Time & Tied

Time & Tied

by mathtans

A war in the future is spilling into our present. Enter Carrie Waterson, a teenage girl who ends up with a time machine. In using it, she learns that she is tied to a future destiny. What does that mean for her now? Who in her high school can be trusted to help out, given how some of her friends have their own agendas and mystic connections? Most importantly, how might Carrie fight against the future, when the future is herself?

(ASIDE: Cover was an old commission from Sabrnyan.)

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Word Count (14)
Top List #2000
6th Anniversary
Group Leader (IV)
Table of Contents
197 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Part 1a: Timely Discovery ago
Part 1b: Timely Discovery 2 ago
Part 2a: Time Out ago
Part 2b: Time Out 2 ago
Part 3a: The Plane Truth ago
Part 3b: The Plane Truth 2 ago
Part 4a: Flight Attendance ago
Part 4b: Flight Attendance 2 ago
Part 5a: Breakdown ago
Part 5b: Breakdown 2 ago
Part 6a: Welcome Change ago
Part 6b: Welcome Change 2 ago
Part 7a: Group Chemistry ago
Part 7b: Group Chemistry 2 ago
Part 8a: Sound The Alarm ago
Part 8b: Sound the Alarm 2 ago
Part 9a: Present Tense ago
Part 9b: Present Tense 2 ago
Part 10a: Time Doubt ago
Part 10b: Time Doubt 2 ago
Part 11a: Phil Doubt ago
Part 11b: Phil Doubt 2 ago
Part 12a: The Clarke Side ago
Part 12b: The Clarke Side 2 ago
Part 13a: Doubletakes ago
Part 13b: Doubletakes 2 ago
Part 14a: Doubletakes 3 ago
Part 14b: Doubletakes 4 ago
Part 15a: With Kaleidoscope Eyes ago
Part 15b: With Kaleidoscope Eyes 2 ago
Part 16a: And Logical Mind ago
Part 16b: And Logical Mind 2 ago
Part 17a: Observer Effect ago
Part 17b: Observer Effect 2 ago
Part 18a: Dance Dance Revolution ago
Part 18b: Dance Dance Revolution 2 ago
Part 19a: Dance Dance Redux ago
Part 19b: Dance Dance Redux 2 ago
Part 20a: Fallout ago
Part 20b: Fallout 2 ago
Part 21a: Serious Matters ago
Part 21b: Serious Matters 2 ago
Part 22a: Locker Up ago
Part 22b: Locker Up 2 ago
Part 23a: Rock Bottom ago
Part 23b: Rock Bottom 2 ago
Part 24a: Understandings ago
Part 24b: Understandings 2 ago
Author Aside on Awareness ago
Part 25a: Missing Piece ago
Part 25b: Missing Piece 2 ago
Part 26a: Time Zones ago
Part 26b: Time Zones 2 ago
Part 27a: Flashbacks ago
Part 27b: Flashbacks 2 ago
Part 28a: History Lesson ago
Part 28b: History Lesson 2 ago
Part 29a: Growing Pains ago
Part 29b: Growing Pains 2 ago
Part 30a: Search and Rescue ago
Part 30b: Search and Rescue 2 ago
Part 31a: Past Meets Future ago
Part 31b: Past Meets Future 2 ago
Part 32a: Frequent Flyers ago
Part 32b: Frequent Flyers 2 ago
Part 33a: Julie's Secret ago
Part 33b: Julie's Secret 2 ago
Part 34a: Shots Fired ago
Part 34b: Shots Fired 2 ago
Part 35a: The Wounded ago
Part 35b: The Wounded 2 ago
Part 36a: Question Everything ago
Part 36b: Question Everything 2 ago
Part 37a: Geography and Geometry ago
Part 37b: Geography and Geometry 2 ago
Part 38a: Coming Together ago
Part 38b: Coming Together 2 ago
Part 39a: Recovery Mode ago
Part 39b: Recovery Mode 2 ago
Part 40a: Reparations ago
Part 40b: Reparations 2 ago
Part 41a: Rescue Efforts ago
Part 41b: Rescue Efforts 2 ago
Part 42a: Tied in Naughts ago
Part 42b: Tied in Naughts 2 ago
Part 43a: Desperate Times ago
Part 43b: Desperate Times 2 ago
Part 44a: Turning Point ago
Part 44b: Turning Point 2 ago
Part 45a: Full Circle ago
Part 45b: Full Circle 2 ago
Part 46a: Out of Time ago
Part 46b: Out of Time 2 ago
Part 47: Respite ago
Author Aside on Escalation ago
Part 48a: Talking to Herself ago
Part 48b: Talking to Herself 2 ago
Part 48c: Talking to Herself 3 ago
Part 49a: New Arrival ago
Part 49b: New Arrival 2 ago
Part 50a: Carrie On ago
Part 50b: Carrie On 2 ago
Part 51a: The Visionaries ago
Part 51b: The Visionaries 2 ago
Part 52a: Tope Springs Eternal ago
Part 52b: Tope Springs Eternal 2 ago
Part 53a: Mental Strain ago
Part 53b: Mental Strain 2 ago
Part 54a: The Mansion ago
Part 54b: The Mansion 2 ago
Part 55a: Tune Up ago
Part 55b: Tune Up 2 ago
Part 56a: Tone Down ago
Part 56b: Tone Down 2 ago
Part 57a: Help Wanted ago
Part 57b: Help Wanted 2 ago
Part 58a: See Kings ago
Part 58b: See Kings 2 ago
Part 59a: Power Struggle ago
Part 59b: Power Struggle 2 ago
Part 60a: Under Attack ago
Part 60b: Under Attack 2 ago
Part 61a: The Conspiracy Unfolds ago
Part 61b: The Conspiracy Unfolds 2 ago
Part 62a: Fragmented Plans ago
Part 62b: Fragmented Plans 2 ago
Part 63a: Blame Game ago
Part 63b: Blame Game 2 ago
Part 64a: Banishment ago
Part 64b: Banishment 2 ago
Part 65a: Making the Rounds ago
Part 65b: Making the Rounds 2 ago
Part 66a: Shattered ago
Part 66b: Shattered 2 ago
Part 67a: Do You Mind? ago
Part 67b: Do You Mind? 2 ago
Part 68a: Timeline Four ago
Part 68b: Timeline Four 2 ago
Part 69a: Woodlands Detour ago
Part 69b: Woodlands Detour 2 ago
Part 70a: Woodlands Omens ago
Part 70b: Woodlands Omens 2 ago
Author Aside on Destruction ago
Part 71a: Psych Doubt ago
Part 71b: Psych Doubt 2 ago
Part 72a: Shrink Rap ago
Part 72b: Shrink Rap 2 ago
Part 73a: Four Part Harmony ago
Part 73b: Four Part Harmony 2 ago
Part 74a: Leading Tones ago
Part 74b: Leading Tones 2 ago
Part 75a: Hi Anxiety ago
Part 75b: Hi Anxiety 2 ago
Part 76a: Bad Signs ago
Part 76b: Bad Signs 2 ago
Part 77a: Double Blind ago
Part 77b: Double Blind 2 ago
Part 78a: Timeline Five? ago
Part 78b: Timeline Five? 2 ago
Part 79a: Cross Purposes ago
Part 79b: Cross Purposes 2 ago
Part 80a: Vanishing Act ago
Part 80b: Vanishing Act 2 ago
Part 81a: Do You Mindy? ago
Part 81b: Do You Mindy? 2 ago
Part 82a: Remaking History ago
Part 82b: Remaking History 2 ago
Part 83a: Double Trouble ago
Part 83b: Double Trouble 2 ago
Part 84a: Powering Up ago
Part 84b: Powering Up 2 ago
Part 85a: Closing the Loop ago
Part 85b: Closing the Loop 2 ago
Part 86a: M. I. A. ago
Part 86b: M. I. A. 2 ago
Part 87a: The Plain Truth ago
Part 87b: The Plain Truth 2 ago
Part 88a: Getaway ago
Part 88b: Getaway 2 ago
Part 89a: Future Imperfect ago
Part 89b: Future Imperfect 2 ago
Part 90a: Timeline Three ago
Part 90b: Timeline Three 2 ago
Part 91a: Fight the Future ago
Part 91b: Fight the Future 2 ago
Part 92a: Veni Vidi Veniti ago
Part 92b: Veni Vidi Veniti 2 ago
Part 93a: Rewrite the Future ago
Part 93b: Rewrite the Future 2 ago
Part 94a: Timeline Four Redux ago
Part 94b: Timeline Four Redux 2 ago
Part 95a: Carrie Versus Herself ago
Part 95b: Carrie Versus Herself ago
Part 96a: The Ultimate Paradox ago
Part 96b: The Ultimate Paradox 2 ago
Part 96c: Respite 2 ago
Author Aside on Resolution ago

