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More of a silly chapter that sort of reveals Charlotte's nature a bit. I will most likely make another chapter that explains a bit more about her history.

Chaos POV


Inside of my mansion, we watch the scene unfold. Aisha will now fight against the Crimson Overlord Charlotte Lunar Bloodthorn. This vampire has lived for many centuries, fighting and killing many opponents. She has gained a lot of reputation and experience in so many fields. Politics, combat, ruling a kingdom, she has done so much within her lifespam. Then again, she is a vampire. An immortal monster that feast on the blood of their victims. Most victims. We were watching the scene unfold on my laptop that was placed on the table. "Why is she a threat? What is an overlord? And who is Charlotte?"


"Oh, you have a lot of questions? Thought you knew everything." I mocked, turning my head to the masked being. He lets out a scoff.


"Just because I know a good amount of information, does not mean I know everything." Turning my head away from the man, Trick answers him.


"Charlotte Lunar Bloodthorn is very famous for multiple things. She has killed her own family at the age of four, gathered enough fame and favor to make her own kingdom, sided with the dark side, led several Hell's Wrath and killed many, many strong figures of the light, and gained many titles during her campaigns. In the end though, she ended her regime and retired to become a Gate Guardian. She did have the opportunity to become a high official for the dark side, but she turned it down."


"Really? She's that important? How come she became a Gate Guardian? Is a Gate Guardian that special?"


"A Gate Guardian does nothing more than protect the links to the other dimension and judge beings who are worthy to enter these other realms. They do have influence and power in politics and military plans, but it will depend on the individual. A Gate Guardian has a huge responsibility to ensure safety to those who wish to travel the different dimensions, but other than that, they are bound to their area. They cannot do as they please." Hex added. 


Shadow looks at me, knowing that I have additional information that my little group does not know about. I couldn't help but sigh at how intelligent this man is. Sure, he can be guessing that Charlotte has a lot more worth than what is being told, but at the same time, I have a feeling that Shadow knows about all these hidden reputations and secrets. Then again, he was created by a notorious being that excel any normal logic. Not giving into Shadow's glances, Trick decides to explain what an overlord is. This part is extremely important.


"An overlord is a rank that has been created by the living world to distinguish renowned beings. Beings who have done exceptional deeds, lived for a long time, marked their name in history, and alter history in a tremendous way. They differ from heroes and geniuses. Few can obtain all three sorts of titles, but an overlord is usually a ruler of their own nation and/or heir of their own family." 


"An overlord? Interesting." Shadow rubs his chin as he casually asks, "Then dragons are overlords?"


"Some are. It depends on their heritage, history, and other factors." Hex answers, playing with her hair, "I can name a few dragons."


"Certain demihumans or nonhuman races have overlords as well."


"And Charlotte is a vampire. It makes sense that she is an overlord, given her immortality and her deeds, but I got a feeling that she's special in another way. Especially since she is a Crimson Overlord. Right?" Eyeing at me, I could only sigh a bit louder than before. Closing my eyes, and giving in, I stated this hidden piece of information.


"Yes. She is extremely special and important because of her bloodline." All of my girls gave me shocked looks. Rolling my eyes, I ignore their gazes, turning towards the masked man. "Charlotte Lunar Bloodthorn is the ONLY surviving member of her family who has the blood of old. The blood of the ancient. It is a hidden secret that only a select few know about. The details about how curses enter the living world is still unknown to most mortals. Valarie, being a smart gal she is, understood some of the underlining content and hidden secrets within the books she read. You see, the witch that gifted these ancient curses to the many races of the world was a former divine being. Exiled from our realm, she implanted her curses inside certain individuals. One of the families for the vampire, the Bloodthorns, had been granted with this ancient curse."


"...This is a big deal." Jinx, who was keeping a huge distance away from Shadow because he was a male, approached me. "You know-"


"Which is why I haven't spoke about it as much. Till now. It should be safe for me to disclose this sort of information... As long as none of you are taken away from me and Shadow keeps his mouth shut."


"You already know my position." Shadow laughs. He changes his tone, saying, "The reason why you kept it a secret is because of the other divine beings wanting to harness such curses to their own ends. These ancient curses can be used on other divine beings."


