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Warning! Sexual Content!!

*Kira's POV*

I was really dreading what Sylvie was going to say as I drove home. Asakemi was leaning against my shoulder from the passenger seat, taking a small nap, and Sarah was sitting in the back seat looking out the window. I sighed which caused Asakemi to stir a little, "Be at ease husband. I don't believe your lover will be that mad at you. If she loves you and knows you will be taking other lovers, then she should be okay with it."

I showed a small smile, "I would hope that is the case, but you women are always so difficult to understand." She giggled, "Get used to that husband." I sighed again, "I will try." The rest of the ride continued in silence. We pulled up in the driveway and I saw Cindy standing on the porch with her arms crossed and her foot tapping the ground. I sighed, "Shit." I was tempted to put the car in reverse when I saw how pissed off she looked.

But before I could even move my hand to the gear shift to put it in reverse she yelled, "Kira Dean Anderson! Get your ass out of that car and in this house now." I swallowed some saliva and felt a little heat in my cheeks. She was going all parental mode in front of Asakemi and Sarah. I could hear both of the girls trying not to giggle, but they were failing miserably.

I opened the door to the car and got out. I headed towards the porch and heard Asakemi and Sarah get out of the car as well. Cindy glared at me and then when she noticed the girls she smiled at them, "Oh! Where are my manners? Please come inside and make yourselves at home." She turned her attention to me, "You mister are to head to our room and I will be there in a minute."

I sighed again and resolved myself to my fate. We may be lovers, but she had been my guardian for longer. I probably worried her a lot when I didn't contact her for a while. Only Karen semi-knew what I was doing and even she didn't know the specifics. I walked past her and continued into the house. When I was inside I heard her start speaking to Asakemi and Sarah, "Hello. My name is Cindy Anderson. May I know who you two lovely ladies are?"

Sarah spoke up first, "Hello Mam. I am Sarah Fujimi and I am Kira's girlfriend." I guessed that she pointed at her mother when she spoke next, "This is my mother Asakemi and she is Kira's wife." There were a few minutes of silence followed by Cindy speaking, "Welcome to the family you two. I am also one of Kira's wives." I furrowed my brows, "When did they become my wives. I only have the one legal wife and that is Karen. Maybe they are talking about common law wives or something." I sighed and stopped my eavesdropping to continue to our room.

I stepped into the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. I checked to clock after being in the room for a bit and noticed that almost thirty minutes had gone by. I was starting to get even more nervous as thirty minutes turned into an hour. Finally, the door to the room opened and Cindy stepped in. She shut the door behind me and then put her hands on her hips, "Where the hell have you been? I'd ask you what you were doing, but they are both sitting in the living room talking to Karen right now." I sighed and filled her in on everything that had happened. I didn’t leave anything out not even the harem of beautiful kitsune who said they were at my beck and call.

After I was done explaining Cindy sighed and sat down on the bed next to me. She leaned onto my shoulder, "You worried all of us half to death you know?" I nodded, "I know, and I didn’t mean to do that. I was just busy, as you already know. She smiled, "Yeah, so how many of the kitsune have you made your way through? Just those two or did you sample a few others before coming home?" I turned and looked at her in shock. What happened to the woman that broke down the other day when I brought Qendaess home?

I sighed and pulled her into a kiss. She returned it passionately and when we separated I smiled at her, "No I didn’t sample any of them. I honestly got enough on my plate to handle as it is." She snorted, "Oh please. You’re a man and I know how hard it is for a man to turn down a willing and beautiful woman." I grinned, "It's actually pretty easy when you already have one waiting for you at home." She gave me a blank stare, "Then why are their two new additions to the family sitting in the living room?"

I panicked, and I honestly didn't know how to answer that, but she quickly started laughing before I could say anything. After a minute or two, she stopped laughing, "You should have seen the look on your face." She was smiling at me, "You don't need to worry about it, babe. You keep bringing more sisters home for me and I will keep the house in line. Karen can be the public wife, but I will be the matriarch of this family. I will keep everything civil and running smoothly at home." I frowned, "What's this whole public wife nonsense? You all are with me and I don’t give a shit if the public knows it or not."

She smiled sweetly, "Oh honey, it's illegal for someone to commit adultery in this state. If you are caught, then it could be really bad." I grinned, "That's really only if one of you girls press charges on me or if Karen divorces me. Adultery may be illegal, but it's one of those laws that the cops won't just stop and arrest me for. Kind of need to be in court in the first place for them to even worry about it."

