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Yep. The part where emotions will be all over the place. And also a very key key goal that will be revealed. I never disclose this in my old version, so you will see it in this chapter. 



Aisha POV


Why is she here? Seconds ago, a group of knights attacked us. I could not read their ranks, but I can tell that they were above the high god rank. I would go on about what happened a few seconds ago, but the familiar woman levitating in the air provoked me.  


Forgetting Gallant's warning, I teleport before the woman, blades slamming against her shield. She gives me a fiendish smile, saying, "Hello there Aisha. It's good to see you again."


"YOU!" I release an energy wave at her, using a decent chuck of chi from my body. Valarie teleports away from me, standing ontop of the carriage.


"Now, now, you should not-"


"Die!" I roar, unleashing an energy slash from my blades. Valarie remains in her spot, watching my attack zone in on her. A figure appears in front of her, destroying my attack. With a swipe of her hand, General X stands in front of the red hair girl. She glares at me. 


"You dare to attack my sovereign!? Insolent fool, I will-"


"General X, do not hurt her." Valarie warned, "I will handle her myself."


"Calm yourself Aisha!" Gallant appears beside me, "She rescued your mom!" As if I did not have enough surprises for one day! I turn to him.


"What?! You can't be serious! SHE CURSED ME! SHE WAS THE ONE WHO ATTACKED US!" My emotions are at its highest. My breathing becomes violent, eyes locked onto the madwoman. Valarie. Fucking Valarie saved her? For what?! Even if she did... I cannot forgive her. She took everything from me! She killed my knights! She toyed with me as well! Looking back at me, Valarie gives me a wicked smile.


"You know, you are turning me on right now. That burning passion, the hatred you have for me. I love it..." Strucken by her words, I twitched at her cheerful expression. 


"Yeah, you would like me to bend to your will, huh?"


"Not really." Valarie breaks off of her cheerful expression, "You're fine just the way you are. I am glad you're a lesbian."


"Shut up." I felt sick. Really sick. "Are you here to escort us back to my mansion? Is my mom fine? Did you touch her?!"


"Shut up." General X commanded, "We will resume our travels back to-"


"I can just teleport us back to the mansion." Valarie suggested, "Just... control yourself Aisha."


"I can get there without your help, thank you very much." I grind my teeth together, despising every minute with this... thing. Once again, why is she here?! I whisper that question to Gallant, "Why is she here!?"


"Because I want to be. Now, stop being hard to get and let me teleport you back to your mother." Valarie can hear my whispers apparently. Gallant lets out a sigh, saying, "You should let her."


"Why!?" I shouted.


"Because your mom told me to get you." answered the red hair genius, "Jeez. I wouldn't mind pushing you onto the ground and forcing you into submission again."


"SHUT UP!" I hate her for bringing that up. 


"Calm yourself Aisha." Melantha stated, "Just let her do it. The sooner, the better."


"Plus you pissed off everyone of Valarie's soldiers." Gallant muttered. Looking back at the female soldiers, they are glaring at me. There's a slight frown even if they are in their military bearings. General X is definitely displeased. Her gaze is stronger than the soldiers, freezing me in place if I stare into her eyes for too long. Sighing, I just wave my hand.


"Fine... Don't touch me though." As I descend down onto the ground, I watch Alice, Melantha, General X, and Valarie approach us. Keeping my distance away from the crazy woman, she snaps her fingers. In an instant, we appear at the grand entrance of my mansion. [Teleport] can cover this much distance? No, that was odd. I want to ask Gallant about this, but it seems like that will have to wait. I realize the dire straits of my mansion. 


The place was damaged. The famous potraits that line the walls are destroyed. Some are burnt while others have been torn to bits. The expensive pottery that was on display are broken. Their remains lie on the ground along with the bloodstains that paint the marble walls and floors. The red velvet carpet that runs through the hall is in ruins. No one would buy it or believe that it was a priceless item. The wounded are all over the place. Healers dash to and fro, nursing the injuried. Even though a few days have gone by, it seems like the wounds on some folks did not heal over time. I can see the faces of familiar faces lying about. Guards, butlers, servants, maids, a lot of people were involved. I frown to myself. In the past, I hated the familiar settings of my trapped cage. Seeing the same faces, doing the same things, it was bothersome. Irritating, really. But now, I would want that familiar setting than this new one. Shoving aside my mixed feelings about the destruction of my former home, I turn towards Valarie. The red hair woman was chatting with a few of her soldiers. Strange. Thinking clearly, I realize something.


There are too many survivors. Either Valarie saved my mom before something bad happened or my mom held out for a long while before Valarie showed up. Valarie is a genius. She commands her own troopers, she has own reputation, and she does whatever she wants to do. No regular being can save this many people from an army. Emperor Titus had at least one hundred thousand troopers on standby. He disclosed this information to my dad and the other kings and queens. His army had warriors and mages that are rank twelve and above. Some being demigods. The mansion should have been destroyed, but it isn't. Emperor Titus has the firepower to do so. Suddenly, I remember Brynhild's words about geniuses. They want something. They do not do it out of the kindness of their heart. What does Valarie want with my mother? If it's not her, what does she want with me?  


"Come, Amelia is this way." Valarie breaks me out of my trance, heading up the stairs. Keeping my distance, Gallant and I follow her and General X up the stairs. Alice and Melantha remained on the first floor. I let them be, knowing full well that this was a personal matter. Hold on. Is my mom friends with Valarie? 


"Whatever happens, I will always be by your side." Gallant whispers.


"I know." I pause, asking an important question now. "Do you know General X? Did you know she was affiliated to Valarie?" Gallant averts his attention to the two girls in front of us. He shakes his head.


"After our escape, she seeked me out. I wanted to ask her who she was, but she made it brief. She told me that she will pick us up in a few days. Never told me who she worked for or who she was. I was going to doubt her words, but she told me about how her group saved Amelia. She left immediately after that." 


"I see." In other words, General X used a few words to make Gallant stay. I cannot blame my knight for this. He knew nothing about the devil child. If he did leave, what would happen to my mom? Would they hunt us down?  I still question how General X found us? Was she with Valarie during my first interaction with the madwoman? Then again, Valarie could have told her general to find us. Finding us shouldn't be that hard. Maybe the curse in me allowed Valarie to know my exact location. Regardless, we are here with the fiend. I don't know what to expect. If my mom was alive, why did she not come for me? Why did she tell-


"Do not think. It will only lead to speculations and assumptions. We are dealing with a crazed genius along with her crazed group. Logic will not help us right now. If things go to shit, I will do what I can to protect you and Amelia-" Gallant stops himself. "Christian? You are still alive?"


Standing beside Amelia's room, one black knight stands beside the door. He nods his head. "Gallant, General X, you will wait here. Only Valarie and Aisha can enter." Nodding slowly, Valarie and I walked into Amelia's room. The door close behind us. In an instant, a familiar blue shield coats the entire place. It was the same device Brynhild use during our spar. I tensed up, knowing that I will not get any help whatsoever. No matter what I do, I cannot escape unless I kill the user who activated this shield. I know it was not Valarie who activated it. Before us, my mom stands there in a simple gray dress. She has some marks on her bare arms, bandages wrapped around her hands. I know that this is my mom. Her beauty still resonates in this dim room. Her rank was the same. The warm feeling I feel in my heart tells me that this is my mom. The same woman who gave birth to me. I would run up to her and hug her, yet something was off. The fact that she activated the shield made me still. We did not exchange any sort of introduction or ask any questions for three minutes. I stood there, staring at my mom. I can see pain in her eyes. Something was eating at her. It was the same look from back then. The same damn look I saw when I left her and all the other times years ago. My heart starts to ache. My mind feels numb, my hands trembling. This should be a happy reunion right? Closing my eyes, I muster all of my strength into words. I need to voice this out. I need to ask this. No, I know the answer to my own question. I should have realize this from the start.


"Valarie is your other lover from back then, right?" What Valarie did was the same exact thing Brynhild did. Amelia told Brynhild to give me the Defeat Inheritor. She asked her to come over here. Valarie was tasked to do something. I have no clue what it was, but it's the same thing like Brynhild. No, I should know what it is. I might be wrong, I pray that I am wrong. Amelia asked Valarie to come here. I am tired of guessing. Amelia wants a private meeting, and I want answers. The only reason why Amelia used that device. "Tell me everything."  




"Tell me everything mom." I did not back down. I did not avert my gaze, walking forward. "What was Valarie's purpose? If you called Brynhild out to give me her perk, what was Valarie's job? To curse me?" I wish I did not say that. A part of me just let that slip out of my mouth. I wanted some sort of hesitation. My mom showed none.  


"Yes." There was a frown on my mother's face. My heart stopped for a second. My mind wanted to block that answer out of my mind. I wanted to hear something else. Signs of denial, reluctance, anything. My mom stepped forward as well, repeating herself, "Yes. Valarie's task was to curse you. I wanted to tell you this because-"


"You..." I backed away from her. I was betrayed? My mom made me... "Do you know... H-How? Mom, I..." No, this can't be true. My mom... My thoughts are in disarray. The overwhelming feeling I had before starts to eat me up. The sorrow, the depression, the agony... I try to fight against it, but it's too much. My own mom would do this? She would send me into such despair? "Did you know-"


"I know." Amelia stares at me. I have never seen this expression. It was foreign to me. No. I remember this expression used by my father. When he turned over a new leaf, he showed that same exact look. He was cold and my mom was during the same thing. "You killed your knights. I made you kill one of them, so you can obtained their skills. I made Valarie curse you, and I made Brynhild gift you with her perk. Everything was planned out ever since..." She never finished her sentence. "This was all my doing. I knew about the consequences. I am the mastermind behind this. Brynhild and Valarie were indebted to me. If you have any hatred for them, I am the one you should truely hate. I made them do this. I made you go through that traumatizing experience."


