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A note from MorphsuitAmerica

Unlike my old version of Dark Inheritor, YOU (the reader) will have a key role in how Aisha's army is made. There will be other moments where you can choose which perks she can obtain and how she will transform into a deadly warrior, queen, and even a ruler. I will explain a bit further in the post-chapter section, so MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS CHAPTER BEFORE YOU CHOOSE!!! 

Louise POV


The sheer fact Emperor Titus' former allies are still mad at their emperor's death is commendable, yet I wish they had more reasons behind this aggression. The fault lies with Valarie, for she killed their emperor and destroyed his allies and factions. My mom and dad were just there. Even with my own knowledge about these tidings, I have so many questions, yet there is no one to answer them. Upon hearing the criminal act that Emperor Titus has done, angering Valarie, I am deeply troubled about my parent's wellbeing. Once I completed my negotiations with Ixeha, I wanted to head back to Erith. Moving with due haste, I was suppose to reach my town a few days ago.


I was stopped by General Mortis. He was one of the renowned general who lead several elite field armies for Emperor Titus. Without his emperor, General Mortis wants blood. Apparently, he followed me from my trip from Ixeha and stopped me at the outskirts of Zezrious. Knowing the route I was taking, he ambushed me and fortified artillery pieces to wither down my forces. At the time, he had five field armies containing fifty thousand soldiers while I have twice the amount of troopers. I lost a good chuck of soldiers on the first day of our engagement. I tried to reason with the general, but he ignored it, wanting my head. I had the advantage even though he set up an ambush for me. It would have taken at least twelve hours to resolve our battle.


On the same day, those Ironclawz Orcs appeared. Their reputation and their bloodlust are well known. I was hoping that they would have distracted General Mortis' armies while I slip by them. Those orcs, being a bit dumb when it comes to being strategic, placed themselves in the middle of our two armies. They forced our attention onto them because they are a threat. And what's worse, they send more warriors out here to just participate in our battle. With them in the mix, I was going nowhere. Forcing a retreat, I would have lost a lot of good soldiers, and I did not want that.


And here I am, wishing that I made that retreat. 


Out of nowhere, on the second day of all this fighting, a demon army appears out of nowhere. Demon armies can either be controlled by high ranking officials or the demonic army is a wild one. I thought it was a wild army, at first, knowing that a high ranking official should not have any issue with me, but after a glance at their units, they are controlled. I cursed at how evil beings can do whatever the heck they want sometimes. With them in the mix, they sealed my fate and have me trapped against the side of a mountain.


And now this is the third day of fighting. 


My armies have enough rations to feed themselves from these drawn out battles for a week. The supplies, potions, arrows, weapons, armor, are still here, protected by some of my best soldiers. We  have enough horses to rush from the rear to the frontlines as many tents are scattered a few good miles from the actual battlefield. I am slowly losing the many field armies that were under my command due to these three armies. Even with my numbers, I am surrounded by various armies of different races. They are slowly cutting my hundred thousand army into bits. Now, I think I have at least sixty thousand or less. Fatigue is the huge downside of these prolonged battles. The good point of having multiple field armies is the ability to swap my troops around, letting one group rest while the other one takes over. Though this is a sound tactic, they are not fully rested.


And being surrounded with several armies bent on killing everyone slowly drains the morale. My troops are getting tired though, yet they still fight on because we have to. As I observe the battlefield, I scowled at the sight of a soldier falling onto the ground.


I am on my horse, further back from all the fighting to observe the battlefield. Right now, I have three field armies holding the line while my other three are resting up. Looking past my line, I can see that these three armies are fairly bunched up, but it is an all out brawl. The Ironclawz Orcs are right in the middle, fighting everyone. The demons are on the right fighting against the orcs and my army. They do send a couple corps of imps and demons to flank General Mortis. Speaking of the former Imperial knights, they are on the left side, pinned by some demons from behind, but mostly fighting against my troopers and the orcs.    


I am glad that the orcs and demons destroyed most of General Mortis' artillery pieces. If they were still around on the battlefiled, especially the catapults, they would kill a lot of soldiers, and, most likely, made the mountain wall beside us fall on top of us. We're pinned against this mountain side along with these three armies.


There is no way out of this sticky situation.