She grinned, "If you say so, dear." I grinned, "I do. I want to be able to take you all out on dates and flaunt you to the world. You all are so incredible that I feel like I don't deserve you." She smiled, "That may be the case, but we have all made our decision and we are going to stick with it. We love you and we aren't going anywhere." I sighed, "And that is where I am confused--" She put a finger on my lips to silence me, "Just shut up and enjoy the fucking ride, okay?"

I kissed her finger and smiled, "Yes dear." She grinned, "That's more like it. Now about this harem of willing kitsune's." I sighed again, "Don't worry. I won't be touching them." She waved a hand, "Don't be speaking that nonsense. I want you to touch them." My jaw dropped a little at that, "Why? I'm already sleeping with Karen, Sarah, Asakemi, Qendaess, and soon to be Sylvie." She grinned, "What if you're all of a sudden get horny and none of are around? We all do plan on having jobs and what not while here on earth. I don't know about Asakemi or Qendaess, but Sylvie and I already do have jobs."

I frowned, "I can just wait until I have some time with one of y'all." She shook her head, "No, that won't work. You are in the middle of something dangerous now. You getting horny because of the teenage hormones running through your body is not a distraction you need." I frowned again, "I feel that I should be able to get a hold of my horniness and it shouldn't bother me." She shook her head, "You underestimate the hormones in a male, especially a teenage male."

I tried to refute again put she glared at me and it shut me up. She continued to glare at me, "If you fill the need to fuck someone and none of us are around I want you to fuck up some of them kitsune pussy. In fact, I demand it. Do you understand mister?" I sighed, "Yes Mam." She frowned, "Don't call me mam anymore either. I am your lover and wife. Call me dear, honey, or any other endearing term you can think of."

I nodded, "Yes, dear." She smiled, "That's more like it. Now how you make a phone call to Sylvie and let her know you're alive and then come into the living room with the rest of us." I nodded, "Okay." I pulled out my phone and called Sylvie. She answered on the first ring, "Where the hell have you been!? Do you know how worried I have been? I almost brought the entire suite here to Earth just to find your ass." I smiled, "I love you too dear." She started to stumble over her words and it was kind of cute. I smiled and told her where I had been and told her everything that had happen.

She said that she was happy I was okay and that she would see her new sisters when her car came in. I furrowed my brows, "You're not mad about them or the other kitsunes?" She snorted, "Nope. It's common for the alpha of the pack to have multiple lovers. It's also common for the single pack members to throw themselves at the alpha. Some alphas would even fight another pack member for rights to their mate.

I growled, "No one is taking you from me." She cooed into the phone, "I know baby, and no one will. I love you and I am yours. Our pack works differently than others. I don’t care if you lose a fight or not. I'm yours and no one else's." I smiled into the phone and said a few more sweet nothings to her before hanging up. A thought hit me like a freight train. Why were these girls basically throwing themselves at me? It made absolutely no sense. Cindy and Karen are understandable and so is Qendaess somewhat. The others make no sense to me. I barely know Sylvie to be honest and I literally just me Asakemi. Sarah didn't really know I existed until the day my body changed. Her attitude towards me at that time was understandable, but what about now?

I thought about it for a few more minutes before I said fuck it. Might as well enjoy the ride until it all comes to an end. I sighed as I stood up and headed back towards the living room. When I walked into the room everyone was just sitting there chatting happily about random things. Asakemi patted the seat between her and Sarah, "Sit here husband." I sat down between the two of them and they instantly draped my arms around their shoulders. They leaned into me and sighed in contentment. I tried my hardest not to grin or look smug, but a part of me was proud.

Cindy laughed, "Be careful sisters, we may have to butter his ears to get him out of the door at this rate." I snorted and didn't say anything while they snuggled up even more against me. Sarah grabbed my hand and held onto it while her mom put my hand inside of her shirt and onto her bountiful breast. I made a reflexive squeeze and she moaned a little. My cock reacted to her moan and Cindy noticed it. She kneeled between my legs and fished my dick out of my pants.

