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*Kira's POV*

We made it home and the next few school days went by without anything too spectacular happening. Cindy wanted to take us to school the day after she got her new car so we road with her. The stares of outright jealousy were fun to look at, but other than that the days were boring. I decided to purchase a plot of land for the mercenary base after Cindy found us a good area. It was about ten miles outside of town and there weren’t any neighbors for miles. The owner of the land actually sold it to us for a very cheap price because it wouldn't grow any crops for him.

He was glad that someone finally wanted to purchase it from him. It also didn't help that the seven-digit check actually went through when he tried to deposit it. He asked me what I planned to do with the land and I was a little hesitant to answers. I was honestly happy he didn't say something along the lines of, "What's a kid your age spending a few million dollars on land?" The amount of land he sold us was pretty big. It was a few square miles which would give us around a bit of open buffer between the base and anyone just happening to drive by.

A lot of the base was going to be underground and the top part would look like your average training facility or something along those lines. Karen had taken care of all the certificates and other shit that we would need in order to actually start building and running a mercenary base in the state. She said I should be glad she could do all of this because otherwise, it would be a massive headache. I showed her how appreciative I was of what she was doing that night.

The next day I got up leaving the girls lying in bed and took the GS out to the construction site. The construction was going along smoothly for the few hours it had been going this morning. It took a while yesterday to find a company that had enough employees to work twenty-four-seven and had enough materials on hand to actually get started. Right now, they were putting the perimeter fence up to keep people from seeing what was going on from the road.

I know that there are a few square miles of open field that we are building on, but because of the openness of the fields, it was easier to see what was going on from the road, hence the fence. I drove up to the gate that had been thrown up quickly and one of the construction workers walked up to my window. I rolled it down and greeted him, "Hey, name's Kira Anderson and I am the owner of this little development." He asked for my identification, which I promptly gave him, and looked it over. He handed it back and smiled, "Sorry about the holdup Mr. Anderson, but I have never seen you in person and the boss said you wanted secrecy on how the development was being done."

I nodded, "Don't sweat it. I'm glad you’re doing a little security detail here even if it isn't in your job description." He laughed, "My job description is whatever my boss tells me to do." I laughed as he was walking away to open the gate. Right now, it was little more than a chain-link fence gate with a wheel on it. The plan was to have a three-foot-thick steel wall going down the entire border of my property, while there would be another two-foot-thick steel wall surrounding a square mile section directly in the middle.

I wanted to have a big mansion in the middle of that square mile that would have at least ten bedrooms. It might have more in the future, but those would be add-ons to the original house. There would be other rooms in the house, but right now I was thinking of ten bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. One in each bedroom and a guest bathroom. Each girl would have their own room, but I felt that they would be sleeping with me for the most part. Sharing a bathroom with more than one girl would be a nightmare so they all have to have their own. There were only four girls for now, but that number may increase in the future.

The yard for the mansion would be separated from the rest of the facility by a simple privacy fence. If I planned to have children in the future, they would need a place to play that wasn't constantly looking at tanks and other military-style objects. I paused a minute when I thought about what I had literally just thought about. I had never thought about children before and the thought if it was a little be frightening.

I wasn't against children, but I was fearful of being just like my parents were. I would want to be there for them and give them the attention they deserve regardless of their gender. A woman could carry on the family business just as well as a man. In some cases, they could even carry on the family name. Thoughts of my father turned my mood sour and I told myself that I would never purchase firearms from him. Of course, I planned on bringing some futuristic weapons here through my dimensional world to use as our gear.

I was almost drooling at the concept of being able to have exo-suites, VTOLs, and many other futuristic things to use. We would be the most advanced mercenary group on the planet. I hope we could be the best and then in the future, I may figure out some way of introducing space flight to earth. That way we could branch out to other planets and stuff. Of course, I don't want to be competitive with The Playing Cards since they gave me my start. Maybe my group could be an offshoot or their ally.

I shook my head and filed it in the back of my mind for later. I was thinking way down the line for that though. I pulled up to the middle of the interior square mile and step out of the car. I looked around and didn't see any construction going on yet, which was fine. I wanted the exterior wall done first and three feet of steel didn't go up all that quickly. It would go up faster since they had multiple crews working day and night, but I still couldn't just snap my fingers and "poof" there be a wall.

