesser Tyrant Core ago
Bird Brains ago
Cloud People ago
Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance ago
A Game of Questions ago
Man vs Mountain Part 1 ago
Not a Chapter: State of Affairs ago
[Body Engraving] ago
Man vs Mountain: Round 2 ago
Man vs Mountain: Finale ago
Beasts Fight But Monsters Kill ago
To Be Legion ago
Just like Caesar ago
Update & rewrite chapter 1 ago
Rewrite going up ago

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[Spoilers] Simple and Smooth

The story flows smoothly and, if a bit fast for my taste, it has a consistency I like. The concepts are novel, the Mc is fleshed out (if naive) and there's a minimum of redundant information. 

I do wish that more time was spent on his lost memories, the moment of clarity explained everything but maybe add that explanation earlier? 

In summary: I like it, it is a simple well done story that does a great job of fleshing out minor characters. 


Who are you neppu
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I took an interest in this story when I was looking for a new story to read in the recently updated. I saw it and thought well this should pass the time. When I started reading the story I was intrigued in the first chapter by the premise. I have now come to thoroughly enjoy the MC and his attitude. Unlike in other novels when he does something like fight a monster I can understand how hard of a fight he's having. His attitude on when things happen to him is about what I think my reaction would be. Overall I enjoy the premise, the characters, and the action. Which is all I can really ask for from a free novel.

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Interesting premise, meh execution

I rather liked the idea of this story. The protagonist of an abandoned OP fic gets reincarnated into a world that doesn't care for his mary sueness and punts him back to level one. So far so good. But that's where the problem begins.

He gets some special ability. In a way he pays dearly for it. He gets the special snowflake ability to evolve in a world where no player can, but also has about the starting stats of a snowflake. And gets his most critical memories removed making him a naive dumbass.

Pretty funny idea all things considered, but this isn't played for comedy. It's played straight, which is imho the big weakness of this story. Yeah the MC starts out weak, but this is relatively quickly resolved thanks to his evolution ability. Gets a special snowflake familiar, gets a special snowflake magic, gets turned into a special-snowflake not vampire, evolves into an extra-special-snowflake monster.

I mean sounds funny right? A character named snowflake by vengeful GMs for demanding special snowflake abilities gets ever more special snowflake abilities. The problem is it's not played for laughs but played straight. Making this yet another power leveling LITRPG story. The only difference to others is that the MC had a lower starting point.

Honestly with the beginning I'd hoped for more.

The characters feel very generic. I'm not sure if that's intentional, considering the worldbuilding idea of dumping heros from bad and/or aborted fiction into a LITRPG world. But that makes the character interaction not very appealing and I found myself mostly waiting for the next ability upgrade or evolution. Which was admittedly pretty well done.

There's a lot of mysteries in the background going on for the character to discover, and it's imho the strongest part of the story, but it feels a bit pointless. Like he's going to evolve out of his problems anyway. Or they're going to stop mattering once he hits level 2 and likely gets dumped into a sci-fi LITRPG.

I think that's my main problem with this story. I can't really find it in myself to care for the hero's journey. Evolutions are cool, background is interesting, but it doesn't really fit into a compelling narrative.

If you actually wanted to write a story about an involuntary weakling stumbling his way to godhood, you should have given him the class of adventurer. And have him suffer through the nastyness of the world like any other wannabe hero, instead of having him special snowflake his way out of most of the grim darkness.

If you want to write a story about a protagonist evolving without it feeling super cheesy, maybe put him into a world where everyone else does it. Or just play it for comedy value. I mean this kind of story would work as a satire, but that's not what this is.

Overall interesting premise and interesting worldbuilding, but both characters and story feel generic and bland.

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Slow but I feel the tension

After reading like 5 chapters and seeing that he didnt drop this I wus very happy/

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Made an Account Just to Review This

Interesting twist on a popular premise. MC background is largely irrelevant so far and character interactions feel scripted, as well as a little bit rushed. Reading this feels like the literary equivalent of a multiple-season TV series compressed into a single movie.

Improves a little bit in later chapters but could use some more work. Can't say I'm too attached to any of the characters, but I'm interested enough in what happens next to stick around.

Great worldbuilding, decent foreshadowing.

Keep writing, SeaGangster! My best tip is to probably try making character interactions a little less heavy-handed.

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This is an enjoyable read, with an interesting premise that could be somewhat similar to re:monster. This is definitely a good read, with a likable character that has a good sense of humor. 

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I am honestly disgusted here...                                                                                

The story had a ton of potential, liked the buildup and everything.                        

Then you go and take the OP MC who is intelligent and strong enough to literally

tear reality a new one.                                                                                        

And then you go and have him be so stupid and gullible to that he is manipulated by just about every character....

Is the author a well read pre-pubescent child? Because the story is well written, just badly.

  • Overall Score


Spoiler: Spoiler


This story needs a harem!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ’‹