Hi everyone.
First, sorry about the long, long time without any update.
I took more time to write the second volume
But it was worth. At least I hope so.

I'll post the first chapter of My eyes 2 next week.
But until then, you might enjoy this yuri short story I wrote a while back

You can read here

PS: I don't know if there's a problem posting a link on the chapter concent, but I'll update once Royal road accept the novel

Yuri Sensei is here on Royal Road.
Along with the second short story.
Friday is the last chapter

A note from phmmoura

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MayContainYuri @MayContainYuri ago

Great, I was really looking forward to the second volume.

Good work! (hopefully, probably)

GriefTG @GriefTG ago

I almost forgot about this novel I'm going to have to read through it again but it will be worth it.

Artusar @Artusar ago

YAY!!!! I am happy that this is finally continuing and thanks for that short story.

Sylux @Sylux ago


I am really happy about this.

Ty for the update.

loliZ321 @loliZ321 ago

found this during a search glad it will be updating soon thanks for the catnip

Spiels @Spiels ago

Yay!!! Thanks for the comeback!!

I read the short story and it was wonderful. I wish it was longer but then it wouldn't be a short story anymore lmao. When time permits, I would love to see a continuation of that romance. Cheers to you, looking forward to the sequel for "My Eyes Can See".


    phmmoura @phmmoura ago

    Thanks XD
    I thought of the short story as a twist of my BL cosplayer teacher and student romance. It could become a full story, though I prefer the second short story, which I just posted