Shango was shocked for a moment. Throughout the many years of knowing each other, this was the first time Yuki had ever asked a question like this. In many people’s eyes, it may have seemed like they were already dating, but the actual topic never came up.

In a hurry, he said, “It’s because you’re a lesbian.”

“NO, I’m bisexual.” She stared at him as if she was saying, try again.

“Thinking for a moment,” he said. “Yuki, you know my parents died when I was young. I can barely remember their faces. When I try to think of them, only Uncle Kenji and Auntie Lara’s face appear. They took care of me like I was their flesh and blood. Hell, for a long time I even thought of you as my older sister. I guess it would have felt like I was taking advantage of them by having an intimate relationship with you.”


Out of nowhere, two extra ‘bullshit’s came from beside them. They looked over and saw Yuki’s parents looking straight at them.

Uncle Kenji was a 5’9 Japanese-American man with a black crew cut and black eyes. Next to him was Auntie Lara, who was 6’0. She was an Afro-Brazilian with black hair shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, and a similar body type to Yuki. They both wore matching Nike sweat suits.

“Mom, Dad, why are you here?”

“It’s my got damn gym. Why can’t I be here? As for your father,” she patted his belly, “he gained a bit of weight recently, so I’m having him work out with me.”

Yuki’s father then spoke with a hint of anger, “Shango, you little bastard. You kept my little Yuki waiting for some bullshit reason like that. Your father and I grew up together, served in the army together and bled together. We were so close it was almost like we came from the same ball sack. Hell, more than once we’d DP a pretty little...”


“Uncle Kenji.”

Suddenly, Uncle Kenji felt an elbow hit his stomach and then caught a glimpse of his wife staring daggers at him.


“What I meant to say was that your father and I are sworn brothers. Raising his son after what happened was my duty. I would like nothing more than for you to become my son-in-law, it would be a dream of mine to have the son of my sworn brother as a son-in-law. Hell, if it wasn’t for the wife saying something about letting nature take its course, there would have been a shotgun wedding a long time ago.”


“But my ass, Yuki will be 26 this year. I want grandchildren dammit.”

Auntie Lara walked closer and then placed both of her hands on my shoulders. “Shango, you should know that you’ve been betrothed to Yuki since you left your mother’s womb. The moment she found out she was having a boy, she already started calling Yuki her little daughter-in-law.”

She giggled for a moment before saying, “Shango, even before Yuki could fully talk, she was already calling herself your wife. She would even take you from your mother’s arms and plant little kisses all over your face.”

Shango glanced at Yuki, who was starting to blush after hearing her mother's words.

He smiled and whispered, “You little yandere.”

She elbowed him in his side, blushing even more.

Seeing their interaction, Uncle Kenji and Auntie Lara could do nothing but laugh.

“But wouldn’t it be weird if I date Yuki, you two raised did me?”

“No, weird would be the time your father and I got drunk in Rico and woke up surrounded by hookers, goats, and a gay German guy.”

Uncle Kenji felt another elbow hit his stomach again, this time a lot harder, causing him to lose his breath.

Gasping for a bit before regaining his breath, he said, “What I meant to say was, no matter what you might think me and your auntie Lara, we aren’t your real parents and Yuki is not your real sister. There is nothing weird about it. Now enough of this wishy-washy stuff. The only thing that matters is how you feel about our little Yuki.”

Shango looked at Uncle Kenji and Auntie Lara, then at Yuki, before finding his resolve and saying, “Yuki, wait here one second.”

He went to his gym bag, found a dollar and started folding it a few times while walking back towards Yuki.

“Yuki, will you be my number one? Please go out with me.” he said as he took her hand and placed an origami dollar ring on her finger.

He could see Uncle Kenji out the comer of his eye wearing a smug smile on his face and caught a glimpse of Aunt Lara with a happy expression.

Tears flowed from Yuki's eyes. She smiled and said, “This is cheesy, Shango.”

“Ya, I know.” he smiled back at her.

She walked closer and hit his chest a few times before saying, “It took you long enough.”

Before he could say anything, she kissed him.

“Hey, now. Ain’t I supposed to be the one to start the kiss?”

“Hell no. The last time I had to wait for you to do something, it took an incredibly long time.”

“That’s right little Yuki, if we leave it to that bastard, I’d have to wait another 20 years for grandchildren. Don’t give him a chance to think, rape him for daddy.”

Within the next instant, a loud thump was heard. Aunt Lara had used an over the shoulder throw on Uncle Kenji, throwing him to the ground. She had a look of satisfaction on her face.

A second later, the gym was filled with laughter.

Near a window stood a figure with a gloomy look all over his face, clenching his fist in anger with enough force to break the skin. A glimpse of hatred could be seen in his eyes. He felt both jealous and envious towards the person known as Shango. The woman he had fallen in love with two years ago could no longer be his. Yuki was right in front of him, hugging another man, kissing another man, showing emotions that he had not seen in the two long years of chasing her to another man. The sole reason he had become a police officer was to get closer to Yuki’s father, hoping to get closer to her. Even he did not know that both of Yuki’s parents were in full support of Yuki and Shango getting together.