I heard that my brother, Caesar, is around the area although I think he has his own problems. I sent a few scouts out, hoping that they can find some sort of aid within the vicinity. Preferably, a sister or brother of mine. Without any news from my scouts, I have no reinforcements. Even if my scouts did find someone, they cannot tell me. The scout will most likely die before they can get to me. There was no way past the tightly packed armies around us. Caesar would have been great to have. Not only is he a capable warrior, his field armies have a lot more power. They have more discipline than my soldiers, and his special soldiers are quite fearsome. With him, we could push back two of these armies. Even the orcs. 


But I'm alone.


It will come down to my own abilities and some luck to get out of this one. Eyeing the field, I am glad that my lines at the left and right are not breaking. They hold the demons and human soldiers at bay. Both sides have line of shields packed tightly together.


I am known as the "Shield Princess" with the "Turtle Army."


Everyone of my soldiers know how to use the shield. Doesn't matter, big, small, a tower shield, a shield will be your best friend if you serve under me. I made sure everyone of my troopers know how to parry, deflect, and carry another shield as a back up because a best defense is a good offense. I have my officiers drill these troops into various formations for any situation. They know how to fight in and out of a formation, forcing enemies to fear the shield. I can only grin at the issues General Mortis have against my trained troops. Being forced against the wall has its perks. General Mortis, remembering most of his tactics, relies heavily on cavalry. The fact that he cannot flank my army gives me an edge. He killed a good chuck of my soldiers when it was just our two armies, but now, he cannot kill my soldiers so easily. He is, however, using his flanking cavalries on the demon army. The Ironclawz can crush his cavalry with no problem.


To deal with my army, you need a lot of force though. General Mortis, composed of infantries, archers, some mages, and a lot of cavalry, cannot get through my lines. My armies are in a tight formation, shields glued to one another, forming a human size wall. Now, the best response to this action is to pelt them with arrows and magic, but I have my mages on standby. They cast a shield over my soldiers when needed. If they can snipe the enemy mage, or harrass the enemy, they will do so. The arrows could hit a few soldiers, but I have specific soldiers with shields alone protecting the heads of the frontline. I did incorporate some of the testudo formation into my army, maximizing the amount of protection a shield can provide. General Mortis could order his cavalry to charge into my ranks, but it would costly. The cavalry forces will lose their momentum and their horses. Without either of these two, they will become regular foot soldiers. When my soldiers are in wall formation, they have this little hole for their spear to slide between the tightly packed shield wall. With this, my soldiers can stay protected and fight back. Yes, you could cut the wooden part of the spear, but these spears have a tough wooden body as we have many spears to spare.


Even if the enemy does not do anything, my own archers can give a volley behind such protection. Heck, some of my crossbowmen have shields strapped to their backs so they can have some protection as they reload. Since a good majority of my army use their shields, a good thirty or forty percent of my armies have some sort of range projectile or magic. The Imperial knights are not in a good position against my soldiers. They clash their infantry against the shield wall. With several lines behind the first line of my soldiers, the enemies are only greeted with spears piercing their heads or upper body. 


The right side mirrors the left, having shield walls in their ranks, but they provide cover for the Offenders.


The Offenders are my offensive shield warriors. They are covered in full plate armor to fully protect their body as they bring the fight to their opponent. Their shield can vary depending on their preferance, but the shield has a sharp edge around it to cut and slice. If one wanted to, they can have many spikes sticking from the surface of the shield or side to make it a deadly weapon. Most of these Offenders have short sword, an axe, or mace. These specific warriors are leading the offensive to cut down the many imps and demons trying to swarm my shield wall.


The demonic army has a lot of numbers and small beings. If you're not too careful, they can climb up on one another and flood above a line of soldiers and engulf them in an instant. I know that my soldiers can hold the line, but I really do not want them to be swarmed like that. Hence the presence of my Offenders. The imps, being really weak and not really great for piercing through armored units, had a hard time stopping or killing my Offenders. In a way, they act as decoys so the imps do not swarm the shield wall as they slowly support the Offenders. Human sized demons do clash against my Offenders, but they can easily deal with them. I can see a few of my special units backing my Offenders though.


My shield sisters.


Their only weapons are the two shields they have on their arms. Designed with sharp blades at the edge of the shield, my special warriors cut through hordes of imps and demons with no issue. Most of my shield sisters are rank ten through thirteen. My shield sisters do not wear a helmet, having the ability to see on the battlefield and shiftly deploy themselves where they need to be. I know it isn't safe to not have a helmet on the battlefield, but I want my comrades to be quick on their feet. Unlike most of the warriors, my shield sisters get personally training from me. I make sure they are agile, adaptable, and aggressive. They are also my trusted officiers. I have given them free will to execute certain actions on their own accord. For example, hunt down the mage or lead a charge.


