Apex Predator

by caerulex

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Contemporary Sci-fi Female Lead Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Strong Lead

Earth is a fairly small place, but it's all Bath has. It's the only home he's ever known for all of his 500-or-so-million years of life. One day, Bath realized his treasured Earth was being drawn into the next mass extinction ahead of schedule. So, fascinated by the humans and their quick rise to power (after all, setting off a mass extinction is a pretty sizable achievement), what's a nearly all-powerful, somewhat bored, morally ambiguous, savagely violent, shapeshifting alien entity to do other than assume the form of a human and do some front-line investigating?

Little did Bath know he would soon stumble upon a mysterious human organization with a gate leading to planets eons away. And that's just the beginning...

A story with aliens, intergalactic space travel, mind powers, and an abundance of adventure!

Author's note:


Hello and thank you for reading! Constructive criticism and grammar-policing are both appreciated.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are complete at 1271 pages! Part 7 is in progress!

If you've ever read any other web serials, you might've noticed that authors get better with time (that is, their art or writing improves). Wutosama of Metaworld Chronicles noted that the first 20 chaps are always a mess.

This is also the case with Apex Predator. The first two parts (ranging just under 30 chapters, or 161 pages) are absolutely subpar. While I have edited them as of 7-10-18, they require a rewrite, which is currently in the works but not complete.

For a sample that gives insight into what the latter ~80% of the story's writing style is like, check out chapter 56.

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The Apex Predator Discord is here.