The look in his eyes became very murderous. He stared at Shango as if he were trying to burn the image of him into his mind before leaving.


Awhile later, both Yuki and Shango had both changed into their regular clothing. Uncle Kenji and Auntie Lara both left to give them a chance to take everything in and get their thoughts together. Shango finally spoke after an awkward few minutes of silence.

“Yuki, what should we do now?”

She looked at him, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know myself either. I have waited for this day for so long, and yet I don’t know where to start. Even though I’m so happy, I’m confused about what to do next.”

He stared at Yuki, who was deep in thought. He enjoyed the way her face looked when she was confused. He also thought about what to do next and then spoke his thoughts. “Yuki, why don’t we live together first? I mean, you already got the keys to my apartment. Except for staying the night, you live there anyway. I will also look for a better job. You know that I have built up many connections to a lot of big shots, so finding a good-paying job should not be hard for me.”

Yuki stopped her train of thought and looked at him oddly.

“Shango, us living together is not a problem. Half of my stuff is already at your place, but how many of these so-called bigshots that you have connections with are women?”

The look on Yuki’s face became somewhat scary. It was an expression that Shango had seen many times throughout his life.

“Not tha—”

“Better question, how many of them have you slept with? Shango, do not think I haven’t heard about you and your connections. Don’t take me for a fool, those so-called connections of yours is a no go.”

After thinking for a while, she said, “Why don’t you just become my trainer? You’re always helping at the gym anyway, and you know my fighting style the best. So, when I become a pro, you could help me.”

Yuki was very enthusiastic while speaking. She looked very pleased with herself. Shango did not mind working at the gym because like Yuki had said, he was always there in his free time anyway, but there was something he just had to ask her, so he pulled her closer to him and asked.

“Yuki, aren’t you just trying to monopolize?”

She kissed him. “You damn right! You know how long I waited for you, how long I had to endure seeing you with other women, always hearing gossip about you and those women, or connections, as you like to call them.” she said while fighting back her tears.

He lifted his hand to rub her head.

“I know Yuki. I’m sorry but now you no longer have to endure that. I’m yours now, do with me as you wish.”

She then put her head onto his shoulder and said shyly. “Then, tonight.”

“Tonight?” he asked back.

“Yes, tonight. I want to know what’s so great about this idiot known as Shango.”

It took him a moment to understand what she was saying, but in the end, he got it. He grabbed her by the waist, leaned forward, and gave her a deep kiss before releasing her.

“Yes. Tonight this idiot, known as Shango, will show you true greatness.”

She blushed slightly before wrapping her arms around his neck and saying, “Good, but before that, there are things I need to take care of. I’m sure you must prepare as well.”

He tilted his head with a questioning look on his face. “Prepare?”

“Protection, dummy!” She hit his chest.

“Anyway, I will go to your apartment first and get ready.”

“Yuki, it’s not even noon yet. What should I do till then?”

“Don’t ask me. You're a big boy, I’m sure you will think of something. Now be off.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll find something to do. I look forward to seeing you tonight.”

He gave Yuki one more kiss before departing.

“I’m looking forward to it as well.”

After that, he left the gym and went driving around since he had nothing better to do. He came across the old bridge that had recently reopened after being damaged after the last storm three months ago. The bridge was about a mile long and ran over deep water. He parked his car at the nearest lot and took a look around the bridge. The bridge, specifically underneath it, held a special place in his heart. During most of their childhood, this was the place where Yuki and Shango would secretly come and play around. As he looked around, he remembered something Uncle Kenji had privately told him while repairing the camera that had been added to the bridge due to the rise in crime. As he looked around, he found one. It was well hidden, leaving the cameras aside. The place was still the same; even the little hearts that Yuki carved remained on the wall. He took out his phone, walked near the edge of the water, and sat down, playing with apps on his phone while reminiscing for a while. Then he heard someone walking up behind him. As he turned around, he was Brook looking at him threateningly.

“Put your hands up.” he said as he put his hand on his gun.

Looking at the Glock 19, Shango give him a warm smile.

“Sure thing officer, but first, I would like to know what crime I have committed.”

“Probable cause.”

Shango had noticed that ever since he had given Brook a beating awhile back, he had always kept the exchange between them short.

“Good, very good. Protecting the good people of this city, are we?” he said as he got up and turned his back towards Brook, putting his hands up.

Moments later, he could hear Brook walking up behind him. He then patted Shango down. Thinking for a second, he remembered a rumor about Brook.

“Oh ya. Brook, have you heard about a person selling drugs near here? Uncle Kenji—oops, I mean Chief Kenji, was telling me all about it.”