General Mortis has not used his mages on us, focusing more on the orcs and the demonic horde. Or he is keeping them out of harm's way. I do have a couple of my mages shield us from the incoming magical projectiles from the demons. In my opinion, the demons are not a huge threat although you cannot ignore them. They do not have anything too outstanding, most of their soldiers being around rank three to ten. The better ranking demons are at the back, waiting to charge in at the right moment whereas their minotaur size demons are a small threat. These demons are rank twelve, and they can crush through my shield wall. When they tear through the shield wall, they took down a couple of my soldiers. They will continue their onslaught if you let them. I can see two of these giant demons fall as my shield sisters got ontop of them and stab their shields into their heads. . 


These two armies are fine. My field army defending the middle area is a different story. I needed two field armies at that location at all times. The orcs are too much for us and for our other opponents. 


The first day they engaged us, there was five hundred orcs. Now I think there are only two hundred, yet they are fending off a hundred thousand soldiers from our armies like it's nothing. I think most of their warriors got bored of the fighting and went back home.


They know no rest. 


From this distance, I can see them. Looking at them, I feel disgusted at their overall appearance on the battlefield. They have their black armor drenched in the blood of their enemies as they still hack and slash through their opponents. Bodies are piling around them as they swing their weapons left and right. Their armor is too sturdy. It protects them so well, the orcs are calm and lazy in their movements. As they fight on the battlefield, most of the orcs are not taking any of their fights seriously. For a brief second, I saw a soldier slamming his sword against an orc's back. There was a four second delay until the orc cuts the soldier's head off. I would say that these orcs rely heavily on their armor, making them a sorry excuse of a warrior.


Despite this example, the orcs are being lazy because this is a battlefield with a bunch of low ranking soldiers.


This changes the moment they find somene worthy. I watched one of my shield sisters engage the armored orc. It was a good fight, but my shield sister was at a disadvantage. Her shields could not pierce through the heavy armor. The orc, on the other hand, can advance on my shield sister with no worries. In ten minutes, the orc slayed my shield sister. Watching one of my elite soldiers fall, I ordered all of my shield sisters and Offenders to keep their distance and avoid contact with the orcs. Because of that one engagement, the orcs know that my shield sisters are worthy opponents. If they see them on the field, they will fight them and kill them.


They are the reason why my middle line is a mess. My soldiers are doing their best to keep the shield wall going, but these orcs are too strong. They can tackle through the many lines. A swing of their arms, bodies will fly. Coming from one orc, the other orcs mimick this charge. My lines are shattered. Push them back? Useless, my men and women cannot pierce through their tough armor. The spears are not strong enough, snapping as they try to push these armored giants. They merely swipe their axe, sending soldiers through the air or onto the ground. Arrows do not faze them, magic does not slow them or bother them. 


What can I do with them?


Pray that my other enemies can deal with them.    


I know I cannot do much against these orcs. Even if as a rank thirteen warrior, these orcs will not die to my own shields. I can withstand their attacks, hold my grounds, but other than that, it will just be a timed battle. I will surely lose, prolonging my death. Actually, the battle is just that. The winning side will most likely be the Ironclawz orc just because of their goddamn armor. Those orcs have not lost a good chuck of soldiers. They are the reason to my impending defeat. 


If I had a few demigods or some god rank beings, we could have won, but then again, it wouldn't matter. These orcs can handle themselves against a higher opponent. They are renowned for facing against the impossible and charging into battle. 


A group of Imperial riders came from behind and killed a couple of the orcs with their lances. Noticing the design and their heavy plate armor, these knights are a special unit under General Mortis' command. They quickly retreated before the orcs swarm them. If I remember correctly, the riders are the Lanze. Seeing some of these invincible orcs die from a cavalry charge is a bit assuring though. Yet there a fair amount of orc warriors on the field still.


A sudden explosion on the right side has caught my attention. My eyes dart towards that area, noticing the higher level demons coming onto the battlefield. I frown at their appearance. Even though the demon army is the least of my worries, their strongest warriors are now moving towards the front. They diverted most of their weak soldiers at the other two armies. There is an entire corp of demonic soldiers that are rank between twelve and thirteen. One of their mages set my advancing Offenders on fire. My shield sister recalled all of the Offenders behind the safety of the shield wall. 