I crouched down and grabbed a bit of dirt that I could see. It felt dry and brittle in my hands, there was no moisture in it at all. I shrugged my shoulders and put the dirt down before standing back up. I saw a pickup heading towards me from the entrance. It was a black Ford F-250 and it had the name of the construction company on the side. They pulled up next to my car and the guy in driver's seat jumped out.

He was a solid looking dude standing about five foot nine and his skin was about as tan as you could get it while still looking normal and healthy. He had sunglasses on and his hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He smiled and walked over to me, "You must be Mr. Anderson." He reached out his hand and I promptly shook it. He grinned, "Name's Elijah Smith with Smith and Sons Construction. Pa sent me down here to introduce myself and to let you know that if you have any questions about the construction of this here place to let me know. He put me in charge in order to ready me to take over the company from him. He ain't getting any younger he said."

I laughed, "It's great to meet you. Glad to see someone in a higher sitting position coming down to check on things. I see from the dirt on your truck and clothes you don't mind getting dirty yourself." He grinned and spit some dip towards the side, "You're right there. Pa told me I needed to know how to get myself dirty before I could live a life of cleanliness." I nodded my head, "I agree with that statement. Many of the higherups forget that it’s the ones getting dirty that allow them to work cleanly."

Elijah grinned again, "You know what, you're alright for a city slicker." I laughed, "I have had my fair share of dirt and grime. My grandparents own a farm about five miles down the road from here. I have had to help there quite a bit. One time when school was out I nearly flipped one of the tractors on its backside because I let off the clutch too fast. Of course, being parked on the hill didn't help none either." He was holding his gut when I told him about the time I nearly got skewered by a bull in the cow pen once. He thought it was funny and ballsy that my cousins and I went into the bull pen while it was in there.

I laughed, "More like a big case of stupidity." He grinned again, "I would love to hang out and talk about farm stories and stuff, but I have to get to another project here in a few. Do you have any questions about the development before I go?" I asked a few questions such as how long it should take and if I should worry about the underground walls caving in from anything. He answered them and I was a little surprised he said that they should be done in a few months. Their part took the longest and the crew that does the interior and other things takes another month or two.

I was looking at about a half a year before I could actively start recruiting members for the group. Elijah shook my hand again before he left and I got back in the car to do the same thing. Karen had texted me and told me that Cindy was taking her to school and that she would see me when I got there. I smiled at the little kissy faces she sent at the end of the message. I was on my way to the school when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen on the dash and saw that it was Sarah.

I didn't know why she was calling so early, but I answered, "Hello?" She sounded frantic when she spoke, "Kira? Is that you?" I furrowed my brows, "Yeah it's me, what's wrong? Are you okay?" She started to choke up from what I could hear, "I need your help, please." I was paying more attention now, "What's wrong? Where are you?" She was panting now, "I don't know. I was driving to school when my car was slammed from the side. I remember the car rolling a few times, but then I just blacked out."

She groaned, "Please help me, I can't see anything, but grass and I think I smell smoke." I responded quickly, "Can you ping me your phone location?" She had an iPhone and they were able to send people their GPS coordinates through text message. The screen said I got the message and I quickly put it on my car's GPS. I saw that she was off of Old Tucker road just down from the cemetery. I started talking to her again, "I am on my way Sarah, have you called 911 yet?"

She was still a bit panicky, "No, I forgot to charge my phone last night and I didn't know if I would have enough juice left for a call. I just called the last person I talked to." I raised an eyebrow for a split second at the fact that I was the last person she texted. That was a few days ago. I tried to speak to her in a calm and soothing manner, "If you can try and call 911, I am on my way and will probably be there before they get there." She took a few more breaths before answering, "I will try, but I don't know if the phone will..." There was silence and then the call ended.

I cursed, "Fuck!" I called 911 myself and after the first ring someone answered, "911 what's your emergency?" It took everything I had no to yell, "I have a friend who got into a wreck on Old Tucker Road about a half a mile south of the cemetery." The lady was typing as she spoke, "Do you know what happened?" I quickly responded, "No mam, all I know is that she said someone ran her off the road and then she called me after she regained consciousness." The lady spoke again, "She lost consciousness?"

This went on for a few minutes and she told me that emergency units had been dispatched to the area and were a couple more minutes out. I sighed, "That's good. Thank you, I am onto Old Tucker as we speak." She went on and on about how I shouldn't move her much and a bunch of other things I already know. She asked me if I would like for her to stay on the line with me and I told her I was good now. She hung up and I picked my speed up going down the road. I saw the skid marks and her other car that she owned on its roof in the ditch. Her little Prius looked like it was a crumpled tin can from what I could see.

