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*Kira’s POV* 

Karen looked at me with a perverted stare, “So what’s this I hear about six hours?” I laughed a little and rubbed the back of my neck, “Side effects of the contract?” She grinned, “I bet. The extra stats are the most likely culprit.” I shuffled my feet a little and smiled at the ground. Why did I feel like a teenage girl with her first crush? What the hell? I am even acting like it. Karen bounded over to me and gave me a hug, “You’re too cute when you’re embarrassed.” I grinned and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She leaned in an whispered in my ear, “When do you think I can get some of that?” She lightly blew in my ear followed by a little nibble. I felt shivers run up my spine and I cursed myself for how I let my girls run the show in private, for the most part. 

I grinned, “Whenever you want, love.” She squealed and gave me a kiss on the lips before she quickly went back to Qendaess. They both got to chatting up a storm and were giggling. Sylvie wrapped an arm around my waist, “They seem like best friends already.” I nodded, “Yeah. Karen is great like that.” Sylvie pinched my waist causing me to yip a bit. It seems that it doesn’t matter how strong you get or how sturdy your body is, a fierce waist pinch from one of your lovers will always sting a smidge. 

She smiled at my yip and then settled into my embrace. I grinned, “I guess we should get going.” Karen and Qendaess quickly got back in the car, both of them taking the back seat so Sylvie could ride up front with me. We hung out in the city for a few more hours before taking Sylvie back to her car. She drove a white colored Porsche 911 GT with black racing stripes. The car was beautiful if I do say so myself. 

She seemed reluctant to part so I leaned in and whispered, “You’re more than welcome to follow me home love.” Her eyes widened a little and she beamed, “I need to stop by my house and grab a few things first.” I nodded and then started to head towards my car. I was quickly stopped by Karen, “You go with Sylvie and we will meet you at home.” I smiled and gave both girls a quick kiss before getting in the car with my sexy she-wolf. I actually notice that she was still in her real form and I couldn’t help but mention it. She laughed, “Oh yeah. Since I decided to show you my real form then you will continue to see that form no matter how I try and hide it. The other two saw me as you did in my class, but you will always see me like this.” 

I was tempted to ask for the specifics of why, but I honestly didn’t care. She started the car, put it in gear, and we left the parking lot. We traveled to one of the suburbs of the city and pulled into a fancy housing district. I whistled at the fanciness of some of the houses. Sylvie giggled, “These aren’t that impressive. You should see some of the houses I saw at the pack gathering in New York. They put these houses to shame.” I was interested in this pack gathering, but my attention was captured by a shit ton of people standing in the driveway of a house. 

Sylvie cursed, “Shit.” I raised an eyebrow towards her and she quickly spoke to me again as she parked, “Stay in the car and everything will be okay.” I furrowed my brows and she gave me a kiss on the lips. I heard a loud growl and I saw the same college student standing in front of the car, looking in the windshield. I frowned, “Just for curiosities sake, how strong are they?” She frowned, “The strongest one here is the father of the one growling. He is probably on par with the former King of Diamonds, but only in physical strength. We werewolves don’t have skills like those in the game, unfortunately.” 

That confused me for a second, but before I could really say anything she stepped out of the car. One of the bigger guys stepped forward and hugged her before they spoke. I guessed that must be her father. They talked for a minute before Sylvie frowned and walked over to the college student. While they talked, he had a smirk on his face that quickly morphed into a scowl and then he gritted his teeth in anger. This didn’t look very good, but what happened next pissed me off to no end. 

He reached back and slapped Sylvie with enough force to make her stumble into the car. Now I knew that Sylvie could have handled anyone in this group with ease, but for some reason, she didn’t even try to resist. She looked at me through the windshield and smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. She said something that I couldn’t understand, but it was quickly forgotten as I saw the college student line up behind her. I snapped… 

*Sylvie’s POV* 

I hated being forced into this position by the pack. My father, Dan, hated it even more than I did, but he couldn’t do anything because Rick was so much stronger than him. I could have easily torn them all limb from limb, but that would cause my father and my family too much headache. I didn’t resist as John smacked me across the face so I ended up bent over the hood of my car. I could see the anger on Kira’s face as he sat in the passenger seat. I heard the sound of a zipper going down and I knew what was coming. I didn’t want this to happen and I could stop it easily, but I would bring the wrath of the council down on my family. I couldn’t stand up against some of them, so in order to protect my family, I had to let this happen. 

