Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos

Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos

by Meakashi

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Volumes 1 to 7 are available on Amazon! The books are going onto a different track, so don't miss the new adventures of Chaos!

Death and Reincarnation.

Kuroe Makoto, the tomboyish ace of her high school track and field club, never spared a thought for these things before. However, when she falls asleep in her Tokyo home after an exhausting marathon and wakes up in a fantasy world, those concepts become her reality. And unlike in the common light novel setting, she isn't reincarnated as the naturally good-looking and talented human hero who gathers a harem effortlessly.

In fact, she isn't reincarnated as a human at all. She is reborn as 'Chaos', child of the demon queen and heir to a kingdom at war with humanity.

Maou Shoujo Magical Chaos puts the Japanese high school girl in a tentacle monster, in this strange tale of a sound human mind possessing a horrifying creature's body. Join Chaos on her oftentimes humorous but also perilous journey through a world of sword and sorcery, as she discovers a newfound appetite for life, terror, and demi-human girls.


This story features just yuri, as the female protagonist only has interest in other females.

Current Release Schedule: One to two chapters every week. Expect an announcement if I can't keep to that.

Pledge of Completion: With the release of the ebook on Amazon, I pledge that this series will never be dropped, and see completion.

Standalone spin-off featuring SenkaRed Mantis and Avenger Doll

Cover art by Peperon.

