Tales of the Blood Princess (expired version)

by DocteurNS

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Gender Bender Virtual Reality

Don't read this. It's dropped... or, well, this version is dropped. To those who care, the link to the rewrite shall be posted shortly. As soon as it exists.

Edit: And it does now -> http://royalroadl.com/fiction/7599

PS: You can also check this other fiction of mine, here: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/8624

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Romantic at Heart

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
V0.01 – The Highest Room of the Tallest Tower ago
V0.02 – Erwyn of the Dead ago
V0.03 – Worldly Concerns, part 1 ago
V0.04 – Worldly Concerns, part 2 ago
V0.05 – Promenons-nous dans les bois ago
V0.06 – Follow the Yellow Brick Road ago
V0.07 – You Have No Power Here! ago
V0.08 – Brain, Heart… ago
V0.SS – NO: Back from the Dead ago
V0.09 – …and Courage ago
V0.10 – Please do not read the small print ago
V0.11 – Let's Get Real, part 1 ago
V0.12 – Let's Get Real, part 2 ago
V0.13 – More than meets the eye ago
V0.14 – Crepuscule ago
V0.SS – OT: The Scariest One ago
V0.15 – Nowhere over the Rainbow ago
V0.16 – Castle Guards ago
V0.17 – Cookies ago
V0.18 – Sleeping Beardy ago
V0.SS – OUAT: Blood Princess Origins ago
V0.19 – Beauty and the Breast ago
V0.SS – NO: Recruitment Issues ago
V0.SS – WW: Council Meeting ago
V0.20 – Close Encounter of the Nerd Kind II ago
V0.21 – Nerdy Phone Home ago
V0.22 – Look what the cat dragged in! ago
V0.23 – First Impressions Count ago
V0.24 – Dungeon Break ago
V0.SS – Ep: End of the Beginning ago
V1.SS – Pro: Let Them Burn ago
V1.01 – Morning Mood ago
V1.02 – Lemons ago
V1.03 – Obviously Lemonade ago
V1.04 – Almost There ago
V1.05 – Out of Nowhere ago
V1.06 – Soulception ago
V1.07 – There’s no place like home? ago
V1.SS – OUAT: Majin The Scattering ago
V1.08 – Ghosts of the Past ago
V1.SS – NO: The Return of the Prodigal Squirrel ago
V1.09 – Noodly Feelings ago
V1.10 – Madness Returns ago
V1.11 – Shortcuts ago
V1.SS – OT: Plants vs. Zombies ago
V1.12 – Acid Partnership ago
V1.13 – Schmetterling ago
V1.14 – We got the butterfly in the stomach! ago
V1.15 – Have a good death ago
V1.16 – Cheer up, let’s run away! ago
V1.17 – Where I belong ago
V1.18 – Interview with the Zombie ago
V1.19 – Sorry to intrude… ago
Sorry? ago
The Penultimate ago
The LINK (not Zelda) ago

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Chaotically, train wrecking, disturbing, yet magnificent and beautifully made masterpiece.

This is the best thing ever, all other light novels feel like weeaboo shit in comparison and most other FF’s can’t compare. If you’ve read Fantasia I think you will like this and viceversa. The characters, their interactions, and the way they see world is plain awesome and unique, a true breath of fresh air in a world overflowing with overused tropes,cliches, and plot devices. Oh, and btw, you probably won’t see undead the same way again after reading this.


Style: This is one of the main charms of this story, if not the biggest. Not to say that the other fields are bad, but the style of this is so unique, so fresh, and original. The only other story I can remember that utilizes a similar style is Fantasia. Everything is as if it was seen through cursed magic glasses, everything is chaotic, random, funny, and goes the last way you’d expect it. Yet, everything makes sense and it’s perfectly logical within it’s own logic. Yes, that’s right, this is like Alice in Wonderland, but with a lot more blood, undeads, weird magic, crazy gods, and the mc is a freaking OP mad hatter.


Story: Errr, I can’t really say that the story itself is great, becausemostofthechaptersaretheprologue I guess you could say that right now while the main plot ifithasone is not yet there, we do have a well stablished world and characters, and the author has made sure to set a good groundwork for the future. We shall see how things develop for now on, but as it looks good for now and I have faith in the author I will give it a 4/5.


Grammar: A small amount of people should know that I’m picky when it comes to this if I want to read seriously Nasir05 being one of my past victims. I can honestly say that this is almost completely spotless in that deparment. If you want to find an error in this FF you better be confident in your english skills and have evolved from grammar nazi to grammar hitler. Yeah, that’s how nice it is. Occasionally  there may be a word that is mispelled but that’s it, I swear.


