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*Warning! Sexual Words! Lol*

*Kira POV*

Lord Balthazar snarled, “Prey?” He laughed after that, “I have never been considered prey before.” I smiled, “Well today is your lucky day.” His laughter stopped and he glared at me, “I would watch your mouth human.” I sneered, “Oh snap. I better watch this one, it may bite me.” I then spoke in a baby like voice, “The poor little puppy seems to want to bite me. That’s a bad puppy, puppies aren’t supposed to bite.”

He was fuming at this point and some of the werewolves from Sylvie’s pack were trying not to laugh. One of the council member’s followers was so pissed off that he charged me screaming, “Such insolence!” I groaned at the cliché saying and watched as the werewolf sprinted towards me. He threw a fist towards my face, which I caught with my hand. He was shocked at the scene for a second before his pissed off face returned.

He tried to retrieve his hand back from my grasp, but it wasn’t happening. I swung my arm to the right, which pulled him with it and let go of his fist. He went flying across the yard and slamming into Sylvie’s Porsche. The fixable damage from before was replaced by a massive crater in the driver’s side door that basically totaled the car. I heard Sylvie groan about it, but she didn’t actually say anything.

Balthazar didn’t look surprised at all, “Well, it seems like you’re not the average human, besides your looks.” I felt a twitch in my eyebrow but I smiled at him, “I consider myself quite above average.” Sylvie popped up, “I can attest to that from what I have seen.” I turned to her and she smiled coyly at me. I shook my head and turned back towards the werewolves. Balthazar had a look of amusement on his face that was starting to irritate me. All of a sudden one of his lackeys disappeared from my view.

Shock ran through me for a minute before I noticed a notification icon in the corner of my view. I looked for the lackey, but I couldn’t see him at all. There was a yelp and I turned to see Sylvie in the grasp of said lackey. I was furious and took a few seconds to glance at the notification, hoping it was what I thought it was. I grinned broadly when I saw what it was.

Congratulations! You have witnessed someone use the skill [Blink]!

[Blink] – This skill allows the user to teleport to anywhere they can physically see or can imagine clearly in their head. Restrictions – Blinking to an area that the user has not previously visited before will trigger a cooldown of twenty-four hours for the skill. The cooldown will not trigger on places the user can physically see or they have been to before.


Would you like to learn the skill?




Congratulations on seeing your first skill on Earth! The skill you are seeing is one that the user was naturally born with and not one developed in the game. Since this is the first time you have been awarded an additional skill from the imaginations of those of your homeworld.


Congratulations! You have been awarded the skill [Dimensional World]!

[Dimensional World] – Allows the user to create a World in another Dimension. This world is mainly used for storage of items of any size and creatures. This differs from the normal inventory because of the size of items that can be stored and the availability of storing living beings.

The four notifications made me widen my mouth in awe, which caused the lackey to sneer. I was thinking about multiple things at this moment, one of them being all of the things I could do with this Dimensional World skill. I could bring all kinds of technology in its complete form from the futuristic worlds of the universe and outfit my mercenary group with them. The one thing at the forefront of my thoughts though was getting Sylvie away from the lackey. I also quickly thought about why the lackey would have such a powerful innate skill and only be a lackey.

I closed my mouth from the shock of the skill and glared at the lackey who was still sneering at me. He put a hand with long fingernails near her throat, “I wouldn’t move it I was you, wouldn’t want anything happening to such a pretty face.” He moved his fingernail up towards her cheek and ran it across them. Blood was drawn and dripped down her cheek. I was getting angrier now and I could feel my body heating up. Sylvie smiled at me, “Don’t be mad love. It will heal, just concentrate on the sound of my voice.”

The heat in my body started to subside and worry fluttered through my mind at how I was always getting angry when something happened to or concerned any of the girls. I sighed and then took a deep breath before looking the lackey straight in the eyes. I activated the new skill I just learned. It was a little weird when I first used the skill. One moment I was looking the lackey in the eye and then everything in my view instantly changed and I was looking at the back of his head.

I quickly reacted by wrapping a hand around the back of his neck and squeezing. He let go of Sylvie and instantly tried to pry my hand from his neck. I snickered at the fact that I didn’t even feel him pulling on my hand. His physical power was just too weak. I sighed and then pulled him towards me and whispered in his ear, “You know anything about what’s called a Reverse Scale?” He shook his head with fear evident in his eyes.

