Reborn in The Marvel World

by Blackninja63

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Romance Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation School Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content


The story centers around a boy who has been reincarnated and as a result, can't remember who he is.   The last thing he remembers before dying is fighting with his friend about which superhero franchise is better. The next thing he knows, he has been reborn as Zen Shade, a half- black, half- Japanese kid.  Let’s just say as soon as he gets shot out of the womb, shit hits the fan. His new mom is not ordinary. She takes out ninjas with a magic sword right after giving birth. Zen thinks she is a badass and does not want to get on her bad side.

After being born, he moves to New York and sees the Avengers’ Tower. He later realized he has been reincarnated in the Marvel world. The first fourteen years of his life were pretty chill. He learns a whole lot of shit from his mom from sword fighting to Qui control to martial arts even medicine and poisoning and he even gets a special sword that can cut through anything. One Day, he is at the bank that a super villain tries to rob. He lets it go; none of his business; he is not a hero.  But, they piss him off.  So, using his skills and his sword, Kurohime he beats the super villains. This gets the attention of the Principal of Avengers Academy, Old Man Tony Stark who recruits Zen to the academy. There, he meets the kids of super heroes such as Spiderman, the Hulk, and even Thor. He makes friends and enemies. Being a super hero is easy; surviving high school with a ton of super-powered, emotionally unstable teenagers, now that is the hard part.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Marvel World ago
Chapter 2 Leah and Tony Stark ago
Chapter 3 Avengers' Academy ago
Chapter 4 The Roomates: Benny Parker and Decklyn Murdoch ago
Chapter 5 Sei Yang ago
Chapter 6 First Day of Class ago
Chapter 7 The top 10 in the Grade ago
Chapter 8 The Duel: Lion vs Tiger ago
Chapter 9 Amy Strange and Nightmares ago
Chapter 10 Sei vs Beta: The Dragon Roars ago
Chapter 11 Delta Vs Zen The Five Masters of Kurohime ago
Chapter 12 End of a Nightmare and We Have A Mole ago
Chapter 13 Were Going To Shanghai ago
Chapter 14 Bei Dou and Suzaku Yang ago
Chapter 15 Demon's Cave and Shameless ago
Chapter 16 The Tiger's Test ago
Chapter 17 The Tiger is Unleashed ago
Chapter 18 The Strongest Kid in the School ago
Chapter 19 Alberto Sanchez From Now on Your Days Will Not Be Easy ago
Chapter 20 Zen vs Zola: We Both Have Had it Tough ago
Chapter 21 Amy vs Sei: Battle in the Swamp ago
Chapter 22 Signs of Shadow Blade ago
Chapter 23 Return of The Lolli ago
Chapter 24 The Mysterious Old Man ago
Chapter 25 It's A Date ago
26 Attack on Wonderland ago
Chapter 27 The Loss of Something Important ago
Chapter 28 Enter...The Wild Idiot ago
Chapter 29 No Holds Bars: Cage Match ago
Chapter 30 I Don't do Anything for Free ago
Chapter 31 Zen Goes Back Home ago
Chapter 32 Society of Light ago
Chapter 33 $23.15 ago
Chapter 34 Riazen ago
Chapter 35 Messiah ago
Chapter 36 Holtan Pharmaceuticals. ago
Chapter 37 Also in My Strike Zone ago
Chapter 38 Uncle Eddy ago
Chapter 39 I Was So Close ago
Chapter 40 El Jefe Comes for Christmas ago
Chapter 41 What are You Doing Here ago
Chapter 42 Mentor ago
Chapter 43 Gathering Forces To defeat the Shemale ago
Chapter 44 Boys are Idiots ago
Chapter 45 Sara Lane The Rocker ago
Chapter 46 Alice and Sara ago
Chapter 47 Your not Mr. Bubbles ago
Chapter 48 More Than 1 Assassin ago
Chapter 49 Just a Nice Guy ago
Chapter 50 Troll Army ago
Chapter 51 Orange Power ago
Chapter 52 Should of Known You Were a Screamer ago
Chapter 53 University Day ago
Chapter 54 Mr. White and Root ago
Chapter 55 A Shade Reversal ago
Chapter 56 Charlie Sinclair ago
Chapter 57 The Test Begins ago
Chapter 58 Fork in the Road ago
Chapter 59 Just a Bite ago
Chapter 60 Dectective Zen ago
Chapter 61 I am Number 4 ago
Chapter 62 Into The Ice Age ago
Chapter 63 Grandpa was a Player ago
Chapter 64 Enter the Ice Castle ago
Chapter 65 Did I Just Get a Minion? ago
Chapter 66 Aunty Boa ago
Chapter 67 The Twins ago
Chapter 68 A Good Night For A Family Reunion ago
Chapter 69 Game On ago
Chapter 70 First Challenge Battle of 100 Demons ago
Chapter 71 Challange 2 Great Escape ago
Chapter 72 May the Zen Be With You ago
Chapter 73 A Yandere in Your Corner ago
Chapter 74 Number 5 and Celestial Garden ago
Chapter 75 Hellfire Pegasus ago
Chapter 76 Trihorse ago
Chapter 77 Unison Raid ago
Chapter 78 Metallic Hedgehog ago
Chapter 79 The Imfiltration of Avengers Acadamy ago
Chapter 80 Cursed Sword Durandal ago
Chapter 81 Durandle vs Zen ago
Chapter 82 Guardian of The Girls Dorm ago
Chapter 83 The Boys Dorm ago
Chapter 84 Cyber Warfare Marie Antoinette vs Cyrus the Virus ago
Chapter 85 Genius at Taking Hits ago
Chapter 86 You Can't Be My Dad Your a Women ago
Chapter 87 Saraphine vs Headshot ago
Chapter 88 Seiryu vs Ellen ago
Announcement ago
Chapter 89 Who is the best Swordsman Tanaka vs Zen ago
Chapter 90 Tray Vengence and it Over ago
Chapter 91 This Lord Will Never Wear a Skirt ago
Chapter 92 Zeneithens comming to Earth ago
Chapter 93 No OneMakes Fei Cry ago
Chapter 94 Chaos Energey and I Know A Guy witha Spaceship ago
Chapter 95 Girls head to Zenith ago
Chapter 96 Cazar ago
Chapter 97 I am not a Doctor I'm a Rocker ago
Chapter 98 Arachkina vs Saraphine ago
Chapter 99 Quadra Gang Fucked Up Next Stop Zenith ago
chapter 100 Mo Han ago
Chapter 101 Shit Hits The Fan Like I Knew it Would ago

