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For those that don't read my Asura and Dragon's story I apologize for the long wait for this chapter. I lost my father back in May and this was my first Thanksgiving and Christmas without him. It kind of hit me harder than I thought it would and I couldn't get into any kind of wrighting mood. I apologize for the long wait and I hope you all can forgive me.

Here is chapter 24 and I will let you know it is a little cringy at times and a whole lotta smexy! Very Happy

Please enjoy and let me know of any mistakes I may have made!

Warning! Sexual Content!

*The Deck*

There was a big hubbub going on next to the notice boards on every ship. A One Card was promoted to a Face Card in less than two weeks, the King of Hearts no less. Everybody was talking about it. One grunt was impressed, “This new guy named Scurra is awesome! I wonder if he would take me as his minion?” While there were a few praises there were also a few people who were pissed, “What the hell? What are the upper levels thinking letting a no name Once Card become the King of Hearts. Daniel taking the King of Diamonds position is one thing, but seriously?”

I was glad that not a lot of people knew my name as I wandered through the compound. I sighed, “I should have thought about it more before I took the King of Hearts rank just like that.” Qendaess giggled, “Don’t worry about it dear. They will eventually get over it.” I smiled slightly, “I know, but I don’t really know if I am ready for it yet. Yeah, I may be powerful on my own, but I know almost nothing about leading troops or anything like that. They only experience I have with that is the computer games I have played at home.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Computer game, what’s that?” I smiled, “One of these days I will show you.” She smiled at me, “Really?” I nodded my head and kissed her on the forehead, “Promise.” She was beaming and it caused my smile to widen a bit before we headed off again. We headed across the compound to the Heart Suite and boarded the ship. I was headed to my room when Sylvie caught me, “Hey. Where are you going?” I smiled when I saw her, “Heading to my room, want to join me?”

She blushed a little bit, “Pervert.” I grinned at her avoidance of giving me an answer. She quickly calmed herself and spoke again, “You’re room isn’t that way anymore.” I raised an eyebrow, “Oh?” She smiled, “Being the King of Hearts you also get the upgraded digs that come with the rank.” I grinned, “Sweet. Lead the way then my beautiful lady.” She blushed again and there was a small pinch on my waist. I flinched a little and saw that a certain dragoness was pouting. It brought a smile to my face and I wrapped an arm around her waist. This brought an even bigger smile to her face.

Sylvie was looking in front of her as she was walking and didn’t pay attention to the intimate scene behind her. I smiled on the outside, but I was sighing on the inside. Hopefully they can all get along properly later. When we got to the King of Hearts room she turned around and noticed my arm around Qendaess. I saw her frown quickly, but then it turned into a smile. She walked over to my other side and grabbed onto my arm. I thought she wanted to be a little intimate, but then I felt a massive pinch from that side causing me to yip.

I saw her smile get even bigger, but she did actually continue to grab my arm in an intimate way. I felt a sense of pride arise inside of me as I had a beauty in both arms. I was about to walk us all into my room when Sylvie slithered her way out of my arms. I frowned a little, but she quickly gave me a kiss. She then whispered in my ear, “Not in the game.” I widened my eyes a little, but she had already entered her room which happened to be right next to mine. I smiled and then shook my head before walking into my room with Qendaess.

The room was massive and it really surprised me. It was bigger than the penthouse suites that I saw on the TV in real life. Funny how I say that when this character is actually walking around on this planet in real life as well. I shook my head to clear the thoughts from my mind. There was a couch in the middle of the room facing a window. I sat down on the couch and leaned back into it causing me to sigh audibly.

I was relaxing on the couch when I felt a pair of hands grab onto my shoulders and start messaging. It felt extremely relaxing and I felt comfortable. I sighed audibly again and then opened my eyes. What greeted my vision was actually the underside of two very soft and bountiful breasts. Qendaess happened to be leaning a little over me as she messaged my shoulders and it gave me an all access pass to a splendid view. I swallowed some saliva that was starting to come out of my mouth.

Qendaess giggled and then looked at me from over her breasts. She then moved her eyes down my body and smiled really big. I didn’t even have to look to know what she was staring at because I could feel my member was as hard as steel right now. She grinned at me, “You look like you are in pain master, let me help you out.” She leaned forward and my face was instantly swallowed by the massive fluffiness of her chest. I felt her undo my bet and then reach into my boxers.

