The Mystic Emperor - Dropped.

The Mystic Emperor - Dropped.

by Exxonite

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


An existence, living an eternal life in misery and agony. Tormented by, even God's scariest nightmare, boredom. Trapped in a white, endless realm without being able to feel any emotion or sensation. Until a certain event which leads to it's freedom.

Watch as the existence finds itself in a new harsh and unforgiving fantasy world with only common information. Follow it and it's struggle for glory and power, the power to never be bind again, the power to choose it's own fate. As it finds friends and enemies, as it seeks to explore the world, to see everything there has to be seen, for adventure!

Will it find what it was searching for all this time or will it curse the day it got released from it's eternal prison?

Author’s note:

This will be a mature read. I do not plan to make it light and will probably contain  psychological questions pertaining to life and our existence as a whole. It may contain detailed illustrations of scenes that, according to some, may not be the most morally correct.

No plot armor or easy strolls in the park for the characters. Every little thought and action counts. The smallest mistakes can lead to disasters. No one is saved from the sweet embrace of the maiden Death.

Frequent and quality updates. The rate of upload depends on my free time. I will try to upload at least 10 000 words worth of quality content each week. If you find any mistakes, please do point them out in the comments. I am a normal human being afterall, one or two are bound to slip through my fingers.

For anyone who wants to materialistically support me and get involved in the novel, I have a patreon! Thank you in advance!

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Honestly I am pretty into this novel already, even tho it has only 9 chapters. It seems pretty damn interesting!


Personally I like it! I am a fan of details and the author does like using them a lot aswell. The mood is set with picturesque representation of the environment, with small details that highlight the important parts.

Such as the darkening of the forest when Tethus was about to die. I really liked that!



I cannot say that the story is completely original and a novelty, however, the way the author has protrayed it is not that common. The character is a complete mystery, who is he? Why is he? Such questions keep you going, you just want to find out the answer and I think that's a pretty strong technique to keep your viewers entertained and excited , through mystery!


Grammar: It's not perfect, however, it's pretty impressive if we take into thought the overall level of grammar on the site. There are some mistakes here and there, but they are minimalistic and do not hinder the reading experience. A quick skim through the text and you can fix them.!



(contains spoilers)

For now there are only a couple of characters. First of all, Tethus. He is a mystery for the reader. A man(?) who has no idea who he is, where he came from nor why he was imprisoned in the / white realm/ . He seems to have some knowledge from an unknown source, however, seeing how the author uses this for the character's advantage I am guess there will be an explanation on why he has such knowledge further on in the story. I feel like I could really relate to Tethus, a semi serious person who just needs a change in his life. Sometimes he is even self ironizing, which in my book is a plus, it does make him seem more alive and real. He thinks and acts in according to his information, with logical reasoning! Not just the power hungry, serious doll-like characters that go with the flow.

Next we have the hunter group. I love how, even in the minimum, each of them has his own back story to tell us and their own reasoning! Quite a refreshing change. In most novels most of the people the MC interacts with seem dead , without any motivation to move them forward, as if they do not have any purpose.


I really like the novel thus far and I do recommend that every one gives it a try! Warning though, you might get hooked in!


Hiya, I saw that this story was in need of a real review instead of a drive by so I took the reins lol, lets get started.

Style: Good, I thought that it fit with the type of story that the author is trying to portray quite well, though there are some instances where I feel that the incessant paragraphs do more harm, leading me to sometimes skim otherwise important areas just because all the paragraphs look the same (unless italicized to signify a thought, which was a good stylistic choice) 4/5

Story: The biggest strength, something unknown and freaky that leads you to want to know more about our strange hero. Tethus is... What exactly? Who knows! That's why it keeps ya going~ the only qualm I have really is that sometimes I wonder where he got his knowledge from but honestly I don't care lol, good story. 5/5

Grammar: As an editor myself it's hard to read things that don't have perfect grammar, though I try to be lenient as we all make mistakes when we hustle out our lovely brain children into words on a page don't we? Only problem is that a quick read through ties those problems right up... Either way, not too many mistakes, just here and there. The one that got me was an instance of using present tense, but probably just an accident~

I'm an editor gotta be harsh lol. 3.5/5

Character: Very interesting and quite mysterious! Similar to what I wrote in the "Story" section, Tethus keeps yer head spinnin, but in a good way! Even though the beginning is a bit confusing it picks up steam fast and proves to be a lovely character choice. 4/5

And that's ya good review my comrade~ 4.5/5

-GeneralPhone of DRAFT