Once again, too many emotions swirled inside me. I was broken. Everything felt numb. I could not feel my body. My mind draw multiple blanks. My ears heard every word my mom said, but it cannot do anything. My sight was fine, but it feels like I was not looking through my own eyes right now. My voice left me as well. I cannot scream or cry. With my silence, Amelia says this.


"The reason why I did all of this was to grant you Chaos magic. Aisha, you are now the first being to use this magic again." Saying those words, I know a notification popped up in my head, but my mind was paralyzed at all of this...


I don't know what to do. I feel like I abandoned the goals I had in my mind. The love I have for my mom disappeared? Yes, it disappeared. I feel nothing. Nothing. A huge gap in my chest. The memories in my head about my mom start to shatter. 


HOw cRueL... 


Valarie POV 


Aisha is entering danger zone. Not the good type either. Yes, she is broken. That's obvious. Losing her powers to me and killing her knights took a toll on her. She was a bit stable till she met me earlier, but now she got hammered by this blunt truth. Her condition worsened. And by that, it's the 'you shouldn't have done this' sorts. This will turn into a mess. Her broken states leads to a frenzy state that then transform Aisha into a demon. An actually demon. There are demons within the dark side, but those are tamed. They obey their masters and have some obediance. True demons do not have masters. They are chaotic vermins bent on destruction. They serve under a strong leader out of fear. The real demons do not care about rules. They don't care about bullying the weak. Only the strong survive. A single Lucifer rank demon can massacre five hundred thousand lower ranks if needed. If one was weak, they have two options. Serve or die. Just like a goblin, yet demons are on a whole another scale. 


Few people know about the transformation. If this was public knowledge, demon spawns would increase slightly although there are various factors that can prevent a transformation like a high faith towards the light, lack of emotions, or experience with torture. Well, demons can disclose the transformation process on their prisoners or worshippers. It depends on their situation like the need for more demon spawns for their army or something. The first step in this process is to enter a broken state. A broken state is when one is experiencing extreme depression. A huge betrayal, taking away their powers or goals, making them inferior, or crushing everything that they love before them. It's easy to get someone into this state if pushed too far. For example, forcing a child to watch his or her loved one die before them. And by extreme depression, the one that can really numb you to the core and eat away your hope. I personally had this happen to me when Amelia and Brynhild left me. There are ways to prevent one from going from a broken state to a frenzy state. The user must have some sense of hope, love, or belogining in their body, killing the broken being, or snapping them out of it. The last method is questionable, but it's something. The next step, entering the frenzy state. This will enrage the poor victim until they calm down or transform. To be honest, this can be compared to a kid throwing a tantrum. The big difference is in the first step. How broken are you? Depending on the situation, this will influence the time someone is in during frenzy mode. No one can actually measure how fast it takes for someone to transform into a demon since it varies person to person. Even though there is a timer, if one does not snap out of this frenzy state during their estimated time, they will transform into a demon. There are few exceptions to this rule. Unless you are conscious and know that you are in frenzy mode, you will not transform into a demon no matter what. I allowed this state to control me for a good week for a while. It gave me an excuse to destroy some cities and what not. Have I told you I'm kind of insane?


Anyways, Aisha has those dead eyes. Her body became stiff. Her breathing looks liked it stopped as well. I know the symptoms when I see it. Her silence also gave it away. I was hoping that Gallant did a better job with her recuperation but I guess not. Amelia was too blunt and too stern. Her expression isn't soft. Amelia should show her true feelings. She show some weakness. Her voice should be trembling. Let out her true emotions. I found it odd that Amelia wears this fake mask of hers. Don't get me wrong, it is handy for certain situations, but not right now. She must have picked this up from that idiotic man she married. I understand the importance of masking one's emotions. Deception is important, yet this is not the time to be bashful. Her cold expression should not be here. Aisha needs love more than ever. She should be true to herself. but no, she wears it still. Pride. I feel like that everyone's bane. If they were able to spark some sort of argument, make some sort of conversation, Aisha would not be in this state. In some sense, this was unavoidable due to all of the fucked up shit Aisha had to deal with. I admire the fact that Amelia told Aisha the truth. It would have been better to hide it, but Amelia knows that this will bite her in the ass someday. Not only that, chaos magic is a huge deal. I would have been the one to say this, but Aisha would deny this. She would think I was lying. Now, I have to play the mean old bitch that I am.


"Aisha...?" Amelia broke out of her stern posture, concerned about the overwhelming silence from Aisha. I pull Amelia towards me.


"Give me control over the device." Amelia looks at me with concern. Amelia has no clue why Aisha is in this state. If she stayed with Brynhild and I, she would have understood the dire situation we are in now. 




"Just do it." My eyes are still on Aisha. I have no clue when she will enter the frenzy state. "I can explain later." Amelia does not question me any further. She hands me the device. I quickly push the button to undo the magical field around us. In an instant, I teleport Amelia out of the room. Immediately after that, I teleport Aisha and myself to an open field. We are nowhere near the damn mansion. It was just me and Aisha. We are on a remote island in a different dimension. Staring at the device, I tamper with the settings. Pushing a few buttons, I toss it back into the air. Instead of a light blue sphere around us, it was a red one. The maximum protection that will keep us in this bubble and cover a larger distance. 


Aisha lets out an ear piercing screech. It was amplified, shaking the very air around us. I quickly activate my [God's Realm], countering the heavy pressure. If anyone of lower rank heard that, they would have become deaf or died from the sheer loudness of that screech. Looking at the young girl, I only frown at the amount of magic swirling around her. When someone enters the frenzy state, for some goddamn reason, they obtained skills and techniques that they would not normally have. Due to whatever high being out there, they grant the frenzied beings with random abilities. I can handle her if she was normal. Emphasis on the normal part. The issue before me was the dark purple magic coiling around her body.


Chaos magic.


If I have known that Aisha would have entered a frenzy state, unlocking her chaos magic would have been better afterwards. Right now, she was using some spell to coat herself in chaos armor. The way her magic slowly manifest itself into dark purple armor surprised me. Not like I haven't seen this before. I fought people using ice armor, magical armor, or even earth armor. What surprised me was the armor piece itself. I have seen it on one other individual.


Our old master in the Pillars of Gluttony. Our group was extremely lucky to have found this chaos user. She took Amelia under her wing due to her affinity with light and dark magic. She was also our teacher when it came to survival. Through many years in that damn place, she whipped us into shape. Amelia absorbed every ounce of information about chaos magic, while Brynhild and I had to beat our master in our sparring sections. If we could. She would still kick my ass if I found her again. Aisha was being covered in that same sturdy material that can shrug off any physical attacks. Maces, swords, axes, a fucking chainsaw, none of those objects can tear through that odd material. Did I forget to mention that it can absorb magic attacks? Yeah, it can do that too. I think Aisha's armor is not the real deal though. Hopefully. Our master never told us how to bypass her stupid armor. Hell, we tried to fight her when she was naked, and she would still kick our asses. She was very pretty despite her age and her scars. Ah, I tried to bang her. She just slandered me and kicked my ass even more. Exiting out of memory lane, I empower my body with several protection spells. After that, I buffed myself with several spells. This will be one hell of a fight. Aisha's body is covered in a dark purple armor that match her exact frame. Her head was encased with a demonic horned helmet. Aisha's body ooze out purple energy. From this distance, I would think Aisha was an actually demon.         


As Aisha conjure up several spells around her, I start to place magical traps all over the island. I have to snap Aisha out of this state or she will transform into a demon. I don't think the world is ready for a chaos demon spawn. Just having this magic alone makes her dangerous. On that note, I must not die as well. Not until I pass down my plans or explain it to Aisha. I could attack her although that would be ill advised. When it comes to frenzied beings, it's best to keep your distance until they are ready. If one was to attack them right away, they could die instantly. No one knows what magic the frenzied being obtained. I watch something emerge from two magical circles that hover behind Aisha. She can conjure up chaos shades?! I hate those things! Shaking my head, I recall my horrible experience with them. These shades, compared to the regular ones, are five times stronger than them. Regular shades are just wispy legless figures that can transverse through the darkness. They are great tools for assassinations, however, they lack any real protection against magical attacks. They can defend themselves in a physical confrontation, but they are not the best frontline warriors. Even their appearance isn't that grand. Chaos shades, on the other hand, are terrifying. Imagine the upperbody of a muscular male covered in armor with the speed of some cheetah. Not only that, they can use chaos magic. Should be fucking obvious, but shades do not have any sort of magical offense or defense whatsoever. Their summoner tends to buff them with their own spells, but shades cannot use magic on their own accord. Chaos shades defy that logic. To add onto this, chaos shades can only be killed by slicing off their head or with a headshot. Unlike their inferior counterparts, shades can be destroyed with one spell. Doesn't matter where, but if you hit it, it should be dead. With armor and a thick body, you have to aim for the head. If you can aim for their head. Why does Aisha have the ability to summon these things? They also have high magical defense. It might take me an hour to kill one of these things. Physical attacks will not work unless you empower your weapon with some form of energy.


