Chapter 2: "Going orange"


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Bang… Bang… Bang…

The door to the room shook.  Moaning was heard from the other side, yet he could not hear it due to his shock, the world as he knew it has ended. His neighbors, friends and probably family are all dead, turned in to those things. All the events slowly started to weight on his mind slowly pressuring him.

He knew he wasn’t a hero of some story and couldn’t make a miracle happen, so he had to try his best to survive. All that he saw clicks in to place, he now knew what happened to the Kristovs, but he still didn’t know exactly why. From the scene on the street and the slenders words, they were plain and simple zombies, and not the slow kind. In other words, he was lucky. His neighbors were mostly old people in their 60 or above, so the zombies were slower and more frail than the ones made from younger people.

He still didn’t know what his weapon was, but he knew he needed it right now. From previous examples it won’t take long for the zombie to bring down the door, and when it does he has to make sure it doesn’t scratch him, or else. There was no electricity so he couldn’t use the power cable from the night stand lamp, the clothes hangers were plastic so no salvation, there was only one thing left.

He quickly took the thick winter clothes and went out on the terrace, closing the door behind him, and not a moment too soon as the door was smashed. The zombie took some damage so it now wobbles slowly, it will take it a few seconds to make it past the 4 meters and the terrace door itself.

Going out on the terrace and closing the door behind him, he quickly started to layer the thick clothes on himself, thick jackets, winter pants and so on, he even had a few ski mask due to last year’s vacation. He padded himself and waited.

Thud… Thud… Bang… Crack…

The zombie managed to ram through the door. He stood there, knees bent, one arm low the other high, preparing for a throw. Wrestling wasn’t something he learned, he did play some of the old MMA games, so the knowledge of the moves was there but no practice. He either made it right or he will become zombie chow.

As the zombie slowly made its way to him he acted. He moved his weight forward, his left arm between its legs, his right on its neck and with all his nerdy might he lifted and threw it over the terrace, five floors down to a splat. Thanks to the padding he didn’t get any scratches, and only lost his ski mask as the zombie managed to grab it before being thrown.

He looked down below to make sure it was dead. Unfortunately, the splat sound drew a group of zombies as they swarmed the corpse devouring it. While they were busy with a meal he slowly walked backwards trying his best not to attract their attention, soundlessly taking off the winter clothes, he tiptoed to his front door. Thankfully only two from the tree apartments on his floor were occupied. Straining his ears, the other people on the other floors weren’t screaming, they were either dead or didn’t know what’s happening.

Looking around he spotted his phone thankfully it was with the flashlight down, he didn’t know whether the zombies could see, better safe than sorry after all. Turning to his left he found the toolbox and took with him to his room, then he went to the kitchen around the corpse and located the knives in the drawer, he bent down and searched for the biggest pot lid he could find. Back at his room he took the broomstick from next to the fire place and started his crafting session. He wasn’t a student in electronic engineering for nothing. He usually assembled his circuit boards by hand and as a result was quite dexterous, and even ambidextrous.

He made a makeshift spear using the plastic shaft of the boom and his biggest knife, and used duct tape to make a better hold on the lid. He wasn’t superman by any means but like any youth he watched quite a bit of trivia on the net and one of those was about different weapons so he knew how to use the spear, in theory. He carefully searched his house until he found the flashlight and affixed it to a cap with more duct tape. He didn’t turn it on yet, he turned his phone off in order to save battery, he never knew when he would need it. Putting back on his thick clothes he was ready. As a scrapyard hoplite he marched forward!

First steps in zombie apocalypse survival training videos, don’t get infected. Second secure food and shelter, in other words secure an area. He didn’t know what was the situation on the lower floors but he had to check. How could he sleep knowing that his door was busted, and the damn rotheads were walking around? He walked out slowly making as less noise as possible. He was a veteran, he killed 2 zombies with a well-aged base after all. By his logic zombies were quite aggressive and dumb so they should have a problem with stairs. So he braved the stairs one floor down. There a middle aged couple lived on the left apartment, in the middle was an old lady and on the right was vacant, the old man that used to live there got a good job and moved to the capital. So no big danger here by his calculations he has 3 survivors at best or an old zombie and 2 survivors at worst.