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Table of Contents
231 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - I have no mouth, and I must eat (v2) ago
Chapter 2 - Saving Private Parts (v2) ago
Chapter 3 - Who Let the Wolves Out ago
Chapter 4 - I eat, therefore I am ago
Chapter 5 - Take Two ago
Chapter 6 - Legend of the Land Selkie ago
Chapter 7 - Normies Should Just Explode ago
Chapter 8 - After All, It's Only at That Level, huh? ago
Chapter 9 - On the Road ago
Chapter 10 - Going for All Character Routes ago
Chapter 11 - Breaking Minds and Fourth Walls ago
Chapter 12 - Girls are Discussing ago
Chapter 13 - Side Quest Accepted ago
Chapter 14 - Saint of Luminosity ago
Chapter 15 - Slavery Doesn't Pay ago
Chapter 16 - The Raid and Redemption ago
Chapter 17 - A New Dawn ago
Chapter 18 - Pretty Old News ago
Chapter 19 - State of Emergency ago
Chapter 20 - The Path to the Capital ago
Chapter 21 - Through the Belly of the Beast ago
Chapter 22 - The Journey Continues ago
Chapter 23 - Row Row Row Your Boat ago
Chapter 24 - The Royal Academy ago
Chapter 25 - Like a Rat ago
Chapter 26 - School's Starting ago
Chapter 27 - Blazing Transfer Student ago
Chapter 28 - Angel and Demon ago
Chapter 29 - Pride and Prejudice ago
Chapter 30 - Cue Romantic Music ago
Chapter H1 - Dying Embers of Hope ago
Chapter 31 - Purity and Corruption ago
Chapter 32 - Every Story Needs One ago
Chapter 33 - End of Innocence ago
Chapter 34 - Spread Your Wings ago
Chapter 35 - Revealed or Safe? ago
Chapter R1 - The Lost Tombs ago
Chapter 36 - Demon Mages Association ago
Chapter 37 - Chaotic Revelations ago
Chapter 38 - The Conspiracy ago
Chapter 39 - Night at the Library ago
Chapter 40 - Not Like One in a Book Off ago
Chapter K1 - I Love Onee-sama ago
Chapter 41 - Detour with Benefits ago
Chapter 42 - The Demon Queen Pelomyx ago
Chapter 43 - Return to the Academy ago
Chapter 44 - School Days ago
Chapter 45 - Checkmate ago
Chapter A1 - Peace of Mind ago
Chapter A2 - Sanctity of Will ago
Chapter 46 - Cruelty in the Desert ago
Chapter S1 - Hyper-Dimensional Loli-Doll ago
Chapter 47 - Operation Desert Sweep ago
Chapter 48 - Slavery Does Pay ago
Chapter 49 - A Foreign Land ago
Chapter 50 - The Twin Goddesses ago
Chapter 51 - The Prisoner ago
Chapter 52 - The 6th Day ago
Chapter K2 - This Hand of Mine ago
Chapter 53 - The Red Tides ago
Chapter 54 - Battle for the Bulge ago
Chapter 55 - Time to Return ago
Chapter 56 - Ace Combat ago
Chapter 57 - Chaos Returns ago
Chapter 58 - No More Mercy ago
Chapter 59 - The Gravity of the Situation ago
Chapter O1 - Splinter Cells ago
Chapter O2 - Perfect Dark ago
Chapter R2 - Look at My Horse ago
Chapter K3 - The Nightmare Breeders ago
Chapter O3 - The Breaking of the Fellowship ago
Chapter 60 - Space Oddity ago
Chapter 61 - Revelation of Divine Divinity ago
Chapter R3 - The Lioness' Den ago
Chapter O4 - I'm Flying ago
Chapter K4 - Smackdown ago
Chapter 62 - Soul of Gold ago
Chapter 63 - Beginning of the Training Arc ago
Chapter K5 - Difference in Power ago
Chapter O5 - How the Other Half Lives ago
Chapter O6 - Everyday Life With Monster Maids ago
Chapter K6 - Friendly Monster in Law ago
Chapter Y1 - Out of the Dark ago
Chapter Y2 - Into the Light ago
Chapter A3 - Gathering Clouds ago
Chapter A4 - Brewing Storm ago
Chapter A5 - Risk of Rain ago
Chapter 64 - Megasonic Chaos Warhead ago
Chapter A6 - Demon Holocaust ago
Chapter 65 - Lightning Before the Thunder ago
Chapter A7 - Castle Crashers ago
Chapter A8 - Of Gods and Demons ago
Chapter A9 - Mighty Clashes ago
Chapter A10 - Cradle to the Grave ago
Chapter 66 - To Dust ago
Chapter A11 - After the Chaos ago
Chapter 67 - Aloha? ago
Chapter 68 - Windwaker ago
Chapter 69 - It's Still a Sex Thing ago
Chapter 70 - A Real Faux Pas ago
Chapter 71 - Time for a Timeskip ago
Chapter 72 - Aoranam Village Defense ago
Chapter 73 - Prophecies are Bogus ago
Chapter 74 - Welcome to the Jungle ago
Chapter 75 - Wah! What are we going to do in the brush? ago
Chapter 76 - Bewitched City ago
Chapter 77 - Your Princess is in Another... ago
Chapter 78 - Sea Witch Rapania ago
Chapter 79 - Woman of Steel ago
Chapter L1 - Set Sail! ago
Chapter L2 - Chase at Sea ago
Chapter L3 - Here Be Sea Dragons ago
Chapter 80 - Tonight We Hunt ago
Chapter 81 - The Black God ago