She grabbed onto my raging staff and I instantly felt the heat radiating from her hands. She freed my member and I felt the cool air run across it causing me to shiver a little. She started to move her hand up and down sending waves of pleasure running through my body. I moved my hands up and cupped a breast in each one. I felt her hand shiver a little when I did and it made the fire inside burn even hotter. I started to fondle her while she continued to stroke me.

After a few minutes I couldn’t stand the close in-between my hands and those glorious mounds. I grabbed onto the close and gave it a tug, completely ripping them. It jerked her upper body from the force and then revealed the gloriousness to me. Her breasts were round and perky, they had a small pink tip on the end of them that was standing at attention as well.

I grabbed a breast and then drug it down to my mouth. The pink tip slowly entered into my mouth and I played with it using my tongue. I liked on it like a lollipop and I could hear her breath getting a little ragged. I closed my mouth around the tip and sucked on it a bit. She released a little moan and the speed of her hand faltered a little bit before speeding up again. I played with one breast for almost ten minutes before I switched to the other one. I saw that she had to use her other hand to hold herself steady behind the couch.

After playing with the second breast for about five minutes I felt like I couldn’t hold it any longer, “I’m going…” I wasn’t able to finish the sentence before Qendaess actually jumped over the couch and kneeled in front of me. She stroked me a few more times before inserting my staff inside of her mouth. The warm and moist feeling of her mouth caused my last amount of willpower to fade away and I grabbed the back of her head. I released what I had stored up for the last few days into the back of her throat and I could hear her gagging a little. When I was done I let go of her head and she quickly licked the leftovers off of my staff.

I was lying back basking in the feeling of release when I looked down and saw her face. She had a small trail leaking out of her mouth and she was looking at me with a perverted face. I quickly regained my stiffness and moved at a speed that I didn’t know I had. I quickly stood up and had my clothes removed faster than ever. Qendaess had her hands on the back of the couch while I quickly pulled her pants down to her ankles.

I saw from the trail of fluid sticking to her underwear that she was beyond ready. I lined myself up and then thrust myself inside. I was instantly met with a restricting force before it quickly disappeared. Qendaess let out a yell that was a mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time. I immediately knew what had just happened and I felt a little guilty. I leaned forward, “Does it hurt?” I knew it was a stupid question, but for some reason that is always asked in the Hentai videos I have saw before.

She smiled, “A little, but give me a minute and I will be fine.” A minute or two later and she actually started to move on her own. She was thrusting her ass down on my member with zeal. It was very pleasurable, but I didn’t want her to have to do any work this time if possible. I grabbed onto her waist to stop her movements making her look back at me in confusion. I smiled at her and then pulled back with my arms.

I slammed her against me causing her to moan in pleasure and go weak at the knees. I continued my piston movements like this for another fifteen minutes before she was unable to stand anymore. I kept myself inside of her and then moved around to where I was sitting on the couch. She twisted around and was straddling me burying my face in her breasts. I quickly pushed my face in-between the mountains of fluff and continued my piston movements from before.

She wrapped her arms around my head and moaned in pleasure every time I thrust. She moaned loudly and arched her back a little before I felt a warm liquid around my penis. She contracted around me and I instantly felt my willpower dissolve as I released. She arched her back and screamed at the amount of force behind my release. I felt her release another stream of warm liquid before she collapsed against me.

We sat there for another fifteen minutes just basking in the after sex feeling. I pulled myself from inside of her and she was using her hand to mess with my penis while we just sat there. I smiled and looked at her, “You keep that up and we may have to go another round.” To my surprise she didn’t stop, but actually started to play with it even more seriously. A few minutes later and moans of pleasure could be heard coming from my room again.

*Sylvie’s POV*

I could hear Qendaess’ moans and screams through the wall and I couldn’t help but feel my face turn red. I sat on my bed with a pillow clutched between my knees and my chest. I looked over towards the door that actually connected his room to mine. How long are they going to keep at this? It has been almost four hours. I was actually surprised at his stamina and a little excited at the same time. The last boyfriend I had was an extremely quick shot. He probably could thrust maybe five or six times before having to change condoms.

I would have been fine with that if it wasn’t for the fact that after the first condom it took almost fifteen minutes to get him hard again. At that time my mood was already gone and I just wanted to go to sleep. I put the pillow down and walked over towards the door. The moans were still happening, but they were beginning to lose a little of their volume. I decided to check things out so I cracked the door open and peaked in.