As he finally made it down with finesse of a ballerina, his heart sunk. The door on his left was broken with the debris on the inside, the same like his door. Now even a worse scenario was in his head, 3 zombies, 1 old and 2 like the ones he saw on the street, fast and furious with an appetite for his flesh. But he didn’t have much of a choice. All of his food was raw and anything ready or half-ready was already eaten, he was going to buy some stuff after the match from the shop across the boulevard and now? He totally forgot about the apartment next his, so decided to brave downwards.

 He had to brave the whole apartment complex 5 floors down to the basement where his only food was, different pickled foods like fruits and vegies, he even had a few jars of homemade preserved pork. Good stuff. It would last for a few weeks at least if he ate only that. And it was only his share of the basement. There was a segment for every apartment so 15 in total. Nails, planks, axes, hammers, plywood, firewood and so on. It was a literal gold mine for the average apocalyptic survivalist. And it was below the first floor. At least the block had a nice door on the entrance that will hold longer, or at least he hopes.

And finally he found his courage and entered the left apartment No:10 (His is 15 btw, with 14 and 13 on his floor). With a somewhat steady and lowered posture he moves one step a time ready to plant the but of his spear and take the zombie charge head on, or turn around and run screaming like a little girl, whatever comes first. Soon the munching of something was heard, as he turned around the corner and took a look at end of the corridor a light from the room was casting a shadow, of something on its knees ripping pieces from somewhere and devouring them. From the door frame a hand was visible, it had a lock of long hair in its palm. The arm itself was shriveled and looked old.

If that was the old lady, who was munching? As he took a peak what greeted him was a gruesome sight, the room walls were painted with sprayed blood. At his feet was the old lady with a bashed in skull, from the looks of it, the head was smashed on the edge of the doorframe. Next to the overturned table in the middle of the room were two people. One was lying lifeless on the ground, with the shape of a woman, and the other was ripping pieces of her flesh and eating it one at a time. This clearly her husband, just by looking at his bandaged arm you can guess what happened.

The old lady zombie broke down the door, they both were in the kitchen as the zombie came in. He provably though she was just sick and tried to reason until she bit his arm. In the heat of the moment he smashed her head on the doorframe, until she laid dead, permanently dead on the ground. The wife bandaged his wounds with great care. The virus soon overtook him as he attacked his wife. Killing her on the spot and continuing to eat her until our hero showed up.

As he looked at the scene he felt sorry for them, but he knew that even if he apologized it won’t make a difference, they were both dead, only a shell controlled by a virus or whatever is left. So he decided to put their bodies to rest. He backed away for a bit lifted his spear and put the but on the wall behind him. Pushing in forward and slamming it on the wall to attract its attention.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

As the zombie stopped its feast and turned around he raised his shield (pot lid) awaiting to bash its hands. His spear was short only about 1.4 meters, even so it was enough to kill the zombie. As a frenzy overtook its mind, dashing madly towards him, the 3 meters between it and the sharp edge were passed in a heartbeat. He angled the spear as it pierced right in the zombie’s mouth. The spear lost its footing on the wall behind him and slid down. He used the shield to guard against the zombie’s hands, protecting his fleshy face. He walked backwards in to the corridor in order to kill the inertia as he tripped and fell down. Surprisingly he managed to cut its spinal cord paralyzing its movements from the neck down. The only thing left moving was its jaw still trying to bite him.

Shoving aside the meat pile, standing up he put his foot on its neck and pulled the spears blade back, thankfully it wasn’t stuck. He still remembered how the copses eaten by the zombies will become one of them. As such he went in to the kitchen and just in time to see her twitching, before he could react she madly crawled in his direction. Swinging the edge of his shield down he managed to stun her for a moment. Before he could swing again her hands came and grabbed the shields edges. She pulled it right off his arm.

The battle tactic he had depended on the shield, he guarded with it and stabbed at the neck with the spear. In enclosed space the spear was at a disadvantage when he couldn’t push back safely, and without a shield it was impossible. He held the spear with both hands while backing away. While she put threw the shield away, crouched and jumped at him, like  tiger. He managed to get to the corridor intersection giving him some space to raise the spear and block horizontally. However, he wasn’t strong enough as he fell down, holding her back with the shaft of the spear. Unfortunately, her hands were free as she clawed at his torso, ripping pieces off his jacket, getting closer to his chest, her rage made her like a wild beast preventing her from focusing on his face.

