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*Kira POV*

We had run back towards the hospital, leaving me a little surprised at how far she took me, and as soon as we stopped running she had wrapped herself around my arm. My arm was sandwiched in-between two fluffy mounds of heaven and I really shouldn't complain about it. The look in Sarah's eyes when we walked back into her hospital room made me feel guilty even though I didn't do anything. She glared at me for a split second before looking at her mom, "Mother, what are you doing?"

Her mother snuggled my arm some more, "What? I can't be lovey-dovey with your step-father?" I spoke up, "Whoa! Step-father? I barely even know you, mam." She looked up at me and smiled, "That's okay. We can get to know each other later. Very well..." She let that last part kind of just hang there and I could feel myself getting aroused. I coughed and tried to change the subject before either of them noticed the bulge forming in my pants. I smiled at Sarah, "You want to tell us who ran you off the road or at least who you think it might be."

She frowned, "I honestly don't know who it could be. I felt a familiar energy coming from the cars before they smashed into mine though." I nodded, "Well that may help narrow it down a bit." Asakemi spoke up, "It narrows it down quite a bit dear. The only familiar energy we can sense at all is that of another Kitsune." She sighed, "It has to be our old skulk." I raised an eyebrow, "Skulk? Isn't that your equivalent to a werewolf pack?" She nodded and smiled, "You are quite knowledgeable on the non-mundane dear.".

I still didn't know how to react to the way she was acting, "Yeah, one of my wives is a werewolf." She arched an eyebrow, "Wives?" I nodded, "Yeah, I'm only married to one of them legally." She just smiled wider, "I didn't know I had sister wives already." I was stumped, I was honestly expecting her to immediately let go and be mad. I arched an eyebrow, "You are okay with that?" She nodded, Yup! You may not know this, but most beings in the supernatural are polygamous or polyamorous. It's actually not uncommon for a pack leader or a skulk leader to have his pick of women from the group. Of course, most supernatural beings respect those that are already claimed. Not a whole lot of netorare going on in the supernatural world."

I frowned, "A lot better than the mundane world if you ask me." I sighed, "I don’t know if I could handle too many women. I already have four, well five, if you count yourself." She laughed, "You better count me, dear. I have already taken a liking to you. My daughter seems to have taken a liking to you as well, so better make that count six." I sighed, "I don’t know about your daughter." She frowned, "Is she not pretty enough for you?" I shook my head, "It's not that. She kind of turned me down strongly a while ago."

She arched an eyebrow again, "She turned you down? Why would she do a dumb thing like that." She directed this question at Sarah who just turned red and looked down at the bed. I sighed, "She had someone she was interested in so it's okay I guess." I shrugged my shoulders and felt one of Asakemi's breasts rise up and down with my arm. It was a heavenly feeling and I had to clear my head of the perverted thoughts that were entering it. Damn my overactive teenage hormones.

Asakemi looked at Sarah, "You had someone you liked and didn't tell me about him?" Sarah quickly responded, "I honestly didn't have someone I liked, but we can't really date mundanes now can we. You do remember what happened with dad, right?" Asakemi stiffened up, "You don't have to remind me of it. I am fully aware of what he did." Her voice lowered to a whisper, "Now my mistake is causing harm to my child." I barely heard her with my highly enhanced hearing. I frowned, "Speaking of that, why would your old skulk want to run you off the road?"

Sarah looked at Asakemi who was acting really uncomfortable next to me. I looked down at Asakemi again, "Why is your old skulk trying to hurt your daughter?" She looked up at me and I could see the pain etched into her eyes, "The skulk leader had a thing for me and I chose to be with a mundane. He didn’t take to well to that and tried to hurt him. I know I said that most supernatural beings respect those that are claimed, but there are some that don’t. Sam is one of them." I frowned, "So basically he is upset that you slept with a mundane and now he wants to hurt or kill your daughter? That makes no sense."

She shook her head, "No, he wants to hurt or kill us because my ex sold us out. When children are born to Kitsune they are born as a Kitsune. Doesn't matter if we mate with a werewolf, human, or a vampire. They come out Kitsune, it's the reason Kitsune are everywhere. We have the highest population out of all of the were-beasts." She sighed, "I never showed him my true form and when Sarah was born he freaked out. I tried to show him my true form at that moment, but he flipped out even more and turned us both into the Hunters."