Chapter 82 - Flame On ago
Chapter 83 - Magnificent Seven Assemble ago
Announcements (Not a Chapter) ago
Story Artworks ago
Chapter 84 - Godslayer Cannon ago
Chapter 85 - The Chaos Flight Program ago
Chapter 86 - Downtime For Our Heroes ago
Chapter 87 - Resupply in Anutawa ago
Chapter 88 - Avoid All Side Quests ago
Announcement - Ebook Is Here! ago
Chapter 89 - Future-Proofing ago
Chapter 90 - Bringing the War to Their Doorsteps ago
Chapter W1 - Decision, Defense, Departure ago
Chapter 91 - Perfect Matchups ago
Chapter 92 - The Child of the Sun ago
Chapter 93 - The Man Who Sold the World ago
Chapter 94 - Taking Shape ago
Chapter 95 - This World Is An Illusion ago
Chapter 96 - Not the Final Bossfight ago
Announcement - Ebook Giveaway! ago
Chapter 97 - The Savior of Adanak ago
Chapter 98 - Body of Gold ago
Chapter 99 - Going Home ago
Chapter 99.5 - Service Heaven [Censored] ago
Chapter 100 - Return of the Queen ago
Chapter 101 - An Offer They Can't Refuse ago
Chapter 102 - Liberation of Arkaim ago
Chapter 103 - Declaration of War ago
Chapter 104 - A Show of Force ago
Chapter 105 - Duties of a Leader ago
Chapter 106 - One Reunited, One to Go ago
Chapter 107 - Moving Ever-Forward ago
Chapter 108 - Sending a Message ago
Announcement of Many Things ago
Chapter 109 - Guardian of the Soil ago
Chapter 110 - My Little Otaku Can't Be This Cute ago
Chapter L4 - A Clash of Fire and Ice ago
Chapter L5 - Earth, Water and Ice ago
Chapter L6 - An End to Extremes ago
Chapter 111 - But a Moment's Respite ago
Chapter K7 - Leaders Past and Present ago
Chapter K8 - Journey to the South ago
Chapter K9 - Lady of the Mountain ago
Chapter 113 - The Crone ago
Chapter K10 - City of God ago
Chapter 114 - To the Promised City ago
Chapter 115 - Total Eclipse of the Heart ago
Announcement of Volume 3 ago
Chapter 116 - Use the Force ago
Chapter 117 - Reunions in Zohigal ago
Chapter 118 - Skyfall ago
Chapter 119 - Crisis Core ago
Chapter 120 - Shattered Predictions ago
Chapter 121 - Never A Break ago
Chapter 122 - Parlay ago
Chapter 123 - Charge ago
Chapter 124 - Reign of Fire ago
Chapter 125 - Attack on Titan ago
Chapter 126 - Chosen Knights ago
Chapter 127 - Counterattack ago
Chapter 128 - Winter Has Come ago
Story Artworks 2 and Announcement ago
Chapter 129 - Limited Power ago
Chapter 130 - End of the War ago
Chapter 131 - Crowning Moment of Glory ago
Chapter 132 - Heaven and Hell, Let's Rock ago
Chapter 133 - Long Live the Queen ago
Epilogue - Punishment of a Lifetime ago
Chapter 134.1 - Thirteen ago
Chapter 134.2 - Thirteen ago
Chapter 134.3 - Thirteen ago
Chapter 135.1 - The Enemy of My Enemy ago
Chapter 135.2 - The Enemy of My Enemy ago
Chapter 135.3 - The Enemy of My Enemy ago
Chapter 136.1 - Coming to Armeria ago
Chapter 136.2 - Coming to Armeria ago
Chapter 136.3 - Coming to Armeria ago
Chapter 137.1 - All Might ago
Chapter 137.2 - All Might ago
Chapter 137.3 - All Might ago
Chapter 138.1 - Supernova ago
Chapter 138.2 - Supernova ago
Chapter 138.3 - Supernova ago
Chapter 139.1 - Defeating Destiny ago
Chapter 139.2 - Defeating Destiny ago
Chapter 139.3 - Defeating Destiny ago
Chapter 140.1 - Serving Justice ago
Chapter 140.2 - Serving Justice ago
Chapter 140.3 - Serving Justice ago
Chapter 141.1 - Countdown to Destruction ago
Chapter 141.2 - Countdown to Destruction ago
Chapter 141.3 - Countdown to Destruction ago
Chapter 142.1 - Watch and Learn ago
Chapter 142.2 - Watch and Learn ago
Chapter 142.3 - Watch and Learn ago
Chapter 143.1 - Still Not The Final Bossfight ago
Chapter 143.2 - Still Not The Final Bossfight ago
Chapter 143.3 - Still Not The Final Bossfight ago
Chapter 144.1 - The Final Secret ago
Chapter 144.2 - The Final Secret ago
Chapter 144.3 - The Final Secret ago
Chapter 145.1 - Gravitation ago
Chapter 145.2 - Gravitation ago
Chapter 145.3 - Gravitation ago
Chapter 146.1 - Toward Departure ago
Chapter 146.2 - Toward Departure ago
Chapter 146.3 - Toward Departure ago
Chapter 147 - Time of My Life ago
Chapter 148 - The Queen Pelomyx ago
Chapter 149 - This Is Sci-Fi Now ago
Chapter 150 - Solar Storm ago
Chapter 151 - The Abyss And The Light ago
Chapter 152 - Perfect Sanctuary ago
Chapter 153 - Infiltrator ago
Chapter 154 - The Collective ago
Chapter 155 - Absolute Control ago
Chapter 156 - Passing the Mercury Screen ago