Cover: original work done by me, the author, caerulex.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Part 1] [Chapter 1] The Decision ago
[Chapter 2] Adoption ago
[Chapter 3] Babbling ago
[Chapter 4] Lisa ago
[Chapter 5] Flight ago
[Chapter 6] Loneliness ago
[Chapter 7] Forest ago
[Chapter 8] Plans ago
[Chapter 9] Pipes ago
[Chapter 10] Concert ago
[Chapter 11] Challenge ago
[Chapter 12] Lisa II ago
[Chapter 13] Pact ago
[Chapter 14] Chromatic Wind ago
[Part 2] [Chapter 15] Leaving Home ago
[Chapter 16] Conducting Research ago
[Chapter 17] Sweet (Suite?) Democracy ago
[Chapter 18] Malleable Mind ago
[Chapter 19] Suite (Sweet?) Revenge ago
[Chapter 20] A Photogenic Bath ago
[Chapter 21] Mind Queen ago
[Chapter 22] Psychological Eval ago
[Chapter 23] Entering Ritus ago
[Chapter 24] The Fishing Gates ago
[Chapter 25] Forceful Revelation ago
[Chapter 26] Towards Conquest ago
[Chapter 27] Endlessly Reaching Entity ago
[Part 3] [Chapter 28] Passing Through the Gate ago
[Chapter 29] Traversing Magnet Planet ago
[Chapter 30] Eventful First Contact I ago
[Chapter 31] Eventful First Contact II ago
[Chapter 32] Exiting Lime World ago
[Chapter 33] Lepochim Was Exiled? ago
[Chapter 34] Inanimate On Arrival ago
[Chapter 35] The Waymaster's Sudden Invitation ago
[Chapter 36] The Residence of Waymaster Juserin ago
[Chapter 37] Time Before the Departure ago
[Chapter 38] Lisa's Visualization Technique ago
[Chapter 39] The Trio Returns to Earth ago
[Chapter 40] Considering the Return of Lisa and Bath ago
[Part 4] [Chapter 41] Subjugating Ritus and Touring Earth ago
[Chapter 42] Exploring Earth and Interstellar Philosophy ago
[Chapter 43] Bath's Environmental Sustainability Plan ago
[Chapter 44] Lisa Hatches a Simple Plan ago
[Chapter 45] Dragonleaf's Sudden and Strange Appearance ago
[Chapter 46] Lisa Goes On Television ago
[Chapter 47] Bestowing a Basic Health Boon ago
[Chapter 48] Dr. Yin's Ethics Test ago
[Chapter 49] The Dragon's Second Global Miracle ago
[Chapter 50] The World Reacts to the Dragon's Vision ago
[Chapter 51] Rome Wasn't Built in a Day.... ago
[Chapter 52] The US Invokes Bath's Ire ago
[Chapter 53] First Introductions: Dean's Arrival ago
[Chapter 54] The Morning of Captain Edgewood's Abduction ago
[Chapter 55] Lepochim Prepares the Central Marketplace ago
[Chapter 56] Constitution Boons; Presenting the Hierarchy ago
[Chapter 57] The First Trial Elapses; Apprentice!? ago
[Chapter 58] Dean's Mistake; Phone Call ago
[Chapter 59] Bath's City Planning Struggle ago
[Chapter 60] The Two Factions: Dawn and Dusk ago
[Chapter 61] City Defense Plant Complete! ago
[Chapter 62] Waiting for the World Congress of the Intermediary Strand ago
[Part 5] [Chapter 63] The Wolves of Dawn and Dusk; Departing Basalith ago
[Chapter 64] Professor Scranton's Reappearance; Video Call ago
[Chapter 65] Magnet Planet Inspires an Epic Boon ago
[Chapter 66] Bestowal; Lisa Sings a Song of Pain ago
[Chapter 67] Magnetic Sense; Basalith Faction Life ago
[Chapter 68] Wandering Thoughts; Lepochim's Weekly Update ago
[Chapter 69] Meeting Olm the Devilbat; Terrorist Threat ago
[Chapter 70] The United States Attacks; a Foregone Conclusion ago
[Chapter 71] Leading the Vanguard to Battle; Directing Chaos ago
[Chapter 72] War as Game; Virigard the (Adorable) Reaper ago
[Chapter 73] Bath Appears Once More; Kursi? ago
[Chapter 74] Bath Rethinks His Battle Strategy ago
[Chapter 75] Return to Basalith After the Trial of Blood ago
[Chapter 76] The World Reacts to the First True Battle ago
[Chapter 77] The Bucket List; Appointing Ambassadors; Tournament ago
[Chapter 78] Round One; Edgier Than You ago
[Chapter 79] Lisa's Parting Advice; Ambassador of...Where? ago
[Chapter 80] The Grand Tournament's Semifinals: Zombie Warfare ago
[Chapter 81] Interrogating the Prisoners; Grand Tournament Finale ago
[Chapter 82] Lepochim's Bad Day; Wasp Queen ago
[Chapter 83] Scranton's Email; Lisa's New Role ago
[Chapter 84] Explosive Breakthrough; Kindling Dean's Fire ago
[Chapter 85] Pet Project One; Inspired Vision ago
[Chapter 86] Awaiting the Families; Deployment to Hostile Russia ago
[Chapter 87] The McLanes Approach Basalith; Avery's Heart ago
[Chapter 88] The McLanes React; Explanation; Game Plan ago
[Chapter 89] Lisa's Family Approaches; Russia's City-Seed ago
[Chapter 90] Aunt Lauretta and Uncle Bern: Revealed ago
[Chapter 91] Lisa's Tour of South America; Tollan ago
[Chapter 92] Meeting With the Russian Ambassadors; Waymaster ago
[Chapter 93] Path Ceremony; Probing Lisa's Philosophy ago
[Chapter 94] Preparing to Depart; Recollections; Parting Memento ago
[Chapter 95] COTD Interlude: Beach, Reef, Racing, Slave ago
[Chapter 96] The Enemy of the Way of the Dragon; Birds; New Start ago
[Part 6] [Chapter 97] Innovation; Gray Land; Waiting On Juserin ago
[Chapter 98] Heading to Juserin; History; Kray City's Aftermath ago
[Chapter 99] Grey and Tycho Find Adventure; Confronting Juserin ago
[Chapter 100] Upping the Ante: Blood Construct; On Patrol ago
[Chapter 101] Avery's Age Frustration; Self-determination; Evolutionary Convergence ago
[Chapter 102] The Verdora Myth: Djalet's Line; Mapping the Labyrinth ago
[Chapter 103] Traversing the Dark; Preparing Juserin; the Abandoned Cavern ago
[Chapter 104] A Show of Strength; Wings! The Little Sailboat That Could ago