I stared at Kira and realized something at that exact moment, which I didn’t think would happen so fast. I stared into his eyes and saw anger covering up love and concern. It was at that moment that it just clicked. I stared at him and mouthed the words, “I love you.” I saw that the anger on Kira’s face and in his eyes skyrocketed. It felt extremely hard to breathe and a few of the pack members actually collapsed where they stood. I looked back at Kira and saw that his eyes looked reptilian and they had turned a bright fiery red. 

*Dan’s POV* 

I was clenching my fists so hard that blood was drawn from my palms. I heard the zipper sound and knew exactly what was about to happen. According to Council Law, once a wolf is arranged to marry another wolf neither side can break the arrangement and the male can do with the woman what he pleases. The only way to break the arrangement is for someone to best either the father of the one they disapprove of or the person themselves. Sadly no one in this group can best his father and I am not allowed to fight the son at all, another one of the stupid Council Laws.  

John lined himself up behind my daughter and was about to pull her skirt down, but there was an overwhelming amount of pressure coming from inside of the car. Some of the weaker pack members actually collapsed from the pressure. Rick growled, “What the fuck is going on.” The ground was starting to shake and it felt like an earthquake. Next thing I know the ground stopped shaking and the pressure disappeared. John was looking around in a panic and his member looked embarrassing, to say the least. 

You would have thought it was below freezing by the look of it. There was a crashing noise and the passenger door of my daughter’s car flew out and smacked into some of Rick’s pack. Out stepped an average looking young man with an almost perfect body. He was breathing raggedly and you could see the muscles of his chest and stomach every time his shirt stretched taught. Other than his body everything about him seemed only a little above average, except for his eyes. Just looking into them almost caused me to wet myself. They were a bright fiery red and reptilian looking. 

He took a deep breath and then exhaled it. There was a puff of black smoke that came out of his mouth when he exhaled. He looked over at John and growled, “Put that sorry excuse of a dick away and step away from my woman.” I was a little irked at him calling my daughter ‘his woman’, but honestly anyone was better than John. I didn’t know what the little shit was like until I already arranged the marriage. His father was a standup man when I last talked to him, almost ten years ago, and I didn’t think the son would be too different. Little did I know, Rick had changed and his son was even worse than him. 

I felt so stupid for not checking into the son before arranging the marriage. I felt like I had failed Sylvie as a father. John was shaking in his boots when the young man spoke, but he quickly regained his calm, “Who the hell do you think you are? This is a family matter and has nothing to do with outsiders. Plus, how the hell is my fiancée your woman?” The young man’s anger seemed to flare up at the mention of the word fiancée. John continued to speak, “She is my fiancée and I can do with her what I please. You should be lucky I didn’t just kill you when you kissed her in class.” 

He smirked at the young man, “Just stand there as I take what is rightfully mine. She may not be a virgin, but this pussy still belongs to…” He was going to continue talking, but he was interrupted by a hand covering his mouth. I watched in shock as this young man who seemed to be human, besides his reptilian eyes, lifted John up with a hand gripping his mouth. John was wide-eyed with fear, “Wh… What are you doing!? Put me down before my father tears you a new one.” 

The young man sighed, “This is so fucking cliché all around that it kind of bores me. I got the fucking arrogant fiancé cliché, the arrogant fiancé’s supposedly powerful father cliché, along with many other stupid clichés. Luckily the hero getting the girl cliché is here and I happen to be the hero.” He laughed at that and then almost instantly he smashed the back of John’s head into the concrete of the driveway. John’s upper body sunk into the concrete and cracks spread from the point of impact. I was amazed at the strength of this young man, who didn’t seem to be even eighteen yet. 

John had passed out from the impact and his head was bleeding profusely. Rick was shaking in anger and then a few minutes later he had transformed. I cursed, there are enough of us surrounding the area to make sure no one sees anything, but when he transformed he instantly became bigger than the rest of us. Rick was in his full werewolf form and our strength is boosted while in this form. Our werewolf form isn’t like those from that movie with the sparkly vampires though. We stood on our hind legs and our arms hung at our sides like a bulky human. We also have very human genitalia, albeit a lot bigger in our werewolf form than our human form. 

Rick threw a punch at the young man and right when it got within a few feet of him, he reached up and stopped it with his hand. There was a burst of pressure from the collision, but the young man didn’t budge at all. He held up his other hand and the flicked Rick on the forehead. Rick flew back from the flick and smashed into one of the SUV’s that his pack road in. The side of the vehicle caved in and his body was indented in the side of it. 

He laid there and didn’t move for a long period of time. The young man moved and looked like he was about to tear into both packs, but my daughter quickly wrapped her arms around his waist. She laid her head on his back, “It’s okay my love. Everything has been taken care of. There is nothing else to be upset about, just let it all go.” I raised an eyebrow at the ‘love’ word, but I didn’t say anything as I watched the scene in shock. 

