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[ Equilibrium Shop ]

/ Categories \

< Quality of life >

--- Passive

< Stats >

--- Active

< Skills >

--- Physical

< Affinities >

--- Magical

< Modifiers >


Peter was pleasantly surprised. There was a very user-friendly list of categories all laid out for him. Two sections were gray: Affinities and Magic. Magic wasn't available for pretty obvious reasons, and he guessed that Affinities weren't allowed because he wasn't level 50 yet. It made him wonder why it was there at all, since nobody using the Equilibrium Construct would have a level.

Peter decided the first thing he should do is check the 'stats' category. He had no choice but to replace his removed [Wisdom] and [Intelligence] with something that would help him out with the non-magical properties that [Wisdom] and [Intelligence] had.

"Limit my search to only stats that can replace my dysfunctional ones please."


Showing: 'Stats' only.

A 'Stat' is an aspect of yourself which you may augment using unspent stat points. You gain 5 unspent stat points per level.
Maximum Stats allowed: |10| | Currently in use: |7|


- E.P. 5,000

Increases sexual appeal, the strength of your voice, and ability to change people's minds. Higher levels allow you to make people with low [Wisdom] do as you wish.


- E.P. 10,000

This unique stat increases the speed at which you can process information. Allows for you to learn anything much faster. Increases reaction time by a lot, but not your movement speed.
Beware of being able to see a punch coming, but being unable to move out of the way. 
Higher levels allow your mind to work like a computer.


- E.P. 5,000

Increases your discernment. Allows you to see details others miss. Allows you to detect whether or not people are lying. Highlights weaknesses in armour you observe, and the weak points in monsters you see.
Higher levels allow you to see the flow of world energy and mana in the air.

[Parallel Computations]

- E.P. 10,000

Splits your mind into multiple partitions, allowing for completely different thoughts to occur at the exact same time with the same mental clarity as if you were thinking of them with all your concentration. Higher [Intelligence] compliments this stat but is not necessary.
Higher levels allow for every 5 partitions of your mind to cast a different skill simultaneously, or the same skill simultaneously.


- E.P. 8,000

When you feel anger or frustration rising, you can channel your fury into temporarily raised stats. Cannot allocate points to this stat, as it is a consumable resource like mana.
Higher levels allow you to ignore mortal wounds temporarily while enraged.

[Healing Factor]

- E.P. 7,000

Exclusively increases your health regeneration. Not to be confused with Vitality, as it does not increase HP, nor your resistance to any form of physical or magical damage.
Higher levels allow for regrowth of lost limbs.
Warning: Not compatible with the passive skill [Adamantium Skeleton]

[Physical Resistence]

- E.P. 12,000

Raises the hardness of your body. Not to be confused with Vitality, as it does not increase HP regeneration. This stat increases the raw physical damage your body can ignore.
Higher levels allow for you to become as resilient as living metal.

[Magical Resistence]

- E.P. 15,000

Raises your resistance to any magical effects. Mages will hate you instinctively.
This stat has been banned by 83% of known universes, but the one you're going to has not banned it yet due to it being only 17,000,000 years old. It still has a lot to learn.
Higher levels will allow you to reflect magic like a mirror.

Requires Mana Stat Unattainable
Requires Mana Stat Unattainable
Requires Mana Stat Unattainable


'Hey, voice commands actually work' should have been the first thing peter thought, but he was way too interested in what he had available from this list. 

"Wow." was Peter's first reaction after reading through all of them. These stats were incredibly strong. It was breath-taking just knowing that some of these stats may have never been used before. He was still a bit bummed about the stats that required mana, though. 

Peter had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, but he decided to wait until he saw the other items he had to choose from as well. He didn't want to preemptively buy a stat that could be covered by a skill, or vice versa. This process is too important for him to take lightly.

Peter decided that passive skills would be his next step, "Remove previous selection. Good. Now limit my search to only show skills that fit into the Physical and Passive categories."

Peter wasn't sure if he had to specify or not, but he didn't want to take any chance. He also didn't want to know what he was missing by seeing all those 'Requires [Mana] Stat' messages.



Showing 'Physical' and 'Passive' skills only.

