Life As a Servant

by TheCrow

Original ONGOING Romance Magic School Life Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content can cry until there's nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen. And, still, it makes no difference.

This is the story of a sick 19-year-old young man called Bin, who tasted despair ever since he was young. He became numb to the cruelty and unfairness of life yet he still lives, hoping that his little sister will live a life much better than his own. With not much time left to live due to his illness, Bin tries his best to gain some money for his sister before he leaves this godforsaken world.

It all began with a coincidental meeting... two fates intertwined together, one was a poor and dying youngster and the other was a spoiled and childish girl.

This story is only a stress relief and would only post when I'm free, the main focus would be my main story.

WARNING: I'm just writing this for FUN, so whether it has some cliché moments or anything of the sort, Do not blame me for you have been warned.

PS: For some special information, this story does not have much action, so if that is what you are looking for then I suggest you do not read. It has mainly slice of life/ Romance/ Comedy( a bit as I'm still a beginner in that) / Tragedy (not all of it but can be sad at times).

Have a good read if you ever decide to try it out.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 : Bin ago
Chapter 2 : Jasmine ago
Chapter 3 : New Job ago
Chapter 4 : Meeting Master's Family ago
Chapter 5 : A Professional Gamer ago
Chapter 6 : Kitchen ago
Chapter 7 : Sleepy Master ago
Chapter 8 : Definitely ago
Chapter 9 : Shut Your Mouth! ago
Chapter 10 : Chocolat Trick Always Works ago
Chapter 11 : Childish Means ago
Chapter 12 : Master's Friends ago
Chapter 13 : Free Meal ago
Chapter 14 : Thank You ago
Chapter 15 : Amusement Park ago
Chapter 16 : Dandy Youth ago
Chapter 17 : Aldren ago
Chapter 18 : Incurable ago
Chapter 19 : Failed Scheme ago
Chapter 20 : Exposed ago
Chapter 21 : Beggar ago
Chapter 22 : Kind Driver ago
Chapter 23 : Death ago
Chapter 24 : Not a Slave ago
Chapter 25 : The Letter ago
Chapter 26 : Ruffians ago
Chapter 27 : Unconscious ago
Chapter 28 : Apology ago
Chapter 29 : Angelica ago
Chapter 30 : Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 31 : Please, Madam! ago
Chapter 32 : Suicide ago
Chapter 33 : Saved ago
Chapter 34 : Lingerie ago
Chapter 35 : Sel Academy ago
Chapter 36 : Ann ago
Chapter 37 : Buster Drug ago
Chapter 38 : Shameless (1) ago
Chapter 39 : Brawl ago
Chapter 40 : Rules ago
Chapter 41 : Injection ago
Chapter 42 : Picnic (1) ago
Chapter 43 : Picnic (2) ago
Chapter 44 : Massage ago
Chapter 45 : Phone ago
Chapter 46 : Culprits (1) ago
Chapter 47 : Culprits (2) ago
Chapter 48 : Operation ago
Chapter 49 : Lawyer Rock ago
Chapter 50 : Investigation ago
Chapter 51 : Scarlett ago
Chapter 52 : Stable ago
Chapter 53 : Intruder ago
Chapter 54 : Argument ago
Chapter 55 : Dress ago
Chapter 56 : Offer (1) ago
Chapter 57 : Offer (2) ago
Chapter 58 : No ago

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Brah, admit it. 

This could get HUGE!

I,as a RoyalRoadLegends resident, demand to make this story, Life As a Servant, to be atleast ur secondary project!

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  • Overall Score
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This is one of the greatest stories i have ever read. Overall the character development is great and the idea is amazing. Honestly this book actually made me tear up a bit, it a great story that has a morale behind it. This book reminds me of reality and makes me want to help people out there even more.

This book is definetly on par with your other two books and has a great plot line. Definently a book worthy of the title 'keeps you on the edge of your seat' and honestly this book gives us all a reality check.

I recommend that you keep writing, you make me look forward each day hoping for a new chapter. Keep up the good work and i can't wait to see were this book goes.

  • Overall Score

This is really good, more please smile

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Found the story by accident, as someone that usually hates Romance, I went at it as a pessimist, but when I reached the end, I just wanted more.

The characters are very loyal to their personalities, and I can already start to see some slow character development between our two main characters.

Although Romance, the story contains its fair share of Mystery and Behind the Scenes plot, which certainly makes it a very nice read.

If you are looking for a good story, minor supernatural things, some mystery and some budding romance, give the story a try :)