Spell Analyst

Spell Analyst

by demante

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore


Jude a Systems Analyst and Murl a Physicist find a new universe created through absorbing information from our own.  This universe is quite different as it was overly influenced by computers.  During one experiment to create avatars to explore said universe the two get sucked in themselves.  Somehow Jude gets sent thousands of years later than Murl and he finds himself in a world of magic and swords.  However, there is a game like system that seems to control everything.  

Jude decided to gain levels and power so that he can find out what happened to his friend Murl.  Along the way, he stumbles across a quest that will lead him to the truth of the Universe.


Authors Goals:

  • 3 Chapters a week M-W-F One chapter a week on Mondays
  • 2k-3k words per chapter  Over 3k per chapter
  • A solid ending
  • Improve writing

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Bapyrvaurin Yxsneyoem (Prologue) ago
Chapter 2 - Bajadin Sniry (Prologue) ago
Chapter 3 - I Raw Zeynb ago
Chapter 4 - Peyjir ago
Chapter 5 - Lurjbiny ago
Chapter 6 - Ynnui Fussoe ago
Chapter 7 - Goe irb Mynn ago
Chapter 8 - Phimyb ago
Chapter 9 - Fivym uc Jtapzoy ago
Chapter 10 - Msyfdtin Ayy ago
Chapter 11 - Ardu cky Bysckm ago
Chapter 12 - Jkain Iguparivaur ago
Chapter 13 - Peeace cky Tush ago
Chapter 14 - Mdeye uc Jtapzoy ago
Chapter 15 - Xipserym ago
Chapter 16 - Neyb Goedtip ago
Chapter 17 - Cktury uc Jub ago
Chapter 18 - Tawoybm ago
Chapter 19 - Koeu irb Neyb ago
Chapter 20 – A hrew horj co! ago
Chapter 21- A Raw KQ ago
Chapter 22 - Topgnymfoyym ago
Chapter 23 - I Mzaugh du Mzaugh ago
Chapter 24 - Ckyubzarm Pamvaur ago
Chapter 25 - Forest: Irinewarj Yxoeeckarj ago
Chapter 26 - Analyze: Mhann Narh ago
Chapter 27 - Create: kew du fteidy i zawoyb ago
Chapter 28 - Healers: Jeararj cky Keinarj Fnimm ago
Chapter 29 - Crafters: Kynsarj cky Mzaugh ago
Chapter 30 – Bandit: Ardu Girbad Fairdte ago
Chapter 31 - Cave: Bycanypyrd uc Bypurm ago
Chapter 32 - Caghvarj Abaud ago
Chapter 33 - Loot: A Girbad’m Nuud! ago
Chapter 34 - Magic: I Zawoybm Pievarj ago
Chapter 35 - Node: Conne Usoeivaurin Ruby ago
Chapter 36 - Switch: Mixy cky Mzaugh ago
Chapter 37 - Cloudy: Cky Mzaugh Dtirmceypyb ago
Chapter 38 - Chance: Tamy uc cky Bypur Neyb ago
Chapter 39 - Vade ar Phium ago
Chapter 40 - Rock: Tush Bypur Caghd ago
Chapter 41 - Bootlick: Guudnash Gnush ago
Chapter 42 - Fight: Jteidoe Bypurm Snaghd ago
Chapter 43 - Caytick Irb Noekiboy ago
Chapter 44 - Critters: Irckei Mdtahym Gish ago
Chapter 45 - At Last: Noekiboy Byceidyb ago
Chapter 46 – End:guuh ury yrbm ago
Fireside Stories 1 ago
Fireside Stories 2 ago
Fireside Stories 3 ago
Book 2 Prologue ago
Book 2 Chapter 1 - How: Chymd Phirjy ago
Book 2 Chapter 2 – To Make: Tydeer du Xinnay Piwy ago
Book 2 Chapter 3 - Geimdm irb Girbadm ago
Book 2 Chapter 4 - mrij mstadym ago
Book 2 Chapter 5 - Tharmzir Syusny ago
Book 2 Chapter 6 - Ymfisy Snir ago
Book 2 Chapter 7 - Xiratharj Ckitchd ago
Book 2 Chapter 8 - Xannijy ur Cery ago
Book 2 Chapter 9 - fteidy pijaf irb ztady vatfirdte ago
Book 2 Chapter 10 - Fticvarj Pijaf ago
Book 2 Chapter 11 - Giem ar Dtiem ago
Book 2 Chapter 12 - Kann Tyjaur ago
Book 2 Chapter 13 - Armiry Abeim ago
Book 2 Chapter 14 - Boyh Ynypyrd Munovaur ago
Book 2 Chapter 15 - Ruby Tymdeyivaur ago
Book 2 Chapter 16 - Zynfupy Du Oyhymm ago
Book 2 Chapter 17 - Mdury Funb Jkumd ago
Book 2 Chapter 18 - Bu Cky Beib Bui ago
Book 2 Chapter 19 - Nirbarj Soard ago
Book 2 Chapter 20 - Teinne I Goygoyair ago
Book 2 Chapter 21 - Pijaf Stufymmey ago
Book 2 Chapter 22 - Yrdte Dymdm ago
Book 2 Chapter 23 - Peyy Dtainm ago
Book 2 Chapter 24 - Arroe Vade ago
Book 2 Chapter 25 - Moeyri ago
Book 2 Chapter 26 - leyjir ago
News Update ago
Book 2 Chapter 27 - Daitripyrd Mdoyd ago
Book 2 Chapter 28 - Tairb Dzu ago
Book 2 Chapter 29 - Stapy Ynypyrdm ago
Book 2 Chapter 30 - Ardoenoby ago
Book 2 Chapter 31 - Rewards ago
Book 2 Chapter 32 Sweeping ago
Book 2 Chapter 33 - Valice ago
Book 2 Chapter 34 - The True Coliseum ago
Book 2 Chapter 35 - The Thorn Witch ago
Book 2 Chapter 36 - Meditate What? ago
Book 2 Chapter 37 - The Plan ago
Book 2 Chapter 38 - Disruption Magic ago
Book 2 Chapter 39 - The King's Delay ago
Book 2 Chapter 40 - Ice Mountain ago
Book 2 Chapter 41 - The King’s Proposal ago
Book 2 Chapter 42 - Escape Geonar ago
Book 2 Chapter 43 - Ellie’s plight ago
Book 2 Chapter 44 - Jorgan Pass ago
Book 2 Chapter 45 - End of Book 2 ago
Book 3 in January ago