I briefly thought about how a vampire could breed, but it quickly got filed in the back of my mind for later and I furrowed my brows, "The Hunters? Who are they?" She thought about it for a minute, "They are a group of regular hunters that turned to hunting vampires in the early fifteenth century." I whistled, "Are they still around today?" She nodded, "Yeah, they only hunted vampires until around the eighteenth century when they found out that were-beasts were real. That was thanks to our part."

I froze for a second, "Wait. You were both alive in the eighteenth century!? That was between the years of 1701 and 1800!" She nodded, "Yeah, I was born in 1721 and Sarah was born in 1779. We fled to the fledgling country of America from Japan because of the Hunters and our skulk. They blamed us for letting the Hunter's know of their existence. The Hunters weren’t active in the Americas and the country was just forming so we figured it would be a good place to hide."

She sighed, "We have been here ever since." I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that they were both over two hundred years old. Then it hit me that I never asked Sylvie how old she really was. I sighed and said something under my breath, "They both hold up well for their age." Sarah didn't hear me, but Asakemi did. She tiptoed up and kiss me on the cheek, "Well thank you, dear." I grinned and rubbed the back of my neck, "I didn't mean to say that out loud." She grinned, "You still said it though."

I scratched my cheek with my finger, blushed, and looked at the wall. Asakemi giggled, "You're cute when you're embarrassed." I blushed a little more and tried to change the subject, "So either your skulk is here in America and they got wind of you, or the Hunters here in the states found out Sarah was a kitsune." I looked at Sarah, "Which one is more likely?" Sarah frowned, "That our old skulk is here and they happen to find us considering the familiar energy, I sensed."

I growled, "I need to find out where they are staying." I pulled out my phone and hit a speed dial. It rang once and Karen's sleepy voice answered, "Hello?" I smiled, "What are you so tired for babe? You sound like you were up all night." There was a giggle on the other end, "Not all night, but most of it. I don't regret it though." I laughed, "Are you sleeping in class?" She snorted, "Yeah, surprisingly the teacher felt sorry for me and just left me alone. She's pretty cool like that." I laughed again, "Do you have that laptop I bought you the other day with you?"

There was some shuffling and then she answered again, "Yup, whatcha need?" I grinned, "I need you to locate a skulk, one that recently arrived in the state." There were the sounds of typing and after a few minutes she answered back, "According to the supernet there was a skulk that escaped from Japan a few months ago that moved to America and entered the state a couple weeks ago." I nodded my head and then remembering that she couldn't see me I responded, "Great, can you tell me their last known address by chance?" There was some more typing and then she answered, "Their last known location is a residential complex on the other side of town actually."

I grinned, "Great, thank you. What's the supernet btw?" She quickly answered, "It's like the darknet, but it doesn't have anything illegal on it for the most part. It's just a way for the supernatural to communicate with each other, among other things." I nodded, "Can you tell me the address for the complex, please?" She gave me the information I needed and I told her I loved her before hanging up. I then instantly wondered how the teacher felt about her talking on the phone in class and using her laptop. I also wondered if anyone could hear what she was saying. I briefly worried about it and then told myself I would deal with it later.

I put my phone up and then spoke to Sarah, "I know where they are located and I am going to take care of things." Sarah looked panic-stricken and Asakemi gripped my arm tighter. She spoke up, "Dear, the leader of the skulk isn't someone you should take lightly. He is a seven-tailed kitsune and holds quite a bit of power." I grinned, "How strong are kitsune compared to werewolves?" She frowned, "They are physically more powerful, but when it comes to magical abilities even our young are better than some of their council members."

I nodded, "No need to worry then." Asakemi frowned, "Hunny, you may be very physically strong but the leader of our old skulk is a very powerful magic user. He uses magic to burn everything in his way." When I heard what his magic was I laughed loudly. Asakemi frowned, "It's not funny! You could die!" She whispered under her breath, "We haven't even had time to consummate our marriage yet." I heard what she said and kissed her deeply, "Don't worry, we will have time for that later." I cupped her cheek, "I promise." I then blinked home so I could borrow Cindy's car since mine was trashed."

*Asakemi's POV*

I blinked my eyes in utter shock as my new lover disappeared right in front of my eyes. He had just kissed me deeply and promised that we would seal our relationship later when he just disappeared with a poof. I sniffed around and was sad to discover that he really was gone and not just invisible. Could he teleport? Did I find a new love of such high power? All kinds of thoughts were running through my head when Sarah spoke to me, "Why did you lie to him, mom?" I turned my attention back to her, "I didn't really lie dear."