A 'Passive' skill is a skill that requires no conscious action to show its effect. It usually requires no 'cooldown' time, and will never take any amount of a 'consumable' stat. They can, however, permanently limit the maximum amount of a consumable stat.
Example: Lowering your Maximum [Health] from 100/100, to 80/80 in order to give you a buff.

[Fear Aura]

- E.P. 2,000

Passively emit an aura of fear in a 3 meter radius. How badly this skill will affect anyone around you is based on your level and the level of those affected.
This skill is togglable.
On level up:  Slightly greater effect, and/or increased area of effect.


- E.P. 3,000

Every 10 seconds you are in combat you gain a stack of [Fervor]. Each stack increases attack speed by 2%, to a limit: +41% attack speed.
On level up: slight increase to attack speed limit, and gain stacks slightly faster.
Note: Even if only 1% attack speed is remaining, gaining the final stack will still take 10 seconds.


- E.P. 3,000

Automatically deduct 3 points of physical damage from every individual attack.
On level up: slight increase in damage reduced on every attack.
Note: Non-magical damage over time effects are reduced by this ability as well.


- E.P. 5,000

The faster you are moving right before you attack, the more damage your attack will deal when it lands. Exact damage depends on the weapon used and how much it weighs.
On level up: slight increase to damage dealt.


- E.P. 5,000

When standing still, and not in combat, you regenerate [Health] 25% faster than normal.
On level up: slight increase to healing percentage increase.

[Blood Energy]

- E.P. 1000

Reduces your maximum [Health] by 50. Increases maximum [Stamina] by 10.
Warning: High chance of death at early levels.
On level up: [Health] reduction is slightly less, and/or increases [Stamina] by a little more.

[Double Edged Sword]

- E.P. 1000

Reduces your maximum [Health] by 50. Increases damage of every attack you deal by 10.
Warning: High chance of death at early levels.
On level up: [Health] reduced by slightly less, and/or increases damage dealt by slightly more.


- E.P. 6,000

Decreases unspent stat points gained per level by 1. Every 10 levels you will get those points all at once, with a 50% interest.
On level up: Increases the interest rate.
This skill only levels up by gaining normal levels.

[Soul Drain]

- E.P. 7,000

Increases the amount of a soul you consume when getting a kill. The extra soul energy can't be taken in to increase your level because it still won't be compatible with your soul, but you can turn that energy into [Health] or [Stamina].
On level up: Increases portion of soul you can consume, thereby increasing [Health] and/or [Stamina] gains.


- E.P. 66,666

Leeeeeeeeeeeetttttt.......... mmmmeeeeeeeeeee....... ouuuuuuutttttttttttt.........
On level up: -----------------------------


".... I get it now," Peter's hands were shaking, "I understand what B67 meant by saying the E.C. unlocks the potential in my soul."

Peter went through a revelation as he read through these passive skills. They all seemed to represent a small part of his time since the beginning of the karma test that the Gods put his soul through. Even the stats page from before reflected a lot of his experiences from the realms he's been in.

But the craziest thing was definitely the last passive. Perhaps it was even straight up scary. Peter had no idea the reaper was still inside of him after he killed it during the test. Even if he could know about it, the fact that it had enough control to actually alter the E.C.'s display was insane! There's no way he was buying that skill.

"Gonna have to pass on the last one, that's for sure."

Even though Peter was scared by it, he was still incredibly curious. It was the highest E.P. cost passive there, and it didn't even tell him what it did! What a tease.

As for the other skills: all of them made sense. They all tied into some form of his experiences in the past 73 or so days of his memory.

The two skills [Double Edged Sword], [Blood Energy], and [Patience] were really peculiar, though. Peter wondered why the first two cost so little E.P. at first, but realized it was probably because they were more of a handicap, and buying them would be a huge risk. Peter would have to take those two skills into consideration anyways, though. They looked like once they were high-leveled, they would make him a very strong fighter.

[Patience] seemed almost game breaking. As far as Peter knew right now, only leveling up gave extra unspent stat points. It was a huge risk being only 80% as powerful as you could be for the first while. Only once you reach level 20 would that skill begin to make you more powerful, but the implications were limitless later on. 