Great. I did not want any help, but with these two chaos shades, I need some assistance. At least it was just two of them. Anymore would be bothersome. "I ask thee for your help Luna the Pureblood." I raise my arm up in front of me. "I call upon Noire the Dread Knight for thee assistance." Two beings appear on my left and right. Small bats burst out of nowhere, revealing an armored up woman. With her pale skin and dark red eyes, her long blonde hair rides down her back. Wearing a black tight jumpsuit, she flash me a smile. It seems like she already dawn on her battle outfit. Later on, she'll manifest magical armor ontop of her jumpsuit. As for the other summon, an armored woman came out of a magical circle. Her dark armor covers every part of her body. Spikes protrude out of the shoulders and back. Her midsection has an azule flame floating there. You can see teeth and human like flesh sticking above and below the floating flame. Yeah, her chest is a monstrous mouth. No stomach or sides on this being. Her upper body is not connected with her lower half. She has no helmet, her pointy elven ears sticking out of her white hair. Her medium lengthed hair is tied in a ponytail with loose strands and some tendrils at the front. A dark eyepatch covers her right eye. A scar runs above and below the patch, her misty white eye locki onto me. Her pupil turns red at the sight of Aisha and her two shades. These two beings are famous monsters I tamed when I made my own curse. Luna shakes her head.


"What the hell did you do now? It has been a long while since we were summoned."


"Long story." I would explain myself, but Aisha will attack soon. She is conjuring up chaos weapons right now. I could attack her, but I know not to. Especially with her chaos magic. I am at a huge disadvantage. Is she talking in chaos tongue? I can hear her slur speech from here. Noire voice out her concerns, pulling out her shield and sword from her storage ring.


"Chaos shades? Chaos magic? I have not seen this magic in a long time. What is our objective?" Straight to the point. Ths is why Noire is one of my favorites.


"I need you two to hold off her shades. I don't know what their ranks are, but do not underestimate them. I will take care of Aisha. Do not kill her. I need to snap her out of the frenzy state." Luna and Noire gave me a confused look.


"She's in a frenzy state?" Luna asks. "Huh... I guess the chaos magic overrides the demonic pressence. I did not expect this individual to be in such a state."


"Especially with chaos magic." Noire added.


"Can you do it? I need to avert all of my attention on Aisha. I need to break her out of her trance." I can hear some grunts coming out of Luna and Noire.


"Jeez, you summon us to fight against chaos shades and plan to flirt with this girl before us. Aren't you mean."


"Unfair." Noire muttered. I let out a slight chuckle. Yeah, these two wanted it. I haven't done it with them in forever anyways. I decide to spice things up a bit. "I wouldn't say flirt, but maybe. If I can. I can treat you two later once we deal with this issue. All in all, I want you two to help me out. Also, if I need saving, save me." 


"Oh? That's a first." Luna stated.


"I am powerful, but I have no clue how I will fair against a frenzied being with chaos magic. There was one other person I fought with chaos who always kicked my ass. I could never beat her. Aisha might be on a whole different level for now. I could win if I was trying to kill her. But saving her, that'll depend on certain circumstances." I explained.


"Heh, almighty Valarie showing weakness? I... honestly don't like that." Luna was a tad worried. I don't blame her. This will be her first time seeing me struggle against my opponent. If I remember correctly, Luna has no experience against an enemy with chaos magic.


"I can see why. Chaos magic is on a whole different level." Luna explained. "Chaos magic is like a living, breathing entity. The longer you fight someone with this magic, your entire everything will feel different. Your strength will disappear, your health will decrease, the spells might be devoured, and et cetera. It's a magic that can rival the high ranked beings. Even the divine beings. They are afraid of this magic for a reason. I fought against chaos users. I fear that this one before us might push me to my limit." Well, that was a good explanation. I was going to inform the two about chaos magic, but Noire did that in my steed. I need to ask Noire about her past again. I did not realize she had experience with chaos users. Luna, obviously, has no experience against them whatsoever. And me? Yeah, I know how dangerous a chaos user is. I fought against my master numerous times. She was on a whole different level though. Even if I was a high god at that time, she easily sapped the life out of us with one spell. "You want to have a shield around you at all times. Without it, you will feel the effects of chaos magic. Not a pleasant experience." Honestly, you will still feel the effects of chaos magic. No matter what protection you cast on you (magical spells, barriers, shields, chi armor), chaos energy will eat at it. It will slowly consume your energy reserves. My old master can control her chaos energy so it didn't kill us. I doubt Aisha's chaos energy will be so laxed. 


"I see. Seems like they're ready." Turning our attention to Aisha, the woman lets out another screech. The air becomes heavy and we can see the force ripple throughout the field. Aisha appears in front of me, unleashing a blast from her blades. Having a shield up, the energy flies past me. I held my hand in front of me to reinforce the specific area Aisha striked at. Luna has conjure up her entire dark red vampiric armor, spinning multiple blades around her and unleashing threads of magic at her opponent. Noire easily evades her shade, swinging her sword at his armored body. Aisha is screaming a bunch of gibberish, slamming her one blade into the ground. Purple energy spikes burst ouf from the ground, forcing the three of us into the air. Aisha chase after me, adjusting the energy around her swords. Making a thin coat around her blades, she smash through my shield. Noticing this, I push my hand outward, making Aisha's body fly through the air. It was not much, knowing full well I can't really hurt her. As she flies through the air, I activate the spells I laid down. Explosions erupt through the air. 


"Aisha, snap out of it. This isn't like you." I need to talk some sense into her. I know I am not the best candidate for this, but who else can stop a frenzied being with chaos magic? "Your mother did this for your safety." To be honest, this was more of an excuse, but I will use whatever I can to snap her out of it. "Amelia loves you-" Aisha unleashed an array of projectiles with a swing of her blade. I swing my arm in front of me, using [Dark Arrows] to counter her. Next I used [Dark Ray]. Aiming my finger at her, a blast of black energy shot out of my index finger. Aisha unleashes another screech at the incoming blast. Her voice tears through my attack. The blast shifted me from my spot a tiny bit. Feeling her presence, I use [Force Back]. Air erupts from my body, forcing Aisha away from me. She tries to teleport behind me. Activating [Dark Blast] and [Bone Eruption], sharp white bone spikes erupt from the ground while the area around me is covered with dark energy. Aisha teleports outside the range of the bone spikes and the dark explosion. I teleport behind her, saying, "[Dark Bomb]." A small dark ball touch Aisha's back. Upon impact, an explosion sends her flying forward. At the same time, my traps erupt in earnest as she flies near them. This was a powerful spell that can bypass most protection spells and shields. Only beings above a high god can withstand this. Aisha stands back up, unaffected by my spell. The armor nullified the damage. Growling at me, she appears before me. She did not teleport in front of me. She used her tremendous speed. It seems like her stats are stupidly high. She swings at me, uttering something in her chaos tongue. Most likely a spell.


"[Magic Cancellation]. [Greater Dark Blast]." I force Aisha back with the dark energy erupting from my body. Grasping her head, she yells at me in her chaos tongue. Snapping my fingers, two swords hover around me, blocking Aisha's attacks. I decide to stay in place, ignoring Aisha's gibberish.


"Amelia really loves you. I know that this act is painful, cruel, but you are in a better position than most of the people in the realm." Aisha has force one of my blades aside, charging right at me. I empower my hands with my own energy, grasping her blade. Pulling her in, I continue, "You are blinded by your emotions. You think this is suffering?! You do not know the things I have done, and the things that are still going on in this world!" I slapped her across the face. Neither of us felt took damage from that. I glare at the stubborn child before me. My own anger is getting the best of me. "Speak english you idiot. I cannot understand the shit you are-" An eruption of magic flies at me. "[Maximum Dark Wall]!" A wall emerge from nowhere, protecting me from the chaos magic. In a few seconds, Aisha burst through the wall, twirling like a tornado. She used [Piercing Tornado] along with her chaos magic. Ordering both of my hovering swords to me, I take them into my hands and slam them downwards towards the ground. 


"[Dark Impact]." The area around us is covered in darkness as the ground cracks from the sheer pressure of my blades. The darkness around us freezes Aisha's attack, pulling the armored princess into the ground. Letting out another screech, Aisha flies right at me. Tossing my blades at her, I activate my next spell, "[Sword Explosion]." The swords were flying past Aisha, but with the spell, it sent the frenzied girl off course. Conjuring up a couple more swords, I appear behind Aisha, punching her in the back. Automatically, my blades hover around me, striking and blocking at Aisha. "You obtain a magic that was extinct. You gain power that is equivalent to a Celestial killer, yet you broke due to this. You are fragile... weak..." Using that word, Aisha hammers against my defense. She viciously swings her weapons in a crude manner, trying to use brute force to pry past my hovering swords. Casting a buff on my weapons, they push her back. My swords slash at her a couple times due to her carelessness. It did no damage whatsoever. "Many people fall beneath me. I know what I have done. Do I regret it? Maybe, but I am being true to myself. I take what I want, and do what I want. In my eyes, you are in a better position than most. Did you know that many would die for this power? Many would ignore such an act because of this gift? Regular people have it rough. Do you know the struggles of a normal civilian? Did you know that farmers have it rough when it comes to living out in the fields? I might have done bad deeds, but I also saved lives. Unexpectedly. I also created a haven for gay people as well." Aisha unleash a move that froze my blades in place, rushing towards me. "[Dark Abyss]." A dark dome appears around Aisha. The darkness shrinks in size, morphing around the girl's body. This move would have crushed the being into goo, but Aisha's armor is protecting her from Dark Abyss' true effects. At the least, I stopped her movements.


"Seriously, you are pissing me off." I walk up towards her, holding her chin. "Do you know that you are being quite stubborn. Your mom was like this in the past." Breaking out of my attack, she tries to stab me. A shield bash her right in the face. "That wasn't nice Noire."


"I cannot let her stab you." The white hair woman charge at Aisha, "I took care of my opponent. Let me be the one to handle her while you talk some sense into her." I shrug my shoulders.


