Polymath Redux Annex
Chapter 20 – Only the end of the second day

A picturesque, antiquated scene. The room wasn’t large but functionally sized. Aligned to the corner of the room was a sturdy wooden table with several books lined against the wall. A matching wooden chair tuckered neatly into it as a long silken curtain brushed softly against it from the side. A single yellow flower in a small vase rested atop of the table to complete the picture. To the left of the table was a moderately sized white bed with neatly tidied blankets and pillows. Despite the fantasy and primitive aesthetics of this world, this place was more than acceptable.

Mordred let out a long sigh as he beheld the sight. Somehow it was remarkably reminiscent to the visualization of his old room- minus the technology. This cramped and isolated room was everything he had known in his previous life, and stepping back into a similar stage relieved a lot of his tension. He loosened his tie and tossed his overcoat to the bed. The chair scratched against the rough, stone tiled floor when he drew it back to take a seat.

A strange magic came over him. Not ‘magic’ in the fantasy sense, but an indescribable emotion. He fell to a contemplative silence. The world danced around to the rhythm of the swaying curtains by the wind.

‘This is really happening, isn’t it?’ he silently asked himself. Two days had passed since he was unreasonably dragged over to this world and in that span of time a lot of things happened. Things moved way faster than he could even account. Attacked by a dragon, people slaughtered left and right before him, entered a city that could only be described as a RPG hub and rescued a damsel-in-distress. All these things were unplanned, but he had somehow made it through by the sheer overwhelming specs of his character’s design. He could’ve continued like this and probably face no more troubles than when he first arrived, ‘however…’ he shook his head.

A smile flashed across his face. One that could only be described as the scheming of a malicious god. He could continue like this but that wasn’t what he wanted, ‘how many people would kill to get this kind of opportunity?’ Being thrust away from all that tedium and business of the old world and left to explore a vast and expansive fantasy. Everyone would’ve had that dream at least once in their lives. Yet, he had the privilege of being able to experience it all. Yes, that’s what he wanted to do, ‘experience it all; I want to experience all that this world has to offer.’

He gazed out the window once more. It was the same scene but a different interpretation. It was the same kind of exhilaration he had felt the first time he had logged into ‘Hellgana’. This world, ‘Aria’, may not have been the same but the fantasy was no longer just behind a monitor. It was realized.

“Heh… hehehe… hahaha!” the laughter couldn’t be contained as his lungs felt like it would give out before the amusement. As if a mad genius on the verge of creating an abomination, he stood from this chair as it fell and clanged onto the stone floor. He opened his palms and gazed onto the power that was the accumulated efforts of his life. A malignant smile drawn to his face, “yes, this will do. This will do nicely!”

Silence ensued the cease of his hysterical laugh. A deep breath. His chest puffed up and then he released. He staggered back and this time fell onto the soft white bed. He rested his back against the cushion and stared to the barren ceiling. Like a hypnotic trance settling down, his eyelids felt heavy. Two days had passed and in that time, he didn’t even have the chance to sleep or just idly think to himself. The fatigue that his body should’ve felt after such extensive activity wasn’t there- as expected of the body of a ‘Polymath’. Yet his mind was different. Mental exhaustion from trying to adjust to a completely foreign environment had taken a small toll.

“Yeah… this can work…” he felt his consciousness fading further and further from the reality before him. His eyes felt heavy. The gentle breeze from the outside and the warm comfort of a soft bed. They were a terrifying combination indeed. “First… I should… infiltrate the military…” his words distanced apart, fading to nothing more than just the murmurs of sleep-talk. “Then… I can have… a centre view… of this world…”

Finally, his consciousness escaped his heavy body. Only the void and the excitement of tomorrow to keep him company.


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