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I woke up in bed a few weeks later to Qendaess, Cindy, Karen, and the two Fujimi kitsunes. The bed was getting kind of cramped and I decided that the new one in our new house would be special order and able to fit at least twenty people. I don’t think it will ever have that much, but it doesn’t hurt to over prepare. I slid out from between Karen and Cindy, making my way down to the end of the bed. I slipped out of the room, but not before looking back and seeing Karen and Cindy grab each other and snuggle close. I smiled at this as I left the room. It was approximately seven in the morning and I wanted to head down to the construction site to see what they had done. I also had another date with Sylvie at noon.

  I was to pick her up at her work and then we were going to pick her car up. It took the dealership a little bit longer to get it in than we were originally told due to me calling and setting up a few changes. I thought that she would be excited for the changes I made and I couldn’t wait to show her. I took a quick shower, got dressed, and gave each of the girls a quick kiss on the forehead before I left the house. I borrowed Cindy’s car because I still needed to go and get mine ordered. I was actually going to get two, maybe three. One for fun, one for work, and one with room. I may pick up a fourth, or tenth, but who knows. What’s the point of having a shit ton of money if you don’t spend it?

  I pulled into the construction site around eight and saw that they had made considerable progress. The walls around the entire property were done, the couple of hangers and storage buildings were nearly done, and the house was getting it’s finishing touches for the above ground part. The underground part of the complex was further along than the top because the crews were able to work twenty-four seven. They didn’t really want to work in the dark above ground for safety reasons and I didn’t blame them.

  The first five underground levels were complete with the majority of the storage and command rooms. There were a couple hangers for land vehicles, a hanger for airborne vehicles. There wasn’t really a hanger for the ArchAngel and I was fine with that. We were going to leave it invisible and floating above the property a bit. It would be low enough that planes wouldn’t run into it and it had a disruption field that caused birds and other airborne animals to avoid it. The anti-gravity engines in the ship would help keep it floating without any disturbances noticeable by humans.

  The first level underground was the recreational level for the employees. There was a couple of pools, pool tables, arcade games, exercise equipment, computer room, nap rooms, among many other types of rooms. I also added some rooms that could be used for conjugal visits of any employee that had a family and didn’t want to move them on site while they were here. We would allow for people to work on site and live off site, but they had to buy a house in town. We didn’t want them to have to drive more than thirty minutes to get to work. I was debating whether to offer a down payment plan for the employees that wanted to buy or have a house built in town.

  We would basically offer to pay the down payment required by whatever bank or loan company they are going with for them to secure their house. They would then pay their house off however they need to do it and then once the house is payed off, they begin to pay us for their down payment. We take a five percent interest to make a little bit of money and if they quit or we fire them the interest increases to ten percent and depending on the amount we may send a request to the government to garnish a certain amount from any future checks they may make from any other company.

  It was a pretty good idea in my opinion and would help with the hiring process. We may even just start loaning the employees money for the entire purchase of the house. Depending on what their position is will be what we would base the amount we would lend them. Don’t need a receptionist in a six-bedroom house. If they can afford that with our down payment plan then more power to them, but the monthly payment we would need to take from their check would be more than the check.

  The idea isn’t that complicated, but I would be leaving the actual implementation of the plan to the professionals. I may implement some leniency on the being fire part as well. I have heard of people being fired for some bullshit reasons and we will either offer them their job back or offer to write off their down payment loan completely. We will being doing many things to show that we care about our employees unlike some companies that say they do in public while not giving two-shits in private.

  From the second level down, you have to have the proper clearance to enter. The second level will be mainly for administrative purposes. Human Resources, Financial, Legal, Public Relations, and many other departments will be on this level. The third level will have rooms dedicated to technology. Research and Development, Cyber Security Offices, Social Networking, and etc. The fourth level will have the server room, storage for almost everything done on the upper three levels, and a few other rooms. The final level that will be accessible to humans, will be the fifth level. It has the barracks for the human special teams. Normal field teams will live in the barracks on the surface level, while the ‘special forces’ will be living on this level. The sixth level and down haven't been built yet, but they will be for anything supernatural. Magical Research and Development, Alchemy, and etc.

  Human and the supernatural beings will be able to co-mingle, but the supernatural beings will need to be cloaked in their human forms unless they are in the sixth level and below. The elevator for the sixth level and below will not be accessible from anywhere in the upper five levels. There will be an underground entrance on the far side of the complex where supernatural beings will either drive in, fly in, teleport in, or however they decide to travel. There will be specialize warp rooms for those deciding to teleport in. There will be equipment set up to detect their warp signature and if their signature isn’t on file in the system, they will be denied access. I have been told that being rejected or forced out of teleporting is painful.

