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Chapter 27 – Sealing the negotiation

“Cecilia, is she your daughter?”

“Something like that… only, not really?” Roland froze for a moment before ultimately shaking his head. “It’s a complicated story, but that’s not something you have to know now. Since you’re going to be tagging along with her, there is something else that you should know about her and be careful of.”


Roland’s eyes furrowed as he struggled to find the words to describe it. “A few moments ago, when she first entered, you saw her eyes glow white for a brief second, right?”

“Right, I was afraid to ask. What was that?”

“Cecilia, she… sometimes goes a little ‘berserk’. During those kinds of times there are clear warning signs. Like haggard breathing, becoming even more unreasonable, angered and especially when her eyes glow a pale white colour. It’s best to stop whatever she’s doing at the time before she fully enters that kind of state.”

“What happens if she’s allowed to go into said state?”

“Let’s see… there was that one time she almost completely eviscerated an entire mountain. Suffice it to say, she gains some seriously frightening powers, but the scariest part of it is that she has no control over it. So, I want you to promise me to never let her enter that state and to stop her if she even attempts it.” Roland’s face became stern. His eyes staring dead centre to Mordred’s.

“I promise,” Mordred nodded.

“Right. Thanks, Kid.”

“What…?! You can’t come?” off in the distance, Cecilia’s moaning voice could be heard. Apparently, unsatisfied with having to watch over the novice Mordred she had attempted to invite some other people to tag along. Yet, it seems that had failed. “Come one, I have to babysit this complete greenhorn who doesn’t even know what a Labyrinth is! I’m not even that great at teaching and stuff, so it’d be really helpful if you guys could come with me!”

“Sorry, Cecilia, we have another mission tomorrow as well. Next time, please invite us next time and we’ll definitely tag along.”

“Hmph, fine… but it’s a promise!”


After the invitation had failed, Cecilia staggered her way back to the Roland’s table. She pushed him into the corner as she took the outer seats. “Haah… I guess it’s just me and you, greenhorn,” she casually tossed a benign insult as she slumped over the table with her face squished on one side. She took a fried piece of vegetable from the bowl and placed it in her mouth, chewing unenthusiastically.

“Yes, please treat me well.”

“Whatever… three days. We’ll be meeting in front of the city’s gate in three days’ time so don’t you dare be late.”

“Of course, I will remember it.”


A quiet, unlit and empty darkness grasped around Vardis Inn. Only the meek sounds of water dripping off the faucet to serve as the background music. The matron, Rena, along with her daughter had stepped out for groceries, while Yda had yet to return from her prior emotional outburst.

“My master…” temporarily banishing the shadows, Irina appeared behind her master. She summoned herself in a fiery fashion, charcoal etches of a magic circle beneath her. She knelt, her head cast down and ready to receive her next orders.

“Irina, in three days’ time, I’ll be stepping out of this place for an unknown period of time,” spoke her master, ‘Mordred’. He pushed aside the silken curtains to gaze out at the window to a city cast in the orange of sunset. “During that time, I want you to keep an eye out for ‘subject 01’… Yda. There’s nothing in particular you have to do, just make sure she doesn’t die or get injured too badly. There are still some experiments I want to run with her, so it would be problematic if something were to happen to her in my absence.”

Though the thought of protecting an insignificant human from harm did not particularly appeal to her pride, if it was her master’s orders then she’d accomplish them at any cost. Even if she had to overturn this entire city and burn everyone to cinders just to ‘protect’ this human, that she would do. No questions asked. “I understand, my master. Your orders shall be obeyed.”

Irina peeled one eye, revealing a flame coloured vision. She had still placed the ‘Dragon’s Eye’ spell upon her and had Yda’s exact whereabouts in the city.

“Do try to avoid having her alert to your presence. The illusion of ‘freedom’ is important to humans after all.”



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