House Of Omen: Indomitable Oathbreaker

by theonionjunktion

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strategy Wuxia

Every day for six years straight, from the time he was twelve, Darius Omen hit an anvil ten thousand times a day without stopping. He did not know the reason why he had to, all he knew was that he must. Little did he know that hit by hit, strike by strike, his originally meek body was being refined into something that had never been seen before in the history of mankind.

In the war against spirits, mankind had little to be proud of. Yet one day a young man entered the battlefield. He dazzled millions and killed even more, all with merely a rusty old hammer than no one could hold or fathom.


Novel started by Patriarch Onion (Author of Solitary Sword Sovereign and Titan's Throne), later picked up by Jym Pineapple (As of chapter 5 onwards) and hosted on theonionjunktion on royal road with the commentary of the beautiful and handsome Cookie. Now edited by Entelechy. (He reedited stuff as well)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- Ten Thousand Strikes ago
Chapter 2- Leaving ago
Chapter 3- Voyage To The Capital ago
Chapter 4- Pride? Life! ago
Chapter 5- A walk through Sahid ago
Chapter 6- An Unlucky Day For A Walk ago
Chapter 7- Prince Farlene ago
Chapter 8- Nobility Runs Through Your Veins ago
Chapter 9- I Can Help You Become A SpiritSmith ago
Chapter 10- "Interesting" ago
Chapter 11- Pathetic ago
Chapter 12- I Accept ago
Chapter 13- Baron ago
Chapter 14: Dreams at Night ago
Chapter 15: Survive ago
Chapter 16: First Kill ago
Chapter 17: Shrimp? ago
Chapter 18: Be a man! ago
Chapter 19: Bringing the Hammer Down ago
Chapter 20: Cultivating ago
Chapter 21: Indomitable ago
Chapter 22: Old Jaeger ago
Chapter 23: The Old Man ago
Chapter 24: Killing the Snake ago
Chapter 25: Breaking the Curse ago
Chapter 26: Intuition ago
Chapter 27: Have Mercy! ago
Interlude: The Elder ago
Chapter 28: Indomitable ago
Chapter 29: Indomitable Ability ago
Chapter 30: Lessons From the Sage ago
Chapter 31: Instant Escape ago
Chapter 32: Face the Fear ago
Important Anouncement! ago
Chapter 33: Trust in Me ago
Chapter 34: A Prince Always Rises ago
Chapter 35: Controlled Skill ago
Chapter 36: A Conversation ago
Chapter 37: Fourth Test ago
Chapter 38: Dangerous Spirits ago

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Arin Vale
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Style: I like the writing style overall. It starts off strong, much like the MC Darius, but then stagnates in the sense that we never get much deeper into the emotions behind the characters. The dialogue is pretty well balanced, and there are some comedic moments in the story like Lionel chasing after Darius. Some chapters have odd spacing that completely throws me off though. In short, the style makes the story easy to read with enough beef to get into the world, but there’s a little something missing, perhaps some fat to make it tastier. (Does this analogy make sense?)

Story: I had really high hopes for this one. I was intrigued by the start, mostly because the MC seemed like a different breed. He wasn’t arrogant, and he seemed like a purposeful ‘coward’ that didn’t want to deal with annoying things in order to focus on his goal. I thought his stoicism had a deeper reasoning behind it, but soon enough I realized that he was indeed a coward through and through with less of a backbone that I thought. He was inconsistent because sometimes he acted like the beginning, straightforward on a mission with no desire to get caught up in something annoying with a keen insight into people as with Lionel, but then he flips and kowtows to avoid conflict and suck up to people without defending himself. The wits, smarts, and staunchness are just all over the place resulting in not understanding who he really is. Okay, I’m digressing into the character section too much. The spiritknight and spiritsmith lore is cool. I dig that, but not how the MC goes about in his journey to get there as it’s disappointing.

Grammar: I don’t know if it’s the editor, but so far so good with basically unnoticeable quirks that most stories have.

Character: I delved into this earlier, so I won’t repeat myself. The biggest problem I see with Darius even more than bouts of cowardice is his all glorious and magnificent goal of *drumroll* becoming rich so he can hook up with lots of beautiful ladies. Yup. Now this is fine and all, but to blantantly say that as your ultimate goal in life is...well sad to say the least. You can still have that aspect in the story without belittling the MC to a sexually-deprived basically adult child who drools over every pretty lady. I have the uncanny feeling that this is what’s going to destroy a really good idea and otherwise good execution of a story. Keep him focused and give him a backbone, keep the cool attitude, and make the ladies come to him as he shows how he goes from 0 to (maybe) king (at least of all smiths without any spoilers). I can’t take the whining and childish defeatism when he goes to become a smith without Lionel the first time and other similar situations. As for the other characters, they’re not too bad. I wish more was explained on their backstories and reason for Lionel being so hooked on Darius (we got some explanation but it wasn’t satisfactory, but perhaps we’ll get the real motivation/drive after). The characters in general need to be more robust with feelings and thoughts. Perhaps too a little more originality like with Lara immediately being disgusted by Darius leering—seen this type of girl plenty of times.