  There will be two massive levels of parking garages for those driving in and a few landing pads for anything flying in that needs a decent amount of space to land before turning into their more ‘human’ forms. I looked over to the construction crews working on some of the surface level barracks and I saw Elijah Smith. One of the sons from Smith and Sons that was overlooking my project.

  He saw me standing by the car and he waved before walking over towards me. He got to me and we grabbed forearms, “Morning Kira!” He grinned to me as he greeted me. I laughed, “Morning Elijah, your looking pretty chipper.” The man grinned even wider, “Of course I am. The last half of your payment for the construction project came in and we are about a month ahead of time. We should be finished with basic construction in about three weeks to a month. If you need any help moving items inside, I know a crew that would be pretty helpful.”

  I told him thanks and that I would hit him up about that crew if I needed it. We talked a bit more about the project among other things. After a few minutes of chatting he said he needed to get back to work and I let him go. I got back in the car satisfied with how things were going. I drove back to the house and when I arrived the girls where all awake and eating some breakfast. There was a steaming hot plate at the head of the table waiting on me.

  We ate breakfast and I asked the girls if any of them wanted to go with me to buy one of my cars. Cindy perked up a bit, “One of your cars?” I laughed, “Yes one of them. I plan on starting with three and maybe picking up a few more later.” She nodded, “I want to go.” The other girls didn’t want to go, but they did want to go shopping. I nodded and we all left in Cindy’s car. Asakemi drove us to the dealership and dropped us off. I handed her my card and they all squealed and gave me kisses before taking off.

  I laughed and then turned towards the dealership. It was the local Ford dealership and the reason we were here is because I wanted to get my work truck first. We walked into the building and a gentleman walked up towards us. He smiled, “Hello, my name is Daniel Sellers, how may I help you today?”

  I shook his hand, “Hello Mr. Sellers, I am here to buy a truck.” He nodded and we went into the entire spiel about this truck and that. I told him what I wanted and after writing another check with a generous tip we were a hundred grand less and driving out with one Black Ford F450. The truck cost around seventy grand with all of the options and the extra thirty was the tip.

  The truck was the supercab that would fit five people easily, six if four people squeezed into the backseat. It was a diesel and I bought all of the options I could get. Duel Alternators, 5th Wheel, upgraded shocks and springs, etc. We drove down the road and pulled into the mall parking lot. The girls were browsing what few stores where there and actually had a few bags in their hands. I was shocked at how much they all bought considering there were only like six stores in the entire mall. It was more like a strip mall than an actual mall. Times were hard for some things in this small town of mine. Hopefully though when the construction is done my company will start bringing people in and start helping to redevelop the town.

  I sighed when they all handed me their bags as I walked up. I was loaded down with bags as we walked and after handing me three or for more bags, we loaded up Cindy’s car and left. Cindy drove her car this time while Qendaess and Asakemi road with me. Karen and Sarah where also with Cindy. The two girls were looking around the truck and Asakemi looked out the back window to the bed. She grinned, “I see you got the eight-foot bed option. We could easily throw a mattress back there and it could make for some fun times.

  I grinned at her and this caused her grin to get wider. We made it home shortly after the other three did and I saw that it was getting close to ten. I told the girls I had to go get Sylvie and they all gave me kisses before I drove off. About an hour later I was in the city. I pulled up to Sylvie’s house and saw the GS sitting in the drive. I heard yelling coming from in the house before I knocked. The door opened and I saw a man with a tattoo sleeve on his right arm and he was wearing a white tank top. He stood at about six foot two and looked stout.

  I saw Sylvie in her human form sitting on the couch with her face in her hands. She looked like she was crying and I instantly let out a growl, “What the fuck is going on here?” The man looked at me, “Nothing for you to worry about twerp. This is our business so just fuck off.” He tried to shut the door on me but I put my hand on it. He first looked at my hand in shock before glaring at me.

  He sneered, “I tried to warn you kid.” He reached behind his back but before he was able to, I had him pinned against the wall. He stiffened up in shock as I had him lifted by the neck with one arm. I stared him straight in the eyes, “What the fuck did you do to my woman?” The man was clawing at my hand, “That babe is your woman kid? How the fuck did you manage that?” I put a small amount of pressure on his throat, “I think you should be worrying more about telling me what the fuck you are doing here.”

  The man coughed a little when I loosened my grip a bit. He took a breath, “My boss told me that some lady bought a fancy new car a few weeks ago and that it cost a good quarter of a million dollars. He told me to find the woman and bring her to him because he was told she was hot as hell.” I laughed, “She is very hot so your boss wasn’t wrong on that part. Who is your boss? I want to have a chat with him.”