[Soul Drain] was a dark reminder to Peter. He was no fool. He saw the 'blood' that was inside his soul during his training with B67. It was exactly like the Godlings that he absorbed during the test. Peter figured that the reason he still had lasting effects on his soul was because his soul was never taken by the Reaper. Normally whether you chose to fight the reaper, or kill the Godlings, in the end you would be killed by the reaper. Peter deduced that the reaper 'Purified' a soul before it was put back into the cycle of reincarnation.

The conclusion was that Peter really was unique, just as his Goddess Adrestia said. Nobody has ever come out of the test with the benefits of feeding on Godling souls before.


After some time Peter figured out which were his favorites, but still didn't choose any. He still stuck to his earlier decision of seeing what was available first. He then decided that the 'Quality of life' category looked pretty unique. He wondered what kind of bonus you could buy that only counted as a small convenience.

"Limit search to only show the 'Quality of Life' category please."



Showing 'Quality of Life' items only.

'Quality of Life' perks are a lot like passive skills in that they provide abilities that take conscious thought to operate. They are not listed on any skills tab in a status menu like 'passives' are. Their effect is also not large enough to justify calling them a skill either. They merely make things easier on the user they affect.


- E.P. 10

The ability to summon a 'system' based clock that shows the current time, day, month and year of the world you are on. Automatically accounts for time zones, and has options to set timers and alarms.

Status Page Manager

- E.P. 40

Allows you to manipulate your Status page to display what you want, where you want it.


- E.P. 50

Displays all consumable stats in a non-intrusive way, at the lower left of your vision. Skill cooldown timers can also be displayed at the discretion of the user. Allows for projecting the path of incoming attacks, such as spells, bows, and thrown weapons. Can be toggled on or off.

'System' Backlight

- E.P. 400

Allows you to see any system windows in any level of light. Even with your eyes closed. Could potentially save your life one day. -wink-

Status Page Information

- E.P. 500

The most influential item on this list. Almost listed as a skill, but functions exclusively with the system. Normally the exact effects of passive skills and stats need to be explored and discovered by their user. This handy tool displays much more exact information regarding anything on your stat page, and then some.



Peter laughed his head off, "Dear goodness, they really are reading into my soul! I've hated not knowing how long I've been in here, so they gave me a clock. My status page was all messed up, so they gave me a way to fix it. I was dreading how on earth I was gonna keep track of [Stamina], so they gave me a hud. I was frustrated with not being able to see or read the system windows during the darkness of the Karma Test, so they gave me the backlight. And now I've just learned everything about stats and have been worried about where I would get any other info I need. This E.C. is insanely good at what it does."

Peter finally composed himself, "And all together it'll only cost a thousand E.P.!!"

Peter bought all 5 of them. They all seemed very useful in the long term and Peter felt they were worth the purchase.


'Quality of Life' category has been cleared.

Hidden bonus 'Quality of Life' perk unlocked:

 New active skill gained: [Lucky Dice].

A single-use skill that allows you to reroll your [Karma] stat.
Warning: Results are completely random. 


..... " 'Quality of Life' Ehhh?" Peter snickered, "I guess [Karma] really does fit into that category." 

This extra bonus was a huge boost for Peter's morale. He had been really worried about his [Karma] ever since he found out it could be the reason he was a manaless soul. 

"Now show only...." Peter thought for a moment, and looked over his options.


[ Equilibrium Shop ]

/ Categories \

< Quality of life >

--- Passive

< Stats >

--- Active

< Skills >

--- Physical

< Affinities >

--- Magical

< Modifiers >


Peter looked down the categories list and noticed that there was a designated 'Modifier' category. Peter was really interested to know what the heck modifiers were, but decided to go to Actives first. He had all the time he needed after all. No reason to rush things. A small part of peter liked the anticipation anyways.

"Limit my search to only show skills that fit into the Physical, and Active categories. Please, and thank you."



Showing 'Physical' and 'Active' skills only.

An 'Active' skill is an ability that requires conscious action to show its effect. It usually requires a 'cooldown' time, and will normally take an amount of a 'consumable' stat. Some 'Active' skills can consume no stats and just have a lengthened 'cooldown' time.


