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Noah Bach, Liam Smith, and Mason Brown pop out of the car. Seeing their names on top of their head is really useful. I observe one of them.


Noah Bach

Health: 110/110


Sophomore associate of the Vipers


Observe Level Up!

I was wondering when that skill was going to level up. I use observe again to see something new about the 3 Stooges.



Noah Bach Level 2 (Stooge #1)

Health: 90/90

Mana: 80/80

Sophomore associate of the Vipers. Ordered to "Beat some sense" into you and agreed for the potential of getting Made (Becoming a soldier).


Brown, frizzy hair clumsily hangs over a skinny, face. Brown eyes, set within his sockets, watch coldly over us. Scars stretching from the left side of the forehead, running towards the tip of the nose and ending above his left eye makes him look like someone important. I would even be fooled if I didn’t know he was a simple grunt.


Liam Smith Level 3 (Stooge #2)

Health: 110/110

Mana: 80/80

Sophomore associate of the Vipers. Ordered to "Beat some sense" into you and agreed for the potential of getting Made (Becoming a soldier).

Red, dreadlocks hangs over a strong, frowning face. Bulging blue eyes stare at us and he looks very full of himself.

Mason Brown Level 5 (Stooge #3)
Health: 150/150  Mana: 100/100
Sophomore Soldier of the Vipers. Ordered to "Beat some sense" into you by his Capo. 


Observe now shows a bit more information and their current level. That's going to be useful. More than that, it seems the GM have a sense of humor. The guy I'm facing has an absolute hateful look in his brown eyes. He obviously didn't want to be here on the first day of school. He leans against the car, apparently fully sure that his grunts are capable of beating all 3 of us. His black hair is messy and it looks like he poured a whole bottle of grease in it.

Someone put a hit out on me. I wonder why though, it has only been one day since school started. I didn't think it would be getting this exciting so soon. The Vipers huh? They are the 2nd years gang in NY High. What did I do to grab their attention already? Was it the fight with PJ in bathroom? Did someone see and report back to Viper HQ?

I shake my head, getting rid of the thoughts. Whatever is going on, I'm going to find out soon. I'll just have interrogate these guys and force them to tell me why this is happening. I look towards my current gang. PJ looks not only determined but excited. Eugene looks like he's going to shit his pants. I sigh, I'm going to have to find a way for this dude to stop being a pussy.

I stare down the soldier and he does the same for me. I hate that look in his eye. He's looking down on us because we're freshman.

"Eugene, you have Stooge #1 Mr.Frizzy. PJ, you take care of Stooge #2 Mr.Redhead, and I'll take care of Stooge #3." I order. PJ doesn't do anything but nod before getting to work. Eugene looks like he wants to say something but before he can I walk towards my current target. Before the fight can start I get another notification.

Congratulations! For ordering around people not in your party you have gotten the skill: King

King: Allows you to gain 10% experience from enemies defeated on your order

I smile spreads on my face.

"So, who sent you?" I ask for shits and giggles. Instead of answering me he just snarls and lunges at me. I dodge but just barely. It seems our Speed is around the same, I won't be able to fight him like PJ. I send out a jab to his face but he weaves under it and send a punch towards mine.

I tilt my head to the side and retract it in to send another punch but before I can another jab gets sent my way. Shit! It seems he's faster than me. I duck under it and send out a uppercut towards his gut but to my surprise he stops it with foot. I stand there dumbfounded for a bit before I notice the leg getting pulled back and the other coming from my left. I can't dodge it in time and take the hit.



I fly back a few feet and land on my ass. Fuck! I was hoping since he's faster than me his strength stat was lower than mine but it seems to be the same. Plus, what the hell was that kick!? I've never fought someone who uses their legs before. This is bad, not only do I not know his style of fighting but he beats me in my most important stat, speed! I jump up but it seems to be no need. He still where he was previously, with a smirk on his face. The bastard is mocking me!

Anger flashes through me but I get calm instantly.

Thanks to Gamer's Mind I can still think clearly, which is good because for this fight I'll need to figure out a way to beat him other than brute strength and speed. I put my guard up and run towards him going for a jab that he seems to dodge barely. He sends one back at me that hits me in the nose but I try to ignore it. Since I'm bare-knuckle boxing I don't have much guard. This isn't good, I send a lower cut down to his stomach that actually connects but doesn't stop him from kicking me in the same fucking place to get me away from him. I step back a bit from the impact and buckle. We both take 10 damage but in that time he swings his right leg around to kick me in the face. I fly back on my ass again.






Shit! Fuck! Doodley! Cock! I'm getting my ass kicked! I get back up and run at him catching him of guard a bit and dealing another 10 damage by throwing a jab. He responds by kicking me in the stomach once again that makes me flinch but I grin evilly as I catch his leg with my left arm, see his surprised look, and throw all my power into a cross punch right into his fucking face!


He stumbles and falls on his back. Paybacks a bitch motherfucker! At that moment, more notifications flash in front of my eyes.

Gained Skill: Power Punch Level 1

Power Punch: Multiplies power of your punches by 80%! 

Cost: 10 Mana



Gained Skill: Physical Resistance Level 1

Physical Resistance: Decreases physical damage by 5%

Yes! WIth this I can finally fight back. As he gets up I use power punch before he gets his balance making him fall once more.


It doesn't do as much without the added on power of Sneak Attack but still does the job. He gets up faster this time, so I couldn't do it again but Gods does it feel good to knock this guy on his ass! I notice that his nose is bleeding and he's wobbling a bit. I look up at our health.

Xavior Dark
Health: 50/100 Mana: 80/100
Mason Brown (Dizzy 30sec) (Minor Bleed)
Health: 90/150 Mana: 90/100

It looks like he used some of his mana, how? Well, now that I think of it, my mana is down to. I guess mana is technically energy. So that kick that did a lot of damage must have been a special move or something. If he hits me with that again more situation will move from bad to "Absolutely fucked". He still has more health than me. 5 more hits and I'm knocked out. That's not even counting the devastating kick that the bastard has.

I finally notice something crucial, he is bleeding and dizzy! It's not the fact of that really that's astounding but what it means. Since I have Gamer's Body and Mind I can't have status effects like that but other people can! His health is going down by one every 3 seconds and with 'Dizzy' he can't defend himself.

I run towards him and throw a Power Punch into his stomach, making him spit bile for another 18 damage. Thankfully that shit didn't get on me or I'd kill him. I laugh maniacally. It's not even a fight anymore. I hit him with a Power Punch 4 more times and he goes down for the count. He falls flat on his face. That's what the motherfucker gets for looking down on me.

                     Level Up!

About time, I was waiting for that. I put the 5 points into my speed again bringing it up to 20. I'm finally level 3. I look to my companions and find both of their opponents knocked out, even Eugenes. In fact, he has this strange smile on his face.


A note from Crow-Kun


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