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Chapter 56 – To serve and protect

“But you know, justified or not, everyone must take responsibility for their actions.”

Mordred took out a small, blood coloured gem. It was an item known as a ‘Teleportation Crystal’ that allowed for instantaneous, long-distance travel. However, as might convenient as such an item would be, there were still several restrictions and limitations. In-game, the distance allowed to travel by the item’s use was limited to only anywhere on the map that the user was in. However, ‘maps’ were of various size; some areas were battlefields that sprawled on for hundreds of kilometres, while others were only the size of a small town or city. Due to the inconsistent nature of this item’s usage, Mordred had constantly experimented it for the past couple of days. The second limitation was that the teleportation site he wanted to visit must be revealed to the user, either in the form of a scouting summon or a partied player who had direct line of sight to the location. In this case, Mordred had utilized a summoning monster from the ‘archery’ skill-tree known as a ‘Surveillance Spectre’.

“I’m all set to go, but how do ya plan on getting there?” the Titan, ‘Padan’, asked. His confusion was understandable since Yda was the only person that Mordred revealed this secret and convenient method of transportation to. He flashed the ominously pulsing crimson gem before the Titan to answer his inquiry.

“This is how. It’s an item called a ‘Teleportation Crystal. Well, you can pretty much guess what it’ll do from the name,” thus didn’t bother divulging any more information.

“Hoo~ Never seen anything like this,” Padan crossed his arms and inspected. If he were to become a little more curious, it would’ve been a headache, but as Mordred expected, he was more the type to go along with it and not sweat the minute details. “All right, let’s go then,” he shrugged and immediately bought the premise without question.

Mordred nodded and prepared to activate the crystal, however as they were about to leave, Yda stepped up. She announced that she also wanted to come along, “take me as well!” she shouted. Her shoulders trembled with distilled and suppressed frustration. Her eyes reflected ‘conviction’ and ‘resolution’, something that made even the stoic Mordred flash a smirk. However, while it wasn’t difficult to add her to the list of passengers, the problem was leaving Rena alone while she had sunken to an emotionally fragile state.

“Are you sure?” he asked, not meaning if she was ready to fight and kill, but he pointed to Rena who stared at the ground with a blank look on her face. “I don’t mind if you want to come, but if you do, who’s going to take care of her? I can’t say that she’s in a stable enough mental condition to go without someone there to watch over her.”

At his words, Yda glanced back with an expression of guilt. There was no doubt that she wanted nothing more than to stay by Rena’s side at this dark moment, but another thing that clutched at her was the feeling of responsibility. That is, for letting this happen in the first place. Perhaps she thought that if she hadn’t stormed out when Mordred first arrived, then she would’ve been there to protect Rena and Charlotte, but because she wasn’t this mess happened. Mordred could sympathise- if only a little- at the frustration of just sitting back and waiting for the good news. It would’ve made anyone feel powerless and useless.

Yet, it was Rena who answered back, “it’s okay, Yda…” her voice was weak but had a touch of gentleness. She glanced back and smiled while a single drop of tear slid down the side of her light blue face. “I can take care of myself, so please help them get Charlotte back. I’ll be counting on you,” that kind smile was potent enough that even Mordred’s eye twitched at the charm. He glanced over at her one broken horn and grimaced as he remembered the chilling story.

“Rena… I, but…” however, Yda was a little more conflicted.

Mordred sighed. He approached Rena and crouched down before her. From his inventory, he took out a small ‘egg’ shaped object that was silver in colouration, almost as though it were an actual lump of pure silver. The exterior was so pristine and shiny that Rena’s reflection bounced off the side. “Umm… this is?” she asked with confusion. The only thing she could ascertain about this was that it looked extremely valuable. A large lump of pure silver like this would often be worth more than a dozen pieces of gold.

“It’s known as an ‘Insignia Gem’,” he explained as he took a hold of Rena’s cold hands and placed the item within them. “A powerful relic that will summon a soul-bound servant to the summoner. It will protect you for as long as you live.”

“Eh?” Rena’s eyes opened wide. A gem of bright gold twinkled, her hair glittered white through the shine of the pale moon. “I- I couldn’t possibly take something so valuable…” she tried to return it but Mordred tightly clutched her hands around the item.

“It’d leave a bad taste in my mouth if something were to happen while we were away.”

“But still, something like this…” she tried to protest but his hands directed her fingers through the item’s activation sequence. By the time she tried to return it, it was already too late.

The silver egg glowed with an overflowing silver aura and light. It showered the halls of the hallowed halls of the cathedral in a light more divine than the very goddess it worshiped. The silver gem floated to the air and its light glowed even more intensely, almost blindingly. Simply watching the item activate felt as though one’s soul would be soothed and their sins forgiven. It let out a faint harmonic choir as it started to peel open and reveal a silver essence.

The light took the form of a tall and slender man, glowing as brightly as day. It walked up and knelt in knightly fashion before its new master, Rena.

Soon, the light around the man started to subside and revealed the true form. Smooth black hair, curved ram horns and a pair of pale silver eyes elegantly hidden behind thin, metal framed glasses. He was more slender than bulky, but it was clear that behind that gracefully worn black butler suit was an impressive physique. There was an air of mystery and foreboding about him that even clutched at the heart of his master. He skilfully moved his white gloved hands to push and adjust his glasses as he introduced himself. “I am the Silver Devil and am most honoured to serve before such an exquisite beauty, my Mistress.”

A note from Eisblume

The irony of summoning a devil in a church is not lost on me. 

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