I grinned at him, “Well it’s supposedly the spot right under a dragon’s chin where if touched they go utterly mad with rage. I have a few of those too and you just happened to touch one of them.” I used utterly no effort as I snapped his neck and threw his body to the side. I laughed in my head of my use of the Reverse Scale cliché. It was kind of true though, which I just realized a few seconds ago. The girls are my Reverse Scale and I will rain terror upon any who touch them.

I looked up at Balthazar and saw a shocked look in his eyes, even though his face was still sneering. I smiled, “So Lord Balthazar, you have some pretty interesting lackeys under your command. That skill he used was awesome and I couldn’t help but add it to my repertoire.” The sneer left his face as my words sunk in. He had a small look of fear on his face, “What do you mean you added it to your repertoire?” I laughed, “I meant just that. I liked his skill so I made it mine.”

The news was apparently so shocking that even the insects were quiet at this moment. I grinned, “Why so shocked?” He didn’t answer me he just made all nineteen of his other lackeys bum rush me. I smiled, “Mm, Snacks” The first person reached me and I quickly dispatched him with a punch to his neck causing it to snap back with a loud crack. The next couple of lackeys reached me and I kicked the midriff of one and slammed him into the other.

After I dispatched three of them in a matter of seconds the others just circled me and watched me warily. I grinned again, “Ah, come on now. Don’t be scared. I don’t bite, more than once.” A few of them shivered, but none of them moved. They stood in a circle around me for almost ten minutes before my impatience got to me, “Oh fuck this.” I pulled Hell out of my inventory and switched it to silenced mode. I aimed at the first lackeys head and pulled the trigger then moved on to the others. I had practice using my improved agility and other stats to shoot multiple targets before the first bullet hit my first target. Until now I had only been able to hit at most four targets before the first bullet struck home. Thanks to my highly increases stats I was able to easily shoot all sixteen people before the first bullet was even halfway to its target.

I put my arm down to my side and the sounds of bullets entering flesh sounded out. Sixteen bodies slumped to the floor simultaneously and the sounds of liquid hitting the ground sounded out. I looked over and saw that some of Rick’s pack had actually wet themselves from fear and I shook my head. They had a powerful alpha, but they were all so pathetic that it pissed me off that they were actually called a pack. It brought shame to the word and what it meant in my opinion.

I sighed and looked at Balthazar, “So Lord Balthazar got any more snacks for me or is it time for the main course?” I put a slight bit of mockery of the word lord to see if I could get a reaction out of him and it succeeded. He growled at me, “Bastard, you are going to regret messing with the Council, especially with me.” He transformed and I almost laughed when I saw that his top hat and monocle stayed. It was absolutely hilarious and it took everything I had. I smiled at him, “Well let’s dig in Mr. Doggy.” That got him even angrier and he howled before rushing at me. I tried to blink out of the way but was utterly shocked when it didn’t work.

I quickly jumped out of the way and barely dodged a claw aimed at my head. I looked at him in shock and he had a toothy grin on his face, “I see you weren’t expecting that were you?” I just glared at him and didn’t answer. He laughed and continued, “I have an innate ability to cancel out skills anywhere within ten feet of me. Luckily it isn’t an actual skill and just something that happens so you shouldn’t be able to copy it. I looked at the corner of my view and saw a notification bubble. I laughed in my head but didn’t show anything on the outside. Even though it’s just ten feet, being able to not allow anyone to use skills within ten feet of me was a little overpowered.

I sighed when I saw that I was going to have to resort to raw strength, but I really didn’t care. I ran towards him and threw a punch at about five percent of a High Dragon’s strength. He blocked the punch and smiled when he saw that we were about evenly matched. He was a smidgen stronger than me so I bumped it up another five percent.

The next punch I threw at him he blocked as well, but this time I pushed him back a few feet and he was holding his arm. He growled, “How the hell did you just get stronger?” I grinned, “Stronger? Hell, I’m only using about twenty percent of my actual strength. I didn’t know the actual math, but I was using ten percent of a High Dragon’s strength. I am only able to use half of their strength so I think that should mean that it is actually twenty percent of my total strength. I really don’t like math so I just paid attention enough to not fail.