Several deformed looking demons are at the front as armored demons form up behind them. T demons with wings take to the sky, slowly flying above our lines. They cast magical shields around them or evade the incoming projectiles from my troops. Marching towards my line, I know that this was not a good sign. Hearing another explosion, I shifted my focus on the left side of the battlefield.


Didn't know General Mortis had a field army of Panzer Elites.


These soldiers are like my Offenders, but they have weapons designed to crush and tear through shieds. Hammers, maces, axes, they charge right into my shield wall. Not only are they heavily equipped, they have a lot more power in their bodies. They are rank ten to thirteen warriors. Clashing against my rank five to eight warriors, they break through my defensive formation. Watching the solid lines crumble, I rush through the tents, exclaiming at the top of my lungs, "Get up! All armies take to the battlefield! We are losing our lines and the enemies are pushing us back! Fight! Stand with your brothers and sisters!"


Hearing my words, the soldiers rush out of their tents as they form up in front of several of my shield sisters. This might be the last day. I did not wait for my armies to organize themselves before they assist the frontlines. Riding out with most of my shield sisters, we head towards the right. General Mortis was able to smash through my defense, but he was not pushing them back. The army on the left can handle them on even grounds. The new elite demon corp is a different story. Before I reach my soldiers, the elite army charged into my lines, throwing my soldiers all around the place. Minotaur like demons have taken the field as they wreck and plow through my common foot soldiers. They have armor on their body, making them harder to kill. Their armored foot demons rush through the broken ranks, slaughtering the fallen soldiers before they got back up. Winged demons from above swoop down to stab someone or shoot magic from above. And lastly, armored demonic knights ripped through the weakened shield wall. Their lances shot right through the shields and into the bodies of men and women alike. 


"Soldiers, charge!" I ordered. With my sudden appearance, my soldiers rally under me. Abandoning their defensive tactics, they charge at the demons. A good amount of soldiers formed a line, shield and spears raised, and charged into the masses. They impaled a lot of armored demons before they broke off and draw their swords. On my horse still, I beheaded a few demon knights as I jump off my horse and land ontop of a big demon. The creature tries to grab me, but I slither past his hands. With my shields strapped tightly around my arms, I slam one of them into the back of his exposed neck. The creature lets out a painful roar, going on a rampage. Forcing my shield deeper into his neck, I finally end his life as he slams onto the ground. Two armored demons gang up on me once I was in view. I raise both of my arms and held their strikes against my shield. I immediately rush one of them, slamming my shield into his gut as I rammed my other arm against the incoming sword from the other demon. Deflecting it with such force, the demon was utterly defenseless as I swiftly ram my shield into his chin. 


An arrow was flying right at me, so I used the dead body as a shield. Before I could take down the demonic archer, one of my shield sisters landed on him, ending his life. It was good to have reliable comrades. A lot of the demon soldiers pointed at me, knowing that I am their commander. Five shield sisters back me up as they covered my blindspots. I hastily dispatch my own enemies with ease, ending them with a quick dance or two. Distracted by my presence and my elites, the demons did not notice my incoming reinforcements. A wave of fresh troopers force these elite soldiers back, slaughtering a good amount of the high ranking demons. This was good.




A few of the Ironclawz Orcs branched off towards this sudden outbreak of demons and humans. They cut down anyone who got in their way as they approach me. They point at me, letting out their warcry. This isn't good.


Not good at all.



Caesar POV


Covered in blood, I glance at my troops around me. They have fought bravely, forcing our enemies back. But I can see more soldiers getting ready to charge in from the distance. As a commander, it is my duty to fight alongside these brave souls who gave their life for me. Blocking a sword aimed at my chest, I slam my short side into the enemy's side. I slapped him with my big shield, making him fall.


I know my sister, Louise, is in the area. I have talked to her scout, telling me of her struggle. The first time the scout came to me was to inform me of individuals who still had some ties to Emperor Titus. That they still fought under his name and faction despite the emperor's death. I commend their loyalty and trust, but I frown upon their actions. I ordered the scout to tell me about my sister's battle. Leaving to do so, he came back with urgent news. The appearance of the Ironclawz was a threat that my sister could not handle alone. Knowing full well that her army barely have the right warriors to deal with them, I tried to join up with her, but I was ambushed.


