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A random young man, caught in a freak event is eventually killed only to reincarnate in one of the most powerless forms possible... and thrive. Mostly inspired by Re:Monster. Status: Series complete. Wild, random humor and erotic content in later chapters... Rated R 18+ for Excessive sex scenes involving a squid, violence and coarse language (in places).

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A lost cause...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Re:Spawn ago
Chapter 1: Smiles and Food ago
Chapter 2: Cage of Memories ago
Chapter 3: Lifeguard and... demon ago
Chapter 4: Maneaters and Misery ago
Chapter 5: Innovation and renovation ago
Chapter 6: Past lives and rocks ago
Character/species abilities and traits list (last updated 26 Nov 2015) ago
Chapter 7: Heart Breaker ago
Chapter 8: Evolution and Suffering ago
Chapter 9: Massive Regrets and Opportunities ago
Chapter 10: Seadogs and Squalls ago
Chapter 11: Sinking Feeling ago
Chapter 12: All that gleams... ago
Chapter 13: For the will of foam! ago
Chapter 14: The failing mind... ago
Chapter 15: The reality of face-blindness ago
Chapter 16: Tinkertoy ago
Chapter 16.5: A Squid without limits... ago
Chapter 17: Tickets Please... ago
Chapter 18: Interloper ago
Chapter 19: Adventures in Translation Part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Thats just not right... ago
Chapter 21: So where is Ripley? ago
Chapter 22: Roaming and Roaring ago
Chapter 23: Plot intrudes... ago
Chapter 24: Titans everywhere... ago
Chapter 25: The destroyer... of all things... ago
Chapter 26: Mirror...mirror... ago
Chapter 27: Underwater city ago
Chapter 28: Invasive pests... ago
Chapter 29: King Me. ago
Chapter 30: Granting a life-time wish ago
Side Story: Little Squid, Big Trouble. ago
Chapter 31: Count down. ago
Side Story: Eternity ago
Chapter 32: Frenemies... ago
Chapter 33: Hydras... are complicated. ago
Side Story: Yumi the Prison Warden ago
Chapter 34: Godliness is good ago
Chapter 35: To kill a god ago
Side Story: Life of an evil god + Poll ago
Chapter 36: Finally a Finale! ago
Epilogue Part 1: The future is Squid! ago
Epilogue part 2: Electric Bugaloo... no, really it's the end. ago
Final Side Story: Round and round... ago
Special surprise bonus: When a squid came to visit (part 1) ago
Special surprise bonus: When a squid came to visit (part 2) ago
Squid Dominion (Ultimate end) ago
Final Side Story: Re:Ocean~ Holiday! ago

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I think this is the first story I see based on Re: Monster that the MC is born in an aquatic ambient.

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HAHAHAHAHA! A Great Laugh!

I really got a kick out of this one! Hahahahaha!


Of all the stories I've read here on Royal Road, this has got to be the funniest, with a great variety of references that made me almost fall out of my seat. Haha.


Oh, my eyes are still watering!


Hm. Anyway!


The style is nice, and the chapters are fast paced, which is a refreshing change.

The characters are also rather interesting (in more than one way), and the take on the MC is rather cool, and totally original.  It makes me want to see just how far he can go in the watery world.  Also, GODliness! I wouldn't mind seeing him being worshipped as a god in his own right. Lol.


I had a blast, so keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score

what can I say?

squids are cool

and it is a really good story that is written well


and I recommend it because it is a very good rebirth story!

give it a whirl!

  • Overall Score

Interesting Re:fiction

For once, a reincarnation involving the vast unknown which is called the sea :3

Please continue on with this fiction ^_^...and also lol...sonic dolphins

Wandering if you got the idea because they do use it to communicate, or the command and conquer game of where they were used as a "sonic" water unit

  • Overall Score

This is a nice start. Similar to all these Re: fictions, but still with different ideas. The lastest chapter promises a different take. I hope for more.


Also, it's actually comedic.

  • Overall Score
I like how all his abilities so far are organic in their acquisition/use with only his limited human knowledge assisting him a small amount and even that seems to be fading.
  • Overall Score

Very enjoyable te read , alot of unknow and very exciting prospects for the futur chapter hope to read your updates soon

  • Overall Score

Well written, not the best can be confusing at times. But the Writer is getting better at making the conversations more clear as each chapter is released.


Very little to no Grammar mistakes.


Pretty funny dialogue, and situations. Very entertaining. And first Aquatic Re.  Life in the sea adds so much more to the story, combining that to which happens on land. You have so much to look forward to. :)

  • Overall Score

laughs a-plenty with enough of an interesting storyline to string them together without being boring.

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I definitely enjoy Re:Ocean, it's an easy story to pick up and read and get into. I think it's only failing point so far is the sudden harsh changes between the comical and serious. It can get really out there with the comedy, to the point you're wondering if this is happening while he's blacked out (only to find out, no it did actually happen), to suddenly deadly serious. I think if the author found a way to more easily transition between these styles I would have rated higher.


As it is, it's mostly a fun comedy about a guy reincarnated as a squid (and I do love my cephalopods so!) and his mis/adventures from there. I often find myself trying not to burst out laughing while reading at work XD