"Yes. Only a few of us knew about these things, and Charlotte must have been aware of the dangers as well. She murdered her entire family for a reason. I have no clue who reached out to her, but I know a divine being must have revealed how dangerous her bloodline was." My group always kept an eye on the races with the ancient curses, but I was utterly surprised at how Charlotte murdered her entire family just to lock it down. And I have a few guesses to why she killed her entire family. I would bother the Crimson Overlord for the details, but I knew better. I cannot mingle with the living world... for now. Looking at Shadow, he must have pieced out a few things on his own end. 


"Crimson Overlord... Explain why she is called that. Is it because of her... mess?"


"Obviously. But there is more to it than that." Knowing full well that even if we are under multiple protection spells, I will be quite vague about Charlotte's signature move. Even if the other divine beings can see her signature move from above, they cannot breakdown her techniques and digest how power. "Let's just say that it defies the norms of most vampires. It will make her look like a god."


"A god? I hope you mean it. Most of the divine beings here are rather... lame. Not you though, since I know better." Shadow walks away from the wall he was leaning on, patting Trick on the head. She doesn't mind, looking at the masked man. "Vampires of my world vary. It depends on the culture, the influence, and what they do exactly. Unlike most of the vampires here, they have different roles. Some vampires would guard the tombs of old, other vampires would be living in their own world, announcing their supremacy and pridefulness over all other races, while other vampires would play off of their monstrous instincts."


"Most of the vampires in this world lean on that second group of yours. Prideful, indeed."


"Your vampires are merged with society though. Yes, they can be feared, but they can be accepted." Oh? I wanted to ask him what he meant by that. I stopped myself, knowing not to ask too much. I mean, I do want to know a bit more about this man, but at the same time, he is not from this world.


He will disappear when he does die or help me accomplish my goal. There are only a few ways that he can actually die, yet he won't be leaving anytime soon. Or for a while. 


"You two aren't sharing something with us." Scarlet, despite her happy, hyper self, noticed our little secret we aren't telling them. Hex just shakes her head, saying, "They got their reason. You know better than to question our mistress."


"B-But I want to know too..." Scarlet whines.


"Aren't you spoiled." Shadow comment.


"In due time." I gave my usual response, hearing a groan escape the red hair's lips. 


"A typical response coming from our overlord." Jinx sighed. 


"Out of curiosity, can you show me images of her past? My gods can conjure up physical images of the past with a wave of their hands." Raising an eyebrow, I crossed my legs over one another, leaning against my couch.


"Oh? What do you want to see?" 


"I would want to see her fighting style... or if possible, a glimpse of her past when she killed her entire family." 


"I cannot show you the latter." I could explain why, but I feel like I shouldn't. Shadow could easily guess to why I wouldn't show it. Heck, denying it would give him an idea to why I would not show him such images. Recalling the vampire's past, I know that it will be a violation on her personal affairs (despite the fact that we are talking about her right now and disclosed very sensitive material already without her consent). My real reason to why I do not want to show Shadow is because of how tragic it was. Trying my best to not show it on my face, and shielding my mind in case this fiend invades my thoughts, I recalled the crying childlike face of Charlotte Bloodthorn. At such a young age, she uncovered the value of her bloodline, and what those idiotic adults were going to do. Out of mercy, she decided to take matters into her own hand and massacre everyone. Those adults were going to sell off their offsprings and blood to anyone. Even the divine beings. This is not a sacred rule, not forced onto the races with the ancient curses, but the witch who gave them these curses asked these beings NOT to give away their blood no matter what. It was fine to teach people about curses, tell them what to do, but she did not want their blood to become a catalyst. She did not want their blood to be used by greedy, foolish, corrupted divine beings of the future. No. Not just divine beings. She did not want the majority, divine beings or not, to misuse their gifts.


As of now, most families with the ancient blood have kept their mouth shut, laying low. The witch has ensured that no one will be able to recognize them unless the witch permitted certain beings to see them. When a being with ancient blood has died, their blood will turn. It will lose its ancient property. There are other factors that one have to consider, but I have been doing my job fairly well. Everything was fine... till the Bloodthorns' heirs betrayed such notions. Things would have went really bad if Charlotte was not around. Or if she was not aware of the impending situation. I would have been forced to take immediate action the moment the Bloodthorn did something really, really dumb.