The young man’s eyes went from their bright red reptilian shape to a normal shape and dark brown in color. He turned around and wrapped his arms around Sylvie and just held her. I have never seen my daughter so happy and content before in my entire life. I don’t understand how she could love someone that I have never even heard of before. She wasn’t like this just a few days ago. I could tell that she found someone that she like because she was a lot happier, but she wasn’t like this. Sometimes women confuse me with their capacity to love you after a few days and mean it. 

The saying is true that woman can love you in a moment and mean it, while men only love you in hindsight after too much time has passed. Granted not all men are like that, but the saying is still true enough. I sighed and then watched them hug each other for a few more minutes until the weaker pack members started to stir. I then tried to get the attention of the two lovebirds. 

*Kira’s POV* 

Rage, which is what I started to call the skill Increasing Strength (Rage), deactivated when I heard Sylvie speak. I calmed down at the sound of her voice and turned around in her arms. I wrapped my arms around her and held her closely. A few minutes later there were a few groans followed by someone clearing their throat. I turned and looked towards the older man who cleared his throat. He was of somewhat stocky build, had the same hair color as Sylvie, and the same color eyes. Of course, that was if she was in her disguise. He looks nothing like her right now because I can see her real form. 

I quickly turned towards him, but I kept my arm around Sylvie. This seemed to delight her to no end for some reason because she basically tried to merge with my body from the side. She took a deep breath and sighed in content. The older man widened his eyes then sighed. He shook his head and then spoke to me, “What’s your name, young man?” It took everything I had not to growl at him, “You don’t need to know.” There was a pinch in my side causing me to yip. 

I looked down and saw that Sylvie was glaring at me, “Could you please treat my father nicely at least.” I frowned, “Why should I treat him with anything other than disdain after I saw what he was about to let happen. I felt my anger rising and I actually saw my eyes turn a little reptilian in Sylvie's eyes. She reached up and cupped my face in her palm, “It’s not like he didn’t want to help, but Council Law dictated that he couldn’t help.” I growled, “Seems like I need to talk to this council.” 

She grabbed my face with both hands this time, “Please don’t!” She almost screamed this and I could see the panic her face. I growled, which I seemed to be doing more often, “Why not?” She rubbed my face, “They are too strong for you right now. There are some of the Council members that could be in the Club suite just based on their physical strength. Not counting the members that have supernatural powers of some form or another.” 

I grinned, “Compared to a High Dragon how strong are they?” She thought about it for a second, “They probably can meet about five to ten percent of their raw strength.” I laughed, “That’s good. I have nothing to worry about on the physical aspect then.” She furrowed her brows, “What?” I smiled, “Remember that I have a beautiful dragoness as a slave?” I shivered at that word, but it was all I could think of for the reason of my high strength. She nodded her head, “Yeah. How could I forget Qendaess? She almost made me lose you forever.” She almost teared up at that and I quickly kissed her on the lips. It was a very quick kiss, merely a peck on the lips, but it stopped the tears. 

I smiled, “You will never lose me. I will always be here with you.” I said that and realized how corny it sounded. She smiled and then snuggled into my embrace again. I grinned, “Well she is a High Dragon and I have fifty percent of all of her stats. You should know this. You were in the room when we talked about it.” She thought about something for a second and then nodded, “I think I remember something about that, but I was too preoccupied with my thoughts of seeing you in person.” I grinned and kissed her on the forehead, “Well that’s okay. Just know that I have at least thrice their physical strength and as for supernatural powers, I have my skills.” 

She thought about it for a bit and then nodded, “Okay, but please be careful.” I grinned again, “No promises.” She puffed her cheeks out like a chipmunk and then pinched me on the side again.” I yelped and some of the weaker pack members laughed. I glanced at them and they quickly shut up. We were talking quietly enough that I don’t think anyone heard what we were talking about, but the looks on some of the stronger werewolves told me otherwise. Especially the older one that I was just talking too. 

He swallowed some saliva and then he actually kneeled down on one knee, “I apologize for not being able to protect my daughter. I am a failure as a father and a pack leader.” A few thoughts ran through my head, but I just sighed, “Don’t kneel down to me.” I noticed that the rest of the pack was doing it also. Except for the douchebag’s father’s pack. I sighed again, “Nobody kneel to me dammit. I was just told that you couldn’t help do to your Council’s Law. I can’t say that I agree with what happened, but I can see some logic in what you did. Thought that amount of logic is very little and I would have completely ignored it for someone I loved.” 

