Hello, You're Through To Hades, How Can I Help You Today?

by Lone

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Drama Romance Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural

Hades, the God of the underworld, has grown bored.

This was only the natural result since he'd been doing nothing except process souls for over a hundred-thousand years. It didn't help that the only person he could socialise with was the occasional Hero or fellow Divine-level being that graced him with their presence. 

However, his chance to break this monotony had arrived. Two souls had disappeared from Earth. They didn't go to Olympus nor did they enter the Underworld. This peculiar change was the final nail in the coffin for Hades.

How did the God of Death react to this? Of course, he chose to finally quit his job! Be damned to the responsibilities! ... Nothing bad could happen if he left the throne of The Underworld for only a few decades, right?

Follow Hades as he lives amongst the mortals and tries to enjoy his new lease on life. Hopefully, his absence won't create any unforeseen consequences for Earth... hopefully.

The cover art was drawn by the very talented Adsterhappy.

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Lucien of the Old Blood
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It's just damn funny. I wish I could find a similar novel, obviously longer and frequently updated, with such overpowered beings acting adorable. This is a niche genre that isn't written on very often, it's more OP MCs being OP, never OP MCs being adorable.