Tilting the spear violently to the side managed to knock her off, giving himself some breathing room. But he was too slow as she jumped at him again this time the spear broke, he tried to kick off but she was too heavy. He desperately tried to hit her with his left hand while holding her off her hands with his right, though his punch was weak and without much force behind it still managed to piss her off as she grabbed his left hand and bit on the forearm. Pain coursed through him as he screamed.


He knew he made a mistake by screaming but, now he didn’t care. His survival takes priority. He swung his right arm with all his might. Something unexpected happened. An unknown feeling at the back of his mind, like the presence of another limb. In his desperation he latched on to it and pulled mentally, right before his fist connected, it was covered in an orange light. As it hit it released a bright electric spark right at the zombie’s temple. He didn’t know what happened but he took advantage of it, pushing her aside he got up took part of the spear with the knife on it. Looking down at the convulsing corpse he lifted the blade up, grabbing with both of his hands and swinging down at the neck, again and again until the corpse stopped moving. Looking at his right arm the light flickered and died out.

Coming back to his senses he remembered the noise he made. Listening around he heard something trying to climb the stairs with great difficulty, falling over and over. While feeling impending doom he forced himself to slowly and quietly climb the stairs one after the other. When he got to his floor the sound of moaning and aggressive snarls came from just down below, soon the sound of munching graced his ears. He quietly got in to the closet of his apartment and took the key to the attic, quietly climbing the stairs one floor up to it. Putting it in the lock he turned it and an audible click was heard. Sweat dripped of his temple from worry, straining his ears but the zombie was still busy with his dinner appointment.

He slowly got in and locked the door from the inside, the zombie still didn’t react to the weak sound, he quickly found his old couch and sat on it. Unzipping his winter jacket, and taking off his hoody he took a look at his hand. He was greeted by a pleasant surprise. There was only a bruise, about the size of a bite. But gladly the thick jacket protected him from the actual bite and accompanying it infection. He lives to fear another day. Even if it was less than an hour, today’s events were mentally draining for him, not to mention he was hungry. All he could do now was rest, the orange light was a dead giveaway on what the weapon was, but he didn’t want to worry about anything today. As such he laid down, put his jacket over himself and closed his eyes. In a long time, tonight was the first where he fell asleep as his head hit the bed.

His dreams were restless, all the fights were repeating themselves over and over. He started feeling more familiar with them, more calm with the blood and gore. More confident in his movements. Soon morning came, he was awoken from the singing of the birds. Once he opened his eyes. Despair filled his heart, his nightmares weren’t just a dream. It was his reality. He groggily got up, who would want to wake up in a middle of the apocalypse? Looking around he didn’t see much. It was the same old furniture, some fire wood here and there, planks. Some twisted nails here and there on the floor and boxes with useless miscellaneous objects, like books, old pottery, empty boxes and so on.

 He walked to the door and listened carefully. He could hear no noise outside. He knew that the zombie that climbed up to the 4th floor is still there. And he just had the right idea to get rid of it. He picked a nail off the floor, turned the key on the door. No sound was attracted from the click. And slowly got back to the 5th floor as he looked down between the railings. Due to design there is about half a palm distance between the individual railings. As such if you drop something it might drop all the way down to the first floor. If his idea worked the zombies might break their legs in the hurry.

Slowly looking down, he aimed and dropped the nail. It managed to fall to the 3rd floor before it hit the railing and started to bounce off the stairs making quite the rucks. Soon the angry snarls were heard as they chased down and up the stairs after a phantom. He went back to the attic room locking the door, the click sound devoured by the zombie stampede on the staircase. He sat down and relaxed. The brain dead idiots were at least 3 floors down so he could relax.

Thinking to yesterday he thought about the feeling he got while fighting with the zombie. He felt around his mind but found nothing. He extended his right hand, nothing, wobbling it around, hitting it on the bed.  Nada. He had no idea how this thingy works.

Maybe I’m too forceful and need a gentler approach?”

He tried relaxing and tried calling out to it, with as little thought possible, just like taking out your phone or wallet out.


With a high pitched sound like an old camera flash it charged and suddenly buzzed in to light. It was appeared like a bracelet made with four parts. 2 semicircular plates were on the left and right side of the arm with an empty space, on top of the forearm, of about 2 fingers along the length, the third piece was a like the other two but directly on top. And finally above the right hand was a 5 cm in diameter ring. The pieces were made of a translucent crystal like substance, with an orange hue. He was baffled, of course it would be an Omni-Tool. He was thinking too hard about it when the slender told him about it. Thou this one looks a tad too simple.