"Do what you want." I let the two duke it out, gathering my thoughts. This is my first time trying to snap someone out of their frenzied state. I have fought people in this state. Did I save them though? Not really. Okay, better question would be 'how do I cheer someone out of their depression.' I fuck them... Yeahhhh, can't do that with her right now. It should be obvious to why. The reasons I stated beforehand did not help as much, calling her weak triggered her, and my important information I was going to tell her can only be used once. This bit of information can snap her out of it, if I can lower down her frenzied state. I swear, Titan or Nero would be able to snap her out of it, but I have no clue if they would be able to- No. They would not fight her. I bet they would gladly die by her hands and that can snap her out of it. They aren't here though and their deaths isn't a benefit to my plan. Snapping out of my thoughts, Noire's body flies past me. Aisha teleports in front of me, unleashing a spell. It has the same concept as my [Greater Dark Blast]. Her energy erupts from her body, spreading outwards. Depending on one's protection and magical resistance, this can force you back or vaporize you. I stood my ground, taking the blunt of the attack. I felt a slight sting from it. Aisha's chaos magic ate away at my protections. I have to recast them. This is bad though.


Aisha is getting stronger. Usually a frenzied being will stay at whatever power up they are given. Let's say a rank three warrior entered a frenzy state. They become a lesser god rank. Once they are given a certain rank, they are stuck with that rank until they transform into a demon. Aisha is defying that norm. Using my hovering blades, I let them block Aisha's attack. Noire appears beside me, casting several buffs on herself.


"I hope you have some plan."


"I got one, but I do not know if that will work. Not with her current status. Unless I can get some sort of conscious and understand what the hell she is saying, I got nothing." Noire looks at me in disbelief.


"Are you serious?"


"First time fighting a frenzy being with chaos magic. Also, first time trying to get someone out of it... Other than myself." Shaking her head, Noire says, "What did you do to piss her off?"


"A few things. I owed my old lover a few debts." I answered. Luna just finished killing off her opponent.


"How would you- no. I know the answer already. If you were to cheer someone, you would make them fall in love with you. That won't work here." Noire shakes her head.


Aisha summons out another set of chaos shades. I notice a slight change in their look. When it comes to summoned creatures, they will increase their strength depending on their summoner. With Aisha's slight power up, they gain a power up as well. Luna and Noire curse at their appearance. I guess Aisha wants my undivided attention. I let out a sigh, buffing myself with stronger spells now. To do this, one needs to apply themself with the lesser buff. Then they can cast the higer variation of the same buff ontop of it. I do not need to utter the names of these spells, but I can time to time. As I cast my final magical protection over me, I state this, "I will be going all out. If it looks like I am going to kill Aisha, stop me. I have to crack open her armor. She will not listen as much. Hopefully, my theory will work."


"You know, when you're serious, we can't do shit about it." Luna pointed out.


"Just try to." I stated.


"As you command." Noire charge at the shade on Aisha's left. Luna follows her, engaging the one on Aisha's right. Drawing the shades away from her, Aisha appears before me. It looks like her speed increased as well. The impact of her charge should have pushed me from my spot. I casted [Ignore Force], [Physical Nullification], and [Greater Strength]. The latter spell, [Greater Strength] is an advanced skill that can only be used once you hit the high god rank as a mage. Mages tend to be weak in most these stats: strength, vitality, stamina, and agility. There's a few exception depending on the class and other sorts. Like it's name, it increases these stats for a good while. Every point in vitality or stamina might save their ass in a life or death situation or if they ran out of mana, they can fight with some physical strength. I did this for the power. I know full well that I have to unleash a good portion of my everything to crack through Aisha's armor. Working under this theory, Aisha might regain her consciousness if I smack some pain into her body. To do that, I have to break through her armor. If I was fighting against my former master, she would not allow me to do such a thing. Hell, she would have kicked my ass once a minute or two passed by. The only issue with this method was my own sense of sanity. I have to be crazy for this to work.


I need to activate one of my curses. You see, there are multiple curses in this body of mine. Due to my insanity in the past, these curses aided in my power struggle. It strengthen me with the cost of my sanity. There are some active curses being used right now. The need to do what I want, the one where I cannot lie to myself, and the need for chaos. My emotions are fixed to these curses and my sanity. If I break one of them, I will feel awful and agitated. Like right now, I am breaking the first one. I would rather chat with Aisha and try to woo her than fight her. With my sexually desires in my head, it is nagging at me. This feeling will turn into something far worse if I do not fix this right away. I might be breaking the second one next if I do not snap Aisha out of this stupid state. The only curse that's keeping my mind together is the last one. I can feel the chaos energy swirling around us. It feeds me. I cannot use chaos magic, but the feeling of it... is exhilarating. Sadly, I can't let it get to me as much. I have a job to do. I can toggle certain curses on and off for a price. The ones that are on aren't that bad. The ones that are off... are bad. My body must have three curses active at all time. If I do not have three active curses, I will enter my own frenzy state. Staring at the armored princess, I need to do this. This will save Aisha. I must do it.


"Activating [Hell's Wrath]." I designated the curse I want to swap out off. A burst of energy roars out of my body, forcing Aisha away from me. That same energy starts to coil around my entire body, morphing into my red demonic armor. Inside my helmet, I can see everything around me. I can see Luna and Noire fighting against their shades. My intelligence went down drastically because of this new curse. [Hell's Wrath] is a unique frenzy state that will not turn me into a demon, but it gives me the same mindset of a frenzied being. This improves every ounce of physical and magical capabilities, but it blocks out some basic sense and logic. Like I will attack without any sort of plan whatsoever. Basically, a rampaging monster. This time, I charge at Aisha, ramming my head at her. Even my words coming out of my mouth will be based on rage. Nothing more or less. I will sprout whatever the hell I want to say while beating the hell out of the princess.


"Annoying. Fucking annoying. You are some snobby ass princess having a hissy fit. A fucking dilema. Oh, I'm so sorry- get over it you bitch!" I ram my armored hands into her chest, pounding each attack into her over and over again. Aisha growls at me, elbowing me in the face. Unfazed by her attack, I delivered a strong jab across her face. I launch myself off the ground to knee her right underneath her chin. Taking one of my hovering swords, I swing the blade at her neck. Aisha grabs my blade, pulling me in to her blade. Copying her, I grasp her blade as well, crushing it with my overhwhelming strength. "You think you got it rough, guess again!" Aisha unleash a spell right between us. Neither one of us moved from our spot, taking the attack head on. Using my free hand, I take one of my swords and activate this technique. "[Demonic Slash]!" My blade was embebbed with a mix of my energy and fire. [Demonic Slash] successfully slam into the princess, but Aisha's armor was in mint condition. Aisha was going to retaliate, conjuring up another sword in her hand. Grabbing her by the neck, I ram her into the ground, opening my helmet to reveal my mouth. Unleashing [Demonic Beam], a dark laser fires out of my mouth. Aisha smacks my head towards the left, redirecting my attack. She push me aside as she flies into the air. She opens her mouth, imitating [Demonic Beam]! Is she adapting to our fights? I open my mouth to unleash another beam, our energy colliding against each other. The atmosphere changed drastically. Smoke clouds are scattered throughout the entire area. The green grass are in flames or are turning to ash. The ground is filled with cracks and holes. With my helmet, I can see Aisha through the smoke. She rush me, swords slamming right into my chest. I stand my ground, unleashing another spell.


"[Demonic Lightning]!" A surge of electricity blast out of my hands. Aisha did not retreat, unleashing a spell in front of my face. A blast of energy force me through the air. I bounce against the ground. I teleport myself back to my feet, feeling Aisha's presence behind me. I activate [Delay Teleportation], making her appear in front of me. "[Hellfire]!" Dark energy geysers explode out of the earth. Aisha evades a few of them before they erupt beneath her. The blast of energy consumes her.


"I'm getting tired of this girl! [Greater Demonic Strength], [Satanic Demonic Gift], [Greater Cast Time], [Leviathan's Wrath]." With the intense amount of energy in my body, I pour it into this one spell. "[Leviathan's Lance]!" Forming a lance out of my bright red energy, I use this against Aisha. The armored princess teleports right next to me. Without any delay, I slash the lance across her helmet. Following that motion, I slam the lance right into her chest. A bright light blinds us, blowing us away from each other. Using magic, I stopped myself in midair. Standing on my own two feet, I watch Aisha fly through the air. I activate the remaining spells that I laid out. Most of the mines are gone now. She slams against the red magical shield, seeing blood erupt from her mouth. I destroyed her helmet and tore through her chest armor. She is still in a frenzy state. Her eyes are filled with darkness and rage. I can hear my rough breathing. The pain I felt was there, but my curse blocks it out for a bit. I barely talked any sense to the girl. My enraged mode wasn't the best option although it tore through her defense. I destroyed her stupid helmet.


"Switch out of this mode. You did it." Luna whispers. I would have yelled at her. Luckily, my mind decided to switch out of my wrath. It seems like Luna and Noire took care of their opponents as they side beside me.


"Activate [Lucifer's Pride]. Switching out of [Hell's Wrath]." In this mode, I can retain my intelligence and some power. This power will not be able to pierce through Aisha's armor, but it's a good trade since I need to talk some sense to the girl. If I have a goal, this curse will make me accomplish it by all means necessary. My demonic armor starts to crumble, leaving me in my usually robes. I frown at Aisha's condition. She was bleeding from her forehead and her right shoulder. I must have used too much power in that attack, or the armor was not able to withstand my Leviathan rank buffs and spells. On the bright side, it didn't kill her. Aisha growls at me, saying, "Why the hell should I trust you?! You cursed me and you were a pawn to my mother's game?! Why should I let you toy with me as well?!" 


