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Warning! Sexual Content!!

*Kira's POV*

It had been a few hours since I had killed Sam and surprisingly became the leader of his skulk. Some of the skulk members had some issues with me being their skulk leader after they found out I was a human. Everything changed when Asakemi and Sarah arrived. Asakemi ran into the building and jumped into my arms. She was in her half human and half kitsune form showing off her beautiful tails. I was actually able to count them this time and I saw that she had six of them. Sam had seven from what I was told, but I never did see him enter his hybrid form. Maybe I didn't give him enough time.

Asakemi kiss me on the lips passionately, "I thought I was going to lose you! Don’t you ever go do something stupid like that again. At least not without me!" She hit me playfully on the chest and it caused me to laugh a bit. One of the kitsune that saw how many tails she had spoken up, "Is this your mate skulk leader?" I nodded, "Yeah, one thing led to another and well..." Some of the women present blushed and some of the guys had knowing smiles on their faces. I cleared my throat, "It isn't what you think..."

Sonia spoke from my right side, "Don't worry skulk leader, it’s nothing be embarrassed about. There are plenty of single women in the skulk that would gladly kneel down in front of you or bend over for you, right here in this room, even right at this very minute." I looked around and saw that a couple of girls were eyeing my crotch and even licking their lips. I sighed, "As much as I appreciate that, I don't think I would do that to any of you." Sonia spoke up again, "Why not skulk leader? Are we not to your liking?"

I saw some of the girls frown and a couple of eyes tear up, even Sonia's. I sighed, "It's not that, you are all very beautiful women." Come to think of it, there wasn't an average looking or ugly kitsune. They were all of supermodel quality, even the males. Sonia spoke again, "Then why would you not have us?" I sighed again, "I'm honestly not the fuck and go type or fuck and share type. If I fuck a woman they are mine, I honestly don't know why I feel this way I just do. If a woman even has a single shred of doubt that they don't ever want to touch another man sexually in their life then they can't share my bed."

I looked around at the single girls in the room, even Asakemi and Sarah, "It may seem hypocritical and sexist, but when I share my heart with a girl I want them to share a hundred percent of theirs with me. You can have any number of friends you want be it girls or boys, any job you want, minus porn, and I will not limit your freedom to work for your dreams. All I ask is that I am the only man that shares your bed and your heart, romantically." I thought about what I just said and had to acknowledge that yes, it was very fucking hypocritical and sexist, but I didn't care.

I was a little surprised when out of the few dozen single girls only around five looked like they didn't want that. I was perfectly okay with it, but the number of girls that was fine with me being their only man was a definite surprise. Sonia spoke up, "The majority of us are perfectly fine with that. It's how most harems have worked in history. It is in a man's DNA to be possessive of something or someone he likes." I sighed, "I'm not that possessive, I won't kill or hurt a guy that gives you a friendly hug. If I see anything romantically or sexually budding up on their part then I will put a stop to it. I will try to do so politely and not violently, but if they are too stubborn for their own good then I can't really be blamed for my actions."

Sonia bent down and ran a hand up my chest, which Asakemi still sitting in my lap, "It's okay skulk leader. It is your right to protect what is yours." I swallowed a bit of saliva and looked at Asakemi, "Are all kitsune so... sexual to people they literally just met?" She giggled, "It's something we were cursed with. If we find that we have an attraction to someone we immediately go down the rabbit hole. We go straight from like to love and devotion. We skip all the crap in-between. The only way for our feelings to change after that is for the one we love to abandon us or die." I arched an eyebrow, "So anybody in this room that has any kind of attraction to me is already in love and devoted to me?"

She nodded her head, "Yup! The ones who show some attraction, but back down when you mentioned that they wouldn't be able to sleep around were only attracted to your position, not you." I frowned, "I don't see what they all find attractive about me though." She giggled and snuggled her head into my chest, "You worry way to damn much dear. You will never know what women think, men have tried for thousands of years. Just accept their love and devotion, maybe give them some love back if you can, and enjoy the fucking ride."

I looked down and saw that she was grinning at me and I smiled back, "Yes dear." She laughed and ran a finger in circles around my chest, "That's a good boy." I grinned, "So what does being skulk leader require of me then?" She put her finger on her chin, "Not much really. You just handle any infighting that gets way out of hand, represent the skulk at the annual kitsune meet and the bi-annual were-beast meets, and please all of your devoted kitsune lovers." She spoke that last part in a sultrier tone and it got a reaction out of mini-me.