- E.P. 1,000

Dash straight ahead, dealing 130% weapon damage to all targets struck.
Cost: 10 [Stamina] ; Cooldown: 15 seconds
On level up: Slight increase in damage, and/or decrease in [Stamina] cost, and/or reduced cooldown time. 

[Turtle Stance]

- E.P. 3,000

Immediately curls your body into its most compact form it can take, and reduces incoming damage by 25% for the duration. Stays active until you will it to end, or you run out of [Stamina] 
Cost: 40 [Stamina]/second ; Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
On level up: Slight increase to damage reduction, and/or slight decrease in [Stamina] cost. 

[Terrifying Glare]

- E.P. 4,000

Lock eyes with anyone to be able to activate this skill. Upon activation the target will be too terrified of you to look away, causing them to stop whatever they are doing. Duration of this Stun is determined this function: [(Your level)(0.5) - (Target level)-3] seconds. If the final duration is negative, the Target will not be stunned. If the final duration is over 100 seconds, the target will die within 5 seconds. Breaking eye contact will end this skill and put it on cooldown.
Cost: 5 [Stamina] ; Cooldown: 1 minute.
On level up: Slightly changes the function in your favor, and/or reduces the cooldown.


- E.P. 5,000

Taking 10 damage from a single opponent will give you a stack of [Revenge]. Being attacked for 10 damage or more by a different opponent will erase previous stacks and restart the stack count. When you wish you may activate this skill, and you will gain ((Stack#) x 3)% extra damage on top your next attack. Using this empowered attack on someone else will result in nothing.
Cost: 1 [Stamina] ; Cooldown: 1 minute
On level up: Slight increase to damage multiplier, and/or slight decrease in damage required per stack of [Revenge].


- E.P. 15,000

Increase all non-consumable stats by ([Stamina] used)% for 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes receive debuff 'Overdraft'. 'Overdraft' reduces stats by the same amount as [Stamina] used to [Overcharge] them and lasts for half an hour. Warning: Reducing any stat below 0 means you will pass out immediately when 'Overdraft' is applied.
Cost: [Stamina] of your choosing ; Cooldown: 24 hours
On level up: Raises stat increase % slightly, and/or reduces the penalty of 'Overdraft' slightly.


"Incredible abilities! I almost don't believe it."

Even with the active abilities, Peter could tell which experiences over the last while had caused them to appear.

Peter thought about the advantages each of these abilities brought to his future character. He knew that they might have drawbacks that get him killed. [Turtle Stance] seemed pretty useless, and made him vulnerable to more attacks.. meaning that 25% damage reduction was very useless. Then there was [Overcharge] which was outright dangerous. It was likely meant for fights that were impossible to avoid and you needed an extra boost to survive. Heck, it could even be used to run away quickly if you could get somewhere safe within 5 minutes.

After the usual careful consideration and a small walk around the room to stretch his legs, he went back to the main menu to look for the final category. It didn't look very normal. Peter had never even heard of modifiers from B67 before. Although when Peter thought about it, he didn't even know how to actively level up his skills once he had them. There were still a couple questions Peter wanted to ask before he left for the new world.

'No time like the present,' Peter thought.

"Show only the Modifier category."



Showing: 'Modifiers' only

A "Modifier" is a theme that your stats work by. Only one can be used at any time, and reverting back is impossible.

Note: Modifiers are not derived from the soul like the rest of the E.C. categories are. They are a designed modification to the foundation that all the people and monsters run on. Most of these modifiers are alpha models and have not been balanced enough for use. Not that you could ever afford them anyways.

Current Modifier: |Avatar (Adrestia)|

Wealth Eater

- 30,000 E.P.

Allows you to consume any accepted form of currency, treasure, or gold (refined or ore) in order to strengthen yourself. Level gains from human/monster kills are reduced by 90%. Can sniff out Gold from over a mile away, and see it up to 50 meters through solid ground.

Starts with [Appraise] skill at Novice level 5, and the [Earth Mover] passive skill at novice level 5.


- 30,000 E.P.

Every 10 levels gained grants you the ability to choose a Stat or a Skill to evolve. Through repetitive activity, you have a small chance to evolve into a stronger version of yourself that is more capable of performing the task.

