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Without further ado here is chapter 23 of Dream Game! Please Enjoy and let me know of anymistakes I may have made.

P.S. - I went back to Chapter 22 and fixed Sylvies name back to Sylvie from Sylvia. (Sylvia is the other wolf girl from Asuras and Dragons lol.)

*The Dealer’s Office*

I was sitting in a chair between both Sylvie and Qendaess. They were both glaring at each other and I could feel the air tremble a little between them. It was getting very awkward and a little irritating at the same time, but I could understand why it’s happening. I sighed and muttered under my breath, “This sucks.” Sylvie spoke up, “Man whore says what?” Qendaess spoke up, “Don’t talk about my master that way you hussy.”

Sylvie’s eye twitched, “Who the hell is the hussy here?” I was about to say something, but The Dealer spoke up instead, “Both of you shut up.” Sylvie instantly shut up, but Qendaess didn’t, “Yeah, shut up like a good little puppy.” There went her wisdom out the window again. There was an overwhelming pressure coming from The Dealer now. I could feel it and it made it extremely hard to breath. I knew it wasn’t aimed at me which made me wonder how it was for the one it was aimed at.

I looked over at Qendaess and saw that she was sweating profusely and the chair she was sitting on shattered into splinters of wood. She fell to one knee and I could tell that she was struggling to stay up. I looked at The Dealer, “Please stop.” She looked at me and then back at Qendaess before I felt the pressure disappear. She then spoke up, “You should thank your master that I don’t just kill you for ignoring my orders lizard.” Qendaess’ eyes twitch a bit at being called a lizard, but it seems that she learned her lesson.

The Dealer spoke again, “I already know everything that happened as well as yours and Scurra’s relationship, but while you are a on this base you listen to me and Scurra.” Sylvie spoke up, “Why just you and Scurra mam?” The Dealer sighed, “She is not an actual member of The Playing cards, but she is Scurra’s slave. We can’t just go and boss people around that aren’t apart of our group. Inside of The Deck though I reign supreme no matter what or who.”

She looked at me, “I hope you can keep your dragoness under control.” I quickly nodded and then looked at Qendaess, “Until I say otherwise please listen to any of the face cards if they order you to do something.” Qendaess looked a little hurt, “Even if they ask me to do something perverted?” Images and thoughts ran through my head and I got a little pissed. The Dealer raised an eyebrow and Sylvie widened both of her eyes.

Warning! Anger reaching limit threshold. Activating [Increasing Strength (Rage)]!

I growled, “Let them try and do anything perverted to one of my women. I will feed their balls to a bunch of rats while they are still attached.” Qendaess widened her eyes, but they were quickly filled with a radiant glow. I felt a chop on my head, “Enough, chill out.” I glared at The Dealer, but her smile caused my anger to almost instantly fade away. She widened her smile quickly and then spoke, “I have a rule in my group and that is to not order of force anyone to do anything of that nature. Of course, role play is a different story, but enough about that…” She trailed off and didn’t dwell on the subject after that.

I looked over at Sylvie and saw that she had a depressed look on her face. I furrowed my brows, “What’s wrong Sylvie? I didn’t see you as the type of person to just attack someone with that little of a provocation.” Sylvie turned her head to the side, but she didn’t answer me. I grabbed her chin with my hand and turned her towards me. I saw that her eyes were tearing up, but she slapped my hand before I could say anything.

After my hand was slapped away there was a loud smacking sound and I could feel a stinging sensation on my cheek. She was fuming, “Don’t touch me you man whore!” After that she instantly ran out of the door. I felt my face and then sighed, “Why is it that even though woman can grow just as powerful if not more powerful than men they are still mostly controlled by their emotions?” I looked over at Qendaess and sighed again, “I’ll be right back.” I quickly left the room and went to look for Sylvie.

*Qendaess’ POV*

I saw the she-wolf smack master and I instantly got pissed. I was about to do something, but the bitch ran off before I could make a move. I heard master say something under his breath before he looked at me. The look on his face was one of concern and guilt. He said something to me, but I really didn’t hear it. He quickly left the room and I tried to follow him, but I was stopped by the monster on the other side of the desk.

She had a smile on her face while she looked out the door that they left through. I looked at her, “Why did you stop me?” She looked at me and smiled again which caused my heart to skip a beat. I looked away briefly before looking at her again. She spoke to me, “You need to let those two work it out.” I frowned, “Why should I let that hussy get anywhere close to him.” The monster laughed, “I am afraid that you will have to get used to woman trying to get close to him my dear.”