"I allowed this to happen because of the benefit. There's a reason behind every action. Do you hate your own mother for doing this?" I asked, walking towards her.


"Yes. The person I trusted the most, betrayed me! My own mother! How could she?!" Aisha shouted. She slams her hands down into the ground, screaming, "[Chaos Hellfire]!" The three of us froze in place. Shit! I quickly cast a shield around us, protecting us from the chaos geysers. I cast any buff that can be applied to my shield. I pour half of my own mana into it. If Aisha was able to copy this move, this was no laughing matter. Dark purple energy emerge from the ground, but they start to swarm the entire field. I had to close my eyes and focus every energy source in my body on the shield around us. I can feel the intense energy trying to pierce through my shield. It wanted to kill us, burn us, erase us from this world. I can feel it consume my essence. It is eating at my magic and my own life. Sweat starts to roll down my forehead. My hands are shaking as I maintain the shield. After a minute, it stopped. The entire area transformed into a desolated battlefield. Lifting the shield away from us, I coughed out some blood. Noire and Luna notice this, rushing towards me.


"Goddamn it. How come the high beings gift Aisha with this much power? Do they hate me that much...?" I mutter those words to no one in particular. A chaos spell is a combination of the light and dark spell of it. [Hellfire] is an Azazel rank dark spell, while [Salvation] is an Ascended rank light spell. [Chaos Hellfire] combines [Hellfire] and [Salvation], doubling the damage output. It will also consume a fair amount of mana to use. Aisha, right now, is a high archfiend. She should not be able to use this spell. Was it because of the chaos essence in Aisha's body? The effects of that one attack is dealing a huge blow to me. At this very moment, I only have a quarter of energy left in me. I cannot cast anymore spells of my actually rank. Well, that's a good thing since I do not want Aisha to use them against me. Spitting out the remaining blood in my mouth, I shake my head at my pathetic state. I need to improve myself again. Or visit the Pillars of Gluttony and find my old master. We need to spare again.


"Are you alright?" I asked Noire and Luna.


"I am fine." Noire answers. "But what about you?"


"Can you still fight?" Luna asks.


"I can still fight. Somewhat." My gosh, I can't believe Aisha is pushing me to a corner. "I will need you to help me from here on out." Looking at Aisha, she shows no signs of exhaustion. Her eyes are locked onto me. Such hatred... I kind of like it, but then again, I hate it as well. "You two will keep her at bay. I will try to talk some sense into her. If I try to use any more attacks on her, she will used them against us. I'm counting on you two." They nod their heads. Suddenly, Noire raise her shield, intercepting Aisha's blade. Even with her shield raised, Aisha kicks Noire away from us. Aisha follows her assault with this, "[Force Back]!" Luna flies away from me. My buff negates her [Force Back].


"[Dark Abyss]!"


"[Chaos Abyss]!" My eyes turned into saucers. Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! With a few spells in my arsenal, I quickly usher out, "[Leviathan's Grace]." Her spell did not get to me. [Magic Cancellation] will have no effect on that high leveled spell. Only a special technique from my previous rank can save me. [Leviathan's Grace] will negate any spell used on me. This is handy against some spells that can instantly kill you. The downfall to using this spell is the cost. This will eat up most of my remaining strength and energy. I doubt I can keep up with Aisha right now. The princess is standing before me. She still has a lot of energy after using all of... Fucking gods. These high beings want to see me squirm. Then again, I am hated. I only have a bit of energy in me to prevent Aisha's chaos magic from killing me. It seems like Aisha is waiting for something. She stands there, showing no emotions whatsoever. Panting, I walk close to her. I grab her by the chin, smiling at her. This was not one of my sick smiles. I might as well say this. I don't know if it will work, but I might as well. I would be breaking one of my own rules if I don't. Besides, I might die in a few minutes.


"Aisha... are you truly a monster to let your hatred get the best of you? Are you like your father? You are letting hatred get the best of you for what? Betrayal? I know it hurts... I have been betrayed numerous times. Your mom went through the same thing. She suffered a lot in her life. You don't know this, and I have no right to disclose her life to you, but I will tell you this because I love her. I want you to know what she has been through and snap you out of your frenzy mode. She does not want you to go through the same shit she went through. Were you raped by a prince? Did you get engaged? Did you feel the blades of betrayal from all of your family member? Were you lied to? Did you get abused by your mother and father? Were you bullied throughout your childhood? And if this wasn't enough, your mom went through a lot as our companion. She knows about the dangers of the outside world. She struggled to get to where she was. We struggled to get to where we are at. Aisha, we tricked you to give you this special gift of ours. Your mom may have done this in the wrong way, but she really wanted you to gain this forgotten magic." I can see the darkness in Aisha's eyes flicker in and out. Her body shakes uncontrollably. I press on, grasping her hand, "I know I did something horrible to you, but I saved your mother from doing something stupid. Did you know that the attack on your mansion wasn't in her agenda. This was out of her predication. Worse, she was going to be enslaved by Emperor Titus and his sons if I did not intervene."


"W-What..." Aisha seems to have snapped out of her frenzy mode. Somewhat? Once again, this is my first time snapping someone out of this state. At least, I stop the fighting and I am chatting with her. I wish that Aisha did not enter a frenzy state. This could have been resolved peacefully. I cough a bit, spitting the blood out of my mouth.


"When they killed Eadric, they got information on Amelia. Eadric told them that Amelia called Brynhild over. With several other geniuses backing Emperor Titus, they were planning to slip a slave collar on her and force Amelia to call us. Worse, they could have found methods or ways to remake chaos magic." Aisha grasp her head, backing away from me.


"N-No... You... But..." I did not approach her. Aisha may hate me still.


"Aisha, you still love your mom. You can hate her, but you will love her as well. She sacrificed a lot for you. She saw this coming. While you were away from the castle, Amelia was in a troubled state. She was pained at this confrontation- no, she was always in pain. You seen it, I know you have. Your mom wanted to gift you this from the start, but the requirements to obtain chaos magic are extreme. Amelia would have confronted you if it wasn't for these requirements. Brynhild was clueless to this plot because she would have stopped it right away. I knew of this plot and agreed to it. I owe Amelia my life because she saved me from the curse that was inflicted on her..." I pause. Undoing my summons, Noire and Luna disappear from the battlefield. I should not compare her to Amelia, but it's there. Although Aisha has her own beauty, I have a fascination for her. She's still young and innocent, but she'll bloom into a deadly flower.


"If you are mad at your mom, kill me. I will cast a curse that will kill anyone that seeks revenge on you. This life was saved by Amelia. You have the right to end this life as well since you are her beloved daughter. I cannot lift the current curse off of you because it's a unique one." Aisha stands there in silence. "I will ask you to do one thing if you plan to kill me. You might ignore my wish, but I doubt it." I flash her a wicked smile. The thought of this was snapping me into insanity. My rage, my hatred, my lifework was built on this revenge. The pain I was feeling left me. Did Aisha change? Aisha is staring into my eyes, showing some conviction. She does not back away from my crazed expression. Her fists are balled up into a fist.


"And what would that be?" I feel like my mind shattered at my own words. I think it did. I can barely hear my voice as I revealed this dark truth.


"kiLL AsCenDeD CrEaToR LOgAN. FoR he cUrSED AmELiA."


Aisha POV  

The name sent a chill down my spine. Snapping out of my frenzied state, I lost all of my immediate powers. Even though I entered a frenzied state, I was conscious. I can still use chaos magic, it's just that I have no spells. I am glad that my clothes have not been destroyed by my transformation. I don't want Valarie to see me naked. Despite my frenzied state, I have to admit, chaos magic is very deadly. I cannot believe that this magic pushed Valarie to the edge. I've seen the effects and saw the destruction I unleashed. With that being said, I understand a few concepts when it comes to chaos magic. One, I need to have spells that can work with one another. For example, [Holy Javelin] is a light spell. Pretty much a bright magical javelin. The dark spell to [Holy Javelin] is [Dark Javelin]. If I have these two spells, I can unlock [Chaos Javelin]. Now, the flip side to this is the fact that levels determine the spell's damage output. Let's say that my [Holy Javelin] is at level 120 and my [Dark Javelin] is at 160, [Chaos Javelin] will take the lower number. Meaning that [Chaos Javelin] is at level 120. It might sound bad, at first, but chaos magic tends to be stronger than the light and dark spell just by itself. Secondly, chaos magic needs a large amount of energy. Doesn't matter if it's chi, spiritual, or mana, it needs fuel. The amount of energy used is whatever one of the spells (the light or dark spell) consumption cost multiplied by two. The only reason why I was able to use high level chaos magic during my frenzied state was due to the perks I obtained. I had a perk where I regain a tremendous amount of mana constantly. And lastly, I think there's something inside of my body. I don't know how to describe it. When I was fighting against Valarie, I knew how to use it. I never touched chaos magic in my life. Then again, it was 'extinct'. I need to verify something after Valarie is done with her explanations. I listened to her story from beginning to end. To be honest, I am surprised that Valarie decided to go through all of this trouble. Not only did she snap me out of my frenzied state, she went through her crazy experiments to find the bastard who curse my mom.


Ascended Creator Logan. 


Valarie had to explain the ranks to me. I did not realize that the person who cursed my mom is above the norm. An Ascended Creator is a rank above Ascended (no duh me), but one can view this being as a true high being. A lesser divine being. A being that controls the rules and laws of this world. Due to his rank, he is affiliated with the light side. With that being said, I question why an Ascended Creator created a curse in the Pillars of Gluttony. Or better yet, how can a being of light use a curse? Brynhild said only those of the dark side can use it. Even though I sap a fair chuck of energy out of Valarie, I can see some sort of aura oozing out of her. It was like her hatred recharged her. Valarie's face is twisted with hatred. Every time she brings up Logan's name, I can see her body shake. Her eyes twitch slightly and her hands wiggle around, wanting to do something. Most likely choke or rip someone's limbs from their body. I question Valarie's insanity. 