I pulled over on the side of the road and jumped out. I couldn't hear any sirens yet, but the lady said they were on the way. I ran over to the car, "Sarah! Can you hear me!?" There was a muffled reply, "Kira!?" I knew she was conscious and that was a good thing. I yelled at her, "I'm going to get you out of there, but I need to close your eyes okay!?" There was silence for a minute and I could hear the sirens coming, "They're closed, now what!?" I smiled, "Just hang on for a second."

I squatted down and put my arms under the edge of the car. I stood up and the car easily started to roll over. I was honestly shocked at how light it seemed to weigh. I got the car back on its wheels and kicked a few rocks at the GS. I made it look like I used the front of the car to roll her’s over. It was going to speed up my plans on getting another car, but I really couldn’t have her asking questions. When I got her car rolled over I saw that the roof was almost flat against the doors. I peeked in and saw Sarah curled up in the front seats.

I spoke to her, “Are you okay?” She looked at me and answered back, “Yeah, but being curled like this makes it a little difficult to breathe. Took everything I had to reach into my purse to get my phone.” I nodded, “Anything feel broken?” She shook her head, or at least I thought she did, “Not that I can tell. I feel banged up a bit, but nothing broken.” I saw something fluffy and red lying behind her, “Do you have a dog with you?” She yipped, “What are you talking about?” I furrowed my brows, “There is something red and fluffy lying behind you.”

I saw her move her hand down to her rear and she touched the fluffiness. She spoke back again, “I don’t feel anything there.” I could hear the lie in her voice at this time. She was pulling the fluffy up towards her chest, trying to hide it. I had a pretty good idea of what was going on and I was honestly a little surprised, but not too much. I have had too much shit going on lately to really be surprised by a lot. I spoke to her again, “Don’t move okay.” She asked, “Why?” I looked through the crack again, “Just don’t move, okay?”

I stood up and stuck my fingers in the crack. I gave it a quick tug and the roof tore from the car. I threw it to the side in the ditch and looked down at Sarah. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw her. Sarah was lying across the front seats with her knees at her chest holding a red and fluffy tail. She also had red animal-like ears on her head. Her ears reminding me a lot of foxes. I looked down at her and she was staring at me wide-eyed. I reached into the car and scooped her up in my arms.

She weighed next to nothing in my arms and I could feel the fluffiness of her tail. She was still wide-eyed and staring at me. I grinned, “Why are you so shocked. A lot of your family could probably do the same thing. She furrowed her brows, “What do you mean?” I smiled, “Kitsune right?” She turned pale white and tried to escape from my arms. I held her tight, “Hey! Don’t worry! I’m not going to tell anyone I swear.” She glared at me, “That’s what my dad told my mom before we had to escape from Japan.”

Now that I noticed it she does look a little Asian now. Maybe her human looking form is more American looking so she can blend in better. I smiled, “Look, obviously I’m not normal myself. I promise you that I won’t tell anyone about what you are. Not even one of my girls.” She furrowed her brows, “How can I trust you? I don’t even know my dad, but he tried to use me and my mom for financial purchases after I was born.” She was quiet for a second, “I should kill you for knowing, but I can’t really bring myself to hurt you.”

She frowned and then groaned, “Fuck that hurts.” I checked her body over and noticed that she was way bigger in certain areas than normal. She was quite a bit taller and had longer legs. Her breasts were about a D-cup and she had wide hips. She looked every like someone who would seduce you and then run off with your car and wallet. I tore my eyes away from her breasts and saw that she was glaring at me. I smiled and then heard the sirens getting louder. I looked down the road and saw the emergency vehicles coming.

I looked back at her, “You need to hide your ears and tail now, can you do it?” She nodded and then closed her eyes. Her body started to shrink and so did her breasts. Her tail disappeared along with her ears. I smiled at her and she furrowed her brows at me. She looked like she was going to say something, but the emergency vehicles arrived on the scene. There was a lot of commotion and questioning before she was taken to the hospital to get checked out.

I followed in the GS and went to the hospital with her. When we arrived, I sent a quick text to Karen explaining what happened. I went into the room with Sarah after she had changed into a gown. We sat in silence for a bit before a whirlwind of red flew into the room. The whirlwind grabbed Sarah in a hug, “Baby! Are you okay?” I noticed that it was a woman with similar features to Sarah. I guessed that this may be her mom, but she looked way too young to be her mom, sister maybe?

