Polymath Redux Annex

Polymath Redux Annex

by Eisblume

Disclaimer: Original story by HiDrangeA. With their permission, I am taking over the continuation of this story as the original author no longer wishes to continue. While I am not as experienced, I hope you all will continue to show as much interest in my attempt at the helm as you did for the original author. I have tried my best to emulate the original style as well as incorporating some of my own. Thank you for understanding.


"I'm no 'Hero', and if you had to classify me, I'd probably stand more on the 'Villain' spectrum of things..."

There was a game that I loved. I've played that one game like a madman for over ten years, and after all that arduous effort I had reached the empty 'top'.

I'm by no means special, all I did was invest a ridiculous amount of time and money into that game. Simply put, I bought my way up to the top with my money and time. If anyone was as crazy as me, they would've reached the top as well. 

Reaching the top made me realize one thing... It made me understand that one cannot go any further. This was the end of my journey. I've beaten every boss, obtained every 'legendary' class item and cleared every content on every difficulty. There was nothing more that waited for me in this world.

Then something happened. Something that only happens in stories; 'transported to a fantasy world'. Good thing I had all of my avatar's abilities... only, that wasn't actually a good thing. The fundamental problem still persisted. So long as I had these powers, this curse of emptiness would likely never lift. The thing I had to do was change my 'perspective'.

I could live like an invincible tyrant... but no. instead of doing what I wanted and living like a petulant God, for now I decided to 'partake' in this world's history. 

I'm an actor, a Planner, Manipulator and this world's Demigod. My hands alone move the fate of the world. So then, as the conductor I shall weave the symphony of this world.

"With the world as our stage, let us weave an exciting tale of heroes and villains. I shall play the part of the villain and fight against the world."

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Crystalized elegance

Word Smith (IX)
Top List #500
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Reception for the Greatest Polymath* ago
Chapter 2 - Transported to another world?!* ago
Chapter 3 - At another world's beginning* ago
Chapter 4 - Another world's welcoming party* ago
Chapter 5 - Achievement Unlocked!* ago
Chapter 6 - The First Crimson Servant ago
Chapter 7 - First Encounter: A wild rogue knight has appeared ago
Chapter 8 - You are already dead ago
Chapter 9 - The divine knights ago
Chapter 10 - A wall that stands taller than any tower ago
Chapter 11 - Plans for the future ago
Chapter 12 - The city graced by the sun ago
Chapter 13 - Role playing game ago
Chapter 14 - The street rat's mistake ago
Chapter 15 - Out of the pan and into the fire ago
Chapter 16 – A human above any god ago
Chapter 17 – A forced consignment from the devil ago
Chapter 18 – A new base of operations ago
Chapter 19 – That which is the next step ago
Chapter 20 – Only the end of the second day ago
Chapter 21 – To chase old ghosts ago
Chapter 22 – To accept this world ago
Chapter 23 – First step: reconnaissance ago
Chapter 24 – The quickest way to fame and glory ago
Chapter 25 – Enter: Cecilia ago
Chapter 26 – Planning ahead ago
Chapter 27 – Sealing the negotiation ago
Chapter 28 – What is a ‘Labyrinth’? ago
Chapter 29 – Life in this world is different than what I thought ago
Chapter 30 – About Roland and Cecilia’s relationship ago
Chapter 31 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (1) ago
Chapter 32 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (2) ago
Chapter 33 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (3) ago
Chapter 34 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (4) ago
Chapter 35 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (5) ago
Chapter 36 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (6) ago
Chapter 37 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (7) ago
Chapter 38 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (8) ago
Chapter 39 – Mission: Obtain the Crystal Flower from the Manatite Forest (9) ago
Chapter 40 – Regalia, the Spectral Blade ago
Chapter 41 – Concerning the case of the race known as ‘Shadow Fiends’ ago
Chapter 42 – End of mission, how? When? ago
Chapter 43 – The alliance of Xagontetia and Drakenholdt ago
Chapter 44 – ‘The incident’ ago
Chapter 45 – She's an alchemic genius ago
Chapter 46 – The Royal Commissions ago
Chapter 47 – A not so stealthy operation by the church ago
Chapter 48 – What happened here was a real mess ago
Chapter 49 – Confronting the church directly ago
Chapter 50 - Red Assassins ago
Chapter 51 – Convictions for the strong ago
Chapter 52 – Attempted Regicide ago
Chapter 53 - Charge from the front ago
Chapter 54 - Extracting the truth ago
Chapter 55 - The truth of Charlotte’s birth ago
Chapter 56 – To serve and protect ago
Chapter 57 – The ‘right’ choice ago
Chapter 58 – The feelings of a father ago
Chapter 59 – For what reason? ago
Chapter 60 – Whatever it takes… ago
Chapter 61 – The Right Hand of the Imperium ago
Chapter 62 – The strength of 'Evil' ago
Chapter 63 – The only way out is through ‘death’ ago
Chapter 64 – A silence in the dark ocean ago
Chapter 65 – The Will of the World ago
Chapter 66 – The miracle of a parent ago