She gave me a blank stare, "You told him that dad turned us into the Hunters because he freaked out and that we were the reason that they knew were-beast exist." I scratched my cheek, "I couldn't really go and tell him the whole truth though." Sarah sighed, "Mom, I know that you really love him because that's just the way we kitsune are, but he would have to be an idiot to believe that some group hunting vampires didn't know about were-beasts." I frowned and played with my fingers, "It does sound kind of stupid, doesn't it?"

She sighed, "I don't know if he believed it or not, but it doesn't really matter. We just let our man go to his death. You and I both know that he won't be able to kill dad." I stiffened up and realized she was right. My new lover just ran off to fight a losing battle and there was nothing I could do about it. I sat on the hospital bed next to Sarah and hoped that my ex-husband would maybe spare him.

*Kira's POV*

I was in Cindy's car heading towards the housing complex that Karen had given me the address to. I was wondering why Asakemi had so boldly lied to me about the entire situation. I could tell that she wasn't lying about their age, fleeing to America, or at least the Hunters being real. She was lying about the reason the Hunters and her skulk were after them though. I sighed and figured that I would get to the bottom of it later. Right now, I had to either convince the leader of her old skulk to back off or just kill him and see if the new leader is smarter.

I paid attention to my surroundings again as I pulled up to the gate of the housing complex. A burly man stepped up and knocked on the driver's side window. I rolled the window down for him. He looked at me through the window, "What's your business here?" I smiled at him and tried to seem friendly, "I'm here to see an old buddy of mine. His name is Sam you heard of him?" The burly man snorted, "Yeah, he is our boss. What do you want with da boss?" I grinned, "Just want to have a chat with him is all."

He nodded, "Give me your name and I will check with da boss." I sighed, "Come on, can you just let me in to see him?" The man narrowed his eyes, "I can right after you give me your name and I check with him." I sighed again and put the car in reverse, "I'll come back later." The man stepped back as I backed the car up. I parked the car next to the curb and got out. The burly man tensed up when I started to walk towards him. I cracked my neck, "Okay, now that the car is out of harm's way how about I ask you again. Is Sam in? I really need to talk to him."

The burly man pulled out his pistol and aimed it at me, "Go away before I call the cops." I grinned, "A kitsune is going to let some mundane cops handle his problems?" The burly man's eyes widened and he pulled the trigger. I saw him pulling the trigger so I ducked down and launched myself at him from a low angle. A bullet whizzed by above me and I smashed into his waist. There was an oomph followed by the sound of a gun clattering to the ground.

I couldn't really tell you how much strength I was actually using, but the burly man was honestly surprised when I speared him. We crashed into where the gate met the wall and sent cracks throughout the brick. I knocked the wind out of him and he laid there with the white of his eyes showing when I stood up. I heard the click of his buddy pulling the trigger right before hearing the shot go by my head. I was honestly surprised at how bad a shot the guy was, but when I got a good look at him I knew why.

The guy didn't look much older than I was and he was visibly shaking. I didn't know if he was human or a very young kitsune, but I did know that he was scared shitless. I grinned, "If you don't want to end up like the big guy here then just stand there and let me enter." He didn't say anything and when I started walking to the gate he didn't do anything either. I grinned and tried to push the gate open to see that it was actually one of those that rolled out of the way electronically.

I saw a keypad smashed on the wall where I speared the burly guy. I sighed put my hands in my pockets and then spartan kicked the gate. The gate bent inwards and separated from the wall sending bricks flying. I heard the kid yelp and smelled piss coming from his direction. I tried not to laugh as I walked into the complex. I no sooner cleared the gate before I was surrounded by people. There was a mixture of men and women surrounding me of different age groups. I even saw what looked like a twelve-year-old boy in the circle.

I glanced at him and sighed, "Really, a kid? Is Sam that much of a dick that he even makes the kids fight for him?" The kid spit on the ground, "Hey! I ain't no kid asswipe!" I glared at the kid, "Why don't you go back and play with your toys little boy." I found it a little amusing that I was speaking that way to someone only around four years younger than me. The kid spit again, but this time he aimed at me. I honestly wasn't expecting it and it landed on my cheek.