"...and that's that." She stands in front of me with a calm expression now. Does she have a switch to get out of her crazy rant? Or from her twisted expressions? "So even if you kill me, I want you to kill Logan for me."


"Why me? Couldn't you tell Brynhild about this?" I would have said Amelia, but I know better. My mom is forever cursed. She cannot regain her former glory or any sort of power up unless Logan is dead. Or he lifts the curse, but I doubt a divine being would do that out of the kindness of his heart. Maybe. No clue. I am ignorant about a lot of thinks. Valarie shakes her head.


"Brynhild is of the light. Do you think she'll help me kill one of her allies? She won't. Not even in the name of revenge. All she could do is bark at the idiot, then walk away. And if you think Logan will lift it off of her, not a chance. High beings have their pride and will ignore such a request. They will not lend an ear to inferior beings. Besides, I want him to die. Amelia suffered because of that stupid curse." 


"How do you know that Logan did not place down this curse as a trap to save his own skin? The Pillars of Gluttony is a dangerous place, and the place existed ever since the beginning of time."


"For a curse to be placed in a form of a trap is a taboo. It defies the basic notation and teaching of curses. Also, when I obtain his stupid curse, I learned about the true nature of his plans. He did it intentionally. There are certain things that you'll learn later on when it comes to this world Aisha. But for now, I will say that the curse was placed in that location during our run. Secondly, a divine being should not be interfering with this world directly. Logan placed the trap at that exact spot. And lastly, he is of the light. A being of light cannot use the Dark Arts. Only Brynhild can deject this notion.  


"Aren't you in pain?" I asked, "You inflicted yourself with the same curse right?"


"Yes and no. I did inflict myself with that same curse, but I was able to bend it to my will. I am the genius that create my own curses after all. The insane genius, Valarie Valentine. Honestly, I did it all for Amelia's sake. I want justice and revenge. She would have sticked with us if she wasn't cursed..." She stops herself. "Although I doubt you'll be alive if she wasn't cursed. She did give birth to twenty-seven children after all." 


Why is she looking at me like that? It... gives me a strange feeling. Gah, why is everything moving so fast? Earlier, I was pissed off at this bitch for doing what she did. And then here I am, listening to this crazy genius. I was sad, then mad, then enter a demonic phase, then back to being calm again... slightly. Maybe I am weird. Yeah. Something like that. I grasp my head. Information overload! Still, I have a lot of questions to ask. I will take this time to extract any information out of Valarie right here and now. 


"You knew about my broken state? Is this a common thing in real life?"


"Nope." Valarie spins her finger in the air. "Only a few people know about this state. Specifically, elite warriors and higher rank beings of the light and dark. This is under the table, so to speak. The less people who know about this, the better. We make sure that the information is not publicized. You know why?"


"Because they might turn into a demonic spawn. A true demon." I know the answer because I was heading down that path. When I was in my frenzied state, I had an urge to surrender myself to my rage. To accept this strange voice and accept the monster inside of me. I was conscious, yes, but I did not have the ability to push away this invading force. I could not regain control of my body just yet. With Valarie's help, I was able to control myself and snap out of my frenzied state.


"Precisely. I use to work for the dark side and hunt down these frenzied beings before they turn into a demon. Most of the time, I killed them. Sadly, we cannot hide this information that well. The smarter demons tend to spread this knowledge to increase their numbers. A mad heretic might use this to creat havoc in the lands. Someone might accidentally get into a broken state, then frenzied, then turn into a rogue demon. Endless possibilities to how someone can find this so called 'private' information and misuse it. I will say this, do not tell anyone about this. This is not common knowledge and should be shared between trusted individuals."


"Noted." I just nod my head slowly. "Who were the two beings you summoned?"


"Oh? Noire and Luna? Luna is a pureblood vampire and Noire is an undead dread knight. Both bear one of the seven sins I used for my own curse. Noire is not the strongest version of her curse, but she is a good substitute." What does that mean? And I still question how Valarie mixed all of the curses.


"Noire is a strong version of her curse?"


"She is not the strongest variation of her race. You know how certain species, or races, have their different variations? Like how elves are not just elves. There's moon elves, blood elves, dark elves, and et cetera. When it comes to Luna's race, she is known as a true undead. True undead are beings that were created back when this world was made. I barely know much of her history because some of it is private, but I do know that Luna is not the strongest variation of her kind. The strongest being of her kind would be an Dread Queen. If I give it some time and let Noire rank up, she could be able to evolve into a Dread Queen. Still, Noire has the one sin I needed. It does not deliver the highest caliber of that sin because she is a dread knight and not a dread queen. Still, she aided me nonetheless."   


"How does that work? You never told me how you mix-"


"I can't reveal all my secrets now."


"What will happen to them if you die? Will they be freed or will they be transferred to their new master?" When someone have their own pets, one of these two things should happen. I remember a time where my dad killed someone that had a rank ten dragon under their command. He gain ownership over that dragon.


"They die." Valarie said with a cool tone. "Unlike normal pets, or beings under servitude, the original beings bearing the seven sins will die with their master. Not only did I conquer them with my will alone, they are bound to my soul. To my very life. So if I were to die, they will die too. Now, if one of them dies, I will be unaffected along with my other beings."


"What is your rank?"


"Can't say."


"How can you cast spells in a few seconds?" Valarie shortened some chants into one or two words. Along with these short incantations, she can also cast them instantaneously. This is my first time seeing such magic. 


"A couple perks I picked up in a certain place." She answers. 


"Is there something wrong with me?"


"Have to ask your mother about that." She gives an immediate response. I figured.


"Why are you evil?"


"I am? I am not. I told you, I do what I want. Serving the dark side was fun, but I got bored of it. Evil can be twisted to one's definition. Saying that I am evil might be a good thing for someone else. Besides, I wanted my own harem."


"Harem? A harem is rather small compared to what you have. You have a goddamn faction. A lot of people love you."


"I know, isn't that lovely. But to tell you the truth, I only have a few girls who can actually touch me. By few, I mean like two and maybe three." Why did I ask this? I can see the naughty expression all over her damn face. And her eyes, they are staring right at me! It looks like she is going to attack me or something. "Also, I have to create some sort of chaos. Like I said, I have an active curse that needs it. The world is a bit dull if it's only good and evil. I want to spice it up a bit." Right. She did say that three curses must remain active at all times. Sighing, I ask my final question. 


Looking into her eyes (and ignoring the strange gaze she is giving me), I asked her, "Why did you save me? If I enter a frenzied state, you could have killed me."


"Do you think Amelia wanted that?" Valarie shakes her head, "I did a whole speech about how your mom loves you and stuff..."


"You love my mom that much huh?"


"I am crazy for her. Stop pointing out the obvious. Also, I did it because I love you too." I chuckle at her remark.


"What? Like a grandchild or something? Brynhild wanted to be the godmother. Will you be the aunt?"


"Please, I don't want to love everyone in the family." Valarie rolls her eyes, "I do what I want. And like I said, I love you." I blinked at her. She's joking right? She loves me? How? Before I can say anything, she push me gently onto the ground. She gets ontop of me, her face showing a warm smile. My heart starts to beat faster, feeling her finger rub against my cheek. "This is no joke. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you." Is this another trick?! I try to push her off, but she grabs my wrists and pulls them above my head. I could knee her in the stomach. I stopped myself. Any form of retaliation disappeared. Valarie displayed a side I never seen before. Her eyes are gentle. Her expression was kind. I feel no evil intention oozing off of her. "I know I hurt you. I know I killed your knights, and I will take responsibility for it. I confess my love to you and I got to see Amelia again. I have no regrets if you want to end my life. Killing me will grant you all of my powers. With that being said..." She press her lips against mine. I squirmed a bit, but I slowly close my eyes. This was not our first kiss, but this one is a tad sweeter. The previous one was forced. It was a bit rough and it used an illusion to deceive me. This kiss, however, was honest and pure. I can feel the actually warmth flowing into me. I can feel her tongue enter into my mouth. She plays with my tongue as I mimick her actions for a while. I see a slight blush on her cheeks before she pulls away from me. 


"Just promise me that if you end my life, you will take up my mission. I want Amelia to be free again. I will give you some space now. Tell me when you are to make your decision. I will be over there." Getting off of me, Valarie excuse herself from my sight. 


Did I really kiss her? I kissed Valarie?  This is so sudden. I... this is my first time having such a strange confession. Actually, this is my first time having a heartfelt confession. Why do I say heartfelt? Because she is showing some genuine emotions that I've never seen before! What's so special about me anyways?! I stare into the oepn sky, thinking long and hard about the things I need to do. Ignoring the blush, beating heart, and my dirty thoughts, I know what I need to do.


I feel like this event changed my mindset. When I was in my frenzied state, I was trapped in my own body. All I saw was darkness. Hatred and anger clouded me. It wanted someone to die. It did not think, it did not ask, it just wanted to vent. It wanted to destroy. I have no clue what happened next, but I saw countless images of destruction. I somehow saw flashes of other frenzied beings' memories. Or what they are currently doing. I witness the death of an entire village, I felt emotions of loved ones dying before me, and many more. I saw the lives of others and how they fell into despair that led to their anger. Compared to my own situation, it was just betrayal. What would happen if I truly lost my mom? What would I do if I saw her die before me? I doubt I can snap out of my frenzied state. I owe Valarie my thanks. She did save my mom from slavery. And thinking about it, I know my knights were in on this. To a degree. I can't hate them though. They will forever be loyal to me. Even if I became some tyrant, they will follow me to the end. I was also in the wrong. I should have listened to my mom. I snapped due to my ignorance. If I ask my mom what was the requirements for chaos magic, I could have controlled my emotions.