She took my semi-erect cock into her mouth before I could say anything. I felt her moist lips wrap around my head and it sent a shiver of pleasure through my body. A part of me was shocked at the entire situation while the other part was excited. Cindy was giving me a blowjob while two other women snuggled up against me. Asakemi grabbed my hand and made me squeeze her tit again. I took the hint and started to shape her breast in my hand. She melted into my side and started to moan.

Sarah guided my hand down and to her snatch. When I felt the moist opening of her pussy I quickly stuck a finger inside. She moaned and started to grind her hips against my hand. The pleasure coming from Cindy's mouth on my dick was making it a little hard to concentrate on the other two girls, but I was managing somehow. A few minutes later and I felt liquid trickle out of Sarah's pussy and Asakemi stiffened up in my arms. I was a little shocked at Asakemi cumming just from me messing with her tits, but maybe this situation was more of a turn on for her than I thought.

I brought my hands from around the girls and put them on Cindy's head. I stopped her and then pulled her head up. My dick popped out of her mouth with an audible popping sound. She frowned at me, "Why did you make me stop?" I grinned, "I got something else in mind." I pulled her up and onto my lap. She straddled me and put her hands on my chest. She was wearing a short skirt, which I noticed she started wearing more often lately. I pulled her panties to the side and sat her down on my cock. She gasped and shuddered as I entered her fully.

After a few seconds, she started to ride me. Her tits were bouncing under her shirt and I realized she wasn't wearing a bra. I pulled her shirt up and exposed her breasts to my face. I licked my lips and stuck a tit in my mouth. I licked around her nipple and flicked it with my tongue. She moaned, and I could hear that her breathing was a little ragged. She cursed, "Fuck yes baby." I decided to step it up a little and slid down on the couch a bit. This position allowed me to put more inside of her and I could start thrusting into her. My hips met her ass in the middle of our movements.

The sound of slapping flesh filled the room and she was biting her finger. Asakemi and Sarah moved up and took a tit in each of their mouths. After a few minutes, Cindy was overwhelmed by the three-pronged attack and she screamed, "Of fucking god!" Her body shuddered, and I felt warm liquid run down my cock. She collapsed onto my chest and was breathing deeply. I smiled, "Enjoyed that did you?"

She nodded into my chest, "Mmhmm." She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me for a few minutes before she started to ride me again. It felt good, but I was concerned for her, "If you're tired then rest baby." She shook her head, "You haven't cum yet." I was going to protest, but then I felt a mouth on my balls. I shuddered, "Oh fuck." It felt amazing and I looked to find the culprit only to find that Sarah and Asakemi were still snuggling up to my sides. I peeked around Cindy and saw Qendaess going to town on my sack.

I was getting close and I think Cindy could tell, "Oh yes! Cum for me baby. Fill me up with your hot spunk!" I quickly complied with her demand and I groaned with my orgasm. I released everything I had at that moment into her. She gasped again in another orgasm as I felt her pussy milked my cock for everything it had. After about thirty seconds we both came down from our orgasms. I laid there on the couch while Cindy leaned against my chest.

We cleaned up about fifteen minutes later and were all sitting around on the furniture like nothing had happened. Cindy was the first to speak up, "So, how is the construction going?" I nodded, "It looked like it was going pretty good. I didn't get to stay all that long due to Sarah's incident, though it should be done pretty quickly.” I needed to start gathering things that would be essential for a mercenary company. I was going to bring almost everything we needed over from The Deck. I figured that Luciphene would have some contacts that I could use to procure things that I needed. It probably wouldn't be all that expensive either because I wasn't planning on going too advanced in weapon technology.

The support technology such as computers and whatnot would be as top of the line as I could afford though. I thought about purchasing an A.I. Implant. I didn't know if modifications to my character's body carried over like stats and skills, but I wanted to test it. Just thinking about the things, I could do with an A.I. implant was exciting. We all sat around for a little bit before we decided just to go ahead and turn in for the night. It was quite a bit early, but we all had some ideas that would keep us all busy for a few hours.

*The Deck*

I had logged into the game when we were done having fun and the girls had fallen asleep. My character was lying in bed with Qendaess snuggled up against it. I smiled and then slipped from bed without waking her. I quickly equipped some clothes from my inventory and left the room. I headed out of The Heart Suite and headed across the compound to Luciphene's office building. I was greeted by a young receptionist that I could tell was part cat. She noticed me walk in, "Anything I can help you with, nyah?"