The look on his face was priceless before it changed, “That’s bullshit! There is no way that twenty percent of a human’s strength is stronger than me! If that is the case then you are stronger than the entire Council. I grinned, “Someone needs to get him a treat! He is a smart puppy.” He growled at me, “I’m going to kill you!” He charged at me and swung his claws at me. I dodge to the left a little and landed a punch on his stomach. He spat up some bile as he flew back like a broken kite.

He crashed into the same SUV that Rick did and crumpled it some more. He didn’t move again from that spot and I was actually highly disappointed in our fight. Being absurdly stronger than someone just takes all the fun out of the fight. Even when I try and limit the amount of power I am using. I sighed and walked over to the council member. He was lying unconscious in the wreckage of the car. I sighed and then crushed his skull into a meat paste.

There was a resounding boom followed by a wolf’s howl that boomed through the area. I raised an eyebrow at Sylvie and she answered my unasked question, “The council members all have spells placed on them that will announce the time, place, and cause of their death.” I raised an eyebrow, “So basically the entire council now know that I killed Lord Balthazar?” She nodded her head. I grinned, “Great!” She nearly fell to the floor, as did the rest of the werewolves present.

She looked at me with concern, “Babe, the entire werewolf council is going to be after you now. Doesn’t that worry you at all?” I shrugged my shoulders, “It doesn’t worry me one bit.” She frowned, “What about us? What if they come after us to get to you?” My anger surged and I released a horrific amount of pressure causing trees to buckle, concrete to crack, cars to dent, people to kneel, and glass to shatter. The effect spread out for almost two miles before I realized what I was doing and took a breath to control my emotions. I then realized that I had some major fucking anger issues.

There was a thud on my chest and I looked down to see Sylvie had her head buried in it. She was sobbing and I felt my heart hurt. I ran my hand through her hair, “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you or anyone else I love. It would be the biggest mistake the council could make in their life.” She looked up at me and there were tears staining her cheeks, “I’m more worried about you and the girls than myself.” I smiled, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not going to put myself in a position that I can’t wiggle my way out of.” At least not on purpose I said to myself.

She smiled when I said that and closed her eyes before puckering her lips. I laughed and leaned down into her kiss. We shared a loving kiss, nothing passionate or fierce, just a loving and gentle kiss. After a few minutes, we separated and I was greeted with her beaming smile. I smiled back and then looked up at Dan, “Will anything I have done here cause trouble for you and your pack?” He shook his head, “No, you challenged John and Rick fairly and won. That alone will solve anything from that end. As for the council, they normally can only see what or who caused the death of the council member, not those around him.”

I nodded, “That’s good. I do want to say though that I am still highly disappointed in you. I may be able to see the logic in why you did what you did, but I could never understand it. I would go to any lengths for those I love; everyone else could go fuck themselves. Even if I had an entire kingdom to think about, my queens and future children come first, period.” He looked extremely embarrassed and as he looked down at the ground in shame. There was a pinch on my side and I yelped again.

I looked to see an irked she-wolf staring at me. I sighed, “I’m sorry babe. I know he is your father, but I just can’t understand how he could possibly let his own daughter go through that. You were almost raped for Christ’s sake right in front of him!” I was practically growling when I said that. Her expression softened and she cupped my face, “I know dear, but he was just thinking about the pack and my mom. I honestly would have consented to him fucking me if it meant keeping my mom safe…”

I cut her off mid-sentence, “Nope! Fuck no! Ain’t nobody touching you in that way but me! You are mine and you will be mine forever!” I quieted my voice a little, “I can’t stand the thought of you being with any other man. It would kill a part of me.” The hick in me came out a little bit in that outburst, but I didn’t care. We are in motherfucking Oklahoma; I fit right in most of the time with that accent and phrasing.

She showed me one of the most gentle and loving smiles I have ever seen before. She grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me gently. She pulled away and spoke in a low voice, “I’m sorry hunny, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m yours forever and always, if it makes you feel better I will kill myself before I let anyone touch me in that way.” I was torn inside. On one side I didn’t want anyone to touch her, but on the other side, I don’t want her to die either.

She must have seen the pain on my face because she smiled again, “Okay I won’t kill myself, but I will do everything in my power to prevent it until you save me.” I sighed, “Hopefully you won’t ever be put in a position to have to come save you from that though.” She nodded, “Yeah.” I sighed and then looked at the rest of Sylvie’s pack, “Sorry for making a mess of everything guys, but we need to go.” He nodded and then I decided to try and clean up a little. I activated my [Dimensional World] skill and stored the dead bodies, cars, blood, and everything that shouldn’t belong.