Knowing her, she might be worried right now. I cannot hate my mom. Of course, her betrayal hurt me, but she did it out of love. Maybe she wanted me to become the prodigy child for chaos magic. I don't mind. She always had that painful expression, knowing full well that what she was going to do was wrong. And instead of keeping it under the table, she told me the truth. I need to apologize to her. Hating her would be wrong. Anyone can pin their hate on someone for so long. It's harder to forgive them though. Hate is a strong emotion that can cloud the best of us. Maybe it's for the better or worse, but I cannot do that to my mom. She loves me so much. And I love her dearly. 


Staring at Valarie, I will not kill her. There's no reason to. I owe her for a number of things. Yes, she pinned the curse onto me, she killed my knights, and she went along with the plans, but she saved me from my own anger. From my own demon. If she was not here when I confronted my mom, what would have happened? I am still... fazed by Valarie's confession. Her feelings are true, I get that, yet I still ask myself how did a genius like her fall in love with me? I am still young, ignorant, and... lame. Appearance wise, I do not look like some goddess. My mom, Brynhild, even some of my sisters, have better traits than me. Most men would see me as a tool because I am okay. I do not have freakishly large breasts, I do not have a model like face or a captivating beauty that can hypnotize anyone who gaze at me. I am just an ordinary looking girl in this large world. I know looks don't mean much sometimes, yet my personality isn't that grand either. I am smart, but I am not a genius. I am a mess when things go bad. Like the time Gale died in front of me, I was in utter despair. The time my mom told me the truth about her plans, I snapped. But the sheer fact that Valarie saved me from my frenzied state due to her love for me... Makes me think of Valarie in a different light. She is doing her own things in her own way. Of course, it will not appease everyone, but she will not lie to herself. I admire Valarie for her ethics and morals. I doubt I can follow her example. Some people may think otherwise. Some may kill Valarie because of the things she has done. For me, I will not. Still, her confession is bothering me in a good way I guess. Ugh, ignoring my lovey dovey thoughts, I know she was putting a huge facade of some sort. She was using a mask. I think? Her mask is better than my mom's. Then again, I don't know her that well. Maybe Valarie likes it when I am crazy? Or mad? Or both? All in all, Valarie is not my enemy. I will not kill her.


"Good. I am glad that you won't kill her. She's kinda of important, you know. And I owe her." A sudden figure appears beside me. 


"Who are you?" I was surprised at the beauty before me. She has dark hair with purple highlights that cascades down her shoulders, strands of hair lying on her her huge breasts. Her ruby like eyes lock onto me. "And why are you wearing pajamas? What's with the teddy bear?" Despite her baggy outfit, I can tell that this person is another pretty woman like mom, Valarie, and Brynhild. She has this fearsome aura that makes me want to look at her in awe. On the flip side, I fear for my life. I thought this barrier hid our presence. How did she get past it? 


Once again, someone I can't figure out. I cannot read her rank whatsoever. 


"[Delay Teleportation]." The strange woman chanted. Valarie appears before me, as the woman says, "Do you really want to fight against me? The Divine Being of mayhem, Chaos." Valarie stops herself.


"Excuse me?" I tilt my head. "Divine Being? And Chaos?"


"You seriously don't know about me? I'm hurt." said the dark hair woman.


"She is one of the high beings that exceeds everything. An actually Divine Being. Something that normal mortals would not see in their regular life." Valarie explains. "Seeing you in your pajamas is questionable though."


"Divine Being..." 




"EH!??!?!?!" I moved away from the stranger. I fought against Chaos' presence, jumping a few feet away from the woman. How can a being like her appear before us?! And why?! After all of this information I gathered, divine beings are a huge deal, especially if they visit you in person. Like Valarie said, they are beings that are out of this world. Only a select few would ever see one in their lifetime. Let alone speak to them face to face. I never thought that I would talk with a Divine Being! What the hell!? Did I do something wrong? Panic! PANIC!


"That explains why someone entered the forcefield. Only one of high status can sneak their way in here. Specifically, a divine being should not be able to come in here unless they were watching us." Valarie glares at Chaos, "You know about my plans. Are you here to stop me?" I pray that she's not going to kill us. 


"Nope. I wanted to chat with you a bit and my new champion." Eh?


"Champion? Seriously?" As the two talk amongst each other, I stand there like a tree. What are they talking about? Champion? Champions are beings that serve directly under a divine being. Like a genius, champions are famous individuals who carry out the will and word of their divine overlords. Although I feel like something is amiss. If I remember correctly, Chaos was suppose to introduce herself first. Or something like that. I remember a few books describing about the process of how they became a champion. They would form a connection with their divine being first. Their encounterments would be in the about to be champion's dreams or visions. The divine being would then ask a few questions to see if they fit their needs. Once that is done, they will personally visit them in the real world. It is like an interview at a job, in a way.  


"Hold on! I don't even know you!" I exclaimed. Well, I can figure out why she is here. Chaos, by her name, should be the maker, or something equivalent to that, of chaos magic. The sheer fact that I have this lost magic explains her sudden appearance before us. Still, I have no clue if I fit her... requirements. I just received this magic today. Additionally, I have no chaos spells.  


"Don't need to." Chaos just shrugs her shoulders, "It has been years since someone received my chaos magic. Just obtaining this magic makes you my champion. No need for all the trials and what not. Introductions? Please, I lost my patience once I laid my eyes on you. Think of it as a huge benefit. You are my first champion after all these years. Was it thousands? Or ten thousands? I lost count apparently. Oh well, I am glad that I found you though. Someone might try to claim you or kill you before I gave you your champion title. Jeez, I never thought the day would come when I have my own champion again!" I can't take her seriously. She's in her pajamas, jumping up and down... With a teddy bear in her arms. A grown woman with that body should be more refined, in my opininon. 


"Chaos, you are not explaining any of the important details. If you haven't noticed, Aisha is a sheltered princess. Not only that, she barely has any idea of what a champion entails. Their duties, their services, the benefits, Aisha needs to know all about it. You are being a bad role model now." 


"Can't you do that? You are like her lover, right?" She was eavesdropping on us...


"I will not force Aisha to love me. I just told her my true feelings. Knowing that you were watching everything, why did you... No, I know the answer to that question. Nevermind. Answer me this then, why have you appeared before us? You should have froze time and talked to your champion in peace, yet you are speaking with me."


"Like you, I do what I want." She walks up to Valarie, poking her right in the chest, "And your goal to kill Logan happens to be on my agenda." 


"Excuse me?" Valarie and I said in unison. Huh? Chaos wants Logan dead as well? Now I am a tad curious to Logan's reputation. Also, I have some slight dread about this. 


"You see, Logan is acting on his own terms. Well, not just him, a few other divine beings are breaking the rules in our realm. I cannot go over all the details, but he needs to be stopped. Stopped? Wrong word, he needs to die. I was seeking out fellow allies who could help me with this plot of mine, but most of the divine beings are turning a blind eye to this. No, I know they are aware of this, but I think they don't give two shits about what's going on. I would have some allies if I had some champions under my rule. Sadly, I don't. So even if I asked for some sort of alliance, I have no credibility or power to actually prove myself as a divine being. You can think of me as an old piece of furniture tucked away in the basement or attic. Never to be used again. I was watching over Aisha, but I just happened to hear about your little plot as well, Valarie. So I will-" 


"You will not issue it as a mission unless she says so." Valarie aims a sword at Chaos' throat. What?! Why is... 


"V-Valarie, you shouldn't-" My voice was caught in my throat as Valarie explains her sudden action.


"I want allies, but I will not force Aisha into this if she does not want to help. I heard you when she said she will not kill me, but I will not allow you to force this dangerous mission on her. If Aisha agrees to it, then I will let it slide. But having her do it against her will, I will fight you right here and now." 


"Oh? How do you know that she won't stab you in the back? She might reveal your schemes to Brynhild? Logan is a famous individual after all." Chaos flash her deadly smirk, eyeing the mad genius.


"I told Aisha everything because I want to and I trust her. If she uses that against me, so be it. If my foolishness grants me death, I'll accept it. However, I will not let you force this grand task on her without her consent. I don't care if you are some divine being, I'll treat you as a bitch if needed." 


Silence. Valarie called Chaos a bitch? Goddamn, what am I watching right now? Is Valarie so crazy that she will pick a fight with a divine being? And can missions really do that?  


Chaos raise her hands in defeat. "I understand. I am a tad surprised at your statement. I thought you would like all the help you can get. The only reason why you mention Logan in the first place was if you were going to die."


"I need all the help I can get, but I will not make AIsha bear this mission if I am still alive. I will seek revenge no matter what." 


"And will you let Valarie walk down that path by herself, my new champion?" They lock their gaze onto me. Valarie showed a new expression. Confliction? Pain? It made me feel... sad? It was weird. I know Valarie told me about her plans and Logan because she thought I was going to kill her, but now she does not want me to help her? It's confusing. I can understand why though. Slightly. Still a bother though since it's like I have to make a decision right here and now. Although I know this. Killing Logan will lift the curse off of my mom. If there is a way to lift that blasted curse off of her, I will gladly fight against Logan. It will take years for me to get to his level though. Centuries maybe. I guess I can ask a few questions before I make a decision.


"Can Logan hear this? Does he know about this plot?" 