[Chapter 105] Race Over Water; Counter Offer; Dating ago
[Chapter 106] The City of Ash Glass; Investment and Mutual Pleasure (X) ago
[Chapter 107] Humanity Reaches Illudis; Flashback to Lime World ago
[Chapter 108] The Identity of the Church; Exploring Illudis; Sunbathing on the Beach ago
[Chapter 109] Flight Over Illudis; Troubleshooting; Awakened Hunger ago
[Chapter 110] Burrowing Through the Cortex; Juserin's Verdora Legacy ago
[Chapter 111] The Nature of the Trap; Testing the Shell; Lisa's Determination ago
[Chapter 112] Who Shook the Mountain? Dean Gets Involved ago
[Chapter 113] Fartuun Enters the Tunnel; Preparing the Tortus Descent ago
[Chapter 114] Encountering Bath; Heated Discussion; Trust; Impudence! ago
[Chapter 115] Tactics of Biological Warfare; The Mountain's Inward Collapse ago
[Chapter 116] End of the Line; Rescuing the Trio; Juserin's Investigation ago
[Chapter 117] A Promise of Truth; Discussing Politics With Juserin ago
[Chapter 118] The Secret of Sizikguron Arc; Ludwig's Good Fortune ago
[Chapter 119] Exiting the Arc; Planning the Neighborhood Conquest; Thaddeus ago
[Chapter 120] Facing Down the Abyss; COTD Questions and Answers ago
[Chapter 121] Dean's Departure Speech; Eyrin, the Rebellious Son ago
[Chapter 122] Tying Up Loose Ends; Farewell, Father ago
[Chapter 123] Stepping Onto Vast Desert; The Five Kursi ago
[Chapter 124] Giving Testimony; Thaddeus house Clanemic of Illusta ago
[Chapter 125] Chatting With Zhou Wang; House Delelen ago
[Chapter 126] Eyrin Mentors Dean; Bath's Philosophical Inquiry ago
[Chapter 127] Inconspicuous Bath; Pacifying the Verdora; Hoofing It ago
[Chapter 128] Clarissa, the Self-Proclaimed Goth Devilbat; Eyrin the Escort ago
[Chapter 129] Reaching the Maw of the Abyss; Priscilla and Clarissa's Tale ago
[Chapter 130] Everyone Arrives; Meeting Dean; Eyrin's Protege ago
[Chapter 131] The Dressing Room; Dean's Appearance; Aberash's Performance ago
[Chapter 132] Lisa and Bath Go Adventuring; AI Ninety-Seven? ago
[Chapter 133] A Swift Exit; Meeting with Dean; Disseminating the Blueprints ago
[Chapter 134] Producing the Arc Parts; Arrival of the Quasi Bears ago
[Chapter 135] Redirecting Thicket; Parlay with the Android; Transporting the Parts ago
[Chapter 136] The Self-Repairing Arc; Second Path Ceremony ago
[Chapter 137] Traumatizing the Android; Forming an Oath; Returning to Jure ago
[Chapter 138] Dean Confronts Bath; Landing the Egdelek Arc ago
[Chapter 139] Sigils and Air Currents; AI Ninety-Seven's Presentation ago
[Chapter 140] The Implant Problem; Troubleshooting the Sigils; Lab Rat ago
[Chapter 141] Under Her Skin; Querying AI Ninety-Seven ago
[Chapter 142] Fartuun's Implant; Bath Displays the Integration Process ago
[Chapter 143] Approaching Equinox; Dean and Virigard Escort the Ships ago
[Chapter 144] Getting Settled into New Faajyun; Taunting the Chicken-Squid ago
[Chapter 145] Verdora Biology 101; Morality, Sapience, and Bath ago
[Chapter 146] Teaching the Delelens; Discussing Bath's Pragmatic Methodology ago
[Chapter 147] Fending off the Quasi-Squirrels; Traveling to Drift Jag ago
[Chapter 148] Radioactivity Beneath the Mountain; Discovery Below; Bug-bots!? ago
[Chapter 149] Landing the Ship; Speculations; Evacuation; New Mogadishu ago
[Chapter 150] Naming Liberty City; A New Form of Flight ago
[Chapter 151] Gliding Across Dawn's Shadow; The Promised Talk ago
[Chapter 152] Endless Salt; The Dragon's Intervention; Exploring Saltflat ago
[Chapter 153] Experimental City Design; Racing Toward the Ground ago
[Chapter 154] Flying Over Dusk's Halo; Investigating the Superstructures ago
[Chapter 155] Conversing With the Androids; Questions Without Answers ago
[Chapter 156] Proposing a Wager; Slide Race; Bluff View ago
[Chapter 157] Dashing Across Dragondeep; Trailblazing the Way to Fiendstrom ago
[Chapter 158] The Vanguard Investigates the Secrets of Fiendstrom; Discovering Discrepancies ago
[Chapter 159] Enter the Burial Chamber; Flashback to the Warring Desert ago
[Chapter 160] The Veiled Sapient; Hatred Unsurpassed; Underwater Castle ago
[Chapter 161] Departing the Tomb; Sigil Research; Quick Escape ago
[Chapter 162] Identity Profiled; Setting Off for Fiendstrom; The Imperial ago
[Chapter 163] Bath and Lisa Forge Ahead; The Extinction of Amethyn ago
[Chapter 164] The Mysterious Circumstances of the Empty Arc; Influencing the Seed ago
[Chapter 165] The Ethics of Form and Aesthetics; Dean's Squirrel Problem ago
[Chapter 166] Another Giant Fungus; Emeraline and Marsh Lash ago
[Chapter 167] Total Carnage; COTD's "Concentrated Storm of Destruction" ago
[Chapter 168] Lepochim's Impossible Goal of Attaining Peace and Quiet ago
[Chapter 169] Jezebella the Younger On the Job ago
[Part 7] [Chapter 170] A New Kind of Contest; Avery’s Annoyance ago
[Chapter 171] Visiting Home; The Ukraine Problem; New City-seeds ago
[Chapter 172] Reclaiming a Legacy; Relocation; Return to Tollan ago
[Chapter 173] Ambush and Poison; Tactical Retreat; Lepochim’s Visit ago
[Chapter 174] Change of Destination; The Dragon’s Sudden Descent ago
[Chapter 175] High-Grade Nepotism; Steep Competition; Bath’s Labyrinth Challenge ago
[Chapter 176] Exhilarating Arrival; Questionable Motives; The Competition’s Conclusion ago
[Chapter 177] Eavesdropping on Avery; Healing Mechanics; Relationship Headache ago

