Shepherd Moon, Part 1

Part One


Shout Into The Void


Think of a future Earth, where the long-dreaded nuclear war had come and gone, and the global population was knocked down to the level of the early nineteen hundreds, but had fully recovered and was prosperous again, with the Human Race taking their first steps to explore the galaxy.

But when the humans get the inevitable proof that there was indeed other intelligent life, what would happen? And what if these aliens weren't terribly different from the humans, and what if these aliens were on the brink of war...

- with a nod to the masters of space opera: J. Michael Straczynski, Larry Niven, David Brin, E.E. (Doc) Smith, Iain M. Banks, and, of course, George Lucas.

My thanks. And my apologies.


“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’, but ‘that’s funny…’”

- Isaac Asimov, Earth scientist and writer, 20th Century Earth


“Of course we wanted to find out about Earther technology - we’re Arachnians, after all.”

- The First Ambassador, Arachnian scientist,

politician and philosopher, Arachnia Millennium 2



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  • Washington DC
  • Mistress of Confusion

Bio: Bobbi Cabot is a transgender girl in her thirties (35 y.o. as of 2016), who transitioned in 2005. She is known as "Roberta J. Cabot," "Bobbie-C," "Bobbie," "Bobbi" and "Bobbi-C" in the sites where she posts her stories.

Though not a professional writer, Bobbi is under the delusion that she writes passably well and indulges this delusion by sometimes posting stories, which is, thankfully, very seldom.

Bobbi's day job (the phrase "day job" is hereby stressed) involves being the big cheese of the overseas BPO practice of a Top 100 computer technology corporation.

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