"Depends. At the moment, I can state this. Any divine being that's watching over the world right now cannot hear what is being said right now UNLESS they zoom in and watch over a certain individual. Logan is not watching over us, so he has no clue about this plot. If he was watching over us, he would hear everything. Once he hears this, he will kill Valarie first. Then, he would target you with his champions." I frowned at that. He can kill Valarie personally? How? Why? "Know that once this barrier is down, divine beings can react to their names. So if you said my name outloud, for example, I can focus on the speaker. Bear that in mind." Wow. I didn't know that.


"Next question, will there be a reward for completing your task? You were about to give a mission of some sort. I know that if I obtained a mission from a divine being, I will have to complete it eventually."


"I'm surprised you know about some of this stuff." Valarie stated.


"I read this in a couple of books. I got a vague idea about the key roles of a champion."


"Should be obvious. Yes, you will be rewarded," Chaos started, "But I will shed some light about certain things. Missions are not optional. The champion, believe it or not, will be forced to complete it once they obtain the right amount of power to do so. Let's say that some divine being tasked their champion to kill a rank ten dragon. The champion is a rank eight. Obviously, the champion may not be able to stand off against a higher rank enemy. So once they obtain the right skills, techniques, perks, or power, they will kill that rank ten dragon. Will the champion succeed? Depends. The champion will do whatever they can to prevail. If they die, oh well." The dark hair woman shurgs her shoulders nonchalantly. I see. That explains Valarie's sudden interruption. Does Valarie serve a divine being?


"Valarie serves no divine being whatsoever." Chaos answers. She's reading my thoughts now. Great. "Valarie, believe it or not, is above the norm. Her rank is similar to most of the divine beings." Eh?


"Why are you telling her my rank? Did I give you permission?!" Valarie glares at Chaos.


"There's a reason why I want you as an ally. I might be pushing some of your buttons, but I want to test my champion as well. So bear with it." Huh? Test? Valarie finally lowers her blade, shaking her head.


"Should have hinted that at the start. Damn woman. I already have a nasty headache."


"Anyways, the reward will depend on the mission. The higher it is, in terms of danger, the better. Any other questions you want to ask, my dear?"  


"No. Not for now. I will ask Valarie later about some of the basics. I will help Valarie take down Ascended Creator Logan." Valarie stares at me in disbelief for a few seconds. She lets out a sigh.


"Are you sure? Once you accept this, you will be damned to help me till the bastard is dead. Know that once you go down this path, there is no turning back. Danger will lurk around every corner, loved ones might be targeted, and your life will never be the same again." I just scoff at the last part. Right now, my life is already a huge fucking mess. I know that I want to help. My mom, Valarie, I will repay my debt to them with this mission. I owe them this much. 


"I accept it. I will help Chaos and Valarie take down Ascended Creator Logan." With that being said, Chaos snaps her finger and a message appears in my head.


Champion Quest from Chaos

Mission: Kill Ascended Creator Logan

Due to the disorder in the Divine Realm, Logan is breaking the rules when it comes to the light and dark. He somehow cheated the Dark Art system despite being on the light. Experimenting with his own curses, he brings despair to his victims. Savoring the pain and torment, he continues to plague the world with his works. Ascended Creator Logan is deceiving the masses and his fellow light allies. Reveal his true colors and kill him.


Reward: ??????????????


I wasn't surprised at the explanation. I knew that Logan was corrupted to some degree. The quesiton is how much? There's no time limit, which is a good thing for me. I hate time limits. I cannot complete this mission right now, obviously. I have a long way to go before I face him. Assuming that he is acting as some holy being, his allies might be deceived by his facade. I might need to find some evidence or proof that Logan is a madman. I can worry about this when the time comes though. Another mission popped into my head and this one caught me off guard.


Champion Quest from Chaos 

Mission: Kill/Convince/Befriend Logan's Champions

Ignorance is bliss. Not all of Logan's champions know about his true colors. If you can save them, save them. If you can befriend them, befriend them. If they hate you and want you dead, kill them. Do what you must against Logan's Champions. If you do not seek them out during before your encounter with the Divine Being, you will regret it.

Note: Watch your wording.


Rewards: ????????


This is... disturbing. I understand what I need to do. Pretty straightforward - kill, convince, or befriend the champions under his name. It's just that the warning is a huge hint to what may happen if I reveal too much. Logan will catch onto my plans and may send his champions out to hunt me down. How can I explain to one of his champions about Logan's true nature without ushering his name?


"Divine beings cannot interfere with the mortal realm right? I guess you can call this the mortal realm." I asked.


"They can. Depends. There are certain rules that a divine being must do to... interfere. Choosing, selecting, and claiming a champion is not a big interference with the world. Saving a champion from death is an interference. Killing someone else's champion is an interference. The divine beings have to go through... paperwork, or something like that, to actually deal with this mess. There's a lot of examples, but I can say this. Logan will not kill you personally if you reveal his true face." That's good. "On the other hand, he will send his champions after you. Think carefully on when you should usher his name."


"I'm guessing you gave her the main mission, then the optional one. Something about the champions. Typical system." How does Valarie know about this stuff even though she is not a champion herself?


"Valarie was given the position of being a divine being herself, but she turned it-" Chaos teleports away from her current location. A huge explosion blast away the ground Chaos was standing on.


"I told you not to reveal my rank!"  Valarie's energy was oozing out of her.


"I did not reveal anything though~ I just gave away some other juicy information." Chaos did a cute wink and sticked out her tongue. Evading another attack, Chaos appears high above us. "Well, it's been fun, but I need to get going. I got work to do. If you need anything, just usher out my name Aisha!" Chaos disappears from her spot as Valarie unleash a destruction spell at her spot. I watch the dark energy explode at the empty air.


"Damn that woman." Valarie plants her hand on her face. 


"You turned down the chance of being a divine being?!" I didn't know you can do that! And one can actually become a divine being?! 


"Fucking Chaos being a blabbermouth. Yes, I decline the offer. This does not change my rank though. I am the same rank of some of the high beings, but I am not an official divine being. I declined it for several reason. One of the main reason is the system they use. It will hold me down, and it will most likely kill me. Or make me into an insane divine being. My curses will be active despite my change. The problem is if I cannot see any form of chaos, or make some sort of chaos in the new realm, I will lose my sanity. Not only that, I cannot be true to myself because the rules will strip me of my freedom. The other thing I'll state is this, once you enter the divine realm, you are stuck there. You need special permission to do something in the mortal realm if it does not involve your champions. Chaos slipped by this because she did her goal, make you into a champion, but she had a conversation with me at the same time. If she wanted to talk to me, she would need permission to do so. I can go on and on about this, but I can explain it some other time. I fear that Amelia might be a wreck right now. We should head back." A sudden question form in my head.


"If I did kill you, I could have the powers of a divine being?"


"If you killed me, do you think you will get a huge upgrade? Yes and no. Yes, you would have every ounce of power I obtained, but will you be able to keep your sanity? Once you kill me, you will have to have three active curses on at all times. Can you control your lust? Can you not lie to yourself? Can you ensure the chaos before you is enough to satisfy your thirst? I think I forgot to mention this, but all of the girls under my control will seek you out. My curse will become your curse, making you the new owner of my faction. Every girl in my faction will be flocking to you..." She decides to pull me in, whispering the next words into my ears. "Then they would be dying for your touch. They will want to fuck you and be fucked. They would want you to lick their-"


"NO MORE!" I push her away, blushing violently. I cover my face, trying to hide my embarrassment. She laughs at me, opening a portal. I never knew that gaining some abilities will have harsh consequences. I should keep that in mind later on. Note to self: Do not kill Valarie. I won't be able to handle all of her... responsibilities. Still, I can't believe she said that. Or was about to say it. Still, I think I am warming up to her. I forgot to ask Valarie one thing though. How come her curse is permenant? I thought that if I killed the caster, it will free me from it. Maybe there's more to it... I won't ask her right now.  


"Come now."


I know what I must do. I cannot allow this to hold me back any further. I will start my adventure soon enough. I have a new goal in mind. I understand that this was to give me more power. Was it wrong? Depends. Depends on how one looks at this. If I was still young and naive, I would never forgive my mom. I would have killed Valarie, and I would have left my old life behind me. I bet I'll regret those choices later on in life if I did do those things. I will not let this hatred cloud my vision.     


I will do as I please. I will live my own life now. 

A note from MorphsuitAmerica

Right so this chapter was suppose to be released three months ago. Or something of that sort. I left on vacation to visit my younger brother, but afterwards, I got bad news on my end. My grandmother passed away on 9/11/2017 and that got to me. A lot of stuff happened on that day. 


To be blunt, this chapter was a huge pain in my ass. A giant obstacle for the story progression. The biggest reason to this is the betrayal scene. There was no easy way around it. I know I can't appease most of my readers with the result because everyone has a different approach to it. Everyone will react differently to it. I, for one, would have spared Valarie, but would never trust my mother again. I have my fair shares of betrayal. And I know the feeling of losing someone close to you. I could not finish this chapter in the month of September cause of my previous statement. Taking that into account, I implemented those emotions into this chapter. I wondered what I would have done if I was Aisha. How would I feel about this? After I struggle with this ordeal, this is my final product. Once again, I know that it might be shit. I get it, but I am satisfied with the results. I can move on and get to the juicer stuff. Hopefully. Still in it's beginning stages though. There will be a lot of chapters to come and they will differ from the original story. Slightly.    


With that being said, I will have the below stuff as spoilers. This won't ruin the future of this story, but this was my original plan for my old version.


Spoiler: Old Ending to Amelia and Valarie

I hope you lot enjoy this chapter a bit. Or understand my little dilemma. Thank you for reading, and once again, if there's mistakes, just let me know in the comments below.


P.S. I pray that I can produce more chapters. Hopefully

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