The ones he remembered from the game were a lot more complex with multiple moving parts. This one’s simplicity was a lot more attractive to him than the overly complicated ones from the game. Small compact, but still flashy and out of this place. If his memory serves him right, the world became like a game with the most advance class being close to nowadays, a cyborg or something similar. After all mana can be used as a power source if memory serves him right.

Stretching his finger out and touching the top plate a 16:9 orange screen pops up.

Personal Stats
Omni-Tool Stats
Softoware Shop

After looking over the simple interface he taped on personal stats.

Omni-Tool Stats Menu:
Personal Stats
Name: Plamen Yonkov Titles :None
Health: 100% Stamina: 100%
Class: Explorer Profesion: None
 Strength: 0.672  Endurance: 0.701
 Resilience: 1.092  Agility: 0.807
 Dexterity:1.436  Intelligence:1.143
 Willpower: 0.724  Perception: 1.205


Fitness: Lvl1 (4/100)

Tool Operation: Lvl1 (1/100)


  Bruise (left forearm): Left arm dexrerity -3%

 The screen before him had different values he could basically guess what they do. They were the basics of all RPGs he played. He was a bit dissatisfied with his willpower, he bravely killed four zombies by himself after all. But he was more curious about his class. It was not from the last iteration of his favorite game, it was a class that he dint know anything about, maybe it was a basic one? As he tapped on the box, the class information popped out on top of the “Personal Stats” window.

Explorer (Unique):

The Explorer, tasked with going where no man has gone before, to finding new lands and new civilizations. He has to be able to handle the pressure of isolation and be able to survive in the harshest of condition. Armed with his trusty Omni-Tool, he is ready to brave the darkest corners of the cosmos… eventually!

Class specifics: Omni-Tool(Soulbound)- (Built in scanner, extractor, and microfabrication-courtesy of Dion-corp.)

Basic skill set: Fitness, Tool Operation

Professions: ???, ???, ???.

It was less than what he expected, still the Omni-Tool is Soulbound so no chance in losing it somewhere or getting it stolen. Curious about the skills given he clicked on both of them.

Fitness (1): Uncommon, Basic:

-You know how to wiggle those muscles as such you get a bonus to training and muscle memory.

- +1% in training speed and muscle memory retention.

Tool Operation (1): Common, Basic:

-You know how to use tools more effectively, you are more proficient with them and waste less energy using them.

-While using tools 1% bonus dexterity and speed, 0.5% less stamina used. Half the bonus for weapons, since they are a tool of war! (Mechanical weapons get the full bonus)

Unique: Stacks with Omni-tools upgrades.

They were quite basic as far as skills go, he doesn’t know how hard it is to get common or uncommon skills, so no point in wasting brainpower there. His only concern was the low percentage, the window said basic which mean there is an advanced version or something, and the number 1 is probably important so he should figure it out eventually. Closing the 3 info windows he tried to click on the ??? but nothing came up. Looking at the bruise debuff he found it quite in place. He would know in a numerical value, how much his wounds were inconveniencing him. 3% was just fine, he could still move his hand without a problem but it was somewhat uncomfortable when his skin stretched over the bruise. HE finally clicked on the Omni-Tool tab.

Menu: Personal Srats
Omni-Tool Stats:
Operating System: V 0.1 Core T1: 9% (1)(100)


Active Functions: (1/1)

Analyse: Select taarget

Storage: (None)

Extract: (Empty Que)

Fabricate: (Empty Que)

Browse Database : Storage 21%(1 Petabyte)

Upgrades: Menu

Active Functions:

Active Module Slot 1: Shock-(0): (0:0)(Discharges all of its energy trough the gauntlet in to an enemy, can and will disrupt an opponent nervous system. Upon discharge loses all power and enter saving mode. WARNING: Can overload nervous system outright killing the target, use with care.)

Non-Active Modules: Utility module.

The stats were a bit odd energy was at 9%, he didn’t know why, but reading at the shock tooltip at the bottom he quickly understood. The spark with which he zapped the zombie was the culprit. He got to bed at about 22:30pm and now was about 7 in the morning so about 1% per hour? He got clicked on the Core-T1 tab to confirm his speculation.



