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Chapter 16 – A human above any god

“Kuh… uuu, Mother…” Yda called out in a weakened voice. It had all been a trap. The two thieves led her into a secluded location, bound her limbs and pushed her down. Now at their mercy, she was about to lose her ‘purity’ at a rundown back alley slum to two thugs she absolutely hated. The two ruffians held her down as they forcefully stripped away layers of clothing one by one. She resisted to the best of her abilities, but the strength of two men overpowered her. More than that however, she was scared. Their maddened expressions of lust and insanity distorted across their face as they thought about ways to defile her. The way they licked over their dirty lips and droll rolled down their chin. All the strength in her body left and was replaced by fear.

“Puahahaha! Yda! I can’t believe you’d fall for such an obvious and stupid trick!” one thug laughed as he pulled off her top to reveal her undergarments. She struggled but the other brigand held down her feet and hands. “Honestly though, I’ve been thinking about doing this to you the moment we met!” they roughly and unpleasantly navigated their dirty hands up and down her body. “Damn! Your skin so soft!” a man rubbed his face against her stomach.

“Are you insane?! Stop it or I’ll scream!” Yda protested even as she had currently been screaming. Yet the two thugs did not care and continued toying with her body. They took off her shorts to reveal a pure white underwear.

“Hehehe~ scream all you want,” the other thug taunted. “Aren’t you one of the best thieves in this city? Then of course you’d know that no one can hear you scream from this place!” She moved around her body to stall them for even just a bit longer. Hoping to no avail that perhaps help may come to her just before something irreversible happened. However, as much as she struggled and wanted to deny it, she understood that it was true. The place she had been brought to was one of the most secluded places in all of Solaris. Her tunnel-vision blinded her to the obvious trap she had been walking into.

“Uuu… please stop…” she asked in tears, her voice muffled by the thug’s large and repugnant hand. He grabbed at the straps of her underwear and began to slowly slide them off her arms. “No…”

“Oho~ oh my god, are you actually crying? That’s so hot!” he commented. “Don’t worry Yda, we’ll be sure to go very slowly. We need to draw this out until night… that is before we sell you off to the slave house. Hehehe~”

“Help… me…” she struggled in vain. With the final remnants of her strength she shouted out once more, “Somebody! Anybody… please help!”

As the thug removed his pants and was about to lay upon her, a firm hand clutched over his shoulder and prevented further movements. “Why don’t you leave it at that? I don’t want my experimental samples to be tampered with in such a manner. Not without my permission anyway.” A familiar voice spoke from behind the man. A familiar voice, however somehow different. When she heard it before it had been soft and gentle, yet now there was only antagonistic malice.

“Huh?! What the… who’re you?” the thug relinquished his hold over Yda to face the newcomer. He was a younger man, no older than Yda in terms of looks, adorned only with low-level leather armour and not even a weapon. If ever there was a person who could embody a ‘novice mercenary’ more than him it would’ve been a miracle. “How the hell did you get here, kid?”

“Who knows?” yet even as this green mercenary was faced up against two thugs almost double his body mass, the smile on his smug face never faded. His knife-sharp red gaze remained unflinching. Yda wasn’t sure if this newbie mercenary could win against the two men but she felt grateful that at least someone came to her aid. The two thugs stepped closer to contest him but he remained with that same smirk and retreated no ground. “Now,” the mercenary pointed over to Yda, “if you hand over that girl to me I’d be willing to let you walk away without serious injury.”

“Huh? Are you shitting me you brat? Why don’t you buzz off!” without any kind of warning the thug raised his fist and struck down the novice mercenary’s face. A direct hit… or so it was supposed to have been, yet the result was unexpected. “… Ugh! What the hell?!” the thug fell to the floor writhing in pain. The bones in his hand broken as if it had just hit a steel wall. “Guh!” even small pieces of broken bone poked out and blood dripped over.

‘Is his face made of steel?!’ Yda thought as she gazed at his unbroken smile. The young mercenary took the opportunity and moved in for the advantage. He grasped the thug’s face and lifted his entire body with only one hand. “You know, I think if I had stayed in that other world, I may have turned out to be some heinous serial killer with how defective I am,” dangerous words came out of the mercenary’s mouth. His grip strengthened over the thug’s skull as audible cracking sounds leaked through. Blood rolling out of his ears.

“Ah… ah…! Shit! It hurts! It hurts!!” blood started to trickle down even the eyes as mercenary’s grip continued to tighten like a vice. Yda could not describe this situation with a better word than ‘comical’. The very same words the thugs spoke to her now boomeranged, ‘scream all you want… no one can hear you from all the way out here,’ she cursed. 

“You bastard! Let go of him!” the other thug shouted as he regained composure. He drew a dull iron sword from his waist and slashed down at the young mercenary. If it had been anyone else they’d been down with half their body cleaved and innards wide open, however reality was much crueller. Instead of the mercenary or his armour, it was the thug’s sword that shattered upon impact. The stinging silence and clangs of metal pieces as they fell to the floor was painful. “What… what the hell?! What are you?!”

The young mercenary glanced his head back with that same arrogant smile, “as you can see, I’m a bona fide human.” He applied just a bit more pressure on to the thug’s skull to make him continue singing. Eventually, the young mercenary let go without fully committing to the thug’s death. The thug fell to the floor with a heavy ‘thud’ and writhed in pain as blood spewed from every orifice on his face. “Well, I don’t think execution is quite an appropriate sentence for attempted rape so I’ll let you go with that.”

“M- monster! You’re a monster!” having witnessed the hopelessness of the situation the remaining thug tried to escape. Yet, the moment he picked himself up to move a thin piece of ice appeared just behind him and pieced through his left knee and bolted him to the dirt floor. “Augh!” he shouted as he planted his face to the ground and blood trickled out of his nose.

“Come now, I already gave you a chance to do that before, but you refused. So now you’ll have to stay behind and truly understand what it means to face the consequences of your own actions.” The young mercenary slowly crept forward to the thug bolted to the floor. He tried to crawl away but with his knees stuck, even that was impossible. “That was just a low-level ‘ice spear’ spell at one percent output; don’t be such a drama queen.”

In the end, the mercenary took no more actions as the thug knocked himself out from the fear of what ‘might’ happen. A patch of urine puddled under him, that even the young mercenary thought that this was enough of a punishment. “Well… okay, anyway I believe this belongs to you,” the young mercenary tossed a small pouch to Yda. The sound of familiar gold coins jangled as it hit the floor.

“Ah… my pouch, thank… you?” as she turned back to express gratitude she almost immediately wanted to retract the statement. A sinister aura and malicious smile plastered across his face. ‘Am I going to die?’


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