There was a gasp and I looked down at Sylvie. She was beginning to tear up, “You love me?” I smiled, “Of course I do.” She squealed and then tackled me to the ground planting kisses all over my face. I laughed and then met her lips on one of those kisses. She practically melted into my arms. The older man sighed again and I furrowed my brows at that. We both stood up and I looked at him again, “I never did get your name.” He somewhat smiled, “Name’s Dan Smith.” He put his hand out and I shook it, “Kira Anderson.” 

I spoke to him again, “I have noticed you sighing a couple of times. Why is that?” He looked back and forth between the two of us. Sylvie was nuzzling me continuously and I had kind of put it out of mind. He sighed again, “Honestly, it’s because she has imprinted on you.” I widened my eyes, “Wait. You mean like the werewolves from that movie with the sparkly vampires?” He nodded, “Yes, almost just like that. We basically become lovesick puppies to the ones we imprint with. We become willing to do anything and everything just to make them happy. It’s kind of the same, but a little different I think.” 

I sighed, “Shit.” He furrowed his brows, “Why is that a bad thing for you?” I frowned, “I don’t really want her to do anything I want to make me happy. I want her to have a free mind and her own personality.” He frowned, “Sadly this is the curse part of our existence. There is nothing anyone can do about it, so please take good care of her.” I nodded, “I will definitely, but I thought the curse was the lycanthropy in general?” 

He snorted, “Hell no. It is something we were born with. It is a genetic thing and actually can’t be passed on by bite or claw. We can only pass it on through sex with someone that fully wants to be one of us. It’s actually how Sylvie lost her virginity. She had some puppy love with someone in high school and he wanted to be one of us. She passed it on to him and then after he got what he wanted he left her.” I growled, “He isn’t a part of your pack is he?” 

Dan snorted, “Hell no. I found him and then killed him slowly for breaking my baby girl’s heart.” I smiled, “Good. If you didn’t I would have, even if he was a part of your pack.” He smiled, “I can feel that you really would and there is nothing I could have done about it.” I nodded, “Damn straight.” I sighed, “So how much will she have changed?” He shrugged, “Honestly I don’t know. Her personality could remain the same and she would just be devoted to you alone. Her personality could completely change where she literally becomes your slave with no other thought but you.” 

I sighed, “I hope it’s the first one if anything. I don’t want a mindless slave in my harem.” He raised an eyebrow, “Harem?” I grinned, “Well I don’t know if it can be considered a harem just yet. I only have four girls including Sylvie in it.” He whistled, “Three other girls huh? How are they compared to my Sylvie?” I frowned, “I will not compare any of them to the other because I love them all equally. I will tell you that they are a human, an artificial human, a dragoness, and now a werewolf or wolfkin as they are known in the universe.” 

He nodded his head and then his eyes widened, “Wait… Dragoness!?” I laughed, “Yeah, didn’t you hear about her a second ago?” He shook his head, “No my mind was elsewhere. I only caught the part of your conversation where you said you had half the strength of a High Dragon.” I nodded my head, “Yeah I have a master-slave contract with a High Dragon. Even though it’s called that I don’t consider her my slave. She is my lover.” His eyes didn’t go back to normal as he nodded his head with an agape mouth. 

I laughed and shook my head, “So what’s up with this Council and their bullshit laws?” He swallowed some saliva before speaking, “Well they are a Council of the thirteen strongest werewolves in history. Some are as old as humanity itself.” I raised an eyebrow at that, “All that time alive and they only have half the strength of a High Dragon.” He frowned, “We have all spent millenniums hiding from humans and their prejudice ways.” I nodded my head at that because it made complete sense. It’s hard to practice and level up when you are constantly hiding or on the run. 

I sighed, “So where is this Council so I can have a good talk with them about their bullshit laws.” There was an itch on the back of my neck and I saw that almost seventy-five percent of the werewolves in the vicinity collapsed. Dan was barely standing and Sylvie was conscious, but I had to support her. There was a growl behind me, “You don’t need to worry about where the Council is.” 

I turned around and saw an elderly man standing with a can surrounded by a bunch of younger looking men and women. He had a sort of a rich baron from back in the early 1800’s look. I could sense the power leaking from his body though. I cocked an eyebrow, “And you are?” Dan gasped for breath as he spoke, “He is Sir Balthazar. The thirteenth seat of the Council of the Supernaturals.” I grinned and stared at him, “Oh goody. I don’t really like hunting for my prey. I prefer for it to come straight to me.” 

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