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Trust in me - Read this story

I'm not going to lie, I came into this fiction with very low expectations. From the name of the main character, to the obsession with global warming. But when the story got going I quickly noticed that this author seems to have something that few other authors on this site can be said to have: VISION. From the way he sets up his characters' backstories, to the in-depth world building he does later on without the info-dumping, I get the distinct impression that this story is being written by someone with a plan, an idea, a grand vision for how he wants this story to play out. Is he being too ambitious? Possibly. But it is my experience that it is far better to have a vision that can be trimmed down and changed, than it is to have a very limited foundation for your story to expand upon after the main few plot points the author has in mind. With the level of foundation building that has been done so far, I feel that this story can really go in whatever direction and for however long the author wants it to. After reading up to chapter 45, I can confidently say that this is one of the better stories I have ever read on RRL.

Admittedly, the story starts fairly slow, especially considering the description. I often found myself wondering if this space exploration would ever actually happen, or if this story would just end up as a weird, Captain-Planet-style adventure to stop global warming. Yet, even with the slow start story-wise, I never grew bored of it. The characters (two of them at least) were interesting and engaging. The author writes Bath's perspective extremely well, with all the difficulties that would be involved in a creature that had only been exposed to "natural law" attempting to understand and copy the norms of human society. This creates funny, interesting, and sometimes tense moments that can keep a reader engaged while the story develops. Lisa, on the other hand, is not just some damsel for the MC, some plot device to push everything along. She has her own compelling and unique personality, at times seeming even more amazing than our MC. That, along with her backstory, make her an excellent three-dimensional support character. I trust in the author not to just push her off to the way-side unless necessary to the plot. I, admittedly, also have the selfish desire to see some romance in the novel, even though it is not in the tags and the author has stated that is not the focus of the story. A romantic can dream :(

Once the story actually gets going, boy does it go. This goes back to that vision thing I talked about at the beginning of the review. The planets, the organisms, the adventure, is nearly flawlessly executed. The subtle evolution of the characters and the influence it has on the story is impeccable. The characters seem to have a realistic, and subtle change in goals and ideas as the story progressess.