 It’s a basic evolving powered core. It functions both as a generator and battery, with the ability to use mana as an energy source. Can be improved upon.

 Generation:1 Capacity:100

 Omni-Tool (Special): Can supplement with secondary energy sources in order to increase stockpiled energy!

The info given was quite useful, keeping an eye out in the fututre for batteries would be a good idea. Clicking on the Operating system window and the Shock tabs opened nothing. The Storage showed none so no luck there, fabrication wanted a blueprint and extraction wanted a valid target. So finally he decided to click on the obvious one. When he clicked on the scanner, the screen became transparent with only an X at the top right visible. On the screen every item including the floor was highlighted. Looking around he spotted what’s left of his spear. Clicking on it a, two yellow lines started to pass over and over trough the spear, one was horizontal the other vertical. As the lines crossed on the screen was slowly being made a copy of the spear and on a window to the left lines of words were being written

Scanning: Unknown Object

-Unknown material detected

-Scanning host memory for relevant data. (Y/N)


-Initiating surface memory scan…

-Data retrieved.

-Elements detected- Iron, Carbon, Silicon….


-…scanning complete.

-Sorting unknown data for future study.

-Compiling blueprint- Steel Kitchen Knife

-Impossible to compile plastic pipe blueprint, unknown materials

-Resource extraction possible, extractible components: 4.7%


“Great, an electronic tool without a proper library. I guess I better scan my textbooks when I get the chance. There was a software shop if I’m not mistaken”

As he quietly muttered to himself he closed the window and entered the menu, there a new option was visible: Blueprints. Deciding to quickly check it first. It was a list with only one option, steel kitchen knife. Taping on it was a 3d rendering of the kitchen knife attached to the plastic pole. There were a few tabs bellow. Modify, Test (software required), Fabricate. He knew what fabricate was for and he couldn’t use “Test” so he opened modify. It was a simple 3d rendering program. There were no tool bars or anything. Deciding to prod it a bit, with a touch the holographic knife bend like mold clay.

By playing around with it for a bit he found out that it was easy to modify. He could even take out the 3d image out of the screen and use both hands. Is was easy as willing it. All he needed were the right finger movements. By poking or pulling he could change the depth, by crossing his middle finger over his index he could remove material, or doing the opposite and add instead. Usually his hands will shake from time to time before the apocalypse but now? They don’t move a millimeter. His first few remodeling attempts were crappy at best, until he became more proficient in manipulating the hologram, on the 17th try he was almost ready with his project.

 He made something akin to a steel spear. The blade was something like two triangles with their bases glued to each other. The one that was going to be the tip was almost 3 times longer than the bottom one. The spear blade itself was hollow in the middle making a rhombus like shape, to conserve materials. The shaft was about 2 meters long with a circle shape on the outside and a hollow shape on the inside, of a hexagon. All that based on his understanding of geometry. He didn’t know how many resources were needed for it but at least it looked cool. He was just about to start making a nice shield when and alarm sounded.


His stomach declared it presence, looking at the phone it was around 10:00am already, so he decided to get some work done before playing around. Saving his new schematic as “Steel Spear”. He closed the design page and opened the shop what greeted him were only a handful of options. And a blinking icon on the upper right. With a tap a message popped up.


Sender: A friend

Address: Unknown

 You needed some software for your tool but it went over the budget, so you have to pay some cash for it. You can only buy a few VI (Virtual Intelligence) Programs in order to compliment your abilities. There are a few libraries as well the first one is free of charge and includes the basic elements and knowledge from your world, it will guess the most common alloys and compounds.

I would get the growing VI if I were you, same gig as the growing weapons, I know it is expensive but trust me if you like the growing tool you are going to love it. You can buy the other VI as support later and add the Hive Cluster Program. Great stuff. Just don’t make another Geth uprising OK? Anyway have fun!

P.S-I finished your class framework already. Everything else depends on how you use it, you can get most stuff you wanted sooner or later but you know rules, the only extra I managed to get you is the library, those idiots at the forges forgot the most basic thing.


A feeling of gratitude rose in his chest, the slender came to him like an overpaid office worker, but who knew he was thinking that far ahead, he did finish the game in under 30 sec. so he got to have some ability. Closing the mail, he got a good view of the store

Software Store:

-VI: (b)(Analytic)- A basic VI preprogramed with analytic algorithms. It’s good at analyzing prespecified data and looking for common points.