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So far so good. It's a time travel novel filled with mystery. Although the female lead is a tad frustrating, it's understandable given the situation that she is in. The author is off to a good start in this novel, i enjoyed the premise however this is not my type of book, i just had free time on my hands. 

I saw no issue with the grammar, i wasn't expecially looking for them and i think so far so good but this book has hints of tropesville around it which would destroy such a good premise. I can see the author has made rules governing the story but i am one of those people who never get anything till the big reveal.

All in all, good read. not my taste but good read.

EDIT: I am getting to really like the characters and the author has given each chapter with a healthy amount of intrigue. I honestly recommend this.

EDIT2: Hmm... I'll be honest. My interest is wanning in the current chapters. (~66) The story is fine it's more like I'm not exactly invested in what the characters are doing? I like the characters but i don't really care about what they are doing at this point. Which is bad.

Honestly, this is the only story i read currently that has more than one main character. I think I said before that this wasn't my type of book before?

Yea, I usually find myself dropping books with more than one mc. dunno why tbh. And I'm not a biggie with the time travel genre.

Interesting at first but if this isn't your type of book, it's hard to stay invested. At least for me.


Looking forward to the sequel

I was sucked into the story immediately. All of the characters, their thoughts and actions felt real. This was the first story in which I was hoping for two characters to get together. I very much enjoyed the story and am looking forward to the sequel.

Many thanks Mathtans


This story is different than the stories usually on RRL. The best thing about it is definitely the characters who have evolved since the story started. As of chapter 57 I'm looking forward to how the story progresses and ends.