“Even if you’re here with me, you’ll still be paid so why the rush?”-Melissa

Bin crossed his arms and gave a rather honest answer;

“I don’t like you so stop wasting my time and speak.”

Seeing his hostile attitude, Melissa could only sigh and ask:

“I heard you were stabbed, are you alright?”

She had a worried and guilty expression as she asked him while inspecting his body. He looked healthy and energetic yet she clearly heard that he was stabbed three times, it was truly a miracle.


Bin refused to answer and glared at her, waiting for her to state her business and be done with this. He felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave this car as soon as possible. Plus, he was getting the chills from the man sitting opposite of him.

“I invited you here so I can sincerely apologize about what happened.”

She forced a smile, seeming genuinely sorry for what happened. She only ordered the twins to cause a bit of trouble, she never told them to stab him or steal his money. She didn’t expect them to be so dumb and greedy to the point of stealing from someone poorer than them.

Confused, Bin tilted his head and asked;

“Apologize? What did you do?”

He started having some speculation but chose to calmly wait for her to explain. Melissa took a deep breath then said:

“The twins who attacked you… I hired them but I never told them to-”

She was about to continue only to notice that Bin wasn’t listening to her. He seemed to be lost in thought, even slightly shocked.

In fact, he never expected Melissa to be the one behind the two burly twins. He was certain it was the other annoying girl but he was completely wrong. He never assumed it was Melissa because they were never antagonistic so it was far-fetched to think she was the mastermind.

He only heard her first sentence then he became lost in thought, not hearing or processing whatever she said next. Perhaps it was due to anger or resentment, or even revenge, Bin stretched his hand and grabbed the blond girl’s collar, freaking her out.

The bodyguard who was witnessing everything, noticed that something seemed strange about Bin but he was too late to react. By the time he pulled an object and pointed it at Bin’s head, the youngster was already holding Melissa’s neck, almost suffocating her.

The girl tried raising her hand to signal the bodyguard to put down the weapon but the man was responsible for her safety and her most trusted confidant, he simply couldn’t allow Bin to hurt her.

Bin seemed oblivious to the gun pointed at his, he glared at her while saying

“Why? We’ve only met a few times, why did you do that?”

Unfortunately, the girl couldn’t respond as her face was turning red. His grip was tightening so the man pushed the gun on the back of Bin’s head while warning him

“You better stop right this second, boy!”

The youngster snickered

“What if I don’t? Are you going to kill me?”

The man’s gaze turned cold, clearly stating that he’s resolute enough to kill Bin even if there are a lot of consequences.

A few seconds passed before the bodyguard said:

“It won’t stop with you. If you keep hurting Miss, I’ll go after your little sister.”

The bodyguard thought that his warning will stop Bin but it only incensed him even more. He let go of Melissa and violently banged his body on the bodyguard, causing both of them to fall. Bin, whose actions surprised the tense bodyguard, fell on the latter and quickly turning around, trying to attack the fit and tall man.

Sadly, his opponent was much more experienced and stronger than him so he was quickly overpowered but he still managed to cause scratch marks on the man’s face.

In the end, Bin was pushed against the ground, both his hands held by the bodyguard, who was pressing his knee on the youngster’s back, totally immobilizing him.

As for Melissa, she coughed a few times while trying to regulate her breathing. She never expected Bin to be so impulsive as she didn’t even get to explain the whole thing.

She turned to face the angry youth, who only calmed down after two or three minutes but was still throwing her a piercing and threatening glare.

“Have you calmed down yet?”

The youth gave her no response, he wriggled under the bodyguard restraints but to no avail, he was far too weak. Melissa signaled for the bodyguard to let go of Bin but the man refused.

“He’s too dangerous.”

“It’s fine, let him go.”



Hearing her chilling tone, the bodyguard was forced to let go of Bin, who slowly got up but didn’t do any sudden movements like before as the bodyguard was keeping a very close eye on him.

Once she confirmed that he was focusing on her, Melissa resumed talking:

“As I said before, I hired those two but only told them to cause a bit of trouble. I never once ordered them to rob you or seriously injure you.”

Still enraged, Bin spat on the soft ground of the limousine while mocking her:

“Do you think such a lame excuse is enough to make you innocent?”

He paused for a second before continuing:

“Once the prosecutors start investigating, they’ll eventually reach you.”

In response, Melissa fixed her messy hair and loosened clothes while saying

“Both the twins are dead… there’s no evidence. Even if you go there and speak the truth, I doubt anyone will believe you without any concrete evidence.”

“Do you think this will stop me from taking you down?”

Bin didn’t seem like he was willing to drop this matter. His hate for this blond girl only grew after hearing all of that.

“Take me down? I’m not the one who robbed you or hurt you. Those two paid the price already.”

She then pointed at her slightly red neck while continuing;

“Furthermore, you’ve had your chance to kill me but you failed. You’ve got too much to lose… and I believe we should cooperate rather than fight each other. What I can offer you will certainly please you.”

Since the bodyguard was just behind him, ready to knock him out if he tries out anything, Bin merely laid back and retorted:

“I’m not interested in partnering with people like you.”

Hearing this, Melissa chuckled and said;

“People like me? Why? Is it because I’m a girl? Or because I use underhanded means?”

She leaned closer to him while speaking with a low voice

“As long as I reach my goal… I’ll resort to anything, however, it was a bit too much to threaten to kill your sister so I apologize on his behalf. I want to work with you and I believe we started on bad terms so why not let bygones be bygones? Hm?”

What the bodyguard said was out of impulse and because the situation was too dire.


She only got silence as an answer as she was still receiving the youth’s cold stare.

“You’re an intriguing person, Bin. It’s too late to keep my facade so why don’t we go talk about business?”

Melissa retrieved a few documents from her drawer while saying

“I’ve investigated you and learned about your current situation. You’re in need of money and it’s something I can provide.”

She studied his expression but he seemed uninterested in what she has to say or offer, nevertheless, she didn’t back off.

“I’m sure working under Jasmine and being her servant is tiring which is why I want you to come work under me. I’ll pay three times your current wage with a generous bonus if you perform well. I’ll even provide all the necessary living arrangements for you and your sister.”


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