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Like the overall story but...

Overall I like the story and will continue reading, but your grammer makes it physically painful to read at times. You don't need to have perfect grammer, just enough that it stops hurting please.


The story can be way better if try to correct your grammar. A lot of the sentences are confusing and there are a lot of misspellings.

In the beginning of the story you had an interesting plot, but now it's all about girls. 

Caleb Arny
  • It was ok, but as an English major, I couldn't help but cringe at the amount of grammatical errors in this book. Other than that, I feel this book is very well written, capturing many different aspects of the Marvel universe and crafting  them into an interesting, yet action filled book. 

As I say, it's not bad, but to be honest the spelling and grammar is rather painful and the x-rated scenes really need a lot of work. Overall though, it's pretty funny and the way that we keep finding random relatives is incredibly amusing to me.


Absolutely worth a read!

Sure it gets progressively more preverted and sexually orientated but the amount of cringe threaded through this story is far less than most stories on royal road.  

There are easy powerups and combat is kind of meh but as a harem slice of life it is entertaining and remarkably  easy to read, even with the soso grammar. 

The fact that the author doesn't lose himself to the harem (at least not yet), and continues to emphasise the hero and villain superworld aspect adds flavour and differentiates this from literally 99% of the stories on this site with a harem tag attached!


i like it very much does justice league exist in it? And teen titan


another good story ruined by a harem

was a good story to start with but like alot of writers the author got lost in the harem bull crap and forgot about the main point of ths story its sad becouse it was really a good story till the harem took over sigh 


One of the reasons why sites like this exist.

Okay, let's get things straight. The grammar, the punctuation, and the structure of the story are pretty bad. It is often difficult to read or hard to understand.

That said, the story is fun and entertaining. It's obvious that the author is enjoying what he writes. Sure, it isn't the greatest plotwise, but that works to its advantage most of the time. The story is a big, goofy shlockfest and isn't afraid of that.

The author isn't trying too hard to go back and spellcheck or edit, which is frustrating.  However, there's no rule that says the first draft of a story needs to be perfectly spelled and puncuated. 

I'm looking forward to more, and I hope the author continues to improve. 


Love it. mc is cool but has faults you can like. Goes between  a comedy and serious more often than changing socks.

reading demon

I love the story but you need to work on the grammer other than that the story is one of my favortes to read . I check every day to see if there is a update I can't wait to read more and the new story to I hope it is as good as this one.