Anyways, the image I can vividly recall from Charlotte's childhood is drenched in blood. Watching from this dimension, I saw her kill a lot of vampires, not just her entire family. Because of the social structure, several families were present at the Charlotte's ball. Everyone was gathered to celebrate's Charlotte's achievement of being so smart at such a young age. Spoiling their youngest child, the parents did not suspect a thing when their child minced them into pieces when everyone was gathered. Using a variety of high leveled spells, curses, and her ancient blood, she swiftly killed all of her family members first, making sure to slice them into tiny pieces. She cleanly killed those who were not a Bloodthorn, but she made sure to eliminate everyone.


Even the other children that were brought to her ball. 


She could not have any witnesses and let anyone know about the ancient blood. Even if they were her friends. It was a tragic thing. I wanted to help, but I could not. At that time, I was losing my position and power. Unable to stop myself, I frown at the exact memories. So sad. So very, very sad.


"She has a bloody history for a reason. I will not dive any further." Shadow acknowledges my denial. Goddamn it. My emotions always get the best of me. The bastard knows why I don't want to show it to him, but he seems to understand. I wonder if this guy has done fucked- No. He has. "How about an image of her fighting in the Hell's Wrath then? That shouldn't be a hinderance."


"I can do that." Manifesting a remote in my hand, I press the red power button. The giant television in the middle of the living room is turned on. Replaying a scene where Charlotte was facing against...


"Aren't those Creators?" Shadow stands behind me, leaning on the couch. The figures in front of the white hair vampire depicted armored holy knights wielding various weapons. The one knight in the middle have various Soul Eaters weapons floating around him, the one on the right has gauntlet weapons imbued with holy and dark magic, and the last knight has spears in his hand. Charlotte, herself, was standing before them in a slim crimson plated armor. Holding a scythe in her hand, she motions the three warriors to charge at her. Anything below Creator would have been unable to see the exact details of this fight. However, everyone who was watching the scene on the big screen can see it perfectly. Charlotte's scythe had a mind of its own. It swirls across the battlefield, stopping magical projectiles, energy slashes and the enemy. The blade of her scythe would also give quarter to her enemies, striking at their blindspots. If these knights weren't skilled enough, the attack would have hurt them. But they are skilled, using their energies to coat their bodies with a protective armor. Letting her weapon act on its own accord, Charlotte would unleash devastating spells that would zone in on her enemies. Magical shards would redirect themselves abrupt from their straight path to chase after her opponents. Utilizing their own magic, the armored warriors would counter with a spell of equal might. Using her empowered hands, she would stop the Creators from stabbing her. Both sides would unleash a burst of energy to either nullify the other's attack or use it to back away. Outnumbered three to one, one opponent would be taking his time to charge himself. The scythe, trying its best to attack the idle figure, was intercepted by one knight while the other focused on Charlotte. As the fight goes on, everyone (except Shadow and I) were impressed at the replay.


"So weapons can do that? That is an interesting feat- I might need to get one for myself sometime." Shadow, genuinely impressed, whistled, "They do have some in this realm?"


"Something like it. I can explain that at a later date."So your thoughts?"


"Impressive, but I know that Charlotte is toying with them. I would say she is using... forty percent of her power? I understand that these Creators have not activated their own deadly skills, so there's more to come."


"Yep." On cue, the screen reveals that the knight with his gauntlet weapons emitted flames. This differ from his energies, flinging fireballs of dark and light at Charlotte. The scythe return to its normal form to morph itself into two double-sided scythes. Taking one in each hand, Charlotte spins them in her hands, blocking the incoming projectiles. While the man continues to pressure her, the man with the floating weapon seems to be gathering his energy. The knight with two spears charged at Charlotte, stabbing his spears at her rotating scythe. 


"Why isn't the man stabbing at her? It seems like he is aiming at her scythes?" Scarlet scratches her head.


"Because the man can't harm her." Hex answers, "The man with the gauntlet can inflict serious harm to Charlotte with those holy flames. It can ignore the protective properties of Charlotte's armor, but her Soul Eater can easily cancel it out. If done right."