Two other generals with the former Imperial faction came out of the blue and surrounded us. 


With quick thinking, I rallied the soldiers to fight and fend off these two armies. They wanted to finish us off quickly to regroup with the army that was fighting against Louise. I did not give them that satisfaction though. Upon our first engagement, they lost a lot of soldiers. They clearly underestimated my army. Not pushing their luck once they surrounded me, they decided to withdraw and secure the perimeter around my army. I would have taken the opportunity to actually rush through one of their chokepoints, but they would want that. It will be in their favor if I charge at them. 


If I do charge at a chokepoint, their armies can flank us and surround us again. I would prefer the enemies to come at me, to waste their energy to do battle with us. Not the other way around. My sister, being smart and a warrior of her own caliber, can handle the demons and the former Imperial knights, but those orcs are a different story. She will need most of my soldiers to win against those foul creatures. 


Especially my elites. 


Half of my army is composed of regular soldiers, but the other half have my elite soldiers. A third of my elites are wyvern riders, the Alduins. The wyverns are armored in steel plating, covering most of their heads and bodies. If I wanted to, I could have the armor protect most of their bodies although that would weigh them down and create some issues. The wyvern's skin is tough to withstand some slashes from an iron blade or steel, but their skin is not the same like a dragon. Also, the wyvern's skin can vary depending on their kind. These wyverns are not use to close combat. They can, but their strength lies in their fiery breath. These wyverns can change the tide of battle very easily if the enemy does not have any ballistas, skilled archers, or mage. Facing against other wyvern riders will vary because of their kind or if they are fire resistant. The riders ontop of these wyverns are covered in mithril armor from head to toe. It has a dark blue tone to it as the riders wield various weapons. Most would have a shield and a very long lance in their hands as others would have crossbows or other range weapons.  


Nonetheless, the Alduins are too valuable to lose. I know that the two armies around us have countermeasures for my wyvern riders. If things turn foul, I will have them fly towards Louise. 


Other than my flying units, my ground units are deadly. The Legion. They remind me of Louise's Offenders, but they are not covered in plate armor. They wear chainmail underneath their armor. Unlike the full plate armor, these soldiers only have vital armor protecting key points of their body. Wanting these soldiers to be quick and capable of fighting for long period of times, these soldiers are my pride and joy. They can use various formations and can shiftly handle any situation. They have more than just a shield. They have a couple javelins, a short spear, if needed, and a dagger if they lose their sword. Their main weapons are a scutum and a gladius. They have discipline in them as I, too, wear the same armor and use the very same weapons. The only difference is the lack of a helmet. Yes, not safe, but I tend to have quick reflexes on the battlefield.


As a demigod, it would be hard for archers or mages to blast my head so easily. Looking at the enemy armies on the top of the hills around us, I know too well that they have several demigods of their own. This is another main reason to why I am weary of our engagements. A demigod has a huge influence on the battlefield directly and indirectly. The [Demigod's Realm] can hinder the soldier's movements, playing in one's favor, however, if there are opposing demigods in the area, they can even the field with their own realm. I have no clue how many demigods are on the enemy's side. The biggest issue is that I am the only one who can handle these terrifying opponents. I am the only demigod in my own army. I have several potential warriors who are close to getting to demigod rank, but they still need experience to level. 


Meaning that this will be a rough fight. I may die in this fight just because of their numbers. 


My soldiers know that I am a bit daunted at this fact. I ignore my own worries though and help them out on the battlefield. This is why I am on the field covered in blood as bodies are splayed around the place. They have not moved their demigods into view, but they will soon enough. They grow tired of these useless skirmishes. They have sent a good thousand of troopers to their death in hopes of tiring my soldiers. It would work if they keep the pressure on us. Noting the terrain, they also have the high grounds. They can pelt us with arrows and magic, but I have a fair amount of mages that can cast a large shield over my armies. I would charge at them, but since they are on the high ground, my soldiers will struggle in their march to meet them. 


So I wait, yet I mock their generals for wasting good lives.


"Are you spineless former generals of Emperor Titus!?" My voice echoes through the air, "It is a shame that good men and women are dying at your foolishness! Have you no shame? I am a prince- the Emperor Prince- waiting for your steeled determination. I fight with my own warriors to attain glory and honor, yet you do not stand with your troopers. Have you no shame!?" My soldiers jeer and scream at my enemies, taunting them. "I pity the lives of the fallen, for they could have lived to see another day! I pray that you will come at me soon, or we can keep this up for a month. Am I right?!" My legion cheer in unison, clashing their weapons against each other as it rings through the air, "Come! Or shall we have another slaughter?! Fight me!" 