Overall: Good idea and general execution except on how the MC interacts and progresses through the story. I gave it a decent chance after being revealed to his glorious goal in maybe chapter 6? I forget, but I read to 25, and still I didn’t see any improvement or novel way to incorporate this goal with out the character becoming, well what he became. So to all potential readers, do give this a shot, but if you begin to dislike these aspects of the MC... maybe one day author can fix this part that weighs down an otherwise decent story.

  • Overall Score

Welcome to the restaurants guide of Royal Road

Today we'll talk about the new gem that i was able to find for the ever growing readers of our honorable guide.The restaurant Theonionjunktion serves range of different dishes that will appeal to the palate of the most demanding customers. The meal of the day with the name "House of Omen" is quite interesting preposition for those that search for something new that make their taste buds tingle and invegorate their never ending appetite for trying out something similiar but different at the same time.
We asked master chef  Jym Pineapple about the recipe he gave away few of the ingredients that makes that dish unique:
* a little bit of humor
* a ting of violence
* and a  table spoon of good story building
Sadly ingredients are on demand and the current economy can't provide enough resources that's why sometimes there's long waiting time between order and consumption (up to 22 months), but if you are able to find the dish on menu it'd be good idea to try and satiate your appetite.



  • Overall Score

-1 star for its not being LitRPG even tho it has the tag but great so far

Andross Guile
  • Overall Score
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Decent for Xianxia, Still Terrible

The story of a mysterious country orphan, with a weird, obviously magical not-mjolnir and an obviously powerful old dude. It's a story older than Arthurian legends. 

It's filled with clichés and I have no idea why it's trending. The style is typical wuxia/xianxia fare where 50% of everything written is an unnecessary description of events that are unfolding at the moment. It's horrible! I wrote better stories when I was 11! Seriously, it's terrible!

The MC is a cowardly, whiny little shit and his arc is even more obvious than...than Eragon's!!! 

Basically, it's a shit story with almost no cultivation elements in a cultivation story, with all the flaws of the genre. It's trash and shouldn't be read.

Licht Pendragon
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

   Holy Shit I Fell In Love With This Story! 

    This one sentence should be able to make any being; whether they be noble or peasent, understand just how much I enjoy reading this story, light novel, or webnovel. (however you want to define it) 

    While the spelling errors were plenty, and the grammar would be jummbled, commas would be misplaced or put in places where they dont belong; I believe, that the diction (word choice) was what brought life to the light novel — resulting in the— 3.5 Stars.

    The story was very attractive, I could not help but dive into each and every chapter, one after the other like I was eating skittles! However... all good things must come to an end; I was left unsatisfied, but the reason I was unsatisfied was because I had, all to quickly, hit the very end of all the chapters that were available; thus, though this may sound unfair, I have decided to rate the story with— 4.5 Stars

     Darius; is without a doubt, one of my most favorite characters in any of the light novels I have read... and I have read a few hundred... Striking a anvil 10,000 times a day is definitely a way to become strong, and despite his strength... he’s a fucking coward! He has one of the most ironic gaps I have ever seen in a characters personality; despite him being a badass who can oneshot a spirit with his almighty hammer, he is one who decides to run rather than fight! I have never seen a character with such a gap;thus, I must rate this charater with a full— 5 Stars

    Now That I Have Explained Most Of My Ratings, It Is Tmie Fot The Overall Score... Which Is

                         4.5 Stars!!!





  • Overall Score

Glad you've returned to this story! I have been hoping it would continue.

J. Rod.
  • Overall Score

Amazing stuff. Nuff said. 



  • Overall Score

it has potential to be really good but the opposite is also true.

  • Overall Score

Honest no spoiler review

I have read to the latest chapter (37) and i like it so far.

The world is good, the story is good, and the characters are good.

My only problem is the MC's slight personality flip-floping.

But overall it is a great read and you should try it if you have the time.


  • Overall Score

Needs more meat on the bone

I think the main issue I have is that I don’t feel the struggle from our MC, he does have moments he’s desperate in, however they are overcome so quickly to poping up that it leaves me kind of uninvested, I enjoyed moments within the story but I never felt like he had earned them, even though it’s constantly described how he is earning them, it’s just not drawn out enough, not enough weight is given to his struggle that it make our MC seem like he’s just hopping from one power fantasy moment to another with no buildup.