Sarah was blushing, “I’m fine mom, just got a few bruises from the crash is all. Kira made sure that I got out of the car alright and followed me to the hospital.” She gestured towards me and her mom looked straight at me. I smiled at her and she simply glared at me for a bit. She held her hand out towards me and I gently grabbed it, bringing it up to my lips for a brief kiss. She seemed a little startled at my move while I introduced myself, “The name is Kira Anderson mam. I’m Sarah’s cla…” Sarah interrupted me before I could finish, “He’s my boyfriend mom.” I widened my eyes at her and she smirked at me.

Her mom turned towards her, “Your boyfriend?” Sarah nodded, “Yeah, I have been meaning to introduce you two for a while now, but I have just been busy.” Her mom furrowed her brows, “Introduce us? I haven’t even heard about him before right now.” Sarah scratched her cheek, “Yeah, well I didn’t know whether it would be a long-lasting thing or not, so I didn’t want to bring him home until I was sure.”

Her mom arched an eyebrow, “And now you sure? Right after he rescues you from your car crash? How romantic.” Her mom was grinning from ear to ear. Sarah blushed, “Well it really can’t be helped either. He saw my tail.” Her mom stiffened up and then before I could react I was grabbed, and the world blurred by. I was slammed into the concrete wall of a building in what looked like the middle of nowhere. I groaned and before I could say anything Sarah’s mom had me by the throat, “I’m surprised you survived being thrown into the wall like that.” I grinned and then grabbed her wrist, “I’m sure I’m about to surprise you even more.”

I squeezed on her wrist causing her to yip and release her grip. I moved her arm out of the way before sending a palm to her chest. She flew backward with a wide-eyed look on her face. She slammed into an abandoned car and it crumpled underneath her. There was a dust cloud that popped up and I couldn’t see the car for a little while. I climbed out of the wall and walked over to where she landed.

The dust flew out again and my throat was gripped by another hand. I slammed into a different spot of the building and went right through the wall. I went through the building and out the other wall before slamming into the ground. My throat was still gripped by a hand and when I could see clearly after the dust settled I saw a downright sexy kitsune holding me down. She was glaring at me and I saw more than one tail from where I was lying. It took a minute for me to digest what I was seeing before I grabbed her arm and threw her off me again.

She flew and landed on her hands and feet. I stood up and got a good look at her finally. I know I said sexy earlier, but that was an understatement. She had everything required to attract almost any man to her. She looked Asian and when she stood up I saw the curves, and damn do I mean curves. Chest on par with Sylvie, hips wide enough to be great handles, and legs for days. It took everything I had to tear my eyes from her body. She was glaring at me and showing a little fang. She growled, “What are you and what do you want with my daughter?”

I frowned, “I don’t want anything from your daughter. I just happen to see her real form when I pulled her from the wreck. I think w really need to know who ran her off the road.” Her eyes widened from a glare, “Someone ran her off the road?” I nodded, “Yeah if you would have taken a second to talk to your daughter instead of attacking me then maybe she would have told you.” She frowned, “I will deal with that later, don’t change the subject from you.”

I sighed, “Listen, you can’t beat me from what I have gathered so let’s talk this out later and go deal with the issue of who wants to hurt or kill your daughter.” She growled, “I’ll never know unless I try.” I sighed and then glared at her before releasing some of my pressure on her. Her eyes widened, and she quickly fell to one knee. I continued to walk closer to her until I was standing in front of her. I squatted down and looked her in the eye, “I don’t want to hurt your daughter if I did she would be dead already. I do want to hurt those that tried to kill her.”

She was trying to catch her breath right now and she was staring at me in shock. I smiled at her, “Your daughter actually means something to me, even if I really don’t know what that is. If anything, she is in my friend zone and no one messes with my friends.” She was panting right now, and I could see her nipples hardening through her shirt. I arched an eyebrow, “Holy shit. Are you getting turned on by this right now?”

She turned red and looked at the ground, “No.” Her voice sounded like a mosquito and it wasn’t very convincing. I laughed and stood up before I released my pressure. She caught her breath for a minute before standing up and brushing the dust off her clothes. She smiled at me and walked towards me before grabbing my arm and leaning her head on my shoulder. She grinned, “Sorry we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Asakemi Fujimi, you were Kira, right?” I looked at her with wide eyes, what the fuck?


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