-VI: (b)(Theoretic)- A basic VI preprogramed with a probability algorithm. Good at using relevant data to predict outcomes, theoretical alloys, items, abilities etc. Accuracy depends on available data.


-VI: (Engineering)- A basic VI with a testing algorithm. Can test various schematics using a simulated 3d environment. Recommended to use with an Analytic VI. Performance depends on supplied data. 


-VI: (b)(Combat)- A basic VI with various combat algorithm. Can be used on a drone platform, humanoid drone platform, can adapt to other platforms give time. Can learn skills one level below its complexity. Speed of learning depends on various factors: current 5% of a 1 all-round stat unit.

Price- 120s

-VI: (b)(Evolving)-An evolving VI with a basic adaptable software. Can learn through use. Performance depends on available data and personal experience. Can develop skills one level below its complexity.

Price 2g

-VI: (b)(Hive)- A central management VI. It allows other VI to connect with each other and share data. Improve effectiveness of interconnected VI. Example 2 interconnected basic combat VI performing the same task will have 10% skill learning ability. Inactive VI can share processing power with connected VI.

Price 10g

-Library (Earth)-Includes all knowledge from earth at a University Graduate Level. Does not include blueprints.

Price: Free

-Library (M)(Bestiary, Earth Pre)- Includes All information of the living creatures on Earth prior to the apocalypse.

Price: 230c

-Library (b)(Bestiary, Earth Post)- Includes information on the most common creatures found after the apocalypse, does not include mutations.

Price: 300s

-Library (b)(Plant Compendium, Earth Post)- Includes information about the most common plants found after the apocalypse, whether or not they are edible or poisonous mostly. Does not include alchemical recipes.


-Library (b)(Identification)- Includes the names off all objects, creatures spells and so on. Does not include specific information. Ex: You see something ugly and secretly scan it. With this library it will bring out only its name. Its abilities skills and items will be unknown.




Honestly he expected more from the store. The unknown pricing aside, the libraries we mostly crap, he still didn’t know what oddities the changing world has brought but he was sure that the first thing he wanted was the Evolving VI. It would be good to get the free library. It would give him knowledge about a lot of subjects, he could probably design a fire arm with it and make it from rusted nails and zombie copses but he decided via the fabricator but decided not to. If he got the Evolving VI and made it slowly learn all the info just from scanning it will probably increase its probability rete and learning speed. And he won’t have to waste money every single time he need info on something. Instead he could get a pretty accurate approximation of it. In order not to stumble in the dark getting the Identification library would help a lot. First though he needed money.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to view his balance. Did he have to carry them, or is it inventory based? He didn’t know how to answer those question nor where to look for an answer. There was one menu he hadn’t checked yet. It was the options menu. In it were various options, a clock, a currency counter, variations on the attribute system and even a bunch of widgets. He put a shortcut and a progress bar for the scanner and even found with a surface scan option, extractor and fabricate options. He turned on the clock with a date and currency counter. He even put a module list. Currently there were listed only the Shock and Utility, with Shock being highlighted.

The utility module was something along the lines of a swish army knife. It had various hardlight (Hard holograms like the Omni-tool plates) tools. Unfortunately, they were a bit brittle so no combat use at least yet. There was a fork, a steak knife, spoon, basically cutlery and an electronic lighter, screw drivers with different heads, wrenches of all sizes and so on. It was an engineering toolbox at the tip of your fingers. Though with the fabricator he didn’t know for what to use it for. Maybe he would find a use for it later.

Finishing with the exploration of his tool he decided to scavenge a little. Slowly coming down the stairs, everything was deceptively quiet. The zombies have probably congregated on the 3rd floor. On the top of his head he counted about 2-6 zombies per floor. Worst case scenario it was about 18 in total if he was lucky 6, but with an item like the Omni-tool he guessed it was mostly depleted for a while. As he got to the 5th floor he went in the middle apartment, the one where the Kristovs lived. He searched around till he found the kitchen and found some salami, bread and other small stuff. He made a quick sandwich with the help of chef Omni and on a full belly he decided it’s time for a bit of action.



A note from zecond

If you find any mistakes in the the chapter comment them bellow i might try to fix them sooner or later.

Ok this was chapter 2 and i hope you enjoyed it ill start writing the other one tommorow and make the a proper omni-tool frontpage with the  widgets and evrything.

And i realy need a better rating

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