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Thank You Eisblume for continuing this story, Hope you find the Motivation and Heart to go all the way. smile


Good Luck !!


*Disclaimer* I already enjoyed the original, so I should note that I have a little bit of bias toward this one.

If you just wanted to know whether you should read this, then the answer is: "Sure, give it a go for a few chapters and you'll know right away if you like this sort of story."

What I like:

  • I am personally already a fan of “OP-MC” type stories in fantasy worlds, so that scores some points with me (take that how you will).
  • I found none of the characters to be particularly annoying but I’ll get into that later.
  • The protagonist immediately explores the capacity of his abilities instead of whining and buggering off.
  • Things actually happen in this story.

What I don’t Like:

  • I don’t really understand what the motivations for the main characters are as they seem to do things without too much rhyme or reason (correct me please, if I’m wrong). It’s stated that they’re trying to gather information, but it doesn’t feel like the main characters actually are. Maybe the author will clear it up at a later chapter.
  • The world seemed a bit generic since it’s just a typical medieval magic world with guilds and such. Nothing really sets it apart.
  • Another thing I dislike is that characters seem to lack depth, they have somewhat of a dominating personality trait and nothing much else to it (as far as I can remember). Again, this issue may be resolved at a later chapter.


  • If you enjoy “OP-MC transported to another world stories”, then you’ll most likely enjoy this one.
Vowron Prime

An excellent effort. Heartbroken at its fate.

Reviewed at: Chapter 66 – The miracle of a parent

It may seem pointless reviewing a story so old, but Polymath Redux holds a special place in my heart. It is the first webnovel I ever read, and when the effort was taken up by a new author, I was in cloud 9. This rewrite was truly excellent in every way, the only tragedy here is that it was dropped.

Author - I applaud your effort, and I silently pray that you will pick this up again one day!


This is one of my most favorite story in RR and to see the original author suddenly give up on it makes me dissapointed. Thankfully, you continue it, I hope you can keep updating it till the end of time xD. Thank You Eisblume 

(Sorry for my bad english)


Please make more!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Please make more!  I really liked the first one.  It took me a while to like this one because it doesnt have the adventurers in it, but I think its going ok.  Want more either way.


I just found this and all I have to is that I am SO HAPPY smile.

Thank u so much for continueing this series, and i wish u the best>


Personally, I think both series developed wrong and can't move beyond a certain point.

Most actions have no reason, the mc is too soft and various other things.

In my opinion if this was planned better it could of been grade A- work


I Actually Reviewed for Once

Not going to go into detail, but it's good enough to make me write my only review so far. Author knows how to world build and character build well, acceptable grammar, great plot.


Better than the first one

The original was ok, the story hook was good but it just didnt have that feel. 

The original was a bit cringeworthy in some chapers. Not saying that it was bad, but this just works better for me.


If you ever read the original and just didnt feel it, give this one a try



don't listen to OMNERABDATOR

although the first 10 chapter is like the old one a bit (except the grammar and the flow,..)but the main point is after chapter 10 this new author have made a different way compare to old author  (spoiler for new reader):

like he decided to put less importance on the side plot dealing with the 'Hywel Knights' and the Dragon King and wanted to focus more on Yda and Irina's development as characters,so this novel will have better flow and make more sense than the old one