The surprise on their face was evident, but I didn’t stay long enough to talk any more. I wrapped my arms around Sylvie and activated [Blink]. We appeared in the living room of my house a few minutes later. There was the sound of glass shattering and when I turned around I saw Cindy standing there with her mouth wide open. I smiled and waved, “Hey babe.” She closed her mouth after a few minutes, “Oh hey hun. I guess that was one of your skills wasn’t it?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I just got it today.” She smiled as she bent down to clean up the glass that broke, “That’s great dear. Who’s the woman in your arms?” I swear it sounded like she was a little jealous. I know she said she would be okay with it, but every woman would be somewhat jealous if their man was holding another woman. I smiled, “This is Sylvie and she is a new addition to the family.”

She looked her up and down from where she was kneeling and nodded, “She is very pretty.” I smiled, “You have no idea.” She raised an eyebrow, “Oh?” I nodded and turned to Sylvie, “You can show her.” Sylvie nodded and closed her eyes for a second. I couldn’t see anything happen to her, but Cindy gasped, and I saw the shocked look on her face. Karen and Qendaess walked into the room at this time.

Cindy stood up looked Sylvie up and down again before I saw the tear run down her cheek and she ran out of the room. I stood there for a second before I spoke, “Shit.” I looked at the girls, “I need to go talk to her.” They nodded and smiled at me. I left the room and went to Cindy’s room. I stood outside the door and heard her crying. I knocked on the door, “Cindy?” There was a thump at the door, “Go away.” I opened the door a bit, “Please let me in. I want to talk.”

She sobbed a bit, “Go away!” She threw her other pillow at the door. I opened the door and walked in before shutting it behind me. I saw Cindy sitting on her bed with her knees near her face. I smiled at her gently and then sat on the edge of the bed by her, “What’s wrong babe?” She glared at me, “As if you don’t know.” I shook my head, “I really don’t know.” She glared at me, “Seriously?” I nodded, “The only thing I noticed is that you were jealous of me holding her, but you didn’t get upset or pissed about it. I know you're still getting used to this whole harem thing.”

She sobbed again, “I can understand Karen and Qendaess. One is the wife given to you by the company and the other is a slave you picked up by accident.” She glared at me again, “But what about the wolf girl!? She isn’t a slave is she?” I shook my head and she continued, “She wasn’t given to you by the company was she?” I shook my head again and she continued once more, “Then how the hell did you come across her then? Just pick her up off the street because you got bored of me?”

I wrapped my arms around her, “I would never get bored of you babe. I love you just as much as I love them.” She sobbed some more, “She is so much prettier than the rest of us though. She has a big ass and big breasts. She is everything that you love!” I kissed her quickly calming her down a smidge, “First off, how do you know I like big tits and big asses? Second, just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean you lose to her in any way.”

She sobbed, “How the hell is that possible?” I smiled, “Cindy, you have been with me for so long. You have cared for me when no one else in my family did. You have been raising me like I was your own even though we aren’t related by blood. You were more of a mother and family member than any of mine. I love you for the way you are not the way you look.” She glanced at me, “So you would love me even if I had no tits or ass?” I smiled and nodded, “Of course I would.”

She looked at me, “Then how about I go remove my breasts and make my ass almost nonexistent?” I hesitated a smidge, but I was about to answer her that I would when she smiled, I’m just kidding. I know you like my tits and ass. I honestly would do anything to make you happy. If you wanted me to increase their size, then I would.” I imagined her with bigger breasts and ass and I could feel myself getting erect.

She glanced down and notice, “Oh, I see that someone would like that very much.” I tried to think of different things to make my erection go down. She grinned and kissed me, “I’m sorry that I broke down like that. I know you love me, I was just shocked and a little intimidated by her looks is all.” She gave my dick a squeeze through my pants before standing up, “Now let’s get back and make her comfortable.”

I smiled at her and then grabbed her hand as she pulled me up off the bed. I wrapped my arms around her and pushed my throbbing member up against her stomach. She gasped a little and I kissed her. After the kiss, we separated our heads and I smiled at her, “Later, you’re going to get a healthy dose of this.” I rubbed my erection against her abdomen and she shuddered. She gasped a little, “Oh god I can’t wait.” I laughed, and she giggled. She left the room and I calmed myself down a bit before I followed behind her.


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