Chapter 3 Happenings 


I, Arianna Dorova head of the Mächtige Klinge; was a witness to the strength showed by this man…Asura, what a frightening person.

Not only was he able to one shot another contender and finish a fight in under a couple of seconds.

He fought on par with the strongest of my school…he even won…

I knew Lori from the day she was brought to me, pitiful and scrawny, said to be the last of her tribe.

She was hard to deal with at first; she looked like an injured animal, very fragile and weak but would bite on any who approached.

It was hard making her open up to the rest. But when she did she blossomed; she became an inspiration to all the young warriors of the Mächtige Klinge.

She managed to learn all of her tribe’s techniques alone as if they were printed into her.

She was on par with master swordsmen at the age of 15 and now she would definitely put up a fight with grandmasters even the elder status after this display would be in reach.

Yet to see her lose to this young man made a distasteful taste in my mouth…

So this is your disciple, Ainz? What a frightening young man…able to both wield magic and blade with finesse and mastery far beyond his age...I would find it hard for you to have beaten him if you were both the same age…

But what was that…that sudden change in attitude that sudden burst of power…why did he struggle so much at first he almost lost…did he hold back? I would not think he would have not if it was Ainz that taught him the way of the blade. Did he need a warm-up before he could use more magic…probably not but I think that the judges have noticed that shift in attitude…

Anyway I need to verify things with Jibi…that kid why did he hold back in that fight he could have easily destroyed that girl in the first exchange yet he stalled and took it easy on her which made him trip and get caught in that trap of hers…she too is a special case…the amount of high grade magic spells she was casting one after the other is astonishing… any person her age would have master at max a couple or in rare cases three high grade spells…she was shooting them like there was no tomorrow…interesting…we now have more hope…



“What do you mean you don’t know...? Did you see the burst of magic he had, look here” said Asilis

In an office building that was near the stadium Asilis and Koid were arguing about the happenings in the arena.

Watching the replay of the game they were analysing the fight that was on the monitor.

Koid answered shrugging “I am sorry but I have no knowledge about magic. You are the one from Albion and if told you I would not know then I would not know…”

Seemingly unsatisfied Asilis started to rub the bridge of his nose probably to relieve some headache.

Then as if a light bulb was lit inside his head he said “I have an idea…why not fix the next match between Alsa and Astora…make arrangement that Asura faces our little devil, that guy will not fall easily and I am sure he will be a worthy enough challenge to show the full potential of our ‘product’. ”

Koid answered questioningly “What do you mean? Are you suggesting we change the agenda that the Organisation has planned? That is bound to be punishable if not for clear reasons”

Asilis said “don’t worry about that I am sure they would like it, the Masters are always in for profit and if we show the full potential of this product there will be certainly great reward.”

Koid then said “Hmm…I don’t know about that but I will see what I can do…I’ll make the next game be between Alsa and Astora so you make sure nothing goes wrong. This is the final fight for the Alsian team, and if you want it to be against Astora so be it…the Masters have ordered it to be against Astarte so to show the power of the product fairing against their three strongest but if you truly are ready to accept the consequences of the product not being fully promoted it is all on you.”

Asilis answered instantly “Just do it!”


“Young lord please wait you can’t be doing this she is someone from another country and there are procedures that need to be done before…”

Two men were walking down a hallway that was headed toward the gathering room of the Alsa team

One of them was the next to be king of the Alikh country prince Ardous Giive.

The other one was his butler and consultant he was an old man probably in his sixties almost as tall as the young prince with grey hair and a well-trimmed moustache wearing a black twin tailed suit he followed the obviously smitten prince.

“I made up my mind I will make her mine by her will or by force!!”

The old man answered in a defeated tone

“But young lord she may not be a worthy person at least let me check up on her background”

The young man was now in front of the door to the room said

“That would just be a waste of time. Even so you think that I as a prince will be refused…every woman in the world would die to bed me. And this one I took direct interest in her so please if you are not supportive just remain silent.”

The door was opened wide with the prince walking gallantly inside.

A haughty look was on his face while looking at the crudely arranged quarter.

Some of the kids were lying on beds mostly the ones who just fought and are recuperating while the others were starring right back at the prince.

The first to move was a redhead girl that bowed in a manner showing that noble blood was running through her veins.

Then spoke politely and graciously “My lord, what brings you to our humble establishment?”

 The young prince nodded then said

“I am looking for the Girl who fought earlier in the arena…the one with the white hair. Where is she? I can’t see her here.”

The girl answered “My lord Yuna-san is not currently here she was watching the game that is currently being played between Astora and your country. The game just finished so she will be here soon.”

The price then said

“Then I wait.”

The redheaded girl rose back from her bowing stance and asked the young prince a question.

