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Chapter 9

The corpse of the old warrior rose, this time without a soul inside it, if I were to will Gilgamesh's soul to fuse back to its soul, I know that without a doubt he will either fight back or try to destroy this fine body at least for now. So there was no need for that, once the soul stood up, I imbued it with Dark magic. Changing the very nature of the corpse.

Turning what was holy to unholy, changing what was divine to cursed.

The golden armor changed radically and was now imbued with tattoos of black lightning, it grabbed its head and placed it under its left arm like a Dulahan. I threw the Divine Segment towards it, and it caught it.

Changing its very essence to another type of weapon.

It became a spear of lightning, however, unlike the golden and holy one that he used to wield, it was a spear of cursed black lighting.

Black aura began to radiate from this newly acquired corpse.

“We have nothing to do here,” I said towards Vendir. “We should probably head back, its time to start preparing for our next endeavor” I added

“Indeed, let's head back then,” said Vendir and all three of us disappeared and reappeared inside Solomon’s palace.

Everyone rushed to our side. Solomon and his wife were last to show up; she was now wearing eastern looking clothes which made her look more mature and gave her beauty a boost.

The others were still looking almost the same as I left them, wearing those armors, the only one to be wearing different items of clothing was Shara, she wore something of the same nature as Solomon’s wife, Jasmin.

“You have successfully defeated those invaders, and it didn’t even take you much time to achieve it. I feared for a moment that with the intervention of those four beings that things might become ugly but I was indeed surprised when I understood that they were here to give their blessing and not enact their wrath.” Said Solomon

“He is truly an interesting person, isn’t he, my dear,” said Jasmin as she was clinging to Solomon without even bothering with everyone else's presence, she must have felt lonely and with her body reanimated she must be feeling rather happy.

“Daiki, its good to see you again,” said Beelzebub

“It’s quite the opposite for me actually.” I replied “But you did well protect them. You have my thanks.” I said

“I see that you have a new addition to your ranks,” said Beelz while lifting his right brow.

He was looking at Gilgamesh's corps

“Ah, yes, he should be helpful,” I replied with a grin. “But tell me, what is up with that cockroach on your shoulder… he looks rather… strange”

“AH, this is Captain Timothy the third!” he said, and the cockroach rose up giving a salute.

I snickered at this disturbing scene and even humered the pest by giving back a salute, when can you ever see a cockroach doing this?

The thing looked delighted as it started darting all over Beelz.

“What is up with you two…” said Haruka, “It’s a god damn cockroach! How can you be so relaxed in its presence? I was seeing this thing for two years and never got to relax whenever it was close… it's disgusting.” She said while shuddering

“Huh? You should probably know that a cockroach is one of the cleanest insects in the world, normally when it makes contact with another human, it runs away and cleanses itself frightened that it might have been touched with filth.” Said Beelz

“Well, that doesn’t matter, just get that thing away from me,” she said with a look of disgust.

“Anyway, there is a banquet that is being prepared by my High priest, on your Honor Herald, you all must attend. Its been long since I last had any proper food, and you Herald must be famished.”

“Indeed, its been so long since I last ate anything. I would love to know how the food of a man that is capable of reviving the dead with his cooking would taste” I said

“Hey, Daiki its good to see you man,” said Haru

“Same, its good to see you all, really spending that much time with this guy makes a person cherish their old memories,” I said

“Humpf, without my aid you would have still suffered against those that you consider now but mere small fries.” Said Vendir

“I didn’t say that I don’t appreciate your teachings, but still you were all about fights carnage and murderer it gets a bit irritating really.”

Vendir looked a bit dejected but didn’t say a word.

“Lets rest for now,” said Vendir as we were guided to the inside of the palace where a huge table was in the middle, it was filled with dust, so it made the place somewhat unappealing.

“Hidi, would you mind clearing this for our guests?” asked Vindir to the female Djin.

“As you command my lord,” she said, and a gust of gentle wind swept through the place.

The dust was removed and was pushed outside the place, and everything turned brand new.

“Hmm, she would have a great future in cleaning companies,” said Beelzebub

It still is a wonder to me how much he knows about human culture.

We then sat around the table while no one seemed to be willing to speak.

It's slightly understandable, we all look like strangers to each other, some had different presences and auras that made talking with somewhat uncomfortable.

“King,” I said grabbing the attention of Solomon who was being playful with his wife. “I was told that you know the way towards the upper realms, how so?” I asked

“There is a river right outside my territory; you will be able to get aboard a ship that should take you to the heaven’s gate.” He said

“Would it require some form of payment to cross this river? And by the way is the river’s name probably river Styx?” said Misaka

“Hmm, how would you know that?” said the King a bit surprised “Indeed it is as you say.”

