The Last God (Excerpt)

by Stanor

This is an excerpt of the upcoming novel The Last God.

Everyone cheered the day the world ended. Everyone cheered the day he saved the world. Cael Cavanaugh did not.

Cael Cavanaugh survived the brutal invasion of his home and is now living with his family and adopted siblings on the ashen lands of the west. He rescues people from a fate that eclipses death and is the bridge between a rebel group that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals, and a tyrannical government that treats those who have not been reborn as dregs.

But when Cael inadvertently sets off the end of the world, he will have to choose between a government that could avert world annihilation but that holds sinister motives, or the equally vicious rebel group that would sacrifice everyone for what they call liberty, even those Cael holds dearest.

How far would you go to save the world?

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Moist Nugget

Racial and Religious undertones for the win

I was quite surprised with the quality of this story and suggest for everybody interested in a publishing level book to read.


4 1/2 stars for the style, it's not unique, but very interesting. We mostly get to see/hear stuff from the MC’s inner monologues. 

5 stars for the story. This novel has PLOT and knows exactly where it's going. It's some sort of dystopian future with enhanced people and a tiny but of virtual reality (but this focuses on all the horrible things that VR and enchancments could bring).

5 stars for grammar. I can say that I haven't seena  single grammar/spelling mistake throughout this whole novel (I'm on Ch.10)

4 1/2 stars for characters, we've only really gotten close to the MC (by chapter 10) so I can't give it 5 stars, but the MC’s feelings, beliefs, and character are all very upfront and easy to see. You can see him struggling with decisions while juggling social repercussions, his belief in God, and thoughts of the enchanced, tainted, and naturals.

 The religious and racial undertones are amazing, it's not just a 'blah-blah racists statement' abd the NC somehow stops it. It's deeply ingrained in the world and the people who believe in God are not the main antagonists (huge plus for not making it cliche) 

I'm not sure if the story is finished by now but everybody should give this a try. 


 This have been the best book i have read since i started reading books two years ago i hope you find it as interesting as i did cool