I frowned again, “Why?” She smiled, “He has this aura around him that attracts women of strength to him. I don’t think he knows about it, but honestly even I am attracted to it.” I instantly went into full jealousy mode which caused her to laugh, “Don’t worry lizard. I said I was attracted to it, but not to the point that it will drag me into his arms… yet.” I didn’t hear what she said after her saying that she wouldn’t be dragged into his arms and I released a sigh.

I frowned again wondering about whether master will be able to handle all of the attention and possible love. The monster giggled, “You don’t have to worry about that. Your master has an overly large capacity for love. His emotional state is like a freaking ocean and it is scary to even me. Just thinking about how mad he would get if something were to happen to one of you girls sends shivers down my spine.”

She even shivered when she said that, and I was confused by everything, “What do you mean his emotional state is like an ocean?” She smiled and explained it to me, “For the most part he is calm, but just like water the smallest disturbance sets off a wave. The bigger disturbance the bigger the wave. Imagine something like an insult to himself being a pebble thrown in the ocean, it barely even causes a ripple.”

I nodded at what she was saying, and she continued, “Now imagine a meteor the size of a mountain crashing into that ocean, how big will that wave be then?” I widened my eyes at the revelation and she smiled at my understanding. I looked back towards the door that they left from and I couldn’t help from still feeling a little bit of jealousy. Would he run after me like that?

*Sylvie’s POV*

I was pissed and sad all at the same time. Sad at the fact that the first man I started to like was so fickle in love and pissed at the fact that I hit him. I know I shouldn’t be mad at hitting him, but I couldn’t help it. The emotions were like a roller coaster as I left The Dealer’s office and rand outside of the building. I stopped running and just walked across the yard as I tried to compose myself.

“Sylvie!” I heard my name being called from behind me and I instantly recognized the voice. I wiped my eyes and quickly glanced at him. He was running towards me as I spoke to him, “Don’t speak to me so intimately. I am your Ace and that is how you will address me. I am busy right now so leave me alone.” I felt so bad at talking to him like that, but I needed to distance myself from him.

He stopped running and just stood there staring at me. I could see the hurt in his eyes, but I quickly turned around and started to walk off. I could feel my heart hurt at the hurt I saw in his eyes, but I gritted my teeth and continued to walk. A part of me hoped that he would yell out for me to stop or something, but I don’t think something so cliché as that would happen. The thought had only popped in my head for a split second before my arm was grabbed and I was turned around.

I went to say something, but before I could something covered my lips. My eyes widened when I saw that his face was right in front of mine and his lips were connected to mine as well. He pulled me into his arms and I tried to fight it, but for some reason my efforts seemed so halfhearted. I wanted to pull back and slap him, but my body wouldn’t listen to me. I softly struggled, but when his tongue invaded my mouth and wrapped around mine I lost and semblance of thought and felt my body melt into his. I finally gave in and wrapped my arms around his neck while returning his kiss. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the taste of him.

*Kira’s POV*

I instantly thought that my move may have been an extremely bold and stupid one, but as soon as her body went limp and she started to return my kiss I knew that I wasn’t going to lose her. My heart beat faster, and we shared a passionate kiss for a few minutes before we separated. She seemed like she didn’t want to separate from the small groan she made after our lips detached. She opened her eyes and then looked at me. I smiled, “Now what is this nonsense about not speaking with you intimately?”

She turned red and then buried her face in my chest, “Idiot” A muffled sound came from my bosom, but I could feel the smile on her face through my chest. I hugged her tighter and I then looked around at our surroundings. I stiffened up a little bit when I saw a lot of the grunts staring at us. Some were even taking pictures with small little phone looking devices.

Sylvie felt me stiffen up and she looked at me, “What’s wrong babe?” I raised an eyebrow at the sudden adjective, but I didn’t say anything and pointed at the crowd. She looked at the grunts gathering, and she turned redder than a tomato. She instantly yelled, “Show’s over! Go back to whatever you were doing!” They all scattered like cockroaches and I tried not to laugh while Sylvie pinched me on the side.

I cringed a little bit and looked at her. She had her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk and it was fucking adorable. I gave her a quick kiss and then let her go. She ran her hands down her clothes and then smiled at me, “So now what?” I sighed a little, “Now to introduce you to my other women back on earth. She raised an eyebrow, “Other women?” I flinched a little at her tone, “Yeah, I have two lovers that I live with and you already met Qendaess.

She widened her eyes, “Your parents allow that?” I frowned a little remembering that I was still in high school, “My dad doesn’t have anything to do with me and my ex-stepmom is actually one of the two.” She was confused for a second, “Wait… You mean to tell me your banging your old man’s ex-wife?” I nodded, “Yeah.” She facepalmed, “I don’t think you need to come to my workplace anytime soon, especially if you can’t keep your shit in your pants.” I clicked my tongue, “I have self-control thank you very much. I haven’t done anything with Qendaess or you, yet.”