I saw that Qendaess was actually being held up by Scurra and had a contented look on her face. My eyes moved down her body and I got a little jealous at her figure, but when I saw where they were connected I quickly shut the crack and ran back to my bed. I felt a little embarrassed, excited, and scared all at the same time. How they hell does he expect that to fit inside of me!

*Kira’s POV*

Qendaess and I were lying in the bed enjoying the after sex feeling again. This time she was too tired to even try and mess with me again, but honestly so was I. If it wasn’t for the bonus stats I got from her I may have dies after about an hour, let alone the six hours that we actually did it for. Not going to lie though it was probably the best six hours I have ever had. I looked over at Qendaess and kissed her on the forehead before I opened up my menu and logged out.

The next thing I saw was the ceiling of the room in my house on Earth. I smiled and then got out of bed. I saw that I was naked and I shrugged my shoulders. There was a knock on the door followed by Cindy making her way in, “Are you back yet dear?” I smiled, “Yeah, I’m back.” She saw me and smiled before looking me up and down. Her gaze stopped on my lower body for a few seconds before she looked me in the eyes again.

She walked over and gave me a passionate kiss. After we separated she spoke into my chest, “Welcome back.” I grinned, “I wasn’t gone that long.” She smiled, “I know, but I’m still allowed to miss you aren’t I?” I grinned again, “I guess you have that right as my woman.” She smiled and kissed me again, “So who is this sister?” I furrowed my brows and she pointed at the bed. I looked over and saw that Qendaess was actually lying in the bed just as naked as I was. My jaw nearly hit the floor.

*Karen POV*

I got a text that Kira was back and I quickly faked an illness to leave school. I quickly got into Kira’s Lexus and headed back to the house. I pulled into the driveway and flew into the house. It hadn’t really been that long, but I still missed my husband. I burst through the door and saw him sitting on the couch. I felt my heart flutter and I quickly jumped into his lap, “Hubby!” There was a sound of glass shattering and when I looked towards the kitchen I saw a very beautiful woman standing in the doorway with her hand holding an invisible glass. There was glass shattered all over the floor which explained the hand position.

The woman stiffly looked towards Kira, “You’re married?” I looked at him and saw that he stiffly smiled, “Yeah.” The beautiful woman frowned and then collapsed in a chair with her hand in her head. Cindy came over and put a hand on her shoulder, “Don’t worry dear. Even though she is his wife doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us just as much.” She glared at Kira, “Isn’t that right dear?” I heard him swallow a little bit, “Of course! I don’t love any of you over the other.”

The beautiful woman looked up and sighed, “I know master, it was just a shock is all.” When Cindy and I heard the word master we were both shocked. I looked up at Kira, “Master?” He smiled, “It’s a long story.” I smiled at him, “Well none of us have anything to do right now so why don’t you tell us.” He sighed and smiled as he recounted the adventure he had.

*Kira’s POV*

After a couple of hours of story telling everyone was on the same page as to what happened. Cindy was smiling, “So you are pretty much a leader in your mercenary troop?” I smiled, “Well I am actually the second in command of the Heart Suite.” Qendaess spoke up, “Might as well be the leader. You are going to be fucking her soon enough.” The girls all laughed at the joke and I couldn’t help but fidget in my seat. I really don’t deserve woman like them is what I was thinking.

There was a pinch on my nose that caused me to yip. I looked at Karen who was still sitting on my lap, “Don’t you dare think that way mister.” Is what she said to me and I made a shocked face before I smiled at her, “Yes dear.” She smiled and then kissed me passionately on the lips. After we separated I smiled, “We are going to need a bigger bed.” Cindy turned a little red and Karen laughed. Qendaess on the other hand spoke up, “I am a dragon so the floor is okay with me. I have had to sleep on it plenty of times in my life.”

I quickly shut that idea down, “No. Even if I can’t get a big enough bed for us all to sleep on, I will at least get everybody their own room and bed.” She smiled at that and didn’t speak any further. Cindy spoke up, “There are only three rooms in this house though.” I laughed, “We should probably go house shopping then like I promised.” Cindy started to beam, “Really?” I nodded and she quickly came over and kissed me, “Thank you!” She sat down at the computer and started to browse houses in the area.