  He coughed some more before answering, “The boss’ name is Antonio Peneda, He isone of the caporegimes of the Peneda family.” I nodded my head, “Do you know where I can find this Antonio Peneda?” He nodded his head quickly, “Yes! He is always hanging out at the strip club down on 57th and Stien.” I grinned, “Thank you for the information. Hopefully you chose a better profession in your next life.”

  Before he could make a sound, I broke his neck and incinerated his body. I quickly went to check on Sylvie, “Are you okay babe? He didn’t hurt you, did he?” She shook her head, “He didn’t do anything to me, but he showed me this.” She held up a picture of a beautiful young-looking woman being bound and shoved in a trunk. I gritted my teeth at the bruises on the young woman’s face, “Who is that?” Sylvie looked at the picture, “It’s my mom. She divorced my dad after one too many beatings and took off to the other side of the country. I haven’t seen her in over ten years.”

  I frowned, “She doesn’t look a day older than you. How can she be your mom?” Sylvie snorted, “Supernatural beings don’t age like humans do. Qendaess should be a prime example of that. I figured that something like our looks not matching our ages wouldn’t affect you anymore.” I shrugged my shoulders, “It shouldn’t, but when you look like her and you are a mother. The mind seems to short circuit at the MILF vibes going on in it.”

  Sylvie laughed and smacked my shoulder, “Thinking about hitting on my mom now?” I laughed, “I wouldn’t intentionally do anything like that. Not without your permission at least.” Sylvie laughed but she didn’t say anything. I looked back at the picture and then at Sylvie, “If she is your mom how come she let a few humans over power her? I could ask the same question to you as well. Why did you not tear him limb from limb?”

  Sylvie sighed, “It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we aren’t allowed. The supernatural council has forbidden the use of any supernatural powers on human that no nothing of the supernatural, even if we are going to die. If we do the punishment is the eradication of our entire immediate family.” I growled, “Seriously?” She nodded, “Yes. It has happened once before when a mob boss took a fancy to a young kitsune and tried to rape her. She defended herself and killed him with fox fire. The council found out and killed her fiancé, parents, and siblings in front of her before killing her as well.”

  I thought about that for a second, “That has to be the dumbest thing in the world! It’s absolute overkill! I can understand not wanting to use your powers to those not in the know, but to kill your immediate family in front of you and then kill you as well? What kind of twisted fucking soul thought of that punishment?”

  There was a rumble before a portal appeared in the room, “I did you young fool.” Following the voice was a pale looking man in a traditional Chinese garb. He was stepping out of the portal while speaking, “The calamity that could befall our kind because of one pissed off or scared human could be catastrophic. They could wipe us out with the push of a button.”

  The man finally stepped into the room allowing the portal to close behind him. He looked to be in his seventies. He was bald with a traditional looking Chinese beard. His beard was grey and everything about him screamed Mr. Miagi. He looked over at me, “Young man. You may think our methods are overkill, but a between a small family and the supernatural race as a whole? The choice is obvious.”

  I stepped up to the man, “If any of you dare to lay a single finger on the ones I love.” I flared my aura to its maximum, “I will end you all.” The old man’s eyes widened a bit briefly before he snickered and released his aura. The ground cracked and I was thrown to the floor with a sickening crunch. It felt like a semi-truck was sitting on my back. I felt a few of my ribs break along with my left arm. I clenched my teeth trying not to cry out in pain.

  The man looked down at me, “You will do well young pup, to remember that the world isn’t that small. There are bound to be people bigger than you. People that see you as nothing but an insect.” He stood there sneering at me while Sylvie trembled on the couch. After a few minutes of pressure, it was gone, it was like it was never there in the first place. The look on the man’s face was one of confusion. Suddenly, his face turned pale and he was flung into the far wall. He crashed through the wall and through a few trees in the park across the street.

  There were surprisingly no people in the area as this was all happening. It may have had something to do with it being the middle of the day, or magic. Who knew, I just went along with it. There was a ruffling sound of feathers as a voice boomed through the air, “Who dares look down on my chosen?” The voice was deafening and cause the scarce wildlife in the area to flee. The ground cracked and glass shattered. I instantly recognized the voice and it put a brief smile on my face before I wondered what she meant by ‘her chosen’.

  I saw through the hole in the wall the man limping through the yard. He looked around, “I apologize. I had no idea that he was chosen by someone of your status. If I may ask, who are you?” The Luciphene’s voice boomed again, “Who I am is of no concern to you, but I would return the words you gave to my chosen back at you. There will always be someone that considers you an insect beneath their feet. Do not disrespect my chosen again. He is my representative on your backwater planet.” The man paled even more, something that I didn’t think would be possible with how pale he was to begin with.