She felt it hit her ass as she yip, "Oh, someone like that last part a lot." I grinned, "I am a man after all." She scooted back a little and rubbed my dick over my pants, "I'll say." I saw the rest of the kitsune were still in the room, including the men. I cleared my throat, "A little privacy please." They all bowed and then left the room. All except for Sonia and Sarah. I furrowed my brows, "What are y'all still doing here?" Sarah shrugged her shoulders, "It's only a matter of time before we will be doing the same thing so why not stay and watch." She grinned after that and took a seat in one of the chairs along the wall.

Sonia spoke up next, "I wouldn't feel right leaving you alone with no protection skulk leader." I grabbed a hold of Asakemi's mound causing her to gasp, "I'm not really alone you know." Sonia grinned really wide, "I know this skulk leader, but while you are preoccupied you may not be able to pay that much attention to your surroundings." I arched an eyebrow at her words. She had a very valid point and before I could say much more she was in her hybrid form, "As you can tell I am a six-tailed kitsune just like our Madam is."

I arched an eyebrow, "Madam?" She nodded, "Yes, she is the first kitsune mate which makes her the Madam." I furrowed my brows, "Why wasn't there anyone protecting Sam then?" She frowned, "No one really liked him skulk leader." I sighed, "Just call me Kira." She shook her head, "No can do skulk leader. If you don't like that title, then we can call you master or lord. Names are reserved for your true mates, not just the ones who want to please you. The ones you want to have your babies."

I widened my eyes, "Babies?" She nodded, "Yes, we all may love and adore you, but not a lot of us are ready for babies. Eventually we will be ready and at that time we will call you by name, but for now, we will call you master if you prefer." I sighed, "Master or Lord is a little better than Skulk Leader. I would prefer Master over Lord, I guess." She smiled, "As you wish master. Oh yeah, even if we are ready to have your babies we will still call you master around other were-beasts. It has been a kitsune tradition for as long as anyone can remember."

I arched an eyebrow, "What about around humans?" She smiled, "Around humans, we will call you sir. It seems to be an acceptable version of the term Lord or Master..." Her face turned a little red and her words trailed off. I really didn't understand why until I saw that Asakemi had gotten off my lap and release my cock from my pants. It was flaccid right now and lying against my thigh when she reached her head down and took it into her mouth.

I groaned as she started to suck on it and try to bring me back to the hardness I was at a moment ago. I saw Sonia go and stand next to Sarah, who had her hands in her pants and was rubbing her slit vigorously. I wondered why neither one of them were saddened by Sam's death. From what I could figure out Sam was her ex-husband and Sarah's father. I also wanted to know why she lied to me.

I pulled her head back and looked her in the eyes, "Why did you lie to me?" She widened her eyes, "What do you mean hunny?" I furrowed my brows, "You told me that you took up with a human and that was why Sam kicked you out. Why didn't you tell me he was your ex, and Sarah was his daughter?" She looked down and being that she was in her hybrid form still her ears folded down and her tails slumped to the floor as well. She started to sniffle, "I didn't want you to abandon me."

I frowned and put my hand under her chin, "Why would I ever abandon such a beautiful woman such as yourself?" Tears were running down her cheeks and I used my thumb to try and wipe them away. She held my hand against her cheek, "In kitsune custom, the females are supposed to supply male heirs to their chosen mate. After Sarah was born I was unable to bear any more children at all. We don't know what happened, but I just stopped producing eggs." She started crying again, "Sam was so pissed off when Sarah was born because she wasn't a he. He beat me that night and I had given up. I thought I was useless. A kitsune who can't give birth is useless to any male."

I pulled her up and kissed her, "I don't care if you can't have children anymore. I want you for you, not for the fact that you could give me children." I cupped her cheek, "If you want we can look into why you can't have babies. I have access, well, will have access to some of the most advanced medical technology in the world." She smiled, "Thank you, but you don't have to do that for me." She kissed my palm and I smiled at her, "I know I don't have to do it, but I want to do it."

She smiled and took a deep breath. Before I could get another word in she had taken my dick back in her mouth. It was flaccid again, but she seemed to not mind at all as she quickly brought me back to being ready. She released my dick from her mouth with a pop. She grinned and pulled her bottoms off quickly before straddling me. She tried to lower herself down but I stopped her, "Wait." She glared at me, "Why?" I smiled, "I want to be able to please you too." She grinned, "Oh believe me, as soon as you impale me I will be plenty pleased."