I shook my head and then patted Karen on the ass. She quickly got up and allowed me to stand. I stretched my body and spoke to her, “Did you take care of our cover story for how I am obtaining my money?” She nodded her head, “Yes, you are the leader of a mercenary group that operates around the globe.” I furrowed my brows, “That’s it?” She nodded, “It may be easy to hack in and say that we are married or that you are a mercenary group leader and that that mercenary group even exists, but it is extremely difficult to hack into other people’s memories.”

She sighed, “I couldn’t really do much by making a bunch of companies that don’t exist because people will really start to question your legality. I figured that just making a mercenary group and funneling your money through it would suffice for now.” I sighed, but I understood what she was saying. I smiled, “What did you name the mercenary group?” She grinned, “Marfedelom Ithquenti.” I raised an eyebrow, “What does that mean?” She smiled, “It means Death Gods in Draconic.”

I widened my eyes and then I kissed her, “You didn’t have to cater to my nerdy tendencies like that.” She smiled, “I am your wife though, and can’t I do little things like that for you?” I grinned, “I didn’t say you couldn’t, you just didn’t have too.” She grinned back, “I know that.” I gave her another kiss and then pulled out my phone to check my bank account. The amount of money in my account was staggering. The original amount was just short of fifty million, but now it was close to five billion. The amount of money for one mission of that rank was just amazing.

Cindy looked over my shoulder at my phone and she nearly fainted from shock. I smiled, “We should go ahead and build our house and surrounded it with a legit mercenary base.” She nodded her head and continued to stare at my phone screen until I put it back in my pocket. I told her, “Go ahead and find some nice land to build the base in. I want it to be at least two to four square miles of land.” She smiled, “I’ll do it.” She immediately jumped back on the computer and started to look. I looked over and saw that she was also clothes shopping at the same time.

I shook my head, “Women.” There were painful pinches on both of my sides and I saw that Karen and Qendaess were both looking at me with their cheeks puffed out. I grinned, “How about we go shopping.” They both jumped excitedly and gave me a hug. I asked Cindy if she wanted to come and she said no. I whispered in her ear, “Make a list and I will buy you what you want.” She smiled and kissed me again before sticking her nose back into the computer screen.

I shook my head and laughed as the three of us left the house. We got into the care and headed towards the city again. We went to the mall and the girls started their shopping spree. We were done a few hours later and I actually had to hire a delivery truck to deliver it all to the house. The stares we got were absolutely hilarious. I swung by a bank an pulled some cash before we left the city. About twenty minutes later we were pulling into the town of Norman. The girls wondered what we were doing whenever I pulled up to the University of Oklahoma.

I smiled, “I got someone to visit here for a minute. You two wait in the car and call me if anything happens.” They both nodded their heads and Karen even got in the back seat to hang out with Qendaess. I was about to get out when something hit me. I turned back towards Qendaess, “How did you even follow me to Earth in the first place?” She seemed surprised by the answer. She thought about it for a minute before she answered, “Any magical slaves such as myself can live in what is called your summoning space. It lies in the place where your emblem is located and we can enter and exit that freely. When I noticed that you disappeared from bed I quickly went into it and left it. I found myself in another bed with you so I just went back to sleep.”

I was highly confused at how that worked with the whole consciousness transference thing, but I really didn’t want to question it. Karen spoke in my mind at this point, “Her body here on Earth is another character just like the one you have with her original body. She just doesn’t realize it like you do.” I smiled in acknowledgement and just kissed them both before I got out of the car. I walked towards the main entrance of the university and talked to the receptionist inside. She looked up at me and spaced out for a split second before answering, “Right down the hall and out the door. Across the parking lot should be a building with a horse painted on the side.”

I nodded and gave the girl my thanks before heading down the hall like she said. I entered into the building and saw another receptionist. This time I asked here which classroom Sylvie was in. She told me that she was down the hall and the last door on the left. I thanked her and then walked down the hall. When I stood in front of the door I heard Sylvie’s voice through the door and I got a little excited. I wanted to know if she looked the same as her game character. I know that you can make your character anyway you like, but I chose to leave mine the same. The only thing you couldn’t change was your voice or your gender, unless you used items and stuff, but those weren’t permanent.

I opened up the door quietly and saw that she was busy teaching the students how to recognize some sicknesses in dogs. When I saw her my mouth almost dropped to the floor. She was completely different from her character. Instead of the white colored hair she had a head full of pitch black hair that came down to her mid back. She didn’t have her tail or ears either, which I was expecting. Her eyes were almost black as well and her figure was even more stunning. Her ass was even more perky and her breasts where almost three sizes bigger. They went from a DD to almost an F cup. She was wearing think wireframe glasses that were making her eyes standout and they were drawing me in.