I wiped the spit off and glared at the kid again. I growled and let out a very minuscule amount of pressure, "I think you should run along and play now before I give your ass a whooping." The kid's legs started to shake and he quickly nodded his head, "Yes mister." He quickly sprinted off leaving a small trail of liquid in his wake. I sighed again, "What's with you kitsune pissing yourself so much?"

There was a growl and someone else spoke up, "Who are you and what do you want?" I looked at the speaker, "I want to speak to Sam, you all know where he is?" I stood there with my hands in my pockets looking like one of those badasses in an anime I have watched before. I looked around and saw that all of them were glaring at me with no fear in their eyes. I did see that one of them was pissed off and constantly looking towards the big house in the middle of the complex.

I grinned, "I guess he is in the big house right in the middle and if what I have heard about him is correct he has someone's wife or lover with him." The guy that kept glancing at the house stiffened up and clenched his fist. I looked straight at him, "Is it your wife or lover that he has with him?" The man clenched his fist even harder and blood ran from his palm, "My daughter. She just turned sixteen today, which is the age of adulthood for kitsune." I frowned and looked off towards the house. I strained my hearing and I could hear a little of what was going on, "Mmm you look absolutely divine my dear."

I heard some whimpering before another voice spoke, "Please don't." The other voice, which I figured was Sam, spoke, "It only hurts the first time dear, then it feels absolutely lovely. I can show you pleasures that your boyfriend never could. I put him on gate duty just so we could have this little time together." The girl whimpered again, "My father won't let you get away with this." Sam laughed, "Your father is too weak to do anything to me. Why do you think I was able to take you from your house this morning? He was unable to stop me! After I am done showing you heaven then maybe is should hit up your mom too. She looks like she could use a good fucking."

I sighed, "He is worse than an animal. If I was a kitsune I would be ashamed to be the same were-beast as him. Hell, I am even ashamed to be the same gender as him right now." I looked at those in the circle, "Let's finish this here in a bit." I took a step towards the house and disappeared from their sight. I did notice that while I moved fast enough for most of them to not see, there were two or three that followed my movements towards the house.

I entered the house and arrived right outside of the room that Sam was in. I heard crying from the other side, "Please! I beg you don't do this!" Sam tried to speak gently to her, "It will be over soon my dear. Don't fight it and I promise you will enjoy it. I frowned and kicked the door open. I may have accidentally used a little too much force because it flew off its hinges and smashed into the wall on the other side.

I stepped into the room and saw a very naked Sam in the process of lining his tool up with a semi-dressed girl. I briefly glanced at his tool and snickered, "I don't know how anybody could enjoy that." Sam jumped up not ashamed at all about his nakedness, "Who the fuck are you?" I grinned, "I am a messenger, whether it be of words or death is up to you." I glared at him, "Leave Asakemi and Sarah alone. This is your only warning."

Sam's eyes widened a bit before he started laughing, "So, some of my skulk weren’t able to finish the kid off and the bitch sent some twerp to warn me?" He was still laughing for a good couple of minutes before he spoke again, "Tell that bitch that if she wants me to leave them alone then she should come crawling back and suck my dick like she used to. Then I might just consider leaving her daughter alone."

My eye twitched, "I would ask for you to not speak badly about my woman before I rip your tongue out." Sam glared at me, "Oh so you’re the bitches new mate? She sure went young this time. Maybe it's because you young'uns don’t really care about her being able to give birth or not." I raised an eyebrow, "What does that have to do with anything?" He grinned, "She didn't tell you? It's the whole reason I sent her away. She was unable to give me a male heir so I had no need of her. She took my daughter with her and turned her against me."

I looked at the petrified girl curled up on the bed, "I don't think it would have been long before she turned against you anyways." Sam snorted, "She would have come around eventually. Especially when she had her own group of men or women to do as she pleases with." I sighed, "I have heard enough, are you going to leave them alone or no?" He seemed to really think about it for a minute before grinning, "How is this for my answer?" He shot a massive fireball from his hand right at me and I grinned as it hit my body.

I didn't even use the ability I got from Lord Balthazar. The flames started to burn around my body and the clothes I was wearing started to burn away. I grinned as Sam just watched me stand in the flames like I was just getting some sun. I grinned at him, "What? Were you expecting that to kill me?" I laughed, "You are going to have to bring something to the party besides fire if you want to kill me."