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Decent premise, poor execution

Style(3/5): Dialogue feels extremely awkward and unrealistic. Action sequences are full of exclamation points, as if making the statement exclamatory substitutes for exciting scenes. The pacing of events doesn't feel either too rushed or too slow, but could use some improvement on how it's presented.

Story(2.5/5): Nothing especially interesting going on here. Seems like a fairly standard LitRPG premise. The circumstances might be a bit unusual but that appears to be an entirely superficial change. Too much of the story's plot and world building is presented in paragraphs that are like info dumps for their originality to really shine.


Grammar(3.5/5): Grammar is passable. Doesn't prevent the story from being read, but has enough awkward errors to make it noticable.


Character(2/5): By far the weakest part of the story is the character development. Too much of what we know about the characters is presented as facts, and while we see a few glimpses of how they interact with the world and monsters around them, the interactions between characters feels forced and stilted. It feels like there's no emotional connection to the words being said, like they're lines of a script that exist solely to move the plot forward. As a non-spoiler example, while there are multiple situations where it feels like multiple characters should be extremely angry/outraged, this emotion doesn't seem to affect their spoken words at all, and the situation is resolved entirely with three or fewer lines of dialogue, and then promptly forgotten.


Overall(3/5): Ultimately, while this story is readable, by chapter 23 the intricacies of the magic system which drew me in were slowly becoming insufficient to put up with the character interactions.

Okay so disclaimer, I read through Chapter 31 then I stopped and do not plan on continuing this fiction. Take into consideration that this only applies through there. The premise is very neat as is the whole circuitry and world building part. Definitely 5 stars for that. Your characters seem fairly well fleshed out. One issue I see is that morally they seem very.. black and white. This also extends throughout the story at parts. Where you essentially made darkness automatically evil and light automatically good, at least that's how it reads.

The god/devil part seems kinda clumsily put in, I'm not against it at all (while I deem this irrelevant I'm Christian, catholic specifically) it just doesn't really flow very well with how it's shoved in. I feel like moral delimnas and such need to be put in perhaps? It feels very boring and just light=good, darkness=bad. Idk it just comes across really weird how it's put in.

Grammar issues are kinda prevalent. The most common appears to be using "passed" when "past" should be used instead. Minor issues here and there. The author having the own language invented is fairly neat and interesting.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this story to anyone who likes a polished product. That said if you just like novel ideas and rough edges don't bother you, give it a shot because the author has some really neat worldbuilding and magic systems.

Nice Start turning Dreadfully Boring

I made it all the way to chapter 39 before i couln't take it anymore, it became dreadfully boring and cliche.