She forced herself down at this time and as soon as I speared her I felt how wet and hot she was. It felt like my dick was about to melt inside of her. She bottomed out on my dick and I felt her shiver while liquid poured out around my cock. I arched an eyebrow, did she just cum? She smiled and spoke between her quick breaths, "You have no idea how much I love you right now."

I grinned, "How about I show you some loving as well." I stood up and picked her up with me. I turned towards the chair I was sitting on and had her put her hands on the seat. She looked over her shoulders at me and moved her tails away from her ass. The tips of her tails were running across my still clothed body and a couple even entered my shirt. Her fur was so soft that it felt amazing just for it to touch my skin. One of her tails wrapped around my dick, effectively hiding it and pulled me closer.

She guided me to her quim and when I was close enough, for her, she let me go. She wrapped her tails around my midsection, three on one side and three on the other. She pulled me closer until she felt my tip enter her. At that point, she slammed me into her and scream, "Oh, fuck!" She shivered again and I felt her release. After a few seconds, she looked back at me, "What are you standing there for? Fuck me!"

She didn't have to tell me twice. I grabbed a hold of her hips which were perfect for me to grab onto. I started to thrust in and out of her with abandon. She wasn't quiet, that was for sure, "Oh fuck yes! Drive me into the chair lover!" I did exactly as she asked, for her arms gave out on her and her face rested on her forearms. I kept pumping into her and she kept moaning in absolute bliss, "Fuck yes, pound me into the chair. Break me! I want you to make me beg for this again."

I bent forward and ran my hands up under her shirt. I found her bountiful breasts and realized she didn't have a bra on. I cupped both breasts, one in each hand, and pull up. I brought her back and leaned her against me. I was still pumping into her as she turned her neck and kissed me. As I pumped into her she moaned into my mouth, "Oh my god." She kissed me again to keep herself quiet.

I heard Sarah moan loudly behind me. I turned my head and saw that she had stiffened up and was reveling in her own release. She had lost her bottoms too, I could see her pussy and it was dripping with juices. Sonia was watching us and I could tell that it was turning her on from how hard her nipples where, but she wasn't taking care of herself at all. I figured that I would reward her for her vigilance later.

Sarah was still staring at us intently so I turned around and decided to give them both a better view. Sarah's eyes widened and she started to plunge her fingers into her slit again. Asakemi panted, "No, don't look Sarah!" Sarah blinked her eyes and continued fingering herself, "But it's so hot mom. His dick looks like it's about to split you in two." Asakemi moaned, "Oh god, it feels like it too, baby."

I whispered in her ears, "Do you want me to stop." She practically yelled at me, "Fuck no! Don't you dare! I want to milk everything I can out of you! Fill me with your seed!" I grinned and nibbled on her ear, "Do you want me to impregnate you?" She moaned as I thrust up, "You know that I can't get pregnant." I licked up her neck and then nibbled on her fox ear again, "Yes or no, do you want me to impregnate you." I continued to thrust into her, but I was getting very close now.

She whimpered and I whispered in her ears, "Fuck, I'm about to cum. Do you want to bear my child or no?" She screamed, "Oh Fuck! Yes! Impregnate me! Give me your babies!" I released everything I had inside of her and I felt her release at the same time, "Oh my god! It's so hot!" She moaned after her scream and I continued to pump into her, trying to prolong both of our orgasms.

After a few minutes, she finally leaned back against me and my flaccid penis popped out. Sarah dashed from the chair and Asakemi started to squirm in my arms, "Baby don't!" I looked down and saw that Sarah was sucking my seed from her mother's snatch. Asakemi was wiggling and moaning, "Oh god, baby." I sat her down on the chair and Sarah continued to eat her out. Asakemi had a hold of Sarah's head and was trying to pull it into her pussy.

I saw Sarah's butt wiggling in the air and I felt like she was trying to entice me. I felt myself harden again and I had one quick thought, "Fuck it." I said I was going to wait on her and make her work for it, but like one very sexy kitsune told me, enjoy the damn ride. I lined up and then grabbed Sarah's ass before pushing myself inside of her. I didn't feel any resistance and was a little depressed at not being the one to take her virginity, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

Sarah screamed into her mom, "Oh fuck! So big!" She grimaced in pain and I stopped what I was about to do. I quickly asked her, "Are you okay?" She nodded, "Yeah, I was told that my first time would hurt at first. Just give me a minute and then you can continue." I was confused, "First time?" She turned to look at me, "Yeah, I'm a virgin, or was. What? Did you think I was the school slut just like all those rumors?"