"By stopping her spinning motion, there could be a chance that a flame-" As Trick was going to point out the results of such actions, a shot flew through her scythes.The main impact rammed into her chest, but Charlotte lit up like a flamethrower. Still moving in her dire condition, Charlotte rushes past the three warriors. The camera on the screen follows the vampire to her next target. 


An army of invaders trying to enter a settlement. 


"Just to get this straight, Hell's Wrath and Crusades, rules do not apply? Anything goes?" I nod towards the masked man.


"Yep." At that moment, a lot of regular soldiers were lit on fire. Charlotte flies through the soldiers, standing at the center of the invading army. Slamming her scythes into the ground, spikes erupt from the ground impaling five thousand soldiers. Using a spell of some sort, the blood from these bodies float up into the air as it rains down on them. The blood droplets somehow put out the holy flames. Taking a closer look, Charlotte seems pissed. Some blood droplets remained on her body until it starts to morph into more armor pieces. Her entire head was covered in a helmet. The blood starts to make wings on her back. She seems to be crouching on the ground, losing her fighting stance. The three armored figures did not chase after her, but they are ready for her.


"Oh, letting her instincts take over?" Jinx jumped at the sudden change.


"Isn't that a bad move?" Scarlet asks.


"Not really." Hex stated.


"It depends on the individual. If Charlotte is alive in the present, she knows what she is doing. How is she able to do it, I have no clue-"


"Practice." Shadow answers, looking at me, "What did she have to do in the past?"


"A secret. Or more like you will have to bug her personally if you want to know." I didn't turn to the man, hearing him muttering some things.


Back to the television, Charlotte charges across the field. The moment she moved, the one knight with multiple weapons allowed hundred of thousands of weapons to rain from the sky. They kept on raining onto her position nonstop. The man with the gauntlets continue to punch out holy flames. Even if there was a huge distance between them, he was shooting close to her position. The man with the spears tossed them right at her. As if Charlotte's weapon influenced it, the weapon was going crazy. It was not a scythe anymore, disappearing from sight, yet the weapon violently deflects the incoming projectiles and flames. The spears, on the other hand, were moving along with the charging vampire. Because of all these attacks, Charlotte unleashed a roar that pushed or forced everything away from her. It dazed the warriors for a bit before they regain their composure. Conjuring several magical circles, she blasted high tier javelins at the knights. All three of them easily crush the javelins, resuming their attacks on the vampire. As Charlotte closes in on them, her scythe could no longer keep up with all of the attacks. A holy flame engulfs her, stopping her as several weapons stabbed into her along with the moving spears. They stab deeply into her, seeing the vampire struggle... for a bit. Using her own blood, she conjures up two javelins. Unlike the magical javelins, these are blood ones. Flinging them at the warriors, they shifted their attention onto the blood javelins. Taking down one of them, the other one homes in on the weaponless knight. Recalling one of his spears, he hacks the javelin and conjures up a shield. The moment he did that, the blood javelin explodes like a bomb. That knight, sadly died. Charlotte has stabbed her weapon into the warrior, her weapon slicing the heads of the other two.


"W-What happened?" Scarlet asks, once again.


"Interesting. I didn't know you can do that with blood magic. Or is it her powers?" Shadow praises the sly move.


"Charlotte has transferred herself from her previous spot to right next to them-" Hex started, but Jinx interrupts her.


"How did that work? If I recall, isn't that [Blood Teleportation]? She needs to have blood close to their spot-"


"It isn't [Blood Teleportation]," Trick corrected, "Those warriors had an [Anti-Teleport Field] on. Any forms of teleportations will not work."


"Then what was it?" Jinx folds her arm.


"...Chaos, you bitch." Oh? Turning towards the masked man, he figured it out. The girls were confused at his swearing. "You didn't tell me that Charlotte was THIS dangerous. I have to admit, why isn't she a divine being."


"Because she can't. I already stated why." I sighed, shaking my head. This man...


"H-Hey, hey! W-What's going on? Hello?" Jinx shouted. Guess I have to explain it to them. I have no clue why this is a thing, but vampires can be extremely deadly if they meet the right requirements.


"This isn't going to be easy to explain. This defies a lot of logic, but some divine beings have this sort of ability to keep themselves alive. Charlotte has an ability, or was it a perk, special racial perk, that can use her blood as a point to move and recreate herself." The girls had a hard time... accepting it.