Misaka then sighed at the statement and spoke saying

“A lot of this world’s myths are heavily intertwined with our own, like the names of deities and characters in this world, most of them exist in old texts and holy books. River Styx was said to be the river that mortals cross when going to the afterlife…” she said

“You would know about that won’t you, I should have taken more interest in reading about those when I was back on earth,” I replied.

“Daiki, why do you want to go back to fighting after you just arrived, can’t you take a rest?” said Haruka

“I don’t have the time to rest really when I am resting those bastards might be plotting something. We need to act fast and swiftly to end this damnd situation.” I said then looked at the person I missed the most…

“Shara, tell me… why did you send me there?” I asked the archangel who was crossing her arms.

Her looks didn’t change much, but the look in her eyes remained the same. A proud and confident look

“It was for you to become stronger, and look at you. Able to stand proud even your very presence is now known to all those from the upper realm. As I said, I had a debt to settle with them, and I needed someone to do it.” She said

“So you admit to using me?” I said looking straight into her eyes; I really hate being used.

“It is as you said, I used you, but it was all for this moment, you still have the right to either fight or forfeit, I didn’t force your hand into fighting the divine you chose to do that on your own, if I didn’t send you to the circles of hell then you would have remained inside that inferno.” She added with more seriousness.

“That is all in the past, now we should look at where we are,” said Beel “We are now on the verge of upturning the events and rules that the Divine had made. Once you manage this task, you will be able to reign supreme over this world.”

“I don’t want to rule; I just want people to get the fuck away from me,” I said emphasizing my need for freedom.

Everyone wants me to do something for them. But it doesn't matter when all of this ends I will be the one to do what I wish. Perhaps then my wish to hold the reigns of my destiny will be handed to me.

“I noticed that your army is quite capable, but you should know that in the upper realm the divine will have more power than you hold, first they will be supplemented with divine energy and holy energy that is a poor match against your undead army and your minions from hell, unless you tip the balance and find a way against the effect of their domain you cannot win.” Said Solomon

“I know, interestingly enough I was met with such a case when fighting against that phoenix. The glory of the dark inferno was quite helpful in defeating such an influence.

“But that is one ability, many divines have many that would quench yours,” said Solomon

“I know, but with your power if I manage to link Hell to the Upper realm then I will be able to turn the balance, Hell is filled with unholy energy and can theoretically neutralise the effect of the divine domain, once that is established then the power of numbers will decide the outcome of that fight,” I said

“You seem to have thought everything over.” Said Solomon

“I had my doubts at first, but now I am certain I can do something against them.” I added “However here seems to be some powerful deity that might be problematic to deal with… especially Shiva.” I said

“The goddess of destruction… she is not someone that will be taken care of with just numbers you will need unsurmountable strength to defeat her…” said Solomon

“Yes, but that is a mountain I will cross once I reach, no need to worry about it now,” I said

“You are taking things rather lightly Daiki. You should prepare for war not just dive head first… but I think you will find a way” said Jasmin.

“Hmm… it seems that a lizard is trying to invade my domain…” said Solomon

“Just let him be, that is Nemu he must have sensed my return. He should be here in some time” I said

“Ah, I actually miss that guy,” said Haru. “I should probably outleveled him by now,” he said with a smirk

“Not really” I replied “Humans are bound by their nature and cannot cross the 999 level, unlike Nemu who is a dragon that limit does not exist,” I said

“Ah, that is probably why we couldn’t level up, whenever we defeated one of those serpents in here, it says Experience is deferred until we overcome our limit, I never understood what that limit was…” said Misaka

“Yes, unless you become something other than a Human you will always be stuck at level 999, that is unfair… I plan on changing that” I said

“So, Daiki you no longer are a human?” said Haruka.

“Not in the proper sense, I am something banished from death, humans are mortals… its rather peculiar that I was able to become this, and I think it is really hard for anyone to achieve. Nonetheless, I think that it is not worth it, levels increase your strength, but it is not the definitive factor of one’ power, just like what happened right now. Gilgamesh had more than a thousand level over me but was killed with a single slice through the neck” I said.

“No need to dwell on these things anymore, you just fought a great battle you should all be hungry right now, the food is ready.” Said, Solomon, as several plates with various and different assortments of food, floated and were placed on the table.

“Eat your fill,” said the priest that just showed up, he still looked like an undead the only difference that he was wearing more formal attire… how ironic it is that a priest is undead.

“I hope you didn’t use your hands to make these…” I said as I saw the guy’s hands that were the same as a skeleton’s.

“Don’t worry about the cleanliness of the food; I can use telekinesis to control object cutting ad assorting the food is not that difficult. Now eat” he said.

And we began eating, eating food made by an undead to serve the living.

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