At the top of a hill, I can see a lone figure surrounded by several high ranking warriors. In a flash, I see an arrow coming at me with lightning speed. I could have stepped to the side, but I held out my hand and caught the arrow. My soldiers, stunned at this cowardly tactic, roared in earnest. The arrow was coated in the person's chi, hoping to kill me with one shot. Chuckling at this, I crush the arrow and exclaim once more, "Come! You just tried to snipe me, but you fail to even meet me face-to-face! Come, meet the prince on the battlefield!" 


The armies around us start to move. The generals must have given the order to kill me. They most have lost their nerves or they wanted to end this. It has been three days. Also, my speech can create doubt in their ranks and lower their morale. It is not a skill, but it does wonders.


"Brothers and sisters, to arms!" I roar as I held my weapon high in the air. Everyone of my soldiers gather their equipment and did the same action. 


It is time to fight this raging horde. 


With a good hundred legion soldiers at my side, they quickly form up behind me. More soldiers fill up the ranks as archers and mages unleash volleys at the approaching enemy. Knowing too well that my cavalry cannot do as much, I have them fight on foot. The wyvern riders, on the other hand, will stay mounted. Even though I do not want to use them for offensive purposes, I can use them for my defense. If they are coming to us, they will not be able to handle my riders as effectively. Having their siege equipment in position already gave them a huge advantage. They have the high grounds and the set up. Now, coming to me, they have to move. This makes them vulnerable targets. Not only that, my own ballistas can snipe their artillery pieces if they do come in range, as long as they do not destroy mine before I can make my move. Once the enemy soldiers are a few feet from clashing into my men and women, my soldiers unleash a volley of javelins right at their faces. Bodies hit the ground as a group of crossbowmen unleash their own volley. A ton of enemy soldiers were slain in a few seconds as we charged at them. 


Being the first one, I slice through armor and shield with my short sword. I unleash a roar that froze the enemy's charge, allowing my soldiers to plow through. Piercing through their lines, we hack down the frontline soldiers. I raise my shield, blocking a strike, as I stab into the person's chest. Immediately, I [Shield Bash] someone from the side, stabbing downwards at the body. Without lifting my head, I know that two enemies soldiers have descended on me. Two swords try to hack me down, but I block them with my shield and sword. Before I can give a response to my opponents, two of my brothers rush to my assistance. They easily killed my opponents, turning towards me. I nod my head in approval, thanking them. We push onwards, hacking every being who comes into my range. Pausing for a moment, my brothers and sisters defend the area around me, I observe the battle. The enemy has us encircled, giving us pros and cons. If they really want to eliminate us, they will have to do it the hard way. Slay everyone of my troopers till no one was left standing. A fight to the last man. Like I said, I have a lot of elite soldiers in my army. They are key factors to this battle, however, the enemy has us surrounded, giving us no room for retreat and no rest. We cannot let them flank us, but we cannot have any openings on our side.


Noticing some of the enemy artillery pieces trying to move into position, I ordered the Alduins, "Destroy them before they get into position! Ballistas, take them down too!" On cue, the riders sally forth. Several of my riders flew right towards their artillery pieces, regining fire from above. The flames eat away at the siege equipment and its crew. Some of the riders ram their steel lances into the wooden contraption, destroying it with their charge alone. With this sudden charge, eight ballistas were destroyed before the Alduins evade incoming magical projectiles. The enemy's catapults were taken down by my ballistas, aiding in our survival. The catapults are EXTREMELY vital for this battle. When you have clusters of enemies bunched up, why not land a giant boulder ontop of them? Yes, you can use magic for this, but mages are not machines. They have a fixed amount of mana on them, and they cannot spam magic so freely. Yes, they could spam a huge area of effect (AoE) spell on my armies, but my mages can counter theirs. It would be a huge waste for one side to deplete their manas from spamming a bunch of destructive magic to only be stopped by a puny shield, whereas the other mage, who haven't depleted their reserves and stayed on the defensive, can go on the offensive and devastate an army. Or armies.