Very unique take on the "other worlder" genre, but its poorly executed, the mc is boring 1sided overpowered character and just hops through the story winning every encounter easily, theres no struggle only info dumps with new miracle gains in power, every situation he encounters he takes 1-2 sec to make a new skill and voila situation solved.
Villains are cliche and make little sense beside "just because we need a villain", badass evil recruits lowlife thugs to counter out mc, so that our mc can grow after each encounter, its very linear and thus boring.
Every companion becomes overpowered soon after meeting our MC, meh.

A few tiny mistakes here and there hardly worth mentioning.

Overused starter companion, mc saves girl, girl becomes companion.
mc gains fame, everyone wants to join him and look up to him, in a world where lvl 200 is mentioned, a lvl 10 mc is hardly worthy of all this.
I already mentioned villains in my story score, boring and defeated easily.

It had a very interesting take on the otherworlder scenario and an actual goal for the mc right from the start, but the execution is poor.
It also didn't help that the uniqueness, which came from a source of logic and technology, suddenly out of nowhere got mixed god and satan. New demention gets created by the influx of vast digital data, where does the typical view of 'god' creating the universe come in, it made no sense.


Great idea with poor execution.

This story has an interesting concept which fails to live up to its potential due to poor execution.

The biggest problem is with how everything other than the dialogue is exposition. This is only made worse by grammatical errors caused by the author not understand many of the words he is using. 

The story should be readable if you are fine with mental corrections as you are reading and a huge amount of exposition.


Good read and good potential

Seeing as there aren't any reviews for this yet, wanted to add one since it really is worth the read. Note that this is after Ch4 so it can still either get better or worse, but so far it seems that it's going to get better.

So far the Characters and Setting are very interesting (from what we've seen so far) There's still plenty of space for it to grow and uses the setting to explain why magic works. 

Looking forward to more chapters


So. My third review, my apologies if it isn't as great as all the others.

Style score - 4.5 stars. I really like your writing style, it draws me in to the story. You have a very good style. The only reason I didn't gove it a perfect 5 is because I think you still have room to put your own writing flare into the story.

Story Score - 5 stars. I keep approximately 60 - 70 tabs and stories on RRL open at any given time, and your world creation and story creation keep drawing me back, intrigued as to what may happen next. I find myself obsessing over your story sometimes. XD

Grammar score - 4.5 stars. No noticible errors found throughout the story, only one or two.

Character score - 4 stars. Interesting characters that progress well with the story. However, I don't relate to Jude very much, and can never remember his name (Had to just look it up. XD   )

Overall - 5 stars. I really enjoyed Book 1, and look forward to book 2! :)


Terrific story thus far! Potential is the key word here. Only 19 chapters thus far and I do plan on updating this review later, but I have been pleased thus far. The author is consistently releasing three chapters a week and appears to be staying several chapters ahead of his releases, so this allows for higher quality chapters due to his ability to edit before release. World creation in the story comes accross as rather weird, but personally I find it very original. It is fairly unique and I enjoy fresh edibles when consuming books. Style is LitRPG, and because the story is still developing it is still not quite fully fleshed out, but again potential! Keep your eye on this one. The first few chapters are fairly entertaining and the later ones are developing into something quite appetizing.


This is an amazing story and has a great concept behind it. The characters are likeable but the whole justice prevails thing isn't really my cup of tea. Not saying I've stopped reading the story, of course it is impossible to have a story where every single aspect of it will satisfy every reader.


Anyway, you're an awesome writer and I hope you don't drop this story. 




Start with book 2. [Spoilers]

Style: suffers due to the excess of technical details necessary for the premise, but ultimately is OK. 

Story: the world feels designed to be convenient for the main character, but the concepts are interesting enough to compensate. The physicist, Mort did get forgotten, but that will probably by settled eventually. 

Grammar: it was annoying early on, but by the second book I didn't notice any errors. 

Character: in between the stock op Mc, the stiff dialog (which did improve, somewhat), unmemorable side characters, and may I mention, the Mc was trapped in isolation for litteral lifetimes, and he showed no personality changes, or effects at all. 

In addition, the characters are extremely stark in morality, but the second book is better about it. 

Tldr: the second book is in many ways superior to the first, but the major flaws remain, just skip book 1.


One of the better stories on RoyalRoad

This is very good story with well developed MC. I liked that he is a person with good morals as there are many stories with moraly grey or even despicable characters. I also like how creative he is.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of this story is the world where it is placed. It's a fantasy world but with hidden from most people, technical, machinery-like, computer-like basis. And the MC is using it and his knowledge of informatic systems to his advantage.