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Chapter 13 – Role playing game

“Are you mercenaries too?” as they approached the heavily guarded checkpoint, Mordred and Irina was asked by another person seeking entrance to the city. He had a rugged look about him. His slightly tanned face left with numerous scars. Though rather slender, beneath those chain and leather mails were a noticeably developed muscular structure. To his waste was a worn dagger and a long sword whose hilts had seen countless abuse.

Mordred stared right back and smiled as he replied, “we’re just adventurers.” However, at those words the rugged man looked back with a quizzical expression.

“Adventurer? What kind of luxury hobbyist are you?” the man stepped closer, only to be intercepted by Irina. “Hmm, now that I take a closer look, neither of you seem like you had a day’s worth of combat experience. Heck, if not for that dull armour of yours I’d say you two were pair of noble brats who wanted to give being a mercenary a try.”

“What do you mean?” Mordred asked as he gently pulled Irina back to avoid confrontation.

“That porcelain-like skin of yours. It’s a dead giveaway that you’ve hardly gotten injured,” the man shook his head with a slight tone of expression. “Admittedly, you do look like you have a fair bit of muscle beneath that leather, so you’re probably no slouch, but you have the face of a greenhorn!”

“I see,” Mordred nodded in agreement. “Although you make a rather compelling point, I must correct you in saying that we’ve at least a day’s worth of combat experience.”

“Heh, whatever you say kid. I’d seriously suggest that you give up on being an ‘adventurer’ or whatever before you get hurt.” The man suggested as he entered the checkpoint to be examined by the guardsmen.

From that short conversation, Mordred realized one mistake. ‘This world has no ‘adventurer system’.’ Of course, when he thought about it in more objective detail, the entire concept of adventurers seemed a little unrealistic. An apolitical organization of ‘righteous’ mercenaries with bases in every country would make no sense in this technologically handicapped world. Indeed, there was no way a country would so freely allow their citizens to join a non-political combat organization. Even mercenary guilds could be subcontracted thus was still deeply connected to the government.

The line for the entrance of the city began to shrink in front of them. Soon, it had come to Mordred and Irina’s turn. As they approached, they were stopped by the guardsman. “Halt, you are about to enter the capital city of Xagontetita, ‘Solaris’. State the reason of your visitation.”

“Of course, we’re recently established mercenaries looking for a job.” There was a faint gratitude towards the man that stopped to talk to him while waiting in line. ‘Seriously, if I told them I wanted to be an adventurer now they’d probably be giving me a strange look.’

“Newly established… I see,” the guardsman inspected. His eyebrows raised, dubious of Mordred’s claims. As the mercenary man had already pointed out, their undamaged complexion was a revelation of their inexperience. “But, unless you have a special permit, we cannot allow you to enter the city without a proper check-up.”

Mordred nodded, “unfortunately, I have no such thing on my person. We’ll partake in the check-up.” There had been no reason to refuse. All of his equipment had been tightly sealed away in a mysterious space known as the ‘inventory’ and was unlikely to be discovered.

“Very well, then please step this way,” the guardsman guided Mordred away from Irina who had been led by a female guard. Due to the sheer amount of people waiting to be admitted in, the check had only taken five minutes at most and ended without a problem. “Thank you for your compliance. We’ve determined that you’re both in the clear and may pass on through.”

“It’s no problem. Thank you for your hard work,” Mordred waved as he passed through the gates of the city. He uttered once more, this time with a more sinister tone under his breath, “O’ ye, who let the devil in… thank you for your hard work indeed…”


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