I quickly shook my head, "No, I just didn't feel any resistance. I figured if your hymen was broken that you weren't a virgin." Sarah laughed, "I forget that you're just a sixteen-year-old kid sometimes." I frowned and pushed myself deeper bringing out another moan, "Oh fuck!" She looked back at me again, "Just because I don't have a hymen doesn't mean anything. When a lot of were-beasts shift their hymen is torn and doesn't heal back because our bodies don't think we need it. There are also these things called tampons. They do the trick as well."

I frowned, "Oh." She giggled, "Don't worry about it. You may be mature and smart for your age, but you are still sixteen. There are going to be times where you act like it. Now stop talking and fuck me just like you fucked my mom." I grinned, "Yes dear." I pulled back until just the tip was in and then struck it home. I bumped up against what I guessed was the entrance to her womb and she screamed, "Fuck!" She started to eat her mom out again as I continued to pound into her.

Asakemi leaned forward and kissed me while I continued to piston in and out of her daughter. I kissed my way down her cheek and then across her breast until I made it to her nipple. I swirled it around in my mouth using my tongue. She moaned and put her hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer to her chest. I used my teeth and nibbled on her tit a little causing her to gasp, "Oh fuck." I continued to thrust into Sarah who was screaming into her mom's pussy, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" She shifted into her hybrid form and wrapped her tail around my waist.

Her shift caused her pussy to clench on my dick and it became a little hard to move. After a few seconds, I was able to continue my thrusting. I pulled away from Asakemi and she leaned back and enjoyed her daughter's tongue work. I took one of my hands off of her hips and rubbed it along her tail. She shivered, "Oh fuck! No fair..." She moaned continuously and stopped licking her mom's snatch while I rubbed her tail. I could feel that she was getting close so I wrapped my hand around the base of her tail and gave it a little tug. She yipped, "Oh fuck yes." She was even closer now and I could feel myself getting there as well.

I pulled on her tail again causing her to scream like a banshee, "Oh my fucking god! Yes!" I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the floor. I stood over her and then thrust back into her mom. Asakemi was already close to a release from her daughter's tongue lashing so after a few thrusts we both were cumming and I was filling her with my seed again. I tried to prolong her orgasm again and after a few more thrusts I was empty. She came down from her orgasm and collapsed in the chair while I collapsed on the floor next to Sarah.

Sarah snuggled up to me and I spooned her. She was breathing roughly, "Oh fuck, that was amazing. I never knew sex could be that good." Asakemi spoke up again, "Me either." I turned my head towards her and she smiled while shrugging her shoulder, "You saw what I had to work with earlier didn't you?" I grinned as I knew what she was talking about. We all stayed where we were for a little bit before I saw that Asakemi was frowning. I stood up and picked her up before sitting back down.

She snuggled into my chest and I spoke to her, "What's wrong? Having second thoughts?" She frowned and hit my chest, "Of course not. I love you and nothing will change that.” I frowned, “Then what’s the matter?” She looked up at me and frowned, “You mentioned impregnating me during sex knowing I can’t get pregnant again, why?” I smiled, “Just because you can’t get pregnant now doesn’t mean you can’t in the future.” She furrowed her brows, “I know you say that, but why bring it up during sex though?” I grinned, “Because I felt like it might excite you. Did it?”

She blushed and looked down at my chest. She spoke in a mousy voice, “Yes.” I grinned and kissed her on the forehead, “That was my reason. That and I wanted to see what face you were going to make while I impregnated you.” She smacked my chest again, “You’re so bad.” I laughed, “Yeah, but you love me for it.” She laughed and kissed me on the lips, “I do love you, so much.” We made out for a little bit before my phone started to ring. I found my pants, which I lost some time during all the lovemaking, and pulled it out of my pocket.

I cursed, “Fuck.” Asakemi wrapped her arms around my midsection, “What’s the matter, husband?” I showed her my phone, “I’m missing two calls from Cindy, seventeen text messages from Sylvie, and a text from Karen.” She smiled, “Are those your other lovers?” I nodded, “Yeah, I feel that one of them is going to be really pissed off I fucked you both before her.” Asakemi laughed, “It was nice knowing you husband.” She kissed me on the cheek and I sighed, “Women.”


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