The flames burning around me actually felt amazingly cool and soothing. I found out over the weekend that being contracted with Qendaess has other perks besides having half of her stats. I had been cooking some eggs for everyone when I dropped one in the burner. In an idiotic moment, I reached into the flame and pulled the egg out before it was ruined. It was at that time that I noticed the coolness of the flame and that my fingers weren't burnt. Qendaess had walked into the kitchen and saw me staring at my fingers, "What's wrong with your fingers?"

I looked at her, "Nothing and that’s what's weird." She stared at me, "Why is that weird?" I filled her in on what I did and she just started laughing. I glared at her, "What's so funny?" She grinned at me, "You're contracted to a High Dragon of Fire and Earth. Did you really think that fire would hurt you now?" I frowned, "I honestly thought it still would. Nothing in my status told me otherwise."

She giggled, "Dear, you have a one hundred percent resistance to Fire and Earth related spells because of our contract. Hell, the fire will even revitalize you. It will heal any injuries quicker and recharge your stamina, among other things." I remember all the testing we did that weekend with fire and earth spells. I remembered that Saturday night when we fucked for a few hours in the mud hut she made.

I must have been getting a reaction from the memory because I heard two different voices speak up. A manlier voice spoke, "You have a fetish for flames or something, sicko." Followed by a gentle and soft voice, "So big." When the soft voice spoke the manlier one spoke again, "It ain't all about the size dear." I opened my eyes an grinned, "You have a point there. I could make my women scream with just my tongue and it's almost as big as your dick is." I mentally laughed at the joke I threw in there.

Sam snorted, "I have pleased plenty of women with this cock of mine." I smiled, "I think that has something to do with your role as skulk leader. They probably didn't want to offend you and pretended. Don't get me wrong though, maybe your skill is good enough to please a woman without the proper tools, but from what I heard you don't have the skills in the verbal department." Sam was piping mad now and I ginned. If he is mad then this fight will be so much simpler. Granted, I could finish him even if he was calm, but anger always dulls a lot of peoples' reflexes and other stuff.

I grinned, "I have honestly had enough of this so let's get this over with." I moved forward and grabbed him by the face. We went through the wall of the building and out into the courtyard. I landed us back in the circle of kitsune that I left a few minutes before. I looked around and saw a lot of confused faces, but they instantly turned to looks of joy. They all changed their expressions when they saw Sam being held in my hand. I looked at the man whose daughter was still in the house, "Go get your baby girl man." He nodded and said thank you before sprinting towards the house.

I looked at the circle of people and grinned, "Is there anyone here that has been wronged in some way by the man in my hand." Almost all of them raised their hands. I pointed at one of the women in the circle, "What did he do to you?" She gnashed her teeth, "He took my virginity when I wanted to give it to my lover and then when my lover stood up to him he killed him right in front of me." I frowned and turned Sam around to where I was holding the back of his head, "Come and do anything you would like to the man."

The woman grinned and said thank you to me as she walked up to Sam. She made claws pop out of her fingers as she jabbed them into Sam's groin. Sam squealed and cried when I heard a ripping noise. I saw that the woman was holding his dick in her hands, but that it was no longer connected to his body. I grimaced and I felt my little buddy shrivel a little. The woman smiled and threw the piece of flesh on the ground before stomping on it.

She was basically yelling, "This little thing cause me so much humiliation! I felt nothing as it entered me, I wouldn't have even known it was there if it wasn’t for the fact that your hips were hitting me. The embarrassment hurt me more than anything and when you killed my mate!" She stopped grinding the flesh into the ground and then let out a deep breath. She walked around him and got down on one knee before bowing her head, "Sonia greets her new master." I furrowed my brows, "What?" She looked up, "You allowed me to exact a semblance of revenge on this bastard and you are probably going to kill him. This makes you my master and new skulk leader."

I looked around and saw that the rest of the kitsune were all starting to kneel as well. Sam was struggling in my hand, "What are you bastards doing I'm still alive you know!" His voice was a little high pitched and I think it was because of the pain running through his body. The kitsune that were kneeling all spoke in unison, "Greetings to the new skulk leader!" I was honestly surprised enough that I lost control on the grip of my hand and I felt his head squish. I looked at the gore on my hands and the body slumping on the ground, "Oops."


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