The grammar and style are mostly perfect. There are a couple mistakes here and there, but there is mostly no issue on that front, which already places it leagues above most of the other stories on this site.


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Has potential but needs a purpose

First things first, like the creators of "Rick and Morty" don't do time travel because it's a mess and hard to get right, putting in manipulation of people's minds and emotions in this novel is basically adding a completely broken ability which basically makes every other ability worthless unless you have immunity.

Also, until the last few chapters it was never addressed that the MCs have no reason to do what they are trying to do which left the story in limbo for a long time, and even now the characters admit they are just doing what they are doing (sorry, trying to keep out spoilers) because they can.

At this point, this novel just feels like a "Humanity takes over the universe" plotline. And yes, for all intensive purposes Bath is basically an OP human.

Lord Vile
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This is my first review and I wanted to pick a great novel, I think I've found one.

the  worldbuilding and little hints at his past are really interesting and we'll done, the character interactions are realistic and the new powers seem like they will boost the story to a whole new level and add a new layer.I have no complaints about the writing and grammar and I just hope you don't stop this story before it becomes something special.

cheers for the good work and hope to see lots of chapters ahead

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This story will suck you dry, get in boys! Free readorgasms!!!


I hate writing reviews. I am willing to for this story because I want Caerulex to churn out more chapters and inflate her writer ego😅.

It’s SF/psychological/worldbuilding stuff (theres more to that but i wont spoil), mature and funny, realistic and would be realistic, it won’t fit everyone’s taste but if you like a mature\fun story that goes SF and goes out in a sort of litrg Jon Scalzi/Jay Alan style, with nice characters developement and world buildings, then do check it out, for knowing peoples, i would say that the begining would have a taste of Andur on the world building, and THIS ain't in everyones possibilities to nudge him and say" hey me too i can do it like a pro eh😉".


So it is depicting with fantasies the real summary of what human behavior could go, at the moment in the story, she's getting there with a big THERE big time on a big scale(she? Yea we finaly have a female author on royalroadl! Yay😆! and like it BIG /endjoke*facepalm*)


The setting has a depth and has plenty of room to introduce new concepts going forward, it already has plenty of room for that.

The story resolves around somewhat 2 MC, somewhat, but you can't dissociate them in the end, i definitly has to say, i am not the genre of reader that like OP MCs, and the author there has put the right touch, not too much, not too few,that fit my tastes and anyway you finally understand that he is just a cog in the Universe machine, and theres definitly big players in the game, and the Mcs knows it, and play it smart on the strengh building.


The plot is following a somewhat predictably path, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A twist here or there is all it needs, no mystery novel please. I can hope for epicness, and that is what helps make sf stories good, Caerulex is really nudging a lot of genre in her story, and im pretty impatient to check how it's gonna unfold.

The supporting characters are getting fleshed out at this point of the story, you get the feeling that each ones are evolving, and getting the depths for this kind of long stories; they are not one dimensional even if they have short screen time. I really enjoyed how some of them have added to the story, i just hope there wont be PLOT ARMORS (oups? Caps lock aint my fault, move along lads😅)


Just readed the 75 chapters in one sitting, theres epicness in that story, you know, the kind of feeling you got when it's your first with your gf in bed, and you can't get it out that you want more, well that's what awaits you if you get sucked in.

As for the grammar, well im french so move along yea? Na she got it right, the paces in the story changes roaller caster like, and i think it's a good thing.


Keep going Caerulex, you got them gurl! Yyyaerr (my warcry😜)

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Before Man, there was the beast known as Bath

This story stars bath, who is bath? well not a bath. he is a very awesome MC, and even the side character is pretty wise, contrasting with the OP bath. at first it was a so-so story, but his personality grows on you. Making it later become a great story.

now for an age old joke, who came first the chicken or the egg?

Neither, bath ate em both.

Eh, not funny I'm sorry not sorry.


Iori Angel
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That's a fucking disappointment again.

The novel named "Apex Predator" is about a practically immortal 500 million years old beings that can shapeshift into anything they want and have a domain around them where they can do whatever they wish to do, and it decides to join human society... and 17 chapters in and nothing fucking happens. He's just living a normal human life and that's about it. Novel focus is on him trying to fit in as a baby, or him getting his first friend, and him talking to stupid boys 'his age' in college.... Fucking shit.