Starts with the ability to Evolve the first class you choose down 3 unique paths.


- 30,000 E.P.

Consume any form of flesh, or living being (magical life, such as an elemental, does not count) in order to strengthen yourself.  Level gains from human/monster kills are reduced by 90%. Can sniff out corpses from up to 2 miles away.

Starts with [Iron Grip] skill at Novice level 5, and the
 [Play Dead] skill at Adept level 1.


- 500,000 E.P.
(insufficient E.P.)

The Longer you live, the higher your level will be. You have a potentially unlimited lifespan due to the magic in your Blood. The only creature who can absorb world energy passively in order to increase their level. Level gains from human/monster kills are reduced by 95%. Negative fame gain increased by 1000%.

Starts with [Elemental Breath] skill at Novice level 1, [Hibernate] skill at Expert level 5, [Flight] skill at Novice level 5, and [World Energy Eater: Rank I] trait.

Hive Queen

- 1,000,000 E.P.
(insufficient E.P.)

High price is intended as a safeguard due to this Modifier being able to destroy entire worlds with little effort.

Become the Queen of a hive mind of aliens. You are no longer your own being. You are many. You see through your minion's eyes, and can take over their minds. You may spawn more minions, and gain different Aliens to spawn as you level. Level gains from human/monster kills reduced by 98%.

Start on an Asteroid as it impacts the planet. Start with [Spawn Minion] skill at Novice level 1, and [Parallel Computations] Stat at 20. Start with 'Hive Queen' unique class. Also start with special 'Status' menu that keeps track of all of your minions [Health], and their location.


- -N/A- E.P.

Prerequisite: Must be Chosen by a patron God, and can not be purchased.

Become the representation of a God to a universe. You are revered by all who know of who you are, but being known means you are in danger because you will be hunted by other Avatars. You do not age. Your class is pre-selected by your God.

Access to Deity [Influence] stat, which levels when you get human/monster kills, spread the ideology of your Deity, or kill other Avatars in the name of your Deity.

You start with 30 unspent stat points, [Identify] skill at Novice level 5, [Student of a God] skill at Adept level 10, [Auto Translate] skill at Transcendent level 10, and start fully grown in a hidden temple dedicated to your God. 


The biggest window Peter had seen yet opened up in front of him. 

"Well well well," he said, "What have we here?" a large smile covering his face.

As he read, his smile turned into a frown. Something wasn't quite right. It said you could only have one modifier active at one time, and that it couldn't be changed. But the modifiers that he could afford were clearly still selectable. In every other case no matter what it was, the E.C. always let him know when he couldn't purchase something from a shop page. Something was clearly not right here.

"Avatar is one of the options as well, but it says that..." Peter located the part of the modifier description he was looking for, "Most of these modifiers are alpha models and have not been balanced enough for use," Peter scratched his head, "Well I suppose it does say 'Most' of them. Not all of them."

"I wonder.." Peter vocally wondered, and raised his finger to one of the 'Modifier' buy buttons, "what'll happen if I press one of them?"

Peter's finger made contact with the screen.


A note from Excalionar

See an error? You know what to do.

Special thanks to 'RedCapMagoo' for pointing out some errors!

Broke up with my Girlfriend of 1 and a half years last night. I was gonna get engaged to her less than a month ago..

Kinda bummed out and all I want to do is write a story that everyone enjoys. Sorry if my editing is a bit bad. Still no proofreader.

I get so much fun out of this website and its writers, I just want to give back a little.

... Also I'm a dirty 'Adblock' user, so I feel bad and want to give 'RoyalRoadl.com' some payback revenue. (Sorry please don't ban me)

This chapter is only about 5,000 words but it took AGES due to all the ideas for skills and crap I had to come up with.

Also ending my relationship took a bit of my time. I'm sure you'll forgive me.

Also, NO! your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you. I updated the fiction cover to better represent.. well the fiction! duh.

Here's the old one for reference. And YES I made these myself, and had a ton of fun making them :))

 Equilibrium Cover V1.3

Edit: Changed [Deity Influence] skill -> [Influence] stat.    |    Changed [Charge] to [Dash]    |    Changed [Fervor] max attack speed to 41% to match level #'s.

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