I'm on TDY from Hell

by BeamMeUpScotty

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Temporary Duty (TDY): refers to a soldier’s assignment to a location that is not their permanent duty station. This type of duty is often looked upon favorably by soldiers due to various perks: per diem pay, lodging, meals and incidental pay.

Do you ever think about what comes next? What happens after you draw your last breath? Gerald never did. It didn’t even cross his mind on the day he died for his country. But now he’s there. Now he’s living it. Death wasn’t the end, it was only the beginning.

I’m on TDY from Hell is a Dark Supernatural Fantasy from the mind of BeamMeUpScotty who brought you the superhero fanfiction, A Change of Pace. The original military sci-fi space opera, Two Worlds; and the realistic superhuman science fiction novel The Harbinger Tales. Currently, it will post one 2000 – 3000 word chapter a week on Friday evenings EST.


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Good Start, feels like a real book

Good potential, steady releases. I enjoy the new original story as well as the interesting characters. As it stands now the character development has seemed a little lax. I would enjoy more interaction (not too much more) and just a little less plot. But so far it has been an interesting read

  • Overall Score

Great world building and reads like a finished novel

The story begins with an interesting take on Hell and our MCs advancement through its ranks. There is plenty of great worldbuilding involved which gradualy expands as we learn more about the story's universe. 

Without wanting to spoil the story our mc moves on to greater things and the supporting cast is expanded including opposing factions. This allows for more character interaction which I thought was slightly lacking for the first story arc.

This review is written as I've finished reading chapter 25 and it seems like we are really about to start getting into the meat of things. If you're a fan of the supernatural you will definitely enjoy this one so give it a chance. I doubt you will be dissapointed.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

I completed this book in one night 

I like the authors style this was a good read 

Few if any errors

Worth a try

Ryan Newman
  • Overall Score
Spoiler: Spoiler

 Good book all around from what I've seen but a few of the parts are really weird and curvy like this one part with a little girl even though she's a vampire she has the body of like a 10 year old girland she keeps tearing at the main characters cock and it's like disgusting and pedophilic and I was really tempted to just quit the story than in there