Even though it wasn’t Uncle Kenji who had told him about the rumor, he said it to spook Brook. He flinched when Shango said that, his hands trembling as he continued to pat him down.

Out the corner of his eye, he could see that Brook was hesitating about something, but in the next moment, he tried to slip something into Shango’s pocket. He immediately turned around and grabbed his hand, twisting it and giving the camera a good view of what was in it. In the process, he had removed the gun from his waist.

With a chilling voice, he asked, “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” while twisting his arm tighter.

Sniveling in pain, Brook said, “Stop, stop this. You can’t do this to me. I’m an officer!”

“Ha-ha. Officer, you? Ha-ha, you’re no cop. Your job is to protect and serve, not to be a little bitch. Don’t think I haven’t heard about how you have been going around abusing your badge and selling on the side. It’s people like you who give good cops like Uncle Kenji a bad rep. Do you know the damage you’re doing by abusing that badge? The fear you’re imprinting on the people you’re supposed to protect?” Shango twisted his arm even tighter.

“Shut up, Shut up. I don’t give a damn about being a police officer. All I ever wanted was Yuki.”

Sighing, he said, “I had a feeling that was the case. Dude, you never had a chance. Never in a billion years. If not for me, Yuki would only date women. Move the fuck on, you creepy little bastard. Also, if I were you, I would quit being a cop, stop selling and find something better to do with my life.”

“Shut up, shut up! How are you better than me? You’re only a nigg—”

Snap. “Ahhh!” Brook cried out in pain. Shango had broken his arm.

“Are you stupid? You do realize Yuki is half black right, or are you only interested in the Japanese half? Oh, I get it; you have an Asian fetish. Except for her height and skin tone, Yuki could pass for full an Asian. You know, even if Yuki was the timid little Asian that little bitches like you fantasize about, she still would not go out with you.”

Tears flowed from Brook’s eyes when he said that. Having become fed up with this sorry excuse for a man, Shango pushed him towards the ground and tossed the Glock near his feet after removing the magazine.

“This is my last warning to you. Stay the hell away from Yuki and me.”

He walked back to the edge of the river to pick up his phone but dropped it when he heard Brook walking up behind him. At that moment, he remembered something Uncle Kenji had always told him to when clearing a gun—make sure to always get the bullet in the chamber too. As he turned around, he saw Brook pointing the gun at him.

“If you were never here, Yuki would have become mine.”

Before Shango even had the chance to speak, he felt a sharp pain hit his chest. Looking down, he saw blood flowing out of the bullet hole. He stumbled backwards and fell into the river.

In the next instant, it felt a force pulling him down. Whatever it was felt odd. He tried to resist it, but it was just too strong. The surrounding water formed a vortex and a faint green light pulsed around it. At first, the green light it emitted was tough to see, but by each passing second, it grew brighter and brighter. It became so bright that Shango couldn’t keep his eyes open. As they closed, the force reached its peaked and pulled him in. He felt as though he was falling for a moment before landing on a hard surface.

Opening his eyes, he saw a beautiful woman in front of him. She had ginger hair that was braided back with silver-like feathers in it. Looking closely, he could see that her palms were bleeding. Once he looked around, he noticed there were many people surrounding him, but the one who stood out the most was the ginger-headed woman in front of him. Another black-haired woman who was just as beautiful as the ginger-haired woman stood beside her, as well as a man who had a very dominating presence.

When he tried to move, people rushed forward while drawing their swords. As he stared at the people in front of him, he noticed many of them had a look of displeasure in their eyes, which pissed him off.

“What the hell is wrong with you people? Have you never seen a black man before!”

He then passed out from blood loss.

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BlkLion1 ago

So far find this story Interesting. Looking forward to seeing where you take it.

AzraLu - Tobi ago

I presume you're black? Damn boi i never knew there was another black author here...

“What the hell is wrong with you people have you never seen a black man before!”

Why do i always hear this line all the time in  asian/black movie?

    sleeplessbanter ago

    Yep I'm black. I think one of the main reason you hear lines like that because some people actually have never seen a black person in real life and when they do they get all wide eyed, so it makes for a good joke. It's also funny if you think how you just became someone first black experience. nudge, nudge lol.



      Yami Seeker ago

      Alright, well... This is new... I have only read about white people and not black people... I try my best. I don't wanna be racist/bias so this will be a start (Not really racist in life since I do have a few black students in my school. I treat them like I would anyone. Even so, I only read 2 books about black people. As for the rest... I apologize to all the black people in the world and their writings.)

zeel steel ago

Will he somehow rejoin with Yuki later on in the story?

    sleeplessbanter ago

    Yes, but for a while she going to be showing up in some side story I have plan dealing with the outcome of Shango disappearance and some short story about event of her and Shango past.

Avery Light ago

into his mind before leveling.

this made me laugh, change it my good man

Avery Light ago

Chef Kenji should be Chief Kenji unless you meant he was also a pro cook.

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