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Chapter 11 – Plans for the future

After it was all over, the elderly man stepped up to Mordred. His puppets and Irina poised themselves for an attack but against such a feeble old man Mordred stopped them. The elderly man lowered his head. With tears in his eyes he expressed gratitude as though praising a god, “Thank you… thank you for saving my village!”

Mordred stared back through the single eye hole. “You do not have to thank me. In reality I have done only what was required of me as a member of the Holy Chivalric Order… not only that, but I have failed to save those who had already fallen. If anything, please forgive me for being too late.”

“No, no… you have already done far more than what we can hope for, please… thank you.”

Neither the villagers nor the elderly man had noticed it, but beneath that pure white mask was a sinister smirk. While he had not particularly wished for any harm for this village, it was useful in that it could serve as a stepping stone. ‘The Holy Chivalric order… I planned on discarding it, but it may be rather useful,’ he thought to himself.

Though admittedly, he had gotten too carried away with his role as a ‘holy knight’ and ended up letting the knights go. He wanted information about their civilization as well, but that couldn’t be helped now. For now, basic information from these villagers would have to suffice. Anything more complicated- politics, treaties, alliances, economy, etc. those things were best off understanding after the foundations were fully grasped. “Although, I do have a small favour, if you don’t mind.”

“Y- yes, yes of course! Whatever it is, please ask.”

Mordred nodded. “This may sound strange but I wish to know about this country; everything about its customs, culture and the surrounding nations. I hope you understand, that this is not a means of mockery, but there is a genuine reason I do not know these things. Though I hope you do not inquire about the reason.”

The old man thought about it for a moment before nodding. “Yes, well please come to my house. I will answer questions you may have.”


Half a day had passed since the skirmish. Mordred stood over a hill that gazed down at the decimated village. As he had required time to digest the information told by the village’s chief he ordered his puppet knights to help with the repairs. With their aid the town was almost back to the way he had been, although those who had perished could never be returned.

“Now then, those knights said they were from the ‘Baliazoural Empire’. Their nation is engaged in a war with this one, the ‘Xagontetian Sun Country’.” Mordred murmured to himself as Irina silently stood close by and watched. “Other than that, there’s also the ‘Great Void’ that’s home to the Demon Lord at the center of this world. Especially concerning.” With the existence of a Demon Lord, there was one thing that Mordred couldn’t avoid crossing his mind. “A ‘Hero’… well, if this were a fantasy novel then one would probably exist. Or rather, if this really were a fantasy novel, it feels like I should be the one taking up that mantle.”

Mordred continued to ponder on matters until the sun eventually set. With the sky eventually darkening, the village people had offered Mordred and his cohorts a stay for the night, although he ended up refusing. There was a possibility that people would find out that they were merely puppets after all. “The capital of this country… ‘Solaris’,” he nodded reciting the name. “All right, Irina. I’ve decided on our next destination.”


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