"E-Excuse me? Recreate?" Jinx, Scarlet, and even Hex are baffled.


"Ahhhhh. So its like a backup or something." Trick pound her right hand on her open hand.


"Close enough." Really, Trick is the only one who can pick up on these things rather quickly. Shadow nods slowly, trying to help out as well, "Think of how divine beings can still be alive as long as a part of them is located somewhere. Even if you were to kill the main body, a part of their soul that might be across the universe, could easily reform that main body."


"Okay. I get it, but why does-"


"She's special." I keep on saying this. Charlotte really is special goddamn it.


With that being said, we watch Charlotte prepare herself for the next fight... fighting against more armored knights wielding more Soul Eaters. Shadow just shakes his head, "I've seen enough. Even if we watched this replay, she will not show her true powers. I want to see her display this hidden power she has, but I doubt it." Pausing the scene, I flicked it back to the scene with Aisha and Charlotte.


"So... want to bet? How long will Aisha last in her fight?" I asked my audience.


"Three minutes."








"I say twenty as well." Shadow sided with Trick. Scarlet, Jinx, and Hex gave Shadow another bewildered look. I also agreed with that number. "Same here."


"H-Hey... W-What gives?" Jinx seems a bit dejected at the two of us taking Trick's estimation. Hex glares at the two of us, "Are you two... cheating?"


"Noooooo..." I look away from them. It's not I know that it will last that long.


"Can't blame us. It's like a passive mechanism in us." Shadow shrugs.


"T-Then it's not fun." Scarlet whispers.


"Well if you want to make it fun for you lot, you think Aisha is going to get raped?"


""""What?"""" All of us said that at the same time. Shadow gives a blank stare at me.


"You can't predict that now. Either way, you perverts wouldn't mind seeing it. Look at how Charlotte is lusting for a playmate." Most of us gaze at the screen, hearing the incoming banter.


"W-What do you plan on b-"


"How about having fun with...." Shadow transforms into a woman I haven't seen before. I mean, I have seen a lot of girls, but this one drew a blank for me. It must be someone from his world because... goddamn, there are a lot of details to this person. She has a really nice- Coughing loudly, I avert my attention. Play it cool me.


"Y-You offering yourself. You sick man!"


"Oh come now," his voice changed as well, "I know that you haven't done it with another powerful being for a long time. And I am giving consent, you know. Especially to dominate me, the bastard that came out of nowhere and-"


"YES, YES, I GET IT! So what are you betting on?!"


"I think Aisha will not get raped by Charlotte." Stating his side, Trick also says, "I agree to this."


"The bet with Shadow and I does not exceed to you lot as well." I stated, "But I will take you up on this offer. I bet Aisha will get raped. What will you want in return then?"


"Oh, just an I owe you." That sounds... fishy. "Nothing bad, but something I might need your help with later." My eyes narrow on him... eh, her. Time for the questioning.


"Does it involve dominating me?"




"Fucking me in a very bad way."




"Does it jeopradize my plans?"




"Does it involve mingling with other divine beings?"




"Does it involve-"


"It's a serious matter, but I won't say. Not until it happens."


"Hmmmm okay then." Giving in, I finally shake his hand. I am not going to lose anything with this bet... I hope. As we shake on it, it seems like my girls also made a bet of their own with each other.


"What did you four bet on?"


"Secrets." Trick gives a dead smile, giving Shadow a thumbs up.


"Secrets?" I echoed. "Like what?"


"Eh..." The girls avert their gaze away from me, whistling cluelessly.


"Right." I bet they just wagered their hidden porn stash or something else. Trick was always the resourceful one to get dirt on the others, so she can have her way- Wait did Shadow and her just wink at each other?! Did Trick turn on me?! NO! NOT MY PRECIOUS GIRL!


"Hey... it's not like that. Calm your tits." Shadow says, still in this female form. "Let's enjoy the show."


"I guess. I'll win though. And you're going to be begging."




I do hope I win. I really wouldn't mind sticking a *)*@)*#&@@ up the )&@)#**#)@**#@ and )@&#)@*#*)*#*#*@&amp%#$#@@[email protected]*#*)*@#&$$#*@*(^*$#@#*#@#*-


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