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Review of Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos

Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos
scale of 1-5


The style in which the story is written is quite enjoyable. While not my favourite personally, and while it sometimes requires the "right mood" in order to get into it, there is no doubt that the comedic style is a fun read to the majority of the story's audience. The downside of it is its rather niche focus on a somewhat target audience, which may further hinder it due to its already restricted playing field of the genre in which it wallows.
On the flip-side however, doubling down on its focus may in fact be its strength
instead, and furthermore the style's satisfactory execution leaves no doubt in my mind that even to people who might not be familiar with, or downright dislike the niche that the story puts focus on, will either enjoy the style of writing, or at worst, will not be impacted by it at all.
I have given the story a 4 in this category mainly out of personal taste,
though it likely deserves higher.


The story is so far the category with which I have the most issues. Leaving aside my general distaste for anything not done extremely well in this particular genre
(which to begin with should have a rather diminished impact on this particular story due to its original execution, but more on that later), I have decided to first assess it without prejudice. However even then I have a number of small and even some large issues with it.
First, the main character's goal is vague at best. She seems to lack motivation for things in general (note, seems; this is something that ties in with a point I will make later on) and she can be hard to identify with.
Her main goal at the moment is returning to the demon lord's castle before the 3 years are up but... what happens after? In fact, she had already succeeded once so far. Does that not count? And what happens next, after her goal is reached?
She also doesn't seem very concerned with finding out about herself, her species, about the world she landed in,... she seems to find out about these things in a somewhat passive way, rather than actively searching for answers, which seems like it would be more in line with a story progression.
What I think is the source of all these listed issues and a number of others is, that we do not seem to be able to get a look at what's actually going on inside her head DESPITE the fact that the story is written in FIRST PERSON.
That is an alarming failure on the author's part, as it seems to me that due to the story being written in the style that it is (though also somewhat hindered by the style in this aspect), we should be able to have a much closer and more persistent look at Makoto's motivations, her plans, goals etc. To be fair, Makoto does often state or think what it is she wants to do and acts very clearly on it, but even then she still seems lackluster in this department, mosty jumping from one immediate goal to the next in the reader's eyes.

I would like to compare this story to my experience of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo. Both are stories that put a unique twist on the alternate world fantasy and both surprised me at the start with their execution and smooth progression. Despite my distaste for the genre, both managed to provoke interest from me.
I won't go into details on what I noticed about KonoSuba after I read all the Light Novels that are out at this time, but for this story in particular, despite my honest wishes against it, my interest for it began to falter with certain chapters. I still find interesting unique takes on the genre in this story in recent chapters, and honestly there are more now in the very recent chapters than in the school arc chapters, but I am very much looking forward to a fresh take that will put a new spin on things in the coming chapters.


There is not much to say here. Aside from the very very occasional misuse of a tense or a typo, the grammar is excelent and small mistakes can be forgiven. The reason I don't give it a flat 5 in this category is simply because I am a prick.


The characters so far have left a positive impression on me overall. I have some minor issues with how some of their development has gone, but honestly, that in itself is something to be praised and in the end often comes down to personal taste, story genre, their roles and other things that aren't necessarily a subject of objective rating. Therefore, what I can say about this category is mostly along the lines of what I personally enjoy or do not enjoy.

I enjoy twisted anti-hero characters, I enjoy unexpected crazy twists, I enjoy a resourceful protagonist that isn't just a power fantasy.
I'd first like to say that Makoto does well in the twisted anti-hero department, does fairly well in the unexpected twist department (although I'd like to see more of those in the general storyline AND IN OTHER CHARACTERS!) and passes with flying colours in the resourcefulness department, albeit having some minor issues with the power department. That is not to say that she is too strong physically, she runs into her own set of troubles and does not simply go unchallenged, as shown particularly well in the latest chapter (ch58 - No More Mercy). I do have issues with her mental, psychological fortitude however, as far as young Japanese high-schoolers are concerned. While there is a lot I could say on this, I'll just say that some of it ties in with our seeming inability to see inside her head.