Character: While it’s true that most side-characters have not been fleshed out in deep, they still feel pretty well established and not empty. Our MC has so much depth to him and so much past and traits that it would take more than a chapter worth of letters to describe him, while still not feeling like it’s going overboard. One of the things I like in this FF is the way it keeps introducing more characters and gives them a good identity, even a one-time appearance goblin here has more impact and deep that your average “Bad guy A,B,C” that you see normally in other fictions. Most of the characters are quite eccentric and have out of the box thinking, while others despite not being crazy are still not your average joe and have their own “special” characteristics. One of the things which I believe would improve this FF is if there was more “normal” people, as most introduced characters are clearly not normal, I believe this would improve the reading experience by giving us how the average person sees our mc or even other characters actions.


Also, one of the things worth mentioning in this FF is the fact that people have a life. While the mc is pretty much a gamer that spends more time than it would be recomendable in VR, he goes to university, talks to people, has RL problems, and overall is not like your other MC’s in these  genres when they would have to be in a coma or something to explain everything.


I believe this is a must read, and something that should have more attention.

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Great start of what looks to be a great story.

I have been reading this since the the first chapter appeared and after I finished that I bookmarked this page so on with the review.

Style: The writing of this story is unique and funny, especially the way Mc’s thoughts and the narration are mixed.

Story: Since there is very little story right now I did not give it a full score but I have high hopes for it, especially since this does not seem to be a supper fast paced FF where MC become supper powerful immediately as the story started part way into his career where the story can go anywhere with out it being forced.

Grammar I have no memory of any grammar mistakes anywhere in the chapters, which is only a good thing!

Character: Same as story there is not much to go on as there is only one character so far but there are hints of interesting ones in his past which I hope we will get to see, As for the MC, I LOVE CHAOTIC CHARACTERS!

Edit: There are more characters now, and all of them are seen through the distorting and very accurate lens of insanity which does not make them anything like the cookie cut characters in other stories.

PS. It is my sincere belief that both fire balls and lava orbs are for pussies and a true pyromaniac should use plasma … balls? orbs? spheres? That kill most living things around them before they are even fired at the fool who pissed of the plasma wielding pyromaniac. 

  • Overall Score

I believe the title says it all. But as always the review system requires 50+ characters so I shall continue my spiel.


  • Overall Score

Like the title of this comment says: unique

The story gets off-tangent more often then not, but it’s interesting and funny

the first chapters are a bit confusing though, with all the flashbacks inside flashbacks that the mc narrates for some reason inside his head.

very good grammar

nice mc, love the randomness and the references


EDIT: This story should be in the top 10 at least! (now on chapter 44)

Read about The Reckless Imbecile and his epic quest, a story where the main character will absolutely not go off tangent for even a minute! What's that? You don't believe me? What do i care? you're not the boss of me, i'm just a random person on the internet, like you are!............right? Unless you are not a random person on the internet and have been following my every move! But that would be ridiculous hahahaha.....ha............... Anyway this story will only go a little bit more off tangent than this comment


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What in god fucking name is that synopsis? This story probably has the best writing quality on the entire site, and the synopsis is written like a complete joke.


Almost didn't read this story because of it. 


So to potential readers, you may think the synopsis reflects the quality of the story, well all I can say is it doesn't as far as this story is concerned. Seriously, the quality of the story in comparison to the synopsis makes me think this is some running joke by the author.

  • Overall Score

Definitely something you must read

This is something I would definitely recommend to read! I won't go to deep as I think Loco15 did a pretty good analysis. Only I would give the story a five now as well as it is out of the "prologue" now and looking really good. Well first time writing stuff like this so I just wanted to say that if you like humor and a well written story with good characters and everything this one is a must. 


And as I'm now up to date with the chapter I can only wish for more while going through withdraw *start looking for possible time-machines to get to the next chapter* .

  • Overall Score

how to say :

funny entertaining, very gut, lovely, enjoyable, late, need to sleep, hilarious, random with pleasure, inetresting, pastry killing, reviewed five on five, perffect masterpiece, jewel of humor, etc...
i've read it until chapter 19, and i loved it !

i'm gonna advice some friends to read it too !

  • Overall Score

Really interesting and crazy story

had more then one laughing fit

  • Overall Score

Randomness constrained by logic,

Interesting characters,

Lovely wordplay,



  • Overall Score

Could you let us know if you’re done writing, I’m not really complaining, your life…. But I only come to this site for your stuff so if you’re not writing anymore it’s a waste of my time. If you could, just give us a heads up in regards to the future. But seriously love the series. Just as a note.