She grinned, “It may stay that way too.” I laughed and then pulled her to me, “I doubt it.” She pinched my side and then pushed me away. I laughed, and we walked back to The Dealer’s office. We saw The Dealer and Qendaess talking to each other when we walked into the room. They both looked at us as we walked in. The Dealer smiled at me, “Everything under control lady-killer?”

I sighed, “I don’t think I want to respond to that.” She grinned, “That was a response though.” I felt my eye twitch and I stuck my tongue out at her. She laughed and then looked back at Qendaess, “Remember what I said lizard.” Qendaess nodded slightly and then smiled at me. I raised an eyebrow and mentally shrugged. The Dealer spoke again, “Since everything is basically under control now I think that we should go about our day.”

We all nodded and then left the office. Sylvie gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she had to go finish some things up. I smiled at her and watched her sashay away. There was a pinch on my side that caused me to yip a little much to a certain dragoness’s delight. I pulled her in and gave her a deep kiss, which she returned. She pulled away after a few minutes and then sighed, “It’s going to take me a bit to get used to sharing you with others, but I can try I guess.”

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek, “You don’t have to worry about your place in my heart. It is the same as the others.” She smiled and slightly nodded her head. I grinned and then let her go, “Okay, let’s go find Jack and see about the mission rewards.” She nodded her head and fell in place slightly behind me. We found Jack in the briefing room that we got our mission from in the first place.

The Dealer was shockingly there as was Cammy. I raised an eyebrow at how fast The Dealer got there, but I quickly threw it to the back of my mind as not important right now. Jack had just got done filling them in on what happened with the mission when we walked in. The corner of Jack’s mouth rose as he spoke to me, “I heard that there was a little scuffle between you and Sylvie.” I sighed, “There was, but it wasn’t something I couldn’t handle.”

Jack laughed and shook his head, “I swear, women are probably going to be the death of you.” I glanced at The Dealer and Cammy and then let out another sigh. “I saw that glance pervert.” There was a voice in my head and I looked at Cammy again, “Sorry I am not really interested in children, but when you get a little older this daddy may play with you.” I saw her turn red and the corner of her mouth twitched a little. I could see that my comment touched a nerve. If we weren’t in the presence of The Dealer she may have attacked me.

The Dealer let out a little giggle and Cammy looked at her, “Big Sister are you just going to let this bad guy bully your little sister!?” The Dealer shrugged her shoulders, “You're a few centuries old you can handle yourself.” Cammy pouted and then looked at me, “I’ll get you back twerp.” I laughed, “I never thought I would see a kid call an adult twerp, but it is quite funny.” She didn’t say anything and just crossed her arms in front of her nonexistent chest.

Jack laughed, “Well since the mission is over and I have been paid I am going to head out. Good day Madam Dealer and Miss Spade.” They both nodded at him and he walked out of the door. The Dealer then looked over at me, “I take it you are here for your pay?” I nodded my head, “Yes Madam Dealer.” She smiled, “When it is just me and you or Cammy you can just call me Lucifine or Luci.”

Cammy widened her eyes at this and stared at Luci who just smiled at her. It looked like they were having a mental conversation so I kept quiet. After a few minutes Luci looked back at me, “In regards to your pay I will need an account number to wire the amount to.” I nodded and gave her the number of the account that Karen set up for me. She nodded and typed a few things in to the computer. A few minutes later and she smiled, “Done.”

I smiled and was about to tell her goodbye when she spoke again, “Now there is something else that we need to talk about.” The words in my throat stopped and I raised an eyebrow, “About what Luci?” Cammy fidgeted when I said The Dealer’s name, but she kept quiet. Luci smiled again, “How would you like to be the King of Hearts?” Everybody’s eyes widened at that including my own.

I actually stuttered, “W… Wait… What?” She smiled again, “Would you like to be the King of Hearts?” She repeated what she said and it actually registered with my mind this time. I quickly spoke, “Why would you ask me if I want to be the King of Hearts? Isn’t that Daniels position?” She nodded, “It is, but you defeated the King of Diamonds and according to the rules you should have the qualifications to take his spot. I don’t think that The Diamond Suite would take to well with a One of Hearts taking their kings spot so I thought that I would promote Daniel to it and promote you to his spot.”