As far as what I don't enjoy is concerned... one thing that comes to mind is her overly passive and predictable sidecharacters (Senka in particular is somewhat forgettable, I had forgotten she was even part of the gang until I was all but done with the character review) While they have had character development, as far as I can tell it has mostly been towards them being more dependant on Makoto.

On the other hand, Makoto seems like she could be doing perfectly fine even if they had never existed, aside from her emotional attachment to them. I am looking forward to a lot more surprising developments on their parts, perhaps even a new groupie in the form of the golden lady in the recent chapter? I suppose we'll see soon enough.

That said however, I must reiterate that a lot of the characters so far have managed
to do a great job at charting out their personality and interests (all the more sad that this seems to be an issue with the main character). This is particularly praiseworthy as far as minor characters that are likely to not have a recurring appearance go, as a lot of them so far have made an impression on me.


It is with a shaky hand that I give this story this score. That is not to say that it doesn't deserve it, or a better score. I believe that objectively speaking it deserves at least that, if not better.
The reason I rate it this way is in my personal enjoyment factor. While I do enjoy it, and look forward to new chapters and developments (mostly new characters right now), I felt like I had to give it this score more because it deserves better. While I do think that there are a some things it could objectively be doing better, I feel it would be unfair of me to not recognise the things it does well despite the fact that it's not my preferred genre. However, since it hasn't quite managed to completely reignite the same spark I had when reading some of the earlier chapters, this is my compromise between the two opposite sides. I'll be patiently waiting for the fire to be linked once more.


I found this story to be a very fun read.

Style: I like the style actually, but it's not really the best type of style. The 4th wall breaking gets a bit much.

Story: I very much enjoy the story itself. Being on the side of "evil" and reading from that perspective is really fun.

Grammar: I remember seeing some out of place grammar so 4/5.

Character: The MC is hilarious and her harem is also pretty fun. I enjoyed all of their shenanigans.



It's a very fun story. 

Style-Informal, lacks dialogue tags but makes it clear who's talking when. I found it easy to read, easy to empathize with the MC's internal dialogue and that kept me invested in her character.

Grammar-Found no errors.

Story-It's one of those type of stories where if you are concerned more about the goal than the journey I don't think you'll allow yourself to enjoy it.

Character-Based heavily in anime troupes and I think the author uses them well. Usually find that authors tend to not represent the troupes well so when you have the anime you imagined in your mind and compare that to the story, the story falls short. With this story I felt I could imagine the character's well in anime form.

Overall- Didn't expect much going in and found myself drawn in, as if a tentacle wrapped around my ankle and pulled me into a dark abyss.


a very well spun tale that all can enjoy (16+ xD) and apparently reviews need to be 200 words long erm one of the best stories I've read in here in along time. Well written characters nice twist to keep the story fresh and entertaining and even the sex scenes are well written which is not easy 


I enjoyed it very much and expect to read more about it. Thanks! 


I fun read and one I eagerly wait for the next update.



A wonderful and interesting story, go on! 


Love it very much and I look forward to many among many more chapters for a long time.


An unexpected treat in the midst of generic novels

I honestly didn't have any expectations for this novel. Oh boy, was I surprised when the author began throwing in clever wordplay and hilariously written scenes.

The style reminds me of a well-translated Japanese light novel, and the grammar is surprisingly good. The characters are bursting with charm and personality, and although I can't say I care much for the story, it serves the novel well and does what it sets out to do. Though it may be a little overenthusiastic for me to give this novel a 5-star overall score, the novel is like chocolate- I can't stop coming back for more.


Embrace the humor, sex, magic, world that make up this story

Very well executed idea, simply delicious funny moments in all their glory.

This is a very good story with an amazing schedule and great quality. I fail to see how this isn't more highly rated.
If you're wondering "should I read this?" read it. You won't regret it.

Thank you author for an amazing journey :D