I can feel a bit of magic oozing through the air as the enemy mages tries their best to use their destruction magic. My mages counter their spells, shielding us or having a way to cut their chantings. Now this aspect of magic cancelling is not in my department, so I cannot explain it that well. I get my heads out of my thoughts, remembering that I am on the battlefield right now. Even though I am fighting, I still have to give out my commands and lead.


I am an emperor.


I rush forward, ramming another soldier down with my shield. I dodge past an enemy's swing, stabbing my sword into his chest. Holding onto my dead opponent, I used him as a shield against several other soldiers. Turning to my left and right, the enemies slashed at the dead body. I immediately pull my sword out of the body, swinging at them with one slash. Their bodies fall to the ground as I raised my shield at the incoming arrows. Halting in my advance, I caught a creeping feeling crawling up my spine. 


Immediately, I toss myself to the side, landing ontop of the dead bodies. A [Lightning Strike] was aimed at my previous spot. I know that my mages were told to cancel out whatever magic that the enemy was using, but if one spell got through, the spell came from a high ranking mage. 


A demigod.


Looking past the many soldiers fighting against each other, ontop of one of the hills stood several demigod rank beings. Three of them are mages, one archer, and one warrior. 


Not good at all. Two of the mages are moving their hands in front of them, still in the process of releasing their magic as the other mage and archer are focused on me.


This is bad. I HAVE to stop those demigods. If I fall, my army will lose. I let out a warcry, pointing at the hill. My Legion soldiers pushed in that direction, taking down any opponent who got in my way. I sprint in that direction, ignoring the enemies who are trying to block my way. My mages quickly buff me with more strength, speed, and vitality. Like a bull, I plowed through their lines, arriving in front of the demigods. Having a javelin ready, I tossed the weapon at one of the mages. Coating it with my own mana, it pierced through their protections, impaling the poor female through her chest and into the ground. The other mage finished his spell, blasting a torrent of fire at me. I leaped to the side, flinging my sword into his skull. The man, still firing the torrent of fire from his hands, directs his aim around him, killing fellow allies and the demigod archer nearby. The warrior and the last mage quickly dashed from their spots, appearing before me.


Enraged by their ally's deaths, they buff themselves up. I am glad I took three of them out, but I have to take down these two. It will be a hard fight. And I prayed that I can help Louise out. 


If not, then I will at least save my army by taking down these two.


"For glory!" I rush at the two demigods, knowing that I will live or die.

A note from MorphsuitAmerica

Only one gets to live. I was going to toss in a third option to save both, but I'll save that for later scenarios. This is extremely important because this will affect the world in some way. Right now, this poll will affect Aisha, whoever she saves, and give her certain units for her upcoming army. Obviously if you read the previous version of this novel and select Louise, then it will play out the same way (except better and edited). And if you haven't, I'll say what it is in a bit.


Now, in terms of how you know what option can give what, just read the chapter. If you were to select Caesar over Louise, Aisha will be getting the Alduins and the Legion soldiers along with her brother. In the long run, Caesar will be able to pump out more of these elite soldier types if Aisha saves him. Now if you were to select Louise over Caesar, the Offenders and Shieldsisters will be available for Aisha's army. This is just a snippet of what I have planned throughout my months of thinking and redoing my plot for this novel.


On a larger scale, a scenario that is world changing would be who should Aisha ally herself with- Dwarves or arachnids? Necromancer or beastkin? And etc. This will shake the world and produce huge results of choosing one side over the other. The main story, itself, will not change, but I'll let the reader decide on who Aisha should side with or what she does for critical moments. 


A fun little interaction for you lot to participate in.


Now, there are unknown benefits for choosing one side over the other. Know that if you want to stay blind and don't want to read these unknown benefits, you can skip the boxes below. DO NOT OPEN THEM IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO LOOK INTO IT.


For example, if you choose Louise over Caesar, Louise will have a love route with Golem (the black knight serving Aisha). This was displayed in my previous version, so it's not a big spoiler. This will have a huge effect later- and this bit will be a huge spoiler, so read at your own risk.


Spoiler: Spoiler


 Caesar's hidden benefit is...

Spoiler: Spoiler


I usually wait for a week till I cast in the votes. Once I type up the following chapter, I will also show the end results of choosing one over the other.  


SOOOO CHOOSE WISELY! There's no redo button once you make this choice.


And I got a feeling that there are some mistakes I might have skipped, but if you see them, do let me know.

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