I spoke again, “I can understand what you are saying, but I am only Level 3 so what right do I have to take the King of Hearts position.” She laughed again, “Did you forget that Levels really don’t matter all that much? Yes they do limit your stats and all, but Skills and Magic can help make up for that difference a lot of the time. If you remember you used his skill against him to win the fight.” I nodded at what she was saying before she continued, “I also think that you should check your status menu again. You killed a few people on this mission as well as tamed a Dragon. Your stats should have changed considerably.” I widened my eyes and quickly did as she said.

Name: Scurra

Race: Human

Class: Ace of Spades Lvl. 24 98%

Strength: 25 + (517)

Vitality: 25 + (915)

Dexterity: 10 + (275)

Intelligence: 37 + (754)

Wisdom: 9 + (674)

Luck: 10

Endurance: 23 + (511)


Current Slaves: Qendaess

My mouth gaped open and I stared at my status screen in shock. I looked up at Luci, “What the hell is with the absurd amount of levels gained!?” She laughed and shook her head, “You made a dragon your slave. No matter how it happened it is a very amazing feat. I don’t even know if I could do it. Don’t forget that almost everything you do grants you experience, this includes enslaving people.”

I frowned, “I don’t really consider her my slave though.” She shrugged her shoulders, “Some people think just like you do, but according to the system they are still your slaves.” I sighed, “That explains the absurd level gain I think, but what about the fact that my stats didn’t change except for my Intelligence. Also, what are with the numbers in parenthesis next to my stat numbers?” Luci smiled, “Just because your level changed doesn’t mean that your stats will change. Your intelligence change probably had something to do with you making her your slave. The system probably thought it was really smart and gave you an intelligence boost.”

I sighed and rubbed the bridge of my nose, “I don’t remember seeing the notification, but whatever.” Qendaess spoke up, “Sometimes notifications won’t pop up and you will actually have to go and look for things. Stats are one of the things where notifications are fickle.” I sighed at the whole absurdness of this conversation and then shook my head. I looked at Luci, “So what about the numbers in parenthesis?”

Qendaess spoke up again, “Having a contract with a dragon gives you a boost to your stats that is a certain percentage of theirs.” I raised an eyebrow, “What is the percentage?” She smiled faintly, “Usually it is between ten to twenty-five percent.” I nodded, “What is mine at?” Her eye twitched, “Yours is actually at fifty percent.” I widened my eyes and I actually heard Cammy spit out something that she was drinking. Luci smiled and raised and eyebrow.

Cammy spoke up, “What is the number in the parenthesis for your strength?” I checked again, “It is five hundred and seventeen.” The silence was instant. Cammy sat back in her chair and sighed, “Fucking monster.” I raised an eyebrow, “What does that mean?” She glared at me, “You have the strength of a person in the low one hundreds in level!” I widened my eyes in shock, “But I am only level 24!” She nodded, “Exactly! Normally even with boosts the system would limit you to stats being five times your level, but no. Your stats should be capped at one hundred and twenty! You have to be some fucking demon spawn or something.” 

She quickly stiffened up and looked over at Lucifine, “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” Luci just smiled at her and didn’t say anything. I raised an eyebrow at the new information about her, but I didn’t say anything. Luci looked at me and spoke again, “See you have the qualification to be the King of Hearts.” I didn’t say anything for a while before nodding my head, “What the hell, why not.”

She smiled, “Good!” She reached into her bra and pulled out a card, “This is your new ID Card as the King of Hearts. It has all the proper clearances and everything on it.” I wondered briefly why she had this card already made and why she kept it in her bra instead of a storage ring or something, but I didn’t think much more on it. Who wouldn’t want something from in-between those glorious mounds.

I was fiercely pinched on the side which caused me to yip. I looked at Qendaess who was glaring at me and I saw that Luci was stifling a giggle. I sighed, “So is there some sort of ceremony or anything to announce this or what?” Luci shook her head, “Nope. As soon as you touched the card the rankings changed automatically.” I nodded my head and smiled, “Thank you for the opportunity Miss Luci.” I bowed at the waste towards her and she smiled before motioning for me to rise.

I said my goodbyes and then turned around to head out the door. I stopped in the doorway and Qendaess almost ran into me. I turned around and saw that Cammy was staring at my rear, which caused me to grin. I looked at Luci, “I just thought of something, what is going to happen to Yogi?” She raised an eyebrow, “He lost to a One Card so he will get demoted to your old spot as the One of Hearts.”

I raised an eyebrow, “So he is in my suite and under me now?” She grinned and nodded. I grinned and I knew that it probably looked pretty evil, but the thought of being able to order the former King of Diamonds around was a little satisfying to say the least, not to mention that he had ideas about Sylvie. Qendaess and I walked out of the briefing room and I still had that grin on my face.


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