Pile of fucking bollocks.

The whole point of him doing so is figuring out a way to postpone climate change but so far nothing whatsoever happened to imply he's even thinking more than a little bit about the issue.

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One of the Best on RR

I know a five stars all around might seem like a bit much but if any story deserved it, it would be this story.

Caerulux's style of writing is seemless. I fell into the story without noticing and genuinely enjoyed it. For example, usually I dislike different POV's in a story but Caerulux makes them in a way that I cant help but enjoy them and the characters.

The story itself is a gem that takes you for a ride. There are unexpected twists and turns that give the story life and there is a consistency and flow that allows you to immerse yourself in the story.

The grammar I didnt really pay attention to because of the story but I saw no glaring mistakes.

The characters are all full of depth and are constantly developing so they do not become stale. Caerulux takes care in developing each character with realism and genuity that shows in their interactions. He has managed to capture the essence of what a billion (or more) year old beast would be and has managed to make a character that evolves and progresses out of it.

One of the best stories on rr that I would definitely recommend.

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Unique, in so many ways

Overall this story is one of my top favorite webnovels for so many reasons, and i cant really list them all. I myself expect to read and enjoy this story for a very long time.

This is one of the most original Sci-Fi stories i have read so far, i even compare this to some of the Sci-Fi classics in literature.

Honestly said, the first arc is lacking in quality compared to the later arcs, a main reason for this is the MC's goal of saving the world from global Warming caused by humans and his stupid idea's at attempting it, this goal soon shifts to something FAR grander and the story does improve a lot .

Just the sheer scale of what is written in the story should say enough that this story will grow MUCH bigger. The story just barely started on the worlds,  all of which are original ideas you would expect from a Sci-Fi story. With the scale of it all the author has done a very well job at the many different worlds so far in the story, even if they only appear for a couple of chapters they are still explained in some way, along with the (sometimes weird) flora and fauna of that world.

The characters are pretty well written, especially the two main characters.

Bath, our (friendly) alien from Modern Day Earth, he is a OP intelligent super-Predator that tries to blend in with human society, and somewhat fails at that.

Along with Lisa, his (human) childhood friend they go on a adventure that spans the universe, on their way to the center of it all, at the current chapters, they just started finishing the first steps.

I would say, just go give this story a try and please try to keep on reading if you do not like certain elements of the first arc, when it ends the story improves so much.

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Damn this is good

Honestly, I put off checking this story out because of the MCs name, Bath... and it was a stupid decision. He's grown on me A LOT. Remember, never judge a book by its cover.

Seriously, this has been awesome. Story has been great, characters have been great (especially Bath and Lisa), grammar has been super good as well, far above a lot of other stories on here. Overall, it's just really well written.

So yeah, definitely check this out and give it a shot, especially if, like me, you mainly found this because of the tags...I PROMISE you won't regret it!

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Resistance is futile

Love the story so far. 

This review is based upon all readings up to Chapter 51. 


I really liked how you kept the character and personality of the MC and his cohorts steady and sure throughout the chapters. In other readings I've encountered there is a tendency to evolve or change the MC and friends too quickly. You were able to finely thread that eye and keep our character at the CORE, ha, still the same and yet as time goes by and with new experiences he is showing he is able to adapt, grow and in some cases resemble a certain human maturity (even though he's not human).

And I do love how even though our MC is NOT human, you attach a human to him in such a way that it allows us, the human readers, to get a grasp of his mind and how it works. 

Excellent job on making his Lois, ha, Lisa...I see what you did there, a good foil to his Clark. 

After all, Superman is at his greatest example of humanity when he interacts with Lois. 


So...if you decide that our MC is to someday turn from his humanity, then he should just drop his Lisa and Avery and move out into the greater universe. But...if you do that, I'll have to give up on this book then. Because I'm a huge fan of the Lois and Clark relation. So please don't. I'll be adding this book to my shelf. And stalk...umm..I mean follow you..hmm. sounds wrong too. I mean read up on you every day waiting for a new release. 

So to those out there hesitant. Don't. Give this a read. You may be surprised.