“Are you not interested in who won my lord?”

The young prince shrugged saying

“It doesn’t matter to me I am not here for this stupid competition…”

“Don’t you think that is rude? I believe that there are some who would not take kindly to the words you just spoke.”

He was cut off by a young man that just entered after him.

Almost as tall as the prince with black hair and a smug look the young warrior who singlehandedly beaten the ash wyvern won a victory in less than few seconds and even managed to beat the strongest young warrior of Astarte. The man’s name was Asura

The prince was obviously furious as he never was talked back too by anyone now.

“What are you intending to say kid” the last word was heavily insisted upon

“Nothing that you didn’t understand. So what is someone like you doing here?”

The prince who has now a vein popping on his forehead said “That is none of your concern. Now move aside I have better things to do than waste my time with someone like you”

As he finished his sentence. Yuna showed up right behind Asura. Once the prince noticed her, his eyes glinted and a lecherous look showed on top of his face.

He pushed Asura aside and went to welcome the new arrival that was clearly surprised by the sudden approach.

“Miss Yuna I am pleased to have met you. I have something to discuss would you mind coming with me to my chamber.”

Yuna who felt uncomfortable still answered polity.

“My lord I am surprised by your presence here but I would have to decline. The next game will start soon and I will be in it. So I have to refuse.”

The prince who has never been told ‘no’ to before was now being declined.

In a moment of anger from not having his way the prince grabbed the hand of Yuna who was caught off guard.

The prince threatened “When I say you will come with me it means you will come with me you have no right to refuse and I have no patience for your-“

Before the prince could finish his words a hand grabbed his. And with crushing force Asura squeezed making the prince cringe from pain until he let go from Yuna’s hand. Asura who now slowly pulled the prince’s hand up said calmly but in a very frightening manner to the prince “you are not to touch her, be it for your status or anything else if she does not want to follow you then she will not follow you.”

Then suddenly he threw the prince like he was a rage making him fall on his behind.

The prince now who was massaging his bruised arm was almost at tear point shouted to the butler

“Mujin kill that insolent fool!!”

The butler looked puzzled but once he saw the look on the prince’s face he made up his mind.

He faced Asura and said in an apologetic tone.

“Sorry young lad but you have picked the wrong person to infuriate”

The atmosphere around the old man suddenly changed what was once looking like a docile grandfather has now the presence of veteran in the art of war.

A true magus one who has lived a life of blood.

Channelling Mana like it was the easiest thing to do he ignited his right arm sapping the entire room from its energy leaving only the prince unharmed but to everyone else the atmosphere felt as cold as the ice. Even Yuna was having a hard time breathing.

Asura on the other hand had both his eyes scanning rapidly the surroundings.

When the magus made a fist the sound of the deliverer was heard.

Ryouka Gaz. Clan head of the blazing fire dragon representative of Alsa and lord of its capital and finally headmaster of Albion.

“Mujin, you are to stop at once!” said the clan head in the most compelling of voices making his presence well known to everyone gathered in the hall.

Seeing the headmaster the butler reluctantly dissipated his flaming hand thus making his terrorising presence disappear.

The butler said

“I am sorry lord Gaz I was just following orders.”

The clan head nodded saying

“I see.” Then looked at the fallen prince “What business do you have with my students?”

The prince stood up dusting himself and responded “I was only here for a friendly talk until this…this savage assaulted me”

The savage in question answered “well I must have missed the memo on when a friendly talk transformed from a discussion to dragging a girl by force to a man’s chamber”

The prince’s eyes widened with the lack of respect shown from Asura and the blatant ‘allegations’.

The headmaster looked at Yuna then the butler then back at the prince.

And said

“I see…Young man” addressing the prince “You are to no longer set foot into this quarter. You are not welcome and if you are in need of anything from Alsa you are to follow the formal procedures.”

The prince shouted back at the headmaster “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!”


The prince responded in a meeker tone “”Y-you would risk war for a girl?”

The headmaster leaned forward and calmly answered “I would…even for less”

If the presence that was emitted from the magus before was compared to a smothering weight

The presence emitted from Ryouka after saying those words was like a crushing tidal wave washing over everyone in the room.

The prince whimpered after hearing that and scurried away without forgetting to say the most cliché of words

“I will remember this!” followed by the butler who bowed to the headmaster and left after the prince.

The headmaster looked back at the obviously still shaken students and said

“That was a job well done kids. Our standing in the competition has improved we may be able to take this home if we win at least four of the next games against Astora and if Alikh managed to score at least 2 wins against Astarte…I have been told that Lori from the Verda clan will be unable to participate due to a sever burnout so they will have to go with four participant…although their excellent warrior Jibi is strong I doubt he could take down all of Alikh’s members alone…”


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