It took everything I had not to make a wolf call at her or let my soldier stand at attention. She didn’t seem to notice me as leaned against the doorframe. Some of the students did though and a couple of girls took some pictures. I don’t understand why though, I thought I still looked the same as normal looking me, but I did have a way better body.

I smiled at the students and gave a small wave. I heard Sylvie speak again, “What are you all looking at and why aren’t you paying attention?” I looked back at Sylvie and saw that she was starting to look my way. I grinned when she saw me and widened her eyes. She dropped the remote to the projector she was using and a smile beamed on her face. I smiled back, “Hey Sylvie.” There was a gasp from the class that turned into a full blown riot whenever Sylvie actually rushed over to me and entered my embrace.

There were all kinds of statements getting thrown around, “The Ice Queen of the university is actually letting someone call her so intimately?” There were a few guys that were cursing me, “Who is this brat that is hugging onto my Professor Smith?” I grinned at the curses and then kissed her in front of the class. She was surprised for a split seconded before she passionately kissed me back. The sound of a chair breaking brought us back to reality. We both looked up at the group of students and I saw that a guy was standing up with a broken metal chair beneath him.

He was fuming mad and I thought I could actually see his eyes starting to change colors. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Sylvie, “He one of yours?” I spoke to her quietly enough that only she could hear me. She sighed and spoke back, “Not really, the pack leader tried to arrange a marriage between me and him because he was the son of an allied pack leader.” I sighed, “Seriously? I have to deal with this cliché shit now?” She turned towards me and grabbed my face, “You don’t have to worry about anything though babe. I have no feelings for him at all.” I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, “I’m not worried. He would have to pry you from my cold dead hands before I gave you to him.”

She smiled and leaned into my embrace before speaking to the class, “Class is over for today. See you all next week.” It just so happened to be Friday and she didn’t teach classes on the weekends. The students all left and the wolf boy stared me down as he left the classroom. She shut the door and entered my embrace again, “So what brought you here?” I smiled, “Can’t I just come to visit you?” She nodded, “Of course you can! I just wasn’t expecting you is all.” I grinned, “I actually wanted to talk to you about something.”

She nodded her head and we stepped into her office. I sat down in her chair as she sat down on the desk in front of me, “What did you want to talk about?” I smiled, “First of all is this your real appearance?” She shook her head, “This is my true body proportions, but the rest is fake.” All of a sudden her hair turned bright white like her character and she sprouted black ears and a black tail. Her eyes also went from black to white and they started to draw me in again. I had to shake my head to regain my senses.

I smiled, “Why hide your proportions in the game?” She smiled, “They are honestly sort of a burden in combat and if I found someone I liked I wanted them to like me for me not just my enormous assets.” I smiled, “What if I like both you and your enormous assets?” She grinned, “That’s fine. I already like you and you liked my character which doesn’t look near as good as me so it’s okay.” I shook my head and laughed, “My other thing is that I need help.” She sat in my lap and cupped my face, “What’s wrong.” I smiled, “Nothing really it’s just that I don’t really know what to do about my new rank. I don’t know anything about leading troops or any of that stuff.”

She smiled at me, “That’s fine. I can help teach you all you need to know.” I grinned and then pulled her deeper into my embrace, “How about meeting your other two sisters.” She smiled, “Okay. I got nothing else to do this weekend anyways.” I smiled and then kissed her on the lips again before we left her office. She locked the classroom behind us and we started to leave the building. We passed by the receptionist and Sylvie was holding my arm. This caused the receptionist’s jaw to almost hit the counter as we left the building.

I lead her to my car and we saw that Qendaess and Karen were busy talking about all kinds of things. One of the things actually cause me and Sylvie to redden in the face because it was Qendaess talking about our wild night of sex. Karen was eating it all up and when she saw us she had a very perverted and excited look on her face. I sighed, I have a bad feeling about this.

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The website I used for the draconic translation is here -> Draconic Translator

(I do not claim to know or speak Draconic. Lol)

Also any discriptions of places has been completely made up so take them with a grain of salt. I may live in Oklahoma, but I have not actually been to the University of Oklahoma.

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