I paused for a second, did she just say "nyah" after her sentence? I smiled and put that thought aside, "I would like to speak to The Dealer." She nodded, "One second while I get a hold of her, nyah." She smiled and then instantly spoke again, "She will see you now Mr. Scurra, nyah." I nodded and headed into her office. She was standing by the far wall staring at a holographic screen in front of her. She had a pair of glasses on and she was dressed up in a typical gray office suit shirt and skirt. The skirt only went to just below her knees and she was wearing a pair of red high heels.

The heels made the muscles on her calves taut and it was pretty damn sexy. She clicked her tongue and then turned to me. She had a radiant smile on her face, "Well hello Mr. Scurra. To what do I owe the honor of having you visit little old me?" Her smile caused a little drool that I tried to hide, "You are anything but old." She smiled, "Why thank you dear, but last time I checked four thousand six hundred and seven, was old."

I had to catch my eyes from widening and my jaw from lowering, but I managed it. I smiled at her again, "I always thought that age was just a number. You don't look a day over twenty-five." She smiled and sauntered up to me. She walked her fingers up my chest and cupped my cheek, "You flatter me, dear. As much as I enjoy your compliments I'm afraid we don't have time." She patted my cheek and then walked over to her desk before leaning against it, "Now tell me, what can I do for you?"

Her skirt had hiked up a little and revealed more of her perfectly sculpted legs causing me to have to swallow some more saliva. I grinned, "I need to order some stuff. Guns, but not too advanced. Preferably some that are right after conventional gunpowder ones. I also need vehicles, preferably armored and also from the same timeframe. I want to also order a few VTOLS that are from the same timeframe, but I want to order another VTOL that is as high tech as I can afford. I would also like to order all of the technology needed in order to run a successful mercenary operation."

Her eyebrows arched at that, "Going to branch out into some competition?" I shook my head, "No, I plan on starting a mercenary branch back on... my home planet." She smiled at my pause, "You mean Earth?" My eyes arced and I started to look around in a small amount of tension. She laughed, "Don't worry Mr. Anderson. Only you aren't allowed to tell people that you are a player. If they find out on their own, then it's fine. Once they find out doesn't matter if they have proof or not you can talk about it."

I frowned, "If it's that easy to get around then why bother with it in the first place?" She shrugged her shoulders, "No clue. Dragons are really mysterious beings especially the ancient ones." I sighed, "So how did you find out?" She smiled, "I have my ways dear, but I won't tell anyone else, so don’t worry. Earth is actually about seven galaxies from where we are currently located. It’s right at the edge of the galaxies we are operating in. If you wanted to be allies and help increase our influence in the area, then I would be more than happy to give you a significant discount. I might even be willing to give you the high-tech VTOL for free."

I arched an eyebrow, "What's in it for you, concerning the free VTOL?" She smiled, "Let's just say I may need a favor in the future..." She let the sentence hang and I knew where she was going with it. I thought about it for a bit and figure that she hasn't shown any cause for concern yet, so I nodded, "Where do I sign for my stuff?" She grinned and clapped her hands. Fire flared from her hands and a small stack of papers appeared. She sat them down on the table, "Just sign on the last page."

I looked around for a pen, "What do I sign with?" She grinned and took my right hand in hers. She brought my hand up to her lips and kissed it. She rained kisses on my hand and fingers before taking my thumb in her mouth. The scene was extremely erotic and was getting me pretty worked up, but a sharp pain in my thumb cleared my mind, "Fuck." She took my thumb out of her mouth and pressed it to the signature line. My bloody thumbprint was left behind after she picked my hand back up. The stack of papers caught fire and then disappeared completely. She smiled, "There, I will have your items for you in a few hours. Almost all of the items you requested we have on hand. The only one I will have to procure is the high-tech VTOL. I will have it sent from the military base that I have connections with here on the planet."

She smiled again, "I will have someone contact you when they are ready. As much as I enjoy our time together I have other business that I must get back to." She walked over towards me and walked me back towards the door. She smiled and gave me a quick peck on the lips, "I look forward to calling in that favor." She pushed me out the door and I touched my lips with my fingers, "Okay, what the fuck just happened?" The receptionist giggled, "I believe they call it 'making a deal with the devil', nyah." I looked at her and she was just grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't help but sigh, "Seriously?" She laughed and kept her grin on her face, "Seriously, nyah."

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