  He nodded his head, “I understand, but you must understand. These humans could bring about our downfall. They have weapons that could annihilate us if they were to find our strongholds.” Luciphene’s voice laughed and it thundered throughout the area, “Converse with my representative. He will have a way to protect you from these weapons you say could annihalate your kind. With the technology in his hand, you could no longer have to hide in the shadows. Of course, this is only if he so chooses to share.” The man stared at me and I could see the gears working in his mind. Luciphene spoke again, “Remember, I will be watching over him. Any slight towards him is a slight towards me. You don’t want to slight me.”

  With her emphasis on that last part the man nodded his head, “I understand. I will inform the rest of the council and we will speak with the young man in a more, official capacity. Luciphene didn’t answer him back for several minutes and he took that as she was done talking. He looked at me as I was getting up off the ground. He dipped his head, “I apologize for my earlier attitude. It was very rude and unbecoming of me.” He reached out his hand and I shook my head, “A simple apology isn’t going to fix what you did. Your arrogance, like my own, needs to be watched. I let my power get to my head and so did you. An apology may not fix things, but I feel we could try and start over.”

  I put my hand out towards him, “My name is Kira Anderson, Owner and Leader of MarfedelomIthquenti.” The man raised an eyebrow before shaking my hand, “Name is VladendricSlavinea.” I raised an eyebrow and then laughed, “Let me guess, vampire?” The man nodded and grinned showing his fangs. He laughed, “How did you guess?” I shook my head, “Your name. I mean seariously? Vlad is at the beginning of it.” He sighed and shrugged his shoulder, “The person that turned me was old fashioned, nothing I can really do about it.”

  I raised an eyebrow again, “You mean the person that turned you gets to rename you?” He nodded, “Yeah, the name I had while I was human was Fredrick Needlebottom.” I flinched, “Dude. I’m sorry.” He laughed, “Tell me about it. I got hell because of my last name for a few decades before I was turned and had my vampiric name given to me.” I shook my head as we continued to talk for a few minutes. There was suddenly a loud crash as part of the roof collapsed and a beautiful dragoness was standing in the middle of the room with her wings pulling back into her back.

  She looked around and spotted me before she grabbed me by the shoulders, “Are you okay? I felt your fear through our bond!” She was shaking me now as I laughed, “I’m alright babe. Stop shaking me before you rattle my brain against my skull.” She stopped and then blushed, “Sorry, I was just worried is all.” She looked round and noticed the vampire standing across the room.

  She narrowed her eyes before standing in front of me. She released her pressure on him, “Who are you!” Fred raised an eyebrow at the pressure she was putting on him, “Interesting. She is putting out just a bit more pressure than I can.” He put his hand up to his chin as he looked her up and down. He smiled, “Tell me. What manner of supernatural being are you? Elf? Fae? No, no, no, wait. I got it! You’re a demon! Only they could produce enough pressure to match a vampire. That or an angel, but based on your wings you couldn’t be an angel.”

  He kept muttering to himself as Qendaess’ mouth twitched. She increased her pressure slamming Fred to the ground. He gasped and spoke through clenched teeth, “What the fuck! Not even Demons or Angels can release this amount of pressure!” His eyes widened, “You can’t be! You’re a Fallen!” I furrowed my brows at that, “Fallen?” I motioned for Qendaess to let him up and she stopped releasing her pressure.

  Fred stood up and dusted his clothes off. “Now what do you mean by Fallen? Are they different from Angels and Demons?”, I asked after he finished messing with his clothes. He nodded his head, “They area, but they aren’t. They are a mixture of the two races. They have each other's power, but none of their weaknesses. It doesn’t make sense how she could be one though. I know that only their race could release that much pressure, but her wings should be like an angel’s. The only difference is their color. Their wings are black instead of white.” I instantly thought of Luciphene and it caused me to mutter, “That makes so much sense. Her wings were black as night.”

  He widened his eyes, “You know a Fallen?” I shrugged, “I don’t know if she is a Fallen or not, but the voice you spoke to is a woman with wings just like you described.” He nodded, “It would explain why she was able to release so much pressure. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience it in person.” He nodded his head, “That still doesn’t explain how you were able to release so much pressure.”

  Sylvie spoke up, “Yeah, you weren’t near that strong when we faught.” Qendaess smiled and looked at Fred, “That’s because I am a dragon remember?” She then looked at Sylvie, “Honey, I only used like forty percent of my power to fight you. You yourself said that if I went full dragon that you would have lost completely.” Both Qendaess and I laughed at